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Season 3, episode 11 (Production order); Episode 63 (Overall)

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"Luka Couffaine, here is the Miraculous of the snake, which grants the power of Second Chance. You will use it for the greater good, if you're willing. Once we succeed, you must return the Miraculous to me. Can I trust you?"
"Desperada attacked my family and my friends. So if I can help you in any way, I will."

Ladybug and Luka Couffaine, "Desperada"

"Desperada" is a Season 3 episode of the series, Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir.[6] As based on the series' production order specifically, "Desperada" is the 11th written and produced episode of Season 3. It is also the 63rd written and produced episode of the series, overall.[1]


Jagged Stone seeks to replace the guitarist he fired, who akumatizes into Desperada, a villain with a magic guitar that turns people into stickers.[7]

Disney Channel

Jagged Stone's guitarist Vivica gets Akumatize into Desperada; Armed with her evil guitar, she wants to punish Jagged Stone for firing her; Ladybug and Cat Noir better be ready to rock on.


Luka is giving Marinette a guitar lesson, and her friends comment on how easy it is for Marinette to talk to Luka. Adrien and Kagami arrive at the Liberty to join their friends. Alix, Alya and Mylene comment on how cute Luka and Marinette would be together. When Adrien and Kagami arrive, everyone is shocked that Gabriel seemed to have let Adrien go out. They explain how they were supposed to be at fencing practice, but they "accidentally" ended up at the wrong address. Marinette is saddened by how well Adrien and Kagami get along. Kagami mistakes Luka for Marinette's boyfriend. Marinette tells Alya that Luka is just a friend, much to Alya's disbelief.

Jagged Stone arrives, requesting that Anarka become his new guitarist. Anarka immediately refuses, saying that she would not be a second choice. She thinks Jagged Stone is only asking her to become his guitarist because he fired his original one again, but Jagged denies this, saying she quit on her own. Anarka still refuses, and Jagged is disappointed until he notices Marinette. He asks her if she knows anyone who can be his guitarist. Alya points at Luka, signalling to Marinette that she should recommend Luka. Marinette misinterprets this message and recommends Adrien instead, to everyone's shock. Adrien tells Marinette that he actually doesn't know much about the guitar. Jagged Stone is reluctant and asks about Luka. Marinette likes Jagged's idea and says Adrien can borrow Luka's guitar.

Before Adrien can play any notes, Jagged Stone's former guitarist, Vivica, who had been akumatized into Desperada, makes an appearance to take revenge against Jagged for firing her. This confirms Anarka's suspicions, who earlier had denied Jagged's claim that Vivica quit by her own decision. Desperada uses musical instruments, which are pulled out of her guitar case, to fire yellow smoke at everyone, which turns them into stickers on her guitar case. Marinette quickly runs into the ship's cabin to transform into Ladybug.

While Luka tries to help him and Adrien find a safe hiding place, Ladybug uses her yo-yo to knock Desperada's trumpet away. While Ladybug continues to battle the villian, Luka wonders where Cat Noir could be. Adrien says he might not be there on time, so Luka decides to help Ladybug in the meantime. Luka plays his guitar, which distracts Desperada, giving time for Ladybug to capture her. She wire-cuts the bridge the villain was standing on and helps Luka and Adrien escape into the sewers.

Ladybug thanks Luka for his help. She tries to contact Cat Noir but gets no answer. Adrien escapes into the sewers. Ladybug summons her Lucky Charm, creating a gong. Ladybug leaves Adrien and Luka to hide while she goes to see Master Fu but borrows Luka's guitar. Luka hides in a locker. Adrien pretends to hide, then escapes to transform.

Meanwhile, Desperada is running through the streets searching for Ladybug and hears horrible guitar music. The music's source turns out to be from Luka's guitar with bread attached to have pigeons peck on the strings. This distraction gives Ladybug time to see Master Fu. Master Fu tells Marinette to choose a Miraculous. Knowing that Desperada is relentless and that there would be no second chances, Marinette decides to borrow the Snake Miraculous.

Cat Noir tries to escape through the sewers until he bumps into Ladybug. She searches for the Snake Miraculous and tells him she wants to give it to Adrien Agreste, saying he's the perfect one for the job. Cat Noir claims that his incredible sense of smell will help them locate Adrien and leads Ladybug to the lockers but says his nose failed him. Luka comes out of his locker and asks if Desperada has been defeated. He then notices Adrien's absence. Cat Noir tells Ladybug to split up and find Adrien and tells Luka to hide back in the locker.

