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"Desperada" is an episode of Season 3 of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir.[1] Its world premiere was on September 5, 2019 (at 16:00 UTC+1) in the UK and Ireland on Disney Channel.[2]


Jagged Stone's guitarist Vivica gets akumatized into Desperada. Armed with her evil guitar, she wants to punish Jagged Stone for firing her.[3]


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  • This is the fourth episode which involves a music-related villain, the first three being "Guitar Villain", "Captain Hardrock", and "Frightningale".
  • Luka receives the Snake Miraculous for the first time in this episode and his alter-ego Viperion officially debuts.
    • Viperion is the fourth superhero whose identity is known by Cat Noir, following Queen Bee, Ryuko, and Bunnyx.
    • Viperion's transformation is the longest sequence out of all the other heroes, being around 25 seconds compared to the usual 15.
  • This episode is before the events of "Party Crasher".
  • Luka is actually selected to wield the Snake Miraculous by Adrien, even though Ladybug is the one to physically hand it to him.
    • This makes Luka the first Miraculous wielder that is not selected by either Master Fu or Ladybug.
    • Furthermore, Adrien picks Luka to wield the Snake Miraculous while in his civilian form.
    • Ladybug is then presumably unaware that Cat Noir knows Viperion's secret identity.  
  • This is the second time Adrien gets a different Miraculous other than the Cat Miraculous. The first episode being” Reflekdoll".
    • This time Adrien receives the Snake Miraculous.
  • Adrien becomes the first person to have wielded three different Miraculous, having now used the Cat, the Ladybug, and the Snake.
  • This is the first episode where Cat Noir's transformation is shown twice in full (partially in Simon Says).
    • Adding Adrien's transformation to Aspik, this is the first time that the same person is shown transforming into a Miraculous superhero three times in one episode.
    • Coincidentally, this is also one of very few episodes where Ladybug's transformation is never shown.
  • This is the fifth episode that does not show the person akumatized following “Sandboy”, “Christmaster”, "Oblivio", and “Timetagger".
  • The transformation phrase for the Snake Miraculous is shown to be "Sass, Scales Slither!" whereas the detransformation phrase for the Snake Miraculous is shown to be: “Sass, Scales Rest!”
  • It is revealed that Luka has played the guitar since he was a baby.
  • In one of Adrien's Second Chances, he tells Ladybug that he is actually Cat Noir and that he loves her.
    • This is the second time Ladybug gets to know that Adrien and Cat Noir are the same person, following "Oblivio".
  • This is the third time Marinette/Ladybug kisses Adrien on the cheek. The other two times were "Mayura" and "Oblivio".
    • But in “Oblivio”, they do not remember the kiss.
  • Kagami mistakenly calls Luka Marinette's boyfriend.
  • It is revealed that Anarka and Jagged Stone used to work together.
    • Jagged also calls Anarka "Anarky", which may be based on the word "anarchy" meaning a state of disorder due to absence of authority.
  • This is the first time we see Sass outside the Miracle Box.
  • Desperada calls herself Vivica once.
  • When Plagg says that Adrien can't be two superheroes at the same time, it is very similar to what he said to him in "Gorizilla", when Adrien used Wayhem as a decoy.
    • This time, however, Plagg was actually right.
  • Adrien giving Ladybug a rose as Aspik is similiar to what he did as Cat Noir in "Glaciator" and in "Weredad" to her alter ego Marinette.
  • This is first time Marinette's visual process is used as Ladybug but without a Lucky Charm.
  • It seems the Miraculous Ladybug (superpower) can repair damage done by users of the Ladybug Miraculous.


  • When Adrien calls back Sass and catches him in his hands, he doesn't have the Snake Miraculous on his wrist.
  • The end pose in Viperion's transformation features Luka with blue hair. Right after his transformation, his hair is dyed teal.
  • Before, there wasn’t a table inside the boat. All of sudden when Marinette and Alya were talking, a bright blue table appeared behind them.
  • When Ladybug gives the Snake Miraculous to Adrien and Luka, she said that the Miraculous grants the power of second chance. According to Thomas Astruc, that is a dialogue error.[4][5]


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