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This article is about the episode. You may be looking for the characters: Tom Dupain, Sabine Cheng, Gina Dupain or Rolland Dupain.
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Dearest Family

Season 4, episode 21 (Production order); Episode 99 (Overall)

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"So, Sass was right. But why didn't you tell me anything?"
"I was afraid you would think less of me. Because of my cravings."
"Of course not! I'll always like you, Tikki. Everyone has weaknesses, you know. Let me help you overcome yours. Just like you helped me overcome mine."

Marinette Dupain-Cheng & Tikki, "Dearest Family"

"Dearest Family" is a Season 4 episode of the series, Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir. As based on the series' production order specifically, "Dearest Family" is the 21st written and produced episode of Season 4. It is also the 99th written and produced episode of the series, overall.


Galette Day is eventful for Marinette; Tikki is acting very strange and four supervillains show up. Will Ladybug still be able to manage establishing herself as queen of the day?


The episode starts with Gabriel trying to akumatize himself while having a magical charm, but due to him getting a magical charm, the akuma is unable to akumatize him and gets purified instead. He talks to Nathalie through his tablet and says that the magical charm keeps on repelling the akuma to which Nathalie replies that if Ladybug was able to create a magical charm, his powers are capable of growing too. She also says that its written in the Grimoire that "the only limits to the powers of the Miraculous are those their holders set for themselves". To which, Gabriel transforms to Shadow Moth and concentrates on his power to create a much powerful akuma then tries to akumatize himself again after detransforming but with no avail, then transforms again and makes another akuma, this time with even more evil force as a purple colored light surrounds him and purple lightning streaks began to form around it as it flutters away from his palm. He detransforms again and this time successfully akumatizing himself, and destroying the magical charm.

Meanwhile in the Dupain-Cheng Bakery, Tom tries to open the oven to take out the galette. However, Rolland barges in and tells him that that is not how it is done. He opens the oven and the three of them, Tom, Rolland and Sabine, gasp in amazement as the galette comes out golden-brown, shining. Tom then takes out the galette and sets it on the table. The three of them each take a bite of the galette and the three of them shower it with compliments. Sabine then congratulates Tom and Rolland for it was the first recipe they made together. Rolland and Tom then hug each other. Then, Sabine draws up the curtains and sees the long queue of people outside the bakery, waiting to buy their galette.

In Marinette's room, the smell of the galettes wake Tikki up. She asks Marinette what the smell is, so Marinette explains to her that it was a galette that is made for King's Day and whoever finds the charm in their slice gets to wear the golden paper crown, but also says that it was too early and tells Tikki to go back to sleep. Tikki then says that she had never smelled something so sweet and wonderful and asked Marinette if she could go try a little bit. However, Marinette refused and said that nobody could see her. The rest of the kwamis arise from their sleep and Barkk says that she was hungry. Marinette reluctantly gets up and says that she gets it.

Back down at the Dupain-Cheng Bakery, Tom and Rolland work together to bake the galettes while Sabine packs them in boxes. She puts them out at the window where a few Parisians standing outside stare in excitement. Marinette opens the door while rubbing her eye and greeting the three of them. She also asks them if she can have a tiny piece of galette. Tom is about to cut a slice of galette for Marinette but suddenly, Rolland snatches it away and says that it was not how it was done and the tradition was that they were supposed to sell all the galettes first, then the last one is for the family to share. From Marinette's purse, Tikki sniffs the galette and admires it while Marinette laughs and Tom gives her croissants instead. Marinette thanks her father and walks away.

At the stairway, Tikki squeals in excitement and Marinette tells her they would have to wait until that night until they can eat the galette, but she could have the croissant to eat while waiting. Tikki flies toward her, making Marinette jump. She says that she cannot wait that long and that the smell was so extraordinary. She also say that she had to taste whatever it was and pleaded with Marinette to let her try it. Marinette sighed and told her that she would try to get a piece and that she also did want to try the new galette.

