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Claudie Kanté has been akumatized.

Claudie Kanté is the conductor of Startrain and a recent astronaut. She is also the mother of Max Kanté.

In "Startrain", after Claudie thinks she has failed to become an astronaut, she is akumatized into Startrain, a train conducting supervillain.[1]


Physical appearance

Claudia is a dark-skinned woman of average height. She has dark brown eyes and short brown hair that's styled in a low bun.

Civilian attire

She wears a moderate raspberry dress jacket with sleeves going slightly past her elbows with a matching galaxy rectangular pin attached with ‘TRAIN’ written on it over a black blouse, a black belt moderate crimson dress pants and a hat with a black peak and jacket matching accenting the pants-matching center equator and a matching name tag on her jacket. For accessories, she wears a black smart watch and earrings silver dangling with ringed planets.

As Startrain

Startrain has a very robotic and angled appearance, with most of her body being covered in armor and a black skintight suit underneath. The armor itself is primarily a blueish chrome, comprised of a seat, chest plate, gloves and a helmet reminiscent of a race car driver, complete with a red, angled visor. Her outfit is also styled with bright red and pink accents around the sleeves, waist and parts of her helmet. The deadman switch holding her Akuma has changed into a full arm attachment, confining her right arm to the console at all times. Her chair also provides the same limitations, restricting her movement. Underneath the armor, Startrain has a deep magenta skin tone and black lipstick, with her lower face being the only part visible.


Claudie is very enthusiastic, both about her job and the possibility of becoming an astronaut. She can get very anxious when she is waiting for important news. Claudie is a very proud and sacrificing mother. She also treats Markov as a sentient being instead of a robot.

As Startrain, she is so enthralled with her dream that she disregards pleas from others, including her own son, though she acts cheerfully towards him. She completely disregards other people's safety as she intends to travel across the universe with only a minimum oxygen supply. She is also very antagonistic towards those who threaten her, which is shown when she overheated a train car to stop Ladybug and Cat Noir from reaching her.


As a civilian

Claudie is very skilled in conducting a train safely and quickly.

Claudie passed all the tests required to become an astronaut, which includes various skills.

As Startrain

As Startrain, she is the conductor of the Akumatized train of the same name, which is now a vehicle capable of space flight. The train itself is well prepared for intergalactic travel, now able to reach near impossible speeds instantaneously and break through the atmosphere in seconds. It is also indestructible, air tight and pressure shielded.

From within the train itself, Startrain can control any of its functions, displaying the ability to adjust the temperature with air conditioning units, drain oxygen from selected cars to create a void, or prevent doors from being opened without specialized equipment or skills in programming like Markov. She also has the ability to summon the beverage serving drones of the train, now modified by the Akuma to be durable robots capable of shooting destructive laser bolts.

Interestingly, Stairtrain is one of the only villains to have no powers of her own, especially since she is both bound to the control board by the deadman switch and to the floor by her lower body. This means that she becomes completely vulnerable once Ladybug, Cat Noir and Pegasus are able to break into the captain's cabin.



Claudie Kanté Square.png
Claudie Kanté
Max Kanté Square.png
Max Kanté

Claudie Kanté
Max Kanté

    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


Max Kanté

Claudie loves her son very much and is very proud of his accomplishments. Because her main dream involves being very far away for a long time, she put it on hold for a long time so she could look after Max until he was older.





  • Claudie was introduced in a synopsis that was released by the show's Switzerland TV broadcaster, RTS Deux.[1]
  • Claudie is the second Akumatized villain to name herself, the first being The Collector.
  • Claudie is the third Akumatized villain to act on her own accord. The first was The Collector, who Akumatized himself, and the second was Robostus, who betrayed Hawk Moth and tried to get the Miraculouses for himself.
    • However, Claudie is the first Akumatized villain to not be Akumatized directly by Hawk Moth, as the Akuma was too far from him.


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