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Season 4, episode 12 (Production order); Episode 90 (Overall)

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"What about you, Marinette? When are you going to finally tell Adrien how you feel?"

"Oh, uh... Adrien?"
"If Juleka was able to make her voice heard, I'm sure you'll be able to someday, too."

"I'm sorry I've been avoiding you. I..."
"You know, it hurts more not seeing you than seeing you, Marinette."

Marinette Dupain-Cheng & Luka Couffaine, "Crocoduel"

"Crocoduel" is a Season 4 episode of the series, Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir.[1] As based on the series' production order specifically, "Crocoduel" is the 12th written and produced episode of Season 4. It is also the 90th written and produced episode of the series, overall.[1]


Because of a plan thought up by Marinette, Shadow Moth akumatizes two villains. Ladybug and Cat Noir will need help to stop the evil duo.[2]

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The Episode begins at the Liberty, where Kitty Section's members are rehearsing. After they complete rehearsals, Luka asks everyone about why Marinette wasn't there and if she is okay. Alya tells him that Marinette was alright, but was a little busy. Luka tries to say they can tell him the truth, and acknowledges that Marinette knows he still loves her. Rose makes an excuse, saying Marinette had water-pony classes at the time. Luka then leaves. Everyone stares at Rose while Alya sarcastically claps at her. Rose tries explaining she couldn't "tell the truth because it would break his heart. Marinette feels embarrassed when she is in front of him," and they need to fix it. Mylène says they have to figure out a way for Marinette and Luka to be together again, at least as friends. Together, they conspire where Marinette and Luka should meet. Zoé suggests somewhere Marinette needs to go. Ivan and Nino suggests a place where they have to talk. Alya then suggests that instead of the cinema they were going to on Saturday with the intent to watch Rock and Monster Parade, they cancel and have a party in the boat instead for the Juleka and Luka's Birthday. Everyone agrees with her and assigns themselves a task for the party accordingly.

Since Alya decided she would being Marinette to the party, Alya talks to Marinette in her room about inviting her to Juleka's birthday with the original movie plan. Unknown to Marinette, Alya is tricking Marinette into believing it's only Juleka's birthday, whereas the Couffaine siblings are twins. Marinette falls for it at first, but she quickly realizes Alya tricked her into going to a party when they arrrive at the boat. Alya explains to Marinette that she is wrong about Luka and that everything will be fine. She also says they can be friends if they can't be together. Marinette reminds Alya that Luka has already been akumatized twice because of her and feels bad about it. Alya says that Marinette can create Magical charms as Ladybug and that everything will be okay, insisting she has to do this because it is her duty. Marinette agrees, but internally she neither wants to see Luka nor be his friend. At Collège Françoise Dupont, by hiding behind a bin, Marinette runs to Juleka. She says Alya insisted she has to come to the party, but Luka will be there and she doesn't want to see him. She then makes an excuse to Juleka that she doesn't want to come because she wants to avoid akumatizations on her birthday. Juleka tells Marinette she would do what she could. Marinette happily thanks her in advance, hugs her, and runs off.

At the Liberty, Juleka starts telling Luka that Marinette is coming to their birthday party but she doesn't want him there. As soon as she says Marinette is coming, he gets excited and feels happy about it. Juleka nervously stops the conversation. Luka senses Juleka is sad but is interruped by a knock at their window. Unknown to Luka, she feels guilty because Luka becomes involved in the party. When Luka opens the window, Jagged Stone enters their room. Originally, he wanted to meet Luka. They both discuss music, whereas Juleka says hi but is unnoticed. Luka and Jagged continue talking but Anarka Couffaine angrily interrupts them, claiming she doesn't want outsiders (Jagged Stone) on the boat. Luka asks Anarka if Jagged can come to their birthday party, which Anarka replies only if Juleka agrees with it too. Jagged is surprised at seeing Juleka behind the window and apologizes that he didn't see her there. Anarka asks Juleka if she wants him at the party, which Juleka agrees to as she does want him there. Jagged leaves. Meanwhile, Juleka receives two calls: one from Alya with Rose, Alix, and Mylène, asking if Luka will be there for the party, and one from Marinette asking if Luka won't be there. Juleka becomes really confused and very aggressive over the guilt she has from not telling Luka about what Marinette said her.

Alya arrives at the Liberty with Marinette, Nino, Rose, Mylène and Zoé. Alya is admitting to Marinette she is really very impressed that she came there, and telling Marinette she didn't thought Marinette would come calmly and meet Luka, and says Marinette is brave. Unknown to Alya, Marinette actually tend to get rid of Luka from the party as she asked Juleka to do it. Marinette overs the situation, and says you have to overcome things in life, by growing up. Marinette secretly whispers to Juleka and asks if she really did what she told to do; Eventually sees Luka there playing guitar, and get overwhelmed with the situation. Luka says hi to Marinette, but Marinette runs over from there by saying she have to do something and she is super urgent, Good Evening. While running Marinette accidentally jumped inside to boat from the rooftop. Luka asks is everything is fine with Marinette, and Juleka feels so guilt inside. Everyone starts asking questions about Marinette, and Juleka runs over from there too by saying what's happening today. Whereas Luka says that he knew it, Marinette doesn't like him anymore, she doesn't even want to be friends and Juleka wasn't brave enough to tell him earlier. Luka sadly sit back, and start playing sad music with his guitar.