Marinette opens the door and Tom, Rolland and Sabine turn their attention to her. She says that maybe she could help out by handing out little sample of galette to the customers standing outside so they could stay patient. Rolland said it was a great idea and the three let her do it. Before heading out, Marinette secretly pushes a few pieces of galette into her purse. Marinette then left and gave samples of the galette to the customers.

Marinette heads back into her room where she tells the kwamis that she brought them some galette. However, she gasps in shock when seeing that there was no galette in her purse and it looked like Tikki had eaten it all. She lies to the kwamis that she must have dropped it somewhere and apologises, in order to protect Tikki. The other kwamis gasp and knew that Tikki had eaten them all up. Tikki immediately flies out of Marinette's purse and shouts at them for accusing her. The kwamis, in shock, fly into a crowd and confirm that they were accusing her of eating the galette. Marinette laughs awkwardly and calls them joking and says that Tikki would never do such a thing. Sass tells Marinette that she knows how much Tikki loves to eat, but also asked her if she understood her appetite for food. Stompp cried that it was a gourmet craving of cosmic dimensions. Sass continues on about how the pastry that Marinette's father and his father was exceptional, unique and he was afraid of what Tikki would do. Marinette then interrupts him by saying that he was exaggerating and that it was just a galette. Sass tells Marinette that he did not think she knew Tikki as well as she think she did. Upon hearing Sass' words, Tikki grunts and Marinette shouts at Sass, saying that of course she knew Tikki better than anyone. Tikki flew in front of her and told her not to listen to the other kwamis and that it was easier to go back down to get more galette for everybody. The kwamis then huddle close together, fearing Tikki. Marinette says that Tikki was right and she was going to go with Tikki to go get more galette for everyone. As soon as Marinette leaves with Tikki, the other kwamis start flying around the room in panic, and since it was an emergency, Sass gave Wayzz and Barkk permission to leave Marinette's room.

At the stairway, Tikki apologizes to Marinette and says that the distribution of the galette samples took too long and the smell was too good for her to resist eating it, while Marinette runs down the stairs. Marinette told her not to worry, saying that there would be enough galette for everybody and there was no need to react like the other kwamis did. Marinette opens the door to see Rolland and the mayor, André, fighting over a box of galette. Rolland grabs a baguette to hit André while he shouted at him, saying that the last piece of galette was for the family to enjoy it together. He then chased André out of the bakery. He then asks Tom, Sabine and Marinette if they wanted to enjoy the last piece of galette, but then, a sound came from outside that attracted their attention. Outside was Gina on a motorcycle while in the background, Chloé whined to her father. Tom, Rolland and Sabine ran out and while Marinette was about to follow them, Tikki stopped her and asked her what she was about to do with the galette. Marinette replied that she would take a piece for her and the others later on, and then ran out.

Outside, Tom, Rolland, Sabine and Marinette stand outside the bakery in shock. Gina tells Marinette happy birthday with a motorbike with a ribbon on it beside her. Tom runs toward her and tells her that Marinette's last birthday was only a few months ago, and she was there. Gina laughed and put a hand in her hair, saying that the year had gone by a little fast. Rolland runs toward them, asking how someone could have their head so far up in the clouds and shouting to Gina that Marinette's birthday was one day, and galettes day was another. Gina replies, asking who cared and said that at parties, they party and they could put candles on the galette and Marinette would get her present earlier, then says happy birthday to Marinette again. Tom, Rolland and Sabine sigh and shake their heads. Gina goes on explaining how great the motorbike was, and Rolland responds that Marinette was only a child and they start fighting over what was best for Marinette. Marinette, however, looks away and sees Wayzz and Barkk hiding behind a pole with panicked faces. Marinette looks back at the bakery and sees Tikki opening the box of galette, preparing to eat it. Marinette gasps and runs inside to grab the box. She asks Tikki what she was doing. Tikki replied, saying that she was just trying to get a sniff of the galette. Tikki then sees Tom, Rolland, Sabine and Gina entering, so she flies into Marinette's purse. The bell rings as Sabine opens the door. Marinette jumps in shock, the box of galette almost flying. She says that she was just trying to bring the galette to the living room so they could eat it as a family. The four gasp.

