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Dark Cupid

Released on February 7, 2016 (Nick); February 10, 2017 (Netflix)

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I hate to burst your bubble, but hate doesn't conquer all. Love does!

Ladybug, "Dark Cupid"

"Dark Cupid" is the tenth episode of the first season of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir. It first premiered on February 7, 2016, on Nickelodeon and February 10, 2017, on Netflix.[1][2]



Cat Noir and Ladybug must put everything else aside to save the day when Kim becomes akumatized as Dark Cupid on Valentine's Day.[1]


Marinette considers declaring her feelings to Adrien for Valentine's Day, but first, they must stop Dark Cupid, a villain bent on eradicating love.[2]


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In class, Miss Bustier reviews how most fairy tales end, with the prince kissing the princess, due to love being the only thing that can defeat hate. According to Max, this is only true 87% of the time. During this discussion, Adrien is distractedly writing on a paper. Miss Bustier, believing he isn't paying attention, asks Adrien what she just said, and he does, word for word, without looking up. The bell then rings, prompting Miss Bustier to remind the class to read Sleeping Beauty by Charles Perrault. She dismisses them, wishing them a happy Valentine's Day.

Adrien remains at his desk, pondering what else to write on the paper, before he becomes frustrated, crumples it into a ball, and throws it away. Marinette stayed behind, rifling through the trash can for the paper. During this, Chloé and Sabrina stop Adrien from leaving. Chloé asks Adrien to sign a poster, and Adrien declines as he does not enjoy giving autographs. Chloé reassures Adrien that he isn't signing a poster, but a petition against hamsters' cruelty — due to the ugly sweaters they're forced to wear. Annoyed, he signs it, walking away. At that moment, Chloé spots Marinette searching through the trash can. She and Sabrina make rude jokes about Marinette being too poor for food and new clothes, then run away, laughing.

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Marinette, however, finds the note. Translated from French, it says, "Your hair is jet black, your eyes as blue as the heavens, I want to ask who you are behind your mysterious mask. I see you every day and I would like you to give me a sign, I shall love you 'til the end of my days, will you be my Valentine?"

Tikki is surprised by the fact that it was a love letter but assures Marinette that it is about her, even when Marinette states that there are many other girls with black hair and blue eyes. Tikki also mentions that the "mysterious mask" is about Marinette's inner self. Marinette jumps up and down excitedly, telling Tikki to pinch her as she must be dreaming. Tikki is confused by this but pinches Marinette anyway, causing Marinette to shout.

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After the school day ends, Max hands Kim a box, stating that inside the box was the piece of jewelry girls loved most. Kim opens the heart-shaped box, revealing a yellow brooch with large blue gems and 10 pearls of varying size. Alya sees this and drags Marinette over, wondering whom it is for. Max almost reveals whom, but Kim shushes him, stating, "The walls have ears." Alya, the reporter that she is, begins recording, asking Kim, who the lucky lady is, but Marinette stops her, excited for Kim. Kim then begins to despair because he hasn't yet asked the girl to be his Valentine and doubts that she would accept. Marinette reassures him that the girl will love Kim's gift and that he should have no regrets.

Max gives Kim a map with red and yellow highlights on it. The yellow markings are the girl's route, and the red ones are Kim's. He has to get to the Pont des Arts within two minutes in order to cross her path. Thanking Marinette, Kim sprints to the bridge, jewelry box in hand. Alya then nudges Marinette, claiming Marinette should take her own advice. This leads to Marinette deciding to write Adrien a letter about her feelings for him.

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Chloé and Sabrina stand outside the school next to a pillar with one of Adrien's new posters on it and with several girls, including Mireille Caquet and Aurore Beauréal, standing around it. Chloé tells the girls to stop gushing over Adrien as he is now hers. She then has Sabrina unroll the poster that Adrien unwittingly signed earlier. It is a copy of the one on the pillar, only it says, "To Chloé, the most wonderful girl of the universe and the love of my life," signed by Adrien. This causes the girls to burst out crying. Chloé tells Sabrina to rub the poster in their faces if they aren't crying enough.

Back in Marinette's room, Marinette is at her desk, writing words, then scratching them out on a piece of paper. She complains to Tikki that writing love letters are difficult. Tikki suggests that Marinette just needs to write a response to Adrien's letter. Marinette wonders why she didn't think of that earlier, then Alya enters, holding a pink heart-shaped card. Marinette immediately gets to work, her words coming easier as she writes. When she's finished, Alya reminds her to sign the card, but both of them become distracted when a ladybug enters the room, landing on the card. Alya mentions ladybugs bring good luck, "especially to cute lovers," referring to a recent post she made about ladybugs on the Ladyblog.