Shadow Moth senses the emotions of Luka, cruelly disappointed ,and wanting his friendship with his last-loved back. Shadow Moth corrupts the butterfly to Akuma and orders it to fly and evilize the emotions, but the Akuma wasn't able to akumatize him anymore as everyone relived Luka by telling him she doesn't hate him, she is just being Marinette. Shadow Moth seems a bit worried, noticing how weirdly his negative emotions are gone. Shadow Moth orders his akuma to be there as he says the party with teenagers always has a lot of emotions. Meanwhile, Juleka is worried inside the liberty and gets noticed by Marinette who is hiding behind the table. Marinette whispers Juleka, and she came closer to Marinette. Marinette asks why Luka is here, Juleka sadly remains silent. Marinette sees Juleka's sadness and tends to relieve Juleka, asking and telling that she can't tell him. Shadow Moth senses Juleka's emotions and tries to akumatize her. Before something happens, Marinette relieves Juleka by apologizing for stressing her out over something nearly impossible for her. Once again, the Akuma wasn't able to akumatize Juleka because her negative emotions had been erased, much to Shadow Moth's disappointment.

At the party, when everyone dances, Jagged Stone arrives and apologizes Luka that he is late for it. When everyone learn that Jagged is Luka's father, they are surprised. Shadow Moth senses the teenagers' emotions and tries to akumatize them. Again, the Akuma wasn't able to akumatize Marinette's friends because they are joyed, and they continue to party. Meanwhile, in the boat, when Juleka tells Marinette that Jagged is her father, she is very surprised asking why Jagged doesn't love her but loves Luka more. The two girls notice Luka and Jagged enter the boat, as Jagged gives Luka a bass and tells him not to tell his sister, causing Juleka to be upset again. Shadow Moth senses Juleka's emotions about not being loved by her father and tries to akumatize her again. But before that happens, Marinette comforts Juleka and tells her to talk to Juleka. But, surprisingly, Jagged brought the gift for Juleka, which is guitar, making Juleka happy. As Jagged prepares to show the disc to the kids, Anarka storms in and furiously yells at Jagged for showing her children the disc that resulted in their breakup. Jagged disagrees, but Anarka calls him a pirate, who left two sailors (Juleka and Luka) behind. However, the disagreement between two estranged lovers became a fight, as they begin to fight over the disc, as Marinette, Juleka, and Luka watch in shock.

Shadow Moth senses how upset Jagged and Anarka are towards each other, so he sends an akuma towards them. It infects the disc. However, the fight ends with Jagged and Anarka ripping it in a fit of rage, and are akumatized by Shadow Moth, back into their original akumatized selves, Guitar Villain and Captain Hardrock, but now they became Crocoduel, the ones, who fight each other and Shadow Moth is determined to have Ladybug's and Cat Noir's Miraculouses.