In the living room, the four start arguing again. Marinette sets the galette on the table, and grabs a few plates to hand out to the four of them. Marinette tries to stop the fight, but gets interrupted by her father. Again, Marinette is alerted by Wayzz and Barkk that Tikki is about to eat the galette. She tries to grab Tikki, but she fails to and the galette goes flying. Marinette manages to catch it, and Sabine asks Marinette what she was doing. Marinette says maybe it was just time they ate the galette. She then whimpers when seeing Tikki lick her lips. She quickly gives the four of them each a piece of galette, acting innocent. The four of them continue fighting, while Marinette tries to catch Tikki. She fails, and runs up the stairs to her bedroom in anger. Marinette tells Sass that Tikki was not acting normal, and Sass says they had warned her. The kwamis start panicking and Marinette decided to transform. Due to her sudden transformation, Tikki is unable to eat the galette. Marinette, as Ladybug, sighs in relief. However, she suddenly feels hungry for galette and the rest of the kwamis get scared.

With crumbs on their mouths, Tom, Rolland, Sabine and Gina continue fighting over Marinette. In Shadow Moth’s lair, he can sense their negative emotions and is happy. He evilizes an akuma that is stronger than before, a megakuma, sending it flying over to the Dupain-Cheng Bakery to akumatize Tom, Rolland, Sabine and Gina. The megakuma manages to break the forcefield made by the magical charm, and enters the galette. The four are akumatized, and Qilin is the strongest of the four. The four of them rush to Marinette's room. Ladybug hears the ruckus, and tells the kwamis to hide. She sneaks out by the balcony before the group of four break into her room. Seeing that Marinette had escaped, the group of four start arguing again. Weredad then breaks the balcony, shouting for Marinette's name.

Ladybug jumps over a few short walls on the roof, but tumbles and hits the wall due to her hunger. She groans and clutches her stomach, complaining about how hungry she was. She sniffs the air and notices a man selling galette to the mayor. André lifts them in the air to celebrate, but his celebration is cut short because Ladybug uses her yo-yo to snatch it away. André cries out loud as Ladybug grabs the boxes and eats the galette in them. She remarked while eating that she had done something bad and asked herself what had gotten into her. Bakerix suddenly shouts at her, saying she needs discipline, just like his granddaughter, Marinette. Bakerix drinks from his yeast canteen and his muscles expand.

Bakerix uses his big fists to try to hit Ladybug. However, Ladybug manages to dodge it in time. Bakerix orders her to give him her miraculous, but she refuses and they start fighting. Bakerix falls and Ladybug starts eating the galettes, saying that she couldn't stop because it was too good. Bakerix shouted at her, saying that galettes were not to be stolen, but to be eaten together as a family, while dragging Ladybug by her leg. He also says that the miraculous was his. While holding Ladybug captive, he tries to get her miraculous while Ladybug continues chewing the galette. Cat Noir arrives in the nick of time, and uses his staff to seperate the two. Bakerix falls back and Cat Noir says that the galette looked delicious and asks Ladybug to leave a piece for him. Ladybug refuses but thanks him for his help. She also says that Cat Noir had to deal with Bakerix as she had an emergency. Cat Noir agreed and called the task a piece of cake. Ladybug leaves, carrying a few pieces of galette.

