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This article is about a Miraculous.
This article is about the Miraculous. You may be looking for the episode named after its concept.

Adrien Agreste, here is the Miraculous of the dog which will grant you the power to locate and fetch whatever your ball has touched. You will use it for the greater good, then you will return it to me.... Can I trust you?

Ladybug to Félix, "Strikeback".

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The Dog Miraculous is a collar necklace that, whenever Barkk inhabits it, transforms the wearer into a dog-themed superhero with the power of Adoration.[1]

To activate the collar necklace, the user must speak the transformation phrase: "On The Hunt". To deactivate the collar necklace, the user must speak the detransformation phrase: "Lay Down".

It was previously being stored in the Chinese Miracle Box. When the situation called for it, the collar necklace was temporarily lent to Sabrina Raincomprix, who used it to transform into Miss Hound.

In "Strikeback", Ladybug mistakenly lends the Miraculous to Félix Graham de Vanily while under the impression he is Adrien Agreste. He used the Miraculous to transform into Flairmidable. Félix later used it along with the other Miraculous to finalize his trade with Gabriel Agreste in exchange for the Peacock Miraculous.

In "Evolution", in order to retrieve the Rabbit Miraculous from Monarch, Ladybug borrows the Dog Miraculous from a past version of Master Fu, giving it to Alix in the present, who uses it to transform into Canigirl. After stopping Monarch from changing the past, Alix, as Bunnyx, returns the Dog Miraculous to Master Fu, returning it back in the Chinese Miracle Box of the past.


In general, the Dog Miraculous is a collar necklace. In its charged mode, when Barkk inhabits it, it is a black collar necklace with an open end. The tips of the edges are shaped like gray dog heads, with two rounded light brown bead-like objects next to each one. At the front of the jewelry, there are five light larger brown bead-like objects. If a minor is using the Miraculous, the necklace starts running out of power, they make a beeping sound, and the bead-like objects start discoloring one at a time as an indication of how much time (one bead is equivalent to one minute) the Dog Miraculous holder has left.

In its activated mode, the five beads are grey.

In its camouflage mode, the collar changes color and form depending on whose possession it's in:


The Dog Miraculous has the ability to transform its wielder into a dog-themed superhero, granting its wielder incredible powers of speed, endurance, agility, stamina and strength.

Its special weapon is an unbreakable ball, which can be utilized as both a weapon, a communicator, and an object that can be used to breathe underwater. Its special superpower is named Fetch, which gives the user the ability to fetch and return any arbitrary object that has been touched by the ball in order to obtain their goal, like defeating a villain. As long as the superpower isn't used, the wielder can remain transformed indefinitely. However, as soon as the superpower is used, the wielder loses power and the transformation wears off in about approximately five minutes. The collar also has the ability to give the wielder the costume they truly desire.

List of owners


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A French teenage girl and a temporary Dog Miraculous holder. Despite holding it for some time, she never activated it.
A French teenage girl who is temporarily lent the Dog Miraculous when the situation requires it. Occasionally, she used the Miraculous to transform into Miss Hound.

A famous French fashion designer and the current Dog Miraculous holder, who also possesses the Butterfly Miraculous. In "Evolution", he unifies them, along with other Miraculouses, to prevent Ladybug and Cat Noir from taking back the Rabbit Miraculous.

A French teenage girl and a temporary Dog Miraculous holder. Despite holding it for some time, she never activated it.
A British teenage boy who was temporarily loaned the Dog Miraculous in "Strikeback" by accident, using it to transform into Flairmidable.
A French teenage girl who was temporarily loaned the Dog Miraculous in "Evolution", using it to transform into Canigirl. After she recovers the Rabbit Miraculous from Monarch, she fuses it with the Dog Miraculous.


The guardians of the Miraculouses. The Order protected the Dog Miraculous until the Mother Box was guarded by Su-Han and the incident with Fu's sentimonster.
The last known remaining guardian. He stored the Dog Miraculous in the Chinese Miracle Box when not in use, until he relinquishes his duty as guardian and lost his memory in the process.
A French teenage girl who briefly kept the Dog Miraculous after she received the Chinese Miracle Box from Hawk Moth.
A celestial guardian who protected the Dog Miraculous until an accident with Fu's sentimonster.
A famous French designer who got the Dog Miraculous when Felix stole Ladybug's Yo-yo, which contained all of the Miraculouses and gave them, along with Gabriel's ring, to exchange them for the Peacock Miraculous.

A French teenager. After Wang Fu gave up his duty as a guardian and lost his memory in the process, Marinette became the new guardian of the Miraculous. She kept Dog Miraculous in the Chinese Miracle Box when it was not in use, but she lost it when Félix steals her yo-yo to exchange all the Miraculous ones that were kept inside it with for the Peacock Miraculous.





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  • Dogs symbolize loyalty and friendship.
  • At times a collar necklace is also called a dog collar, which is befitting as Barkk is the kwami of adoration and a dog wearing a collar means they have a home or an owner.
  • The transformation phrase "On the Hunt" is a reference to dogs hunting in packs to find animals such as rabbits and foxes in hunting seasons using their sense of smell and hearing or to find a lost person. The detransformation phrase "Lay Down" is a reference to dogs laying down to rest or relax.
  • It's the eighth Miraculous used for evil, even if briefly, following the Butterfly, Peacock, Cat (only in the alternate future in "Cat Blanc" and briefly in an alternative timeline in "Ephemeral" by Shadow Noir), Bee (briefly in "Miracle Queen" by Miracle Queen), Eagle (briefly in "Miraculous New York" by Miraclonizer), Turtle (briefly in "Optigami" by Senticarapace and later in "Strikeback" by Hawk Moth) and Ladybug (briefly in an alternative timeline in "Ephemeral" by Shadow Noir).
  • The Dog Miraculous is currently the only Miraculous to have six camouflaged forms seen in the show, being Marinette's, Chloé's, Sabrina's, Félix's, Gabriel's and Alix's.


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