Cat Noir runs off and detransforms. Adrien is ecstatic that Ladybug chose him to wield the Snake Miraculous. Plagg disapproves of such an idea, because he can't possibly be the perfect one for the mission if he is also Cat Noir. Adrien retorts by saying the Lucky Charm told her he was, but Plagg says that isn't how the superpower works. Plagg also comments on how trying to reason with Adrien is pointless, because he isn't listening. Adrien sees this as an opportunity to get Ladybug to fall in love with his civilian self, and he has to try.

Ladybug then finds Adrien and offers him the Snake Miraculous. Much to Plagg's dismay, Adrien accepts the Miraculous and transforms. Before leaving the sewers, Ladybug explains how the snake's power functions. Upon activation, the user has five mintues to go back in time as many times as he wants by pulling back the head on the bracelet. Ladybug summons her Lucky Charm and receives a horse saddle. The two exit the sewers, and Ladybug is captured by Desperada, who is hiding in the Eiffel Tower. Adrien uses his Second Chance. Adrien names himself Aspik. He makes several attempts to succeed but is constantly distracted while trying to charm Ladybug. In one version, he even confesses his love for Ladybug along with his identity as Cat Noir. However, this knowledge is erased from Ladybug's mind after she is captured, and Aspik uses his second chance. He attempts to change the future 25,913 times over the course of months but fails every time. Knowing he wasn't the right person to wield the Snake Miraculous, he immediately detransforms and returns the bracelet to Ladybug. Surprised by his actions Ladybug convinces Adrien to try again but upon him refusing the heroine believes she did something wrong until Adrien explained that he messed up telling her what's been happening during his time as Aspik, after Luka returns Adrien recommends that Ladybug give the Miraculous to him. Ladybug gives Adrien a thank you kiss on the cheek for saving her life so many times. Ladybug give the Miraculous to Luka, who uses it to transform into Viperion.

Adrien finds Plagg and is disappointed that he could've made a bad impression on Ladybug. Plagg tells him to make up for it as Cat Noir, and he transforms.

Ladybug finds Desperada hiding on the Eiffel Tower, and Cat Noir uses his Cataclysm on the ground below. After using his Second Chance a few times. Viperion figures out how to defeat Desperada. The three use Ladybug's yo-yo, Viperion's lyre, and the saddle to tie up the villain's arms and legs. Ladybug breaks Desperada's guitar case and cleanses the akuma. Ladybug uses Miraculous Ladybug, and Desperada is deakumatized into Vivica. Luka returns the Miraculous to Ladybug.

Back on Anarka's boat, Jagged apologizes to Vivica for firing her, and she is rehired. Kagami tells Marinette that she was wrong about her and Luka but tells her to choose between Adrien and Luka, because life doesn't always give you a second chance at love. Alya tells her Luka and Adrien also have a right to choose, and the end card appears.