Ladybug runs into an alleyway and detransforms. Tikki is back and eats the pieces of galette in Marinette's hands. Marinette asks Tikki about what was going on and concludes that Sass was right about her not knowing Tikki well enough. All that is left is crumbs of galette, and Tikki apologises while looking up with a psychopathic smile. She then says that she needs more and flies out of the alleyway. Marinette tries to transform, but Befana finds her first. Befana calls her her fairy and Marinette is shocked to see her. Two angels behind her grab her, and Marinette looks up. Befana praises them and thanks them for helping her find Marinette first. Marinette is then at a loss for words.

Cat Noir jumps down and dodges Bakerix's fist soon enough. Cat Noir almost escapes, but Weredad grabs him from behind. Cat Noir is annoyed by his attack from behind and Bakerix steps up, saying that he was the one about to take Cat Noir's miraculous. Cat Noir smirks and looks behind, calling for Ladybug. Bakerix and Weredad are baffled, and Cat Noir manages to escape Weredad's grip, laughing about how he did not think it would work. While running, Qilin suddenly punches him and he goes flying. He runs the other way and finds himself surrounded. He uses his Cataclysm on the ground and a massive hole appears. Cat Noir was inside.

Shadow Moth immediately tells them not to let it allude them and that Cat Noir was just doing it to save time so he could transform back. He then tells them to follow him while eating a piece of galette, saying that their miraculouses would be the charm in his galette. Weredad, Bakerix and Qilin look down into the hole. They are about to jump in when Befana diverts their attention from the whole, celebrating that she found Marinette. The three argue for a while, then they jump up to follow Befana. Shadow Moth tells them to come back, but they do not listen. Weredad uses a stalk to grab hold of the end of Befana's broom and he pulls it. Marinette shrieks as they fall to the ground, the angels in shock. The four of them start arguing, and Marinette sneaks away. Marinette sees many Parisians panicking over their lost galette, and Marinette is taken aback. Marinette gasps and immediately knows that it was Tikki.

In the sewers, Cat Noir catches his breath and falls against a wall while detransforming. Plagg is exhausted, but his face lights up when he sees camembart. Adrien tells him to get his strength back, as they were not out of the situation yet.

Marinette runs around in the park and finally finds Tikki. A man runs away and Marinette sees Tikki eating galette. Marinette calls for Tikki and warns her that she could not stay there as nobody was supposed to see her. Tikki apologises and tells her that she just cannot help herself. Marinette says that she has to try to keep herself together, and that her family has been reakumatized and she needed her. Tikki moans and says that there was only one piece left, and if she ate it, it meant there would be no more, but she knew how to get more. Marinette tries to stop her because she knew that a kwami who uses their power without and owner always ends up in a disaster. Tikki did not heed Marinette's advice and used her Lucky Charm.

Tikki's Lucky Charm creates a giant galette that was red with black spots. It kept growing and soon, it covered the entire of Paris. Even Shadow Moth gasps while everyone panics. From a manhole, Adrien and Plagg look out. Plagg says that Tikki used her power. Meanwhile, Marinette begs Tikki to stop. Tikki does not stop, and says that she was just making the biggest galette in the world. A bridge and Montparnasse Tower starts to crack and Plagg says that Tikki has gotten a little case of the munchies, and then he goes on explaining about the time when it rained chocolate mousse for weeks a thousand years before, back when humans had just discovered chocolate. He then tells Adrien not to worry, as there was a reason the kwami of destruction existed, and he explains that he limits Tikki’s power of creation. Adrien transforms and jumps out of the manhole. He uses his staff for leverage, and he becomes Astrocat in midair. He uses his Cataclysm on the giant galette, and quickly flies back down. Behind him, the galette explodes into a ginormous pink cloud.

Marinette and Tikki watch the galette explode and Tikki gets ready to use her Lucky Charm again. Before Tikki could do it, Marinette says that Sass was right and asks Tikki why she did not tell her anything. Tikki stops and says that she was afraid of Marinette thinking less of her because of her cravings. Marinette comforts Tikki and tells her that she would always like her and that everyone had their own weaknesses. Marinette puts out a hand and offers to help Tikki overcome her weaknesses, like she always helped Marinette. Tikki holds her rumbling stomach and Marinette says that she believes in Tikki and has faith in her. Tikki takes her hand and Marinette praises her. She walks behind a tree and transforms.