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In Adrien's room, Adrien and Plagg view Ladyblog's article on ladybugs. Adrien is still trying to figure out who Ladybug is, and Plagg could care less and would rather eat cheese. Plagg points out that Adrien knows nothing about Ladybug, but Adrien counters that Plagg knows nothing about love.This causes Plagg to list his favorite cheeses, making Adrien more dejected. In that moment, Adrien decides to tell Ladybug that he loves her. Plagg makes an adorable noise in abject horror before returning to his Camembert heaven.

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On the Pont des Arts, Kim waits nervously for his girl to arrive. He hears her speaking on the phone and gasps. Kim has a crush on Chloé! Chloé is discussing an expensive frame for Adrien's signed poster, ignoring Kim. Kim steps in her way, stuttering before he gains his composure. He drops to one knee, landing in a puddle. Holding out the box and asking if she would be his Valentine, a man on a bike rides past, splashing Kim with more water. Then, the wind blows an empty chips bag in his face. Chloé spots this and commands him not to move. She then takes a humiliating picture of him, sending it to the rest of the school. Chloé leaves, laughing, telling Kim that her heart belongs to someone far more awesome than him. Kim falls to the ground, crying.

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Hawk Moth senses Kim's misery from his lair. He releases an Akuma, claiming a feast awaits it due to the heartbreak and illusions on Valentine's Day. The Akuma flies to Kim, infecting the brooch. Hawk Moth gives Kim the name Dark Cupid and the power to break apart lovers and friendships. Kim transforms into a red and a black villain with wings, an open-heart bow, arrows shaped like roses, and the insignia of a broken heart across his chest. The brooch remains on the strap holding the quiver of arrows in place. Dark Cupid takes to the air, shooting arrows at people left and right, breaking apart relationships. The lips of people affected by his arrows turn black.

Marinette and Alya head out of the bakery. Tom offers the two girls freshly made candy apples, which they take. They run to a nearby mailbox to send the letter off. Marinette hesitates, her hand shaking, as she shoves the letter in the box. It is this moment when they receive a text message from Chloé, a picture of Kim. Marinette immediately feels guilty, as it was her advice that led Kim to ask Chloé to be his valentine. Alya offhandedly mentions that she hopes Adrien won't act like Chloé, causing Marinette to freak out and attempt to get the letter back. Alya calms Marinette down, saying she was only joking. Alya spots Dark Cupid in the sky.

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Dark Cupid spots the heart-shaped apples Alya holds, shooting an arrow at Alya, claiming that every heart must be broken. This turns Alya against Marinette. Alya shoves the sticky candy apples on Marinette, announcing that the two were never friends and that Marinette's letter to Adrien was stupid. She runs off, cackling. Marinette glares at Dark Cupid, discovering the brooch. She makes the connection that Kim was akumatized and transforms into Ladybug to follow him.

Chasing after Dark Cupid, she spots him taking aim at Chloé, who is angry over the lack of karats in the frame of Adrien's portrait. Ladybug knocks off Kim's aim, causing the arrow to miss. Ladybug attempts to talk Dark Cupid out of attacking the rest of Paris due to Chloé's meanness, but Dark Cupid believes that he is justified in breaking hearts. He says he'll only stop when he breaks every heart in Paris, then takes aim at Ladybug. She knocks away his shots with her yo-yo. Using it as a shield, Ladybug skirts across Paris' rooftops before falling off a steep incline, holding onto the eave of a building. Dark Cupid loses her. Hawk Moth threatens to take Dark Cupid's power away if he doesn't find the Miraculous. Dark Cupid searches for her vigorously.

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Ladybug watches Dark Cupid fly by. Cat Noir then appears, holding out a hand to Ladybug while he's standing on his staff, which is wedged into a wall. She takes it and stands on his baton. He pulls her close, shushing her when she tries to tell him about Dark Cupid. Just as he is about to say, "I love you," Dark Cupid arrives. Cat Noir swings Ladybug around, shielding her with his body and taking the shot meant for her. He hugs her, his lips turning black, and he squeezes her, stating that he hates her and that she means nothing to him. To get free, Ladybug steps on Cat Noir's foot, then uses the end of Cat Noir's staff as a springboard, flinging herself into the air. She yo-yos away, landing in the lobby of Chloé's hotel.

