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Ladybug and Cat Noir are fighting each other! This is incredible ladies and gentlemen.

—Clara, "Catalyst (Heroes' Day - Part 1)"

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Clara Contard is a TVi news reporter.


Clara has blonde hair and dark green eyes, and her hair is cut into a short bob that ends in the center of her neck. She wears a white business jacket with a folded collar, and she wears a pink shirt beneath it.


Clara is professional as a reporter on the scene of a developing story, explaining the situation to viewers and interviewing people.


Season 1

In "Mr. Pigeon" Clara is seen in the background taking to Jean Duparc when, Marinette sits outside at the Trocadéro with her sketchbook open on her lap.

In "Simon Says" while waiting for the elevator Simon Says uses his powers to enslave people including Clara in the building and sends them to find Gabriel Agreste and is later seen to breaking into the Agreste mansion.

In "Ladybug & Cat Noir" Clara is seen taking a picture of an unnamed citizen. But, when Stoneheart's Akuma multiplies it akumatizes the man she was taking a picture of.

Season 2

In "The Dark Owl" TVi reporters arrive on the scene and Clara interviews The Owl. The Owl claims that he will try to do better next time, being oblivious to Ladybug's and Cat Noir's real point, before running off, not realizing that the camera was following him the entire time, leaving Ladybug and Cat Noir to deal with the press. Both Ladybug and Cat Noir advise the children of Paris to not act like The Owl and try to be superheroes like him, as it is dangerous. At the end of her broadcast, Nadja Chamack asks the question of who The Owl's real identity is.

In "Style Queen" Clara is seen taking pictures of Audrey Bourgeois and Adrien Agreste in the fashion show.

In "Catalyst" Clara is seen during the Heroes' Day parade on a helicopter. But, when Volpina uses her power of illusion to create an "akumatized Ladybug" fighting Cat Noir, she reports that "Ladybug and Cat Noir are fighting each other! This is incredible ladies and gentlemen".

Season 3

In "Stormy Weather 2" Nadja Chamack reports the battle between Ladybug, Cat Noir, and Stormy Weather with Clara. Though the screen freezes and stops working, Clara continues to report that Ladybug has called on her Lucky Charm and received a pencil while Cat Noir has grabbed a photocopier. Ladybug makes a photocopy, and eventually, Stormy Weather is defeated and everything is returned to normal.

In "Feast" Nadja announces the mysterious reappearance of a temple in the Tibetan mountains that went missing 172 years ago. Clara, who is on a helicopter flying above the temple, adds that all the monks who used to live in the temple also reappeared.


In "Miraculous New York" Clara goes to New York City to report that the necklace that the Marquis de Lafayette gave to George Washington during the Revolutionary War is put on display for the first time. She later is seen when Mayura revokes Robostus Sentimonster's amok seeing that the Sentimonster has mysteriously disappeared.




  • In "The Dark Owl", Mrs. Rossi and Clara Contard use the same background model. According to Thomas Astruc, they are not the same character, and it was an animation mistake that both characters use the same model[1]

Clara Contard animation error.

  • Clara Contard's name is a pun on the French word racontar, which means "gossip."
  • Her design is very similar to Arlette, Nadja Chamack's boss, the only difference being their skin colour.
  • Her design is sometimes used for extras.
    • She first spoke in the episode "The Dark Owl".


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