Meanwhile, Dearest Family is still arguing. They look back and suddenly realize Marinette disappeared. They jump down, looking for her. Cat Noir stays on a roof and Ladybug jumps down. She thanks him for the help with the galette and Cat Noir asks her about her kwami. Ladybug assures Cat Noir that it would not happen again, and Cat Noir asks how the four were akumatized even after Ladybug gave them all magical charms. Ladybug says that he might have found a way of overpowering the magic, but it was not going to stop them from saving the Dupain-Cheng family again. Ladybug and Cat Noir jump down with confidence, and Bakerix throws three cars at them. They dodge swiftly, and Cat Noir fights Qilin. Weredad jumps in, but they both jump away in time. Ladybug tells Cat Noir that they had to find where Shadow Moth hid the akuma. Befana tries to shoot them, but they dodge. Ladybug uses her yo-yo to tie her legs together and Cat Noir punches her stomach. Befana hits Bakerix, and the both of them fall together. Ladybug grabs Bakerix's yeast canteen before Bakerix can take it, and she throws it on the floor. To her surprise, no akuma came out. She tells Cat Noir there was nothing and Cat Noir picks Befana's candy box up and throws it on the floor. It breaks, but there was no akuma in it either. Cat Noir shrugs and jumps away before Befana can shoot him. Gina says that Ladybug and Cat Noir would not stop them from getting Marinette the freedom she needed. Ladybug pulls Befana aside and Bakerix stars fighting Ladybug, while saying that there would be no freedom for Marinette without discipline. Weredad fights Cat Noir while saying that Marinette was his baby. Qilin jumps down on him and says that Marinette was old enough to know what was right for her and that the only one she needed was her. Ladybug and Cat Noir stand back to back while Ladybug swings her yo-yo in the back. She tells Cat Noir that the akuma must have been in an object that was the same for all for villains. Cat Noir said that they had better find it quickly, and Ladybug uses her Lucky Charm. She gets a crown and immediately realizes that the akuma was in the galette at home. Cat Noir asks her what she meant by at home, and Ladybug says that she meant the Dupain-Cheng family's home and that they ate galette and the akuma must be in the leftover galette. She then added that it was just a guess and tells Cat Noir to stop them from following her. Cat Noir puts a hand on his face and sighs.

Ladybug slams the door open and grabs the galette. Cat Noir runs in after her and shuts the door in time before Dearest Family can get in. They try to push the door open, and Cat Noir struggles to keep it closed. He tells Ladybug that he did what he could and Ladybug tries to resist her temptation of eating the galette. She runs to Cat Noir and gives him a 'special delivery'. Cat Noir thanks her and says that he has the charm, so he was the king. He uses his Cataclysm on the charm, and the megakuma flies out. Ladybug and Cat Noir are shocked to see it, and Ladybug said that it must have been how Shadow Moth broke the magical charms. She deevilizes the megakuma and the four transform back. Cat Noir then asks Ladybug to be his queen, since he was the king. Ladybug laughs and accepts, wearing the crown she got from her Lucky Charm, saying that tradition was tradition. They both do their pound it, and then Ladybug takes off her crown and throws it in the air, using her Miraculous Ladybug to set things right.

Ladybug gives the four of them each a magical charm and says that it will not guarantee that they will not be a victim of Shadow Moth again, but it would help them eat their galette in peace. They both left the building and Ladybug secretly went to her balcony. She slides down the stairs while detransforming and gives the kwamis each a small piece of galette to taste. They hesitate because Tikki was there too, and Marinette says that Tikki was controlling herself very well. They take it away and excitedly eat them. Tikki apologizes and says that she never expected to have a craving again, but the galette Marinette's family created was too good. Marinette laughs and forgives her, but also asks her what they were going to do the next year on galettes day. Tikki says that she gave it some thought, and decided that she would manage to reduce her cravings if she just ate galette more often. Marinette laughs and gives her the last piece of galette, which Tikki takes and eats happily.