Major Characters

Minor Characters


  • Luka and Marinette make up by the end of the episode, deciding that they should remain as friends.
  • Juleka receives the Tiger Miraculous in this episode to become the superheroine "Purple Tigress".[3]
  • Luka is saddened by Marinette being late to a Kitty Section concert, just like in the events of "Truth".
  • In this episode, it is Luka and Juleka's birthday.
    • This is the tenth episode to feature someone's birthday, after "The Evillustrator", "The Bubbler", "Timebreaker", "Befana", "Zombizou", "Bakerix", "Truth" and "Lies".
      • However, this is the first episode to feature the birthday of two characters.
      • It's confirmed that Juleka and Luka are twins, and that their birthday is on a Saturday in the year the episode takes place.
      • This is the first time someone becomes a superhero on their birthday. In that case, It's Juleka.
  • This is the fourth time Anarka gets akumatized into Captain Hardrock, following the episode with the same name and two off-screen akumatizations as seen in "Mr. Pigeon 72", the sixth time Jagged Stone has been akumatized into Guitar Villain, following the episode with the same name, "Catalyst" and three off-screen akumatizations as seen in "Mr. Pigeon 72", and the third time Fang has been akumatized, following "Guitar Villain" and "Catalyst".
  • The Tiger Miraculous' power is revealed to be Clout, the activation phrase is, Roaar, Stripes On!, and Roaar's concept is Exaltation.
  • This is the fourth time two people are akumatized with one akuma, following "Sapotis", "Oblivio" and "Heart Hunter".
    • This is also the sixth time more than one person is akumatized with the same akuma, following the aforementioned episodes, and "Félix", and "Gang of Secrets".
    • Unlike the other multiple akumatizations, the two villains compete against one another, instead of joining forces.
    • This is the second time more than one person is akumatized with one akumas who isn't from the Cesaire family.
      • This also marks the first time where akumatized villains fight one another, excluding episode "Gamer 2.0", where former akumatized villains are used as avatars in a game created by the titular villain.
  • This is the first time that two magical charms are given in an episode.
    • It's revealed that Ladybug's yo-yo can create multiple magical charms as long as two or more people are sharing a single akuma while expressing the same negative feelings or emotions.
  • This is the first time an akumatized object is broken before the akumatization is complete. It's revealed that, when it happens, it's necessary to unite the pieces before breaking the object and releasing the akuma.
    • Jagged Stone, Anarka, and Purple Tigress are the seventh, eight and ninth people to break an akumatized object, instead of Ladybug and Cat Noir, following Queen Bee, Rena Rouge and Carapace in "Mayura", Fang in "Lies", Marianne Lenoir in "Furious Fu" and Polymouse in "Mega Leech".
    • With the Lucky Charm object being tape it could imply there have been incidents in the past where an akumatized object had broken before the person holding it was akumatized.
    • Just like the Lucky Charm when activating the Miraculous Ladybug (superpower), the object doesn't have to be completely intact to cause an akumatization.
  • This episode, alongside "Ladybug & Cat Noir", "Mayura", "Félix", "Gang of Secrets" and "Gabriel Agreste", are the only episodes not named after a singular akumatized villain or sentimonster.
  • This is the third time a kwami scares its owner upon meeting them, after Marinette in "Ladybug & Cat Noir (Origins - Part 1)" and Mylene in "Mega Leech".
  • It's revealed that Shadow Moth can still sense the negative emotions of the Magical Charms holders.
    • Since Magical charms are meant to prevent akumatizations, Shadow Moth can sense the negative emotions but can't akumatize or amokize people who have magical charms.
  • This is one of the few times Ladybug's Lucky Charm object is the same in two different episodes, following "Prime Queen", the teapots in "Sapotis" and "Oblivio", the compact mirrors in "Pixelator" and "Optigami" and the keychains in "Miracle Queen" and "Miraculous New York".
  • This is one of the few times where both Ladybug and Cat Noir transform completely off screen.
  • This is one of the several episodes where the summoning sequence for Cataclysm isn't seen.
  • This is one of the few episodes where Tikki doesn't have a speaking role.
    • This is also one of the few episodes where Plagg doesn't make an appearance in any way too.
  • When Marinette explains the two times Luka has been akumatized because of her, she is referring to "Silencer" and "Truth".
    • However in the case of "Silencer", she was only an indirect cause of his akumatization because if Bob Roth had been honest and allowed Luka and the others to perform in the first place, then Luka wouldn't have been akumatized.
    • Also without knowing by trying to avoid Luka and if it wasn't for Marinette's friends, Marinette almost caused Luka to be akumatized for a third time meaning she did the opposite of what she wanted.
  • Jagged and Anarka as their akumatized alter egos trying to prove who was right in an argument while trying to destroy everything around them is a reference to a fight between the Hatfields and the McCoys.
  • When Cat Noir said, "We don't have wings or a flying pirate ship", he apparently forgot about the Space power ups.


  • When Juleka runs off, Rose's eyelash clips with her eye.
  • One of Guitar Villain's shockwaves clips in a wheelie bin, although the outside of it is completely regular.
  • Ladybug throws her yo-yo in the air, but it is tied to the Eiffel Tower in the next scene, despite the Eiffel Tower being behind her when she threw it.
  • When Ladybug and Cat Noir stop in front of Roue de Paris, all 3 lights on the traffic light are green.
  • Most of Marinette's friends saw Jagged Stone being revealed as Luka and Juleka's father in "Truth", but they are still surprised when Luka calls Jagged his father.
  • When Juleka runs off, the pattern on Zoé's shirt is missing and Mylène is missing all her pins, except for the flower.
    • In a few scenes, Zoe's skin color is white and in some scenes she is in her normal skin color.
  • When the students gather around Luka and Zoé's pupils are missing.
  • When Ladybug opens her Yo-Yo to take out the Tiger Miraculous, the margins of the Yo-Yo around the pink light inside it are thinner than usual.
  • Cat Noir's ring beeps first even though Ladybug and Purple Tigress used their powers before him.
  • When Ladybug opens her yo-yo to capture the akuma, the light inside her yo-yo is missing.
    • In the same scene, her pinky finger is bent impossibly.
    • It's revealed that the inside of the yo-yo is a shallow, light pink basin with medium purple slanted walls.
      • Apparently, according to Wilfried Pain, this is because the Gloob version was unfinished.
        • This error was corrected when the episode aired on Disney Channel in Southeast Asia.
  • When Juleka transforms, the tiger paw is pointing the wrong way. The claws are supposed to point down toward the bracelet, instead they point up toward the rings.
  • The Miraculous Ladybug parts the cloudy sky, even though it wasn't caused in any way by the villains.
  • In the English dub of the episode, Ladybug says that the Tiger Miraculous is the miraculous of the Clout, which is its power, instead of Exaltation, which was correctly used in the French dub.
    • The same thing happened in "Desperada", although the error was present in both dubs.
      • Coincidentally, Luka and Juleka are twins.


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