This article is related to the Peacock Miraculous. Dormant Sentimonster has been akumatized.


—Feast, "Feast"

Dormant Sentimonster is a frog-like hungry sentimonster created by Wang Fu when he previously used the Peacock Miraculous 172 years ago during his training to become a guardian during that time Fu became hungry and he used the Peacock Miraculous to summoned it as a companion to get him some food. Because of Fu's negative emotions, the Sentimonster began a rampage on the guardian's temple, eating all of the Miracle Boxes and swallowing all the Guardians in the process, while it chased Fu, who was with the last Miracle Box the Chinese Miracle Box. However, it fell into a pit filled up with lava, being encased in molten rock for the next 172 years, although this caused Fu to lose two Miraculouses and the grimoire.

In "Feast", after being found in Tibet by Alim Kubdel and freed from its rock case by Mayura, the Sentimonster gets akumatized by Hawk Moth into Feast, increasing the creature's size to make it bigger and stronger.


Physical appearance

The dormant Sentimonster has a frog-like blueish-purple body and the size of a dog. It has a white border of the guardian's symbol in the middle of its the face, which might be his only eye.

As Feast

Feast maintains his original exact physical appearance of before being akumatized, except now his size has increased greatly.


As sentimonster

Being a Sentimonster created with the emotions of anger and hunger towards the Miraculouses, it can track down the jewels and devour anything in its path. It also has a long, sticky, frog-like tongue, which helps it to restrain obstacles. Whatever it eats will be trapped in a pocket dimension within its stomach for all eternity. However, some objects are better preserved than others, such as Cat Noir's staff (not preserved) or Wang's metallic staff which contained the amok (preserved).

As Feast

Being an akumatized Sentimonster, Feast is considerably more powerful. The Sentimonster's now-enormous size allows it to pass through obstacles by jumping, like buses. Feast may have had increased speed resistance since it caught up with and continued to chase after Fu without getting tired.




  • The Dormant Sentimonster is the first Sentimonster to be Akumatized by Hawk Moth.
    • By extent, it is also the first Sentimonster known to ever be Akumatized.
  • The Guardians' downfall was caused because of the Dormant Sentimonster. This was later fixed by Ladybug's Miraculous Ladybug.
  • ​​It is the first known Sentimonster to have control of itself, although Mayura threatened to destroy it if it tried to rebel against her.
  •  It is the first Sentimonster not to have a name until it was Akumatized.
  • It is currently the only Akumatized villain not to gain any more powers after the akumatization, only changing in size.


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