Cat Noir retracts his staff and returning it to its normal length. He climbs up the side of the building and finds Dark Cupid at the top and he is agreeing to assist him in taking Ladybug's Miraculous.

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Ladybug finds Chloé and Sabrina and tells them to run away, that Dark Cupid is after them. Chloé can't believe that Kim holds a grudge against her and she thinks he's jealous because Chloé has Adrien, "a super hot guy from her class...[who's] super rich". Sabrina points to the poster outside and it begins to move, Dark Cupid revealing himself from behind it. Ladybug protects the girls from Dark Cupid's arrows, wraps Chloé up in her yo-yo string, and pulls Chloé outside, telling her to run.

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Cat Noir jumps out in front of Ladybug and he stops her pursuiting from Dark Cupid while he chases after Chloé and Sabrina. At this moment, Ladybug really doesn't want to fight Cat Noir so she gets out of his reach and leading him up Paris' rooftops. She stops him with her yo-yo and she questions him as to where he gained all this anger. He tells her that hate conquers all and Ladybug counters that by stating what wins, love. From this, she realizes that only love can save him, and for that to happen, she has to kiss him. Ladybug chases after Cat Noir because she is trying to kiss him but he runs away and the tables having been turned.

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Dark Cupid corners Chloé and he is preparing to take his revenge. But she launches into a selfish rant about her clothes and hair being ruined and she decides to let Dark Cupid change her and she is believing that things couldn't get any worse for her. Seeing how pathetic and petty she already is and he decides not to waste an arrow on her as she has no room in her heart for love and he is laughing at her while he flies away. Chloé is still covered in dirt and she is approached by Sabrina, who was turned dark. Sabrina takes a photograph of Chloé by sending it out to the rest of the school.

Ladybug catches Cat Noir by the ankle and she is tying him around a lamp post. Hanging upside down, she tries to kiss him three times, but he squirms, and Dark Cupid arrives. Freed, Cat Noir fist-bumps Dark Cupid. Activating his Cataclysm, he comments on how he always wondered what would happen if he used his Cataclysm powers on a person. Hiding behind a tree, Ladybug uses Lucky Charm, and a candy apple appears. Using her Lucky Vision, Ladybug spots the water fountain, Cat Noir's Cataclysm, and Dark Cupid's quiver's strap.

Sliding from behind the tree, Ladybug has her yo-yo swinging. She tells the boys she has Valentine's gift for them, spurring them into action. Ladybug defends herself from Dark Cupid's arrows with her yo-yo and ducks under Cat Noir's arm, his hand far too close to her face for comfort. She then pulls on his tail, making him stagger as she bounces on his head. In the air, she flings the candy apple at Dark Cupid's head, where it sticks. Dark Cupid pries it off, but due to its stickiness, he is unable to notch an arrow properly. He leaves Cat Noir to fight Ladybug while he washes his hands.

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Cat Noir chases Ladybug around the fountain until he pins her on the ground. While he is monologuing, he releases her arms. This allows Ladybug to reach up and pull down Cat Noir's face, kissing him. When Cat Noir snaps out of it, he has no memory of what previously happened or where he is. Ignoring his confusion, Ladybug swings him up onto her shoulders and throws him at Dark Cupid. He lands on Dark Cupid, and the unused Cataclysm dissolves the quiver's strap.

Taking the brooch, he tosses it to Ladybug, jokingly pretending it's her Valentine's Day present. Ladybug goes along with it, gushing over how he shouldn't have gotten it for her before she "accidentally" drops it. She smashes the brooch under her heel, revealing the Akuma. Opening her yo-yo, Ladybug captures the Akuma, setting it free after she cleanses it. Throwing the candy apple into the air, Ladybug cleanses the rest of Paris. This act stops Alya from cutting a picture of her and Marinette in half. This also stops Sabrina from defacing the poster of Adrien, but the damage was already done there, causing Sabrina and Chloé to cry. Kim returns to normal, and Ladybug and Cat Noir fist-bump.

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Ladybug's Miraculous beeps, sending her running off. Cat Noir stops her, wanting to tell her something, but he is unable to. Ladybug tries to explain the kiss, but as Cat Noir has no idea what she's talking about, she stops. He tries to speak again, but his Miraculous begins beeping, stopping him. Since Ladybug does not wish to see his civilian form, nor reveal hers, the two depart in opposite directions.

