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This article is about Nino's brother. You may be looking for another Chris.

Chris Lahiffe is Nino's little brother, with whom Nino has a close bond.[2]

In "Christmaster", after he begins to want Christmas to arrive immediately so that he can receive his gift, he is akumatized by Hawk Moth into Christmaster, a Christmas elf-themed supervillain who can control toys in order to get his present for Santa Claus.

In "Timetagger", an older Chris from the future is akumatized by someone and becomes Timetagger, a time travelling rapper-themed supervillain that can travel through time and send people/objects in any point of time, who comes to the present.


Physical appearance

Chris has light auburn hair, moderate orange eyes, and a moderate orange/light brown skin tone. He wears black glasses identical to his brother's.

Civilian attire

Chris wears a grayish lime green t-shirt with a white neck collar. on top, he wears a blue, indigo, and bluish black plaid flannel short-sleeved jacket. He also wears dark blue jeans that he tucks up from the bottom, and black and white striped vivid chartreuse green sneakers with small platform soles about 1 cm.

As an adult, Chris wears silver headphones with a dark green band. He wears a black jacket with yellow linings. He has a lime green dress t-shirt underneath. He wears camouflage cargo pants and moderate green shutter shades. His shoes are black, lime green, and white with a velcro straps.

As Christmaster

As Christmaster, he has white skin, pale yellow teeth, matching scleras, and red eyes. He wears a black and red jester-like Santa Claus hat, a black butterfly shaped mask around his eyes, and jester boots.

As Timetagger

Timetagger has pale blue skin, blue-violetish black hair, and bright green eyes. Covering his eyes are green shades. He wears a black hoodie with sky blue edges, the hood over his head, and black sweatpants. Under the hood is a neon yellow visor, and on the back of the hoodie is a symbol depicting a clock. Around his neck, he has a gas mask colored sky blue and neon yellow and a yellow chain necklace with a clock on it. He wears high-top shoes that are mainly black with yellow laces and have blue symbols on them.


Chris is small and funny[2]. He considers himself a big boy, which is why he is capricious and rebellious when Marinette wants to play with toys with him, making him extremely hard to get along with. Despite having a lot of toys, he thinks dolls are for small children, and his toys are different. For this reason, he does not like to watch cartoons intended for younger people and protests when someone says he is too young to play certain games. However, the boy is highly curious, hinted at by how excited he is at the gifts that Marinette hides from him. He can be skeptical, but if someone doesn't admit to lying after he calls them out, he is quick to believe them. This is shown when he does not believe that Marinette is Santa's elf but believes it soon after calling her out, hoping that the girl would get the perfect gift for him. He hates the term love and thinks it's horrible, but he also knows how to be polite, greeting Ladybug while Cat Noir takes him away.

Even though Chris and his friends love to play even he knows that there are times to be serious. Upon seeing Ladybug and Cat Noir acting like his age and fighting so poorly to the point of them giving up their jewels. He knew of what would happen if Hawk Moth got them and like Manon is shown to be very clever.

As Christmaster, he is very greedy and fond of his toys and is willing to give up his akuma for them.

As Timetagger, he is incredibly arrogant and conceited in his own abilities and is fond of taunting his enemies. He shows little to no concern about how his actions will affect others or history in general, sending people back in time at random and even tormenting Bunnyx by banishing her to various time periods. He is even willing to manipulate Hawk Moth as part of his scheme, making him believe that he was sent by his future counterpart to get the Ladybug and Cat Miraculouses for him in the past, only to double-cross him by revealing that he wasn't the one who sent him at all.


Marinette Dupain-Cheng/Ladybug

In "Christmaster", Chris was being babysat by Marinette and gets annoyed when she suggests that he play with his toys rather than video games, insisting that he is a big boy. He notices that Marinette has several presents hidden in her room and asks about it, only for Marinette to lie and claim that she is one of Santa’s elves. He is upset with her when he learns the truth, though he quickly forgives her but is disgusted to learn that the presents she hid are for a boy.

Like everyone else in Paris, Chris greatly admires Ladybug.

In "Simpleman", he along with his friends rush to the heroes defense trying to convince them not give their jewels to the titular villain and by extension Hawk Moth showing his bravery. His willingness to help her come up with a plan to stop the titular villain.}}

As Christmaster, he was sure that his toys would defeat her and Cat Noir but when he saw that the heroes were willing to destroy them he agreed to Ladybug's deal and surrenders his akuma.

Nino Lahiffe

Not much is known about Chris’s relationship with his brother, but Nino does care about him as he shows concern for him when he appears sad after being at Marinette’s house and later on when he is akumatized.

Lila Rossi

In "Timetagger" when Lila babysits Chris and tells him that she invented the game "Freestyle Clash", Chris is amazed by this and calls her cool, unaware that she is lying.


As Christmaster

He wields a magic snow globe that, when a toy touches it, makes the toy enlarge, come to life, and have powers and abilities that correspond to the nature of the toy. Examples include:

  • A toy dog that can track people through smell.
  • A toy catfish that can swim through the air.
  • Ladybug and Cat Noir action figures that can use Lucky Charm and Cataclysm, respectively.
    • The Ladybug and Cat Noir toys can also use their powers multiple times.

He also resides in a floating citadel made of building blocks.

His powers also transported Santa Claus and his sleigh to Paris.

As Timetagger

His spray paint gun allows him to open a portal in time. He can open a portal for himself or shoot someone to send them to a time period of Timetagger's choosing. This often results in altering history, such as making Mr. Ramier a famous knight in the 15th century with a statue of him built outside the Louvre, ancient paintings depicting Jagged Stone and Nadja Chamack, and an ancient Egyptian stone tablet with an image of André the Icecream Man.

He can also use his gun to mark a location with graffiti and later use the graffiti to teleport "back in time" to that location in the same pose he struck when he marked the location.



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Nino's mother
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Nino Lahiffe
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Chris Lahiffe

Nino's mother
Nino Lahiffe
Chris Lahiffe

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  • The official Miraculous Ladybug Tumblr blog revealed that Nino's family was originally supposed to be revealed in Season 2.[3]It was pushed to a future season for unknown reasons.
    • Later, the writers revealed at an event that Nino has a younger relative named Chris.[4]





  • In the French version, Chris is named Noël.[2]
    • Since his debut episode was planned as a Christmas special, the different name is apparently intended to match the episode's name with the holiday theme.
    • This follows suit on the wordplay of Nino's name with Nolife.
  • He is possibly friends with Manon Chamack.[2]
  • He is the first akumatized victim that willingly gives his akumatized object to Ladybug.
  • He's the sixth child to be akumatized, following Manon Chamack, August, Ella and Etta Césaire and Unnamed boy.
    • Additionally, Christmaster's powers are similar to the Puppeteer's, as they both bring toys to life with an akumatized object used to control them.
  • He is the first known akumatized villain that was akumatized by the Future Butterfly Miraculous holder.
  • Timetagger is the third akumatized villain to have time-related powers after Timebreaker and Backwarder.
  • With Ladybug's new power to create a magical akuma warding charm, it is likely that Chris was never akumatized at any point until he was transformed into Timetagger.


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