The Dragon Miraculous Superpower is the currently unnamed special superpower granted by the Dragon Miraculous to its owner.


The Dragon Miraculous owner is able to transform themself into the natural elements of a storm.

The Miraculous owner is able to activate any one of three transformations:

  • Wind Dragon – The owner is transformed into a large cloud of air. They can also generate and control strong winds.
  • Water Dragon – The owner is transformed into a deluge of water. They can also generate and control massive amounts of water.
  • The third transformation is currently unnamed and has yet to be seen, but it is known to be based on lightning.


Season 3

Episode Summoner Power Reason Usage De-spell
"Ikari Gozen" Ryuko Wind Dragon Used to transform into a cloud of air to escape from inside Ikari Gozen. Wind Dragon IG (1) Wind Dragon IG (2)
Water Dragon Used to transform into a massive amount of water inside Ikari Gozen to trigger Ladybugs bath bombs, giving the villain indigestion. Water Dragon IG (1) Water Dragon IG (2)
"Heart Hunter" Wind Dragon Used to transform into a cloud of air to evade Heart Hunter's blasts. HH Wind Dragon No Screenshot
"Miracle Queen" Dragon Bug Water Dragon Used to create a force field of water to protect herself and Cat Noir from Miracle Queen and her wasps. Water Dragon Dome Water Dragon Drops





  • In Asian folklore, dragons are associated with storms, fitting this power of water, wind, and lightning.
  • The power emblem is a mitsudomoe, a symbol of three comma-like shapes called Tomoe.
  • Water Dragon is similar to Syren using her ability to flood Paris, although on a much smaller scale.
  • In the game Miraculous Ladybug & Cat Noir, the only power that the player has to collect is Water Dragon (known as "Water Powers").
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