Outside the bakery, they stare at the motorbike silently. Gina speaks up first, apologizing for their behaviour. Rolland says that they got into an argument because each of them thought they knew what was right for her, and Tom and Sabine said that they did not stop to ask what Marinette felt about it. Marinette said that they all knew her pretty well, and walked up to the motorbike, saying that the bike would be awesome, in a few years, but she would be super excited to have an electric mini-scooter. Upon hearing Marinette, the four of them continue arguing. Marinette laughs and the episode ends with Marinette getting on the motorbike with Gina waving to her happily and Tom, Rolland and Sabine in shock.

In the repository, Gabriel says to Emilie that when he gets Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculous, he will use them to destroy this world and make a new one where they'll never be apart again, at whatever the cost.


Major Characters

Minor Characters


  • Internationally, this episode first premiered in Brazil on Gloob.
  • Part of this episode was read during Brazilian Miraculous Day 2021 by voice actors.[2]
  • This is the last episode where Philece Sampler voiced Sabine.
  • This is also the second time Marinette’s age was revealed, following "Befana".
  • This is one of the numerous episodes the heroes fought multiple akumatized villains at the same time, following "Heroes' Day", "Félix", "Gang of Secrets" and "Crocoduel".
    • This is the second time akumatized villains fight one another following "Crocoduel". This excludes "Gamer 2.0". Though, unlike Captain Hardrock and Guitar Villain, Dearest Family weren't actually fighting one another, they do argue and forcefully keep each other away from Marinette, believing each of them in their own right knows what's best for her and they try to raise her by their own.
  • Two children waiting outside the bakery are used with recolored models of Manon Chamack.
  • This episode takes place during Epiphany (also called Three Kings Day) which is celebrated on January 6th. According to Tom, this holiday is months after Marinette's fourteenth birthday, meaning her birthday is after January. According to Marinette, this episode is on a Sunday.
    • This episode heavily features a real Three Kings Day tradition in France called "galette des rois". Every Three Kings Day, French families bake galettes with a porcelain charm inside called a fève. Whoever finds the fève first receives a paper crown and is crowned king or queen, and gets to choose a consort.[3]
  • This is the third time The Collector appears, following "The Collector" and "Gabriel Agreste".
  • Tom, Gina and Sabine are akumatized for the second time, after "Weredad", "Befana" and "Qilin" respectively, returning as their former akumatized form, while Rolland is akumatized for the third time, after "Bakerix" and "Simpleman", who returns as Bakerix despite his recent akumatized form to be "Simpleman".
  • In this episode, Shadow Moth is able to find a way to break through the protection given by Ladybug's Magical Charms and destroy them, allowing him to reakumatize Rolland Dupain and Sabine Cheng, despite that they have received a Magical Charm in "Simpleman" and "Qilin" respectively.
    • It is revealed that, in the same way Ladybug can extend her powers by creating the Magical Charms, Shadow Moth is able to create much stronger versions of his akumas by using his own will to create "Megakumas".
      • This also implies that a magical charm protects against every akumatized form a person may have, as destroying Rolland's Simpleman-themed charm allowed him to become Bakerix.
    • The Magical Charm Gabriel uses to test the megakuma is the one his sentimonster received in "Gabriel Agreste".
      • Since his sentimonster's Magical Charm prevented him from transforming, it's likely that Magical Charms can protect anyone who holds them, even if they weren't the people who received them.
  • Despite the fact that Shadow Moth was able to find a way to destroy the Magical Charms, Ladybug keeps giving them to the deakumatized villains, hoping they can still protect their owners in some way.
    • Rolland's and Sabine's original Magical Charms from "Simpleman" and "Qilin" respectively are destroyed by Shadow Moth's Megakuma. It's currently unknown whether their new Magical Charms together with Tom's and Gina's Magical Charms created from said megakuma will be resistant against future Akumatization.
  • In the Brazilian Portuguese version, Rolland argues that Marinette will be an adult when she's 18. In the English version, he believes she should be 21.
  • This episode reveals that kwamis enter a "food-hungry" state when they eat delicious and unique individualized sets of foods. Being the kwami of creation, Tikki's hunger overpowers those of the other kwamis.
    • Because of this, the other kwamis call Tikki "The Great Sweet-Tooth".
    • It's also shown that, when a Miraculous holder transforms with a kwami while in said state, they will be affected by their kwami's hunger and cravings. Because of this, Marinette stuffed herself with stolen galettes after she transformed into Ladybug.
  • The scenes of Bakerix inflating are reused from "Bakerix".
  • This is the first time Tikki uses her power without a holder; her Lucky Charm creates a gigantic galette in the sky. It's shown that whenever Tikki uses her power, a humanoid manifestation is formed that later changes into the object summoned from her Lucky Charm, unlike how it happens with the other kwamis that have been seen using their powers so far.