Back at the mailbox, Marinette watches as the mailman opens the box, letters cascading out of it. Tikki mentions that this is Marinette's chance to take the letter back, but Marinette has changed. Marinette learned that in order for Adrien to love her back, he must first know that she loves him.

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Adrien returns home and he goes to his bedroom but he is feeling down. He collapses on his bed and Plagg tries to discuss the day. Plagg can remember everything that happened but Adrien cannot. All Adrien knows is that he was extremely mean, rude and he fought against Ladybug because of Dark Cupid's arrows. Plagg tries cheering him up by picking him one of the dozens of letters and gifts on Adrien's desk. He ends up seeing a pink, heart-shaped letter. It floats next to Adrien and he reads it and he is surprised that someone answered his letter. The card, translated from French, states "Your hair is golden, your eyes, green iridescent. When I look at you I would like to share your dreams and thoughts. Yes, I'll be your Valentine, we'll be good together. I will love you forever, my heart is yours." Plagg believes that with something so lovey-dovey that it has to have been written by Adrien's soul mate. However, it isn't signed. A ladybug flies into the room onto the letter, making Adrien believe that the letter came from Ladybug. He follows it to the window where it flies away.

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Meanwhile, Marinette can't remember if she signed the letter or not, recalling a ladybug distracted both her and Alya. Alya laughs at the fact that Marinette forgot to sign something to Adrien. The ladybug flies into the shot again, and the end card appears.


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  • Internationally, this episode first premiered in France.
    • This episode is the tenth to air in Korea and France.
  • According to Thomas Astruc, the "internet would break because of [this episode]."[3]
  • Cat Noir is hit with an arrow by Dark Cupid and it turns him to fight against Ladybug and this is the first time a superhero becoming a villain in the series.
  • This episode is called "Le Dislocœur" in French, intending to be a pun with "-cœur" meaning "heart" and "disloqueur", meaning "breaker". The name of the episode can be translated to "heartbreaker".
  • At the beginning of the episode, Nathaniel's display board has a drawing of Chloé's bracelet from "Rogercop".
  • Théo makes a cameo in this episode by holding the framed Adrien poster when delivering it to Chloé.
  • Marinette and Adrien share their first kiss as Ladybug and Cat Noir, although Adrien doesn't remember it afterward. However Adrien, as Cat Noir, finds about the kiss in "Prime Queen".
  • This episode shows that non-magical effects of an Akuma attack cannot be fixed by Miraculous Ladybug.
  • While under the influence of Dark Cupid's arrows as Cat Noir, Adrien always wondered what would happen if he ever used his powers on someone. His answer to that question wasn't revealed until "Miraculer".
    • Also although Adrien couldn't remember what happened while under the effects of Dark Cupid's arrow and yet Plagg could it's likely when kwamis are transformed with their owners they have some resistance to effects of akumatized villains. When they detransform if the effects will transfer to the kwamis but Adrien was reverted back to normal before his detransformation happened and the answer wasn't revealed until "Oblivio".
  • Ladybug trying to kiss Cat Noir while upside down resembles a scene from the Spider-Man 2002 film.


  • In the classroom, Nathaniel can be seen sitting next to an augmented version of his sketch of Chloé's bracelet (from "Rogercop").
  • From the beginning of the initial classroom scene, the wastebasket by Miss Bustier's desk is seen just around the side of the desk, at the end facing the outside window. But when Adrien throws away his crumpled-up poem, the basket is suddenly beside the other end of the desk, and forward of it. Subsequent to that, the basket is no longer forward of the desk.
  • The colors of the charm on Alya's cell phone are inverted.
  • When Alya is hit by Dark Cupid's arrow, it briefly shows that the candy apples she was holding suddenly disappeared when she stumbles back. When she was affected by Dark Cupid straight afterwards, she sticks the candy apples onto Marinette's shirt.
  • Before Cat Noir attacks Ladybug, she holds her yo-yo in her hand while it's still attached to her waist.
  • When Cat Noir jumps after Ladybug on the roof and when she ties him to the streetlight, and Cat Noir summons Cataclysm, his lips aren't black.
  • When Ladybug summons Miraculous Ladybug, the lollipop she throws into the air has a stick. However, the stick has been broken when Ladybug has thrown the lollipop into Dark Cupid.
  • When Adrien runs after the ladybug in his room, the Eiffel Tower is seen outside his window, not far away; but a second Eiffel Tower is also seen in the distance, off to the right.


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