Major Characters

Minor Characters


  • Internationally, this episode first premiered in UK & Ireland on Disney Channel.
  • This is the fourth episode which involves a music-related villain, the first three being "Guitar Villain", "Frightningale", and "Captain Hardrock".
  • Luka receives the Snake Miraculous for the first time in this episode, and his alter-ego, Viperion, officially debuts.
    • Viperion is the second superhero whose identity is known by Cat Noir, following Queen Bee.
    • Viperion's transformation is the longest sequence out of all the other heroes, being around 25 seconds compared to the usual 16.
  • This episode takes place before the events of "Feast" and "Party Crasher".
    • As of this episode, this is the second time a Miraculous holder is chosen by someone else other than Ladybug, as Adrien chose Luka to use the Snake Miraculous and herself and Cat Noir were chosen by Master Fu in "Origins"
  • This episode is after the events of "Miraculer".
  • This is the second time Adrien gets a different Miraculous other than the Cat Miraculous. The first episode being "Reflekdoll".
    • This time, Adrien receives the Snake Miraculous.
  • Adrien becomes the first person to have wielded three different Miraculouses, having now used the Cat, the Ladybug, and the Snake.
    • Adding Adrien's transformation to Aspik, this is the first time that the same person is shown transforming into a Miraculous superhero three times in one episode.
    • Coincidentally, this is also one of very few episodes where Ladybug's transformation is never shown.
  • Desperada's akumatization are not shown, making this the fifth time this happens, after Magician of Misfortune in "Princess Fragrance", Vanisher in "Antibug", the Unnamed boy in "Sandboy" and Alya and Nino's akumatization in "Oblivio".
  • The transformation phrase for the Snake Miraculous is shown to be "Sass, Scales Slither!" whereas the detransformation phrase for the Snake Miraculous is shown to be "Sass, Scales Rest!"
  • It is revealed that Luka has played the guitar since he was a baby.
  • In one of Adrien's Second Chances, he tells Ladybug that he is actually Cat Noir and that he loves her.
  • This is the third time Marinette/Ladybug kisses Adrien on the cheek. The other two times were "Mayura" and "Oblivio".
    • But in "Oblivio", they do not remember the kiss.
  • Kagami mistakenly calls Luka Marinette's boyfriend.
    • Luka actually became Marinette's boyfriend as confirmed in "Truth" but she to sadly break up with him due to her new role as guardian.
  • It is revealed that Anarka and Jagged Stone used to work together.
    • Jagged also calls Anarka "Anarky", which may be based on the word "anarchy" meaning a state of disorder due to absence of authority.
  • When Plagg says that Adrien can't be two superheroes at the same time, it is very similar to what Plagg said to Adrien in "Gorizilla", when Adrien used Wayhem as a decoy.
  • Adrien giving Ladybug a rose as Aspik is similar to what he did as Cat Noir in "Glaciator" and "Weredad".
  • Desparada is similar to villains like season one's Pixelator and season two's The Collector, in which civilians and heroes were imprisoned by the villain's prison collection. In this case, Desparada's prison is in a musical instrument. In "Pixelator", it's in the picture frames, and in "The Collector", it's in the magical book.
  • Those around a Snake Miraculous holder can only see the final reality that is created with Second Chance, because time is constantly being rewritten. Ladybug's perspective of Adrien giving up and her and Cat Noir's perspective of Viperion immediately knowing how to defeat Desperada is understandable due to the effects of the temporal loop.
  • This is the first time where Ladybug's vision gives her an escape route or a way distract to a villain without the use of her lucky charm.
  • Ladybug, Adrien and Luka using the sewers to escape Desperada, is similar to when Valjean used the sewers to escape in "Les Misérables".
  • Ironically, Adrien was acting a bit like his father as well as Chloé when he used the Snake Miraculous as all three used the power of the jewels for their own personal matters or to prove something but in doing so it put others in danger.
    • Also, Adrien trying to impress Ladybug, as Aspik wasn't necessary when he unknowingly already had the heroine's love and also unlike them Adrien realized knowing when to stop for the greater good and find a better way.
  • This episode takes the record for the most number of times a Miraculous superpower has been used in a single episode with Second Chance being used a total of at least 25,917 times.
    • Additionally, if it were to be assumed that Adrien used Second Chance every five minutes for every reset, it would mean that in his perspective, he had been Aspik and had been trying to save Ladybug for nearly 3 months (89.96 days).
  • As Plagg and Adrien were talking about Ladybug's Lucky Charm, Plagg comments that the power doesn't work that way, implying that he has seen Tikki and her wielders use her powers before. Due to them knowing each other so well it could also be that Plagg and Tikki are the most likely used out of all the kwamis.


  • When Adrien calls back Sass and catches him in his hands, he doesn't have the Snake Miraculous on his wrist.
  • The end pose in Viperion's transformation features Luka with blue hair. Right after his transformation, his hair is dyed teal.
  • Before, there wasn’t a table inside the boat. All of sudden when Marinette and Alya were talking, a bright blue table appeared behind them.
  • When Ladybug gives the Snake Miraculous to Adrien and Luka, she said that the Miraculous grants the power of second chance. According to Thomas Astruc, that is a dialogue error.
  • Cat Noir said "Cataclysm" twice when destroying the sewer. One time he activated it, the second time he said it was when he touched the wall.[8][9]
  • In the Netflix CC for English, when Adrien gets Kagami’s bag, it lists Marinette incorrectly for the dialogue.
  • When Adrien transformed into Aspik, he was seen with the lyre, but after that, you don't see the Lyre until Luka transforms into Viperion.
  • After Adrien transforms into Aspik, the Cat Miraculous disappears.
  • Ladybug received the saddle before Adrien detransformed, but when she gave Luka the Snake Miraculous, she doesn't have the saddle until she finds Desperada at the Eiffel Tower.
  • Ladybug was brought back by the power of Viperion; in the next frame, her image is on Desperada's guitar case.
  • Luka's hair freezes for a few frames while zooming into the Snake Miraculous during the transformation
  • Because Cat Noir says "Cataclysm" a few seconds early he doesn't have the cataclysm around his ring when he says it.
  • At the beginning, during the scene with Anarka and Jagged, Luka's eyes are different than they should be for a few frames.
  • Desperada says that Vivica never misses her targets. This is fixed in the French dub, in which she correctly refers to herself as Desperada.


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