  • One of the things Tom, Sabine, Gina, and Rolland argue about is how Marinette is too young to drive Gina's motorcycle.
    • Ironically, unknown to them, she drove a motorbike in "Queen Banana" and a sports car in "Glaciator 2", both in her superhero alter ego.
      • The electric scooter Marinette is seen driving in the end card is also similar to her Lucky Charm in the former episode.
  • It's revealed that an akuma can possess an item broken long before the akuma was created, and still akumatize people holding its parts, even when they are far away.
    • Remote akumatization has been demonstrated in "Sole Crusher", and multiple akumatizations via a broken object was seen in "Crocoduel".
    • Also this is one of the several times where an akumatized villain or villains aren't in constant possession of an akumatized object.
  • According to Plagg, centuries ago, Tikki went out of control with chocolate causing her to use her powers to make chocolate mousse rain from the sky for eight weeks.
  • This is the fifth episode that features a post-credit scene, following "Miracle Queen", "Gabriel Agreste", "Optigami", and "Sentibubbler".
  • This is the second time that multiple Magical Charms are given out, following "Crocoduel".
    • This episode holds the record for have the most Magical Charms in an episode with total of 7. However, only four of them are created in the episode, as Gabriel's, Sabine's first, and Rolland's Simpleman charm were created in "Gabriel Agreste", "Simpleman", and "Qilin", respectively.
  • The scenes of the Montparnasse Tower and a bridge cracking under the weight of the galette are reused from "Style Queen", but from a different angle while using shadow effects and with the adding of the large galette in the sky.
  • It is implied that the only reason Plagg exists is to limit and balance the amount of creation caused by Tikki.
  • This is the ninth time Marinette end up separated Tikki, following "Princess Fragrance", "Sandboy", "Miraculous Shanghai", "Reflekdoll", "Weredad", "Kwamibuster", "Sole Crusher" and "Hack-San".
    • The second time where Tikki leaves Marinette on her own, following "Sandboy".
  • This is the second time when Cat Noir uses his power three times in one episode, after "Timetagger".
  • Despite what Master Fu said in The Collector, Gabriel was able to akumatize himself without renouncing the Butterfly Miraculous. It is unclear whether this is an error or an evolution of his abilities.
  • Marinette, her family and Gabriel were all acting the same way, believing they know someone else or what's best for them (Tikki, Marinette, and Gabriel's family respectively). Unlike Gabriel, Marinette and her family admitted they were wrong.
    • For Marinette like Cat Noir in "Crocoduel", she had forgotten that Tikki and the other kwamis were born a long time ago because of that the kwamis know more about each other than their owners.
    • Marinette didn't fully understand why Tikki was going obsessive about eating galettes unaware that she behaved the same way around in her love endeavors: obsessive.
  • This is fourth time where the visualization process wasn't seen when Ladybug received her Lucky Charm following "Mayura" (with the mini miracle box), "Guiltrip" and "Optigami".
  • Tikki attempting to eat the galette at the time is being sucked away to transform is similar to what happened with Plagg in "Stormy Weather".
  • Marinette attempting to transform then being interrupted by Befana is the same thing that happened in "Befana".
  • As of this episode now Gabriel wants to use the Ladybug and Cat Miraculouses to destroy this world and make a new world where he and Emilie were never separated again.
  • This episode was aired out of order, being aired before "Gabriel Agreste", in which Gabriel gets a magical charm, and "Qilin", in which Sabine is akumatized for the first time and receives the magical charm seen in the episode.
  • This is the tenth time where Cat Noir uses his powers to destroy a previous object was the street following "Mayura".
  • The second time where Cat Noir uses Cataclysm three times is an episode following "Timetagger".
  • This is the second time all of the kwamis from the Chinese Miracle Box are seen on-screen. However, similarly to "Sandboy", in which Duusu is only mentioned, and "Truth", in which Plagg only appears on the end card, Trixx only appears as an animation error.
  • This is the twenty eighth time where the background sequence for Cataclysm isn't seen following "Despair Bear", "Prime Queen", "The Dark Owl", "Zombizou", "Reverser", "Queen Wasp", "Catalyst", "Miraculous Shanghai", "Chameleon", "Animaestro", "Weredad", "Stratrain", "Feast", "Gamer 2.0", "Puppeteer 2", "Cat Blanc", "Ladybug", "Gang of Secrets", "Psycomedian", "Queen Banana", "Guiltrip", "Crocoduel", "Optigami", "Sentibubbler", "Hack-San", "Simpleman" and "Qilin".
  • This is the twenty second time in which the Lucky Charm is summoned twice, after "The Bubbler", "Antibug", "Sapotis", "The Dark Owl", "Syren", "Style Queen", "Anansi", "Malediktator", "Mayura", "Miraculous Shanghai", "Reflekdoll", "Weredad", "Miraculer", "Oblivio", "Desperada", "Ikari Gozen", "Timetagger", "Heart Hunter", "Psycomedian", "Glaciator 2" and "Hack-San".


  • When Tikki flies over to Marinette at the beginning of the episode, the latter's earrings are missing. They appear again after the view shifts.
  • As The Collector deakumatizes himself, his tablet is already in its non-akumatized form.
  • When Alya lines up outside the bakery, her fanny pack is missing.
  • When Shadow Moth talks to Dearest Family, the angle of the background is unusual, making it look like he's floating in the air.
  • Adrien is confused about who "Sugarcube" is even though Plagg told him about it in "Kwamibuster".
  • When Astrocat transforms, the ladybug pattern on the giant galette is missing.
  • When Marinette extends her hand to Tikki telling her she would help her control herself, the kwami grabs her thumb, but in the next shot, Tikki is seen grabbing Marinette's index finger.
  • When Ladybug is giving Rolland and Gina their magical charms, Ladybug is still in her upgraded suit.
  • When Ladybug uses her Miraculous Ladybug, the crown appears to fly too high up, as it becomes unusually small before it hits the ceiling.
  • At the end of the episode, when Tikki eats the galette piece Marinette gave her, she bites the top, but the bottom part disappears first.
  • When Rolland is talking about how it was tradition to sell the galettes first and then enjoy the last one as a family, Marinette's shirt is gray but then turns back to white.
    • When Marinette is taking a croissant from the tray her shirt turns gray again.
  • When Tom and Rolland finished making the galette, Tom's shirt is white but when he, Sabine and Rolland were tasting it, it turned blue.


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