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from Gamer, Marinette writes in her diary. She talks to Tikki, as well.

Marinette: Dear diary, today at school, Sabrina came to talk to me. She had something she wanted to ask. She acted all nice and sweet, but I didn't buy her little number.

from Evillustrator, Sabrina enthusiastically talks to Marinette.

Marinette: She told me that she had ripped her favorite teddy bear, and since I know about sewing, she would love it if I could help stitch it back.
Marinette: Except Sabrina doesn't have a teddy bear, but I know someone who does: Chloé.

from Despair Bear, Adrien hugging Marinette. They look at a Mr. Cuddly and Kim observes it.

Kim Is that your teddy bear, Chloé? (Everyone Laughs)
Marinette: I don't know why I should help Chloé Bourgeois.

from Rogercop, Chloé slams her hand on Marinette's desk.

Marinette: Seriously, she's to blame for half the akumatizations in Paris since Hawkmoth showed up. Maybe she's working with him. I wouldn´t be surprised if he asked her for help, with her amazing talent for causing negative emotions in people.

from Gorizilla, Gorizilla picks up Adrien

Marinette: Although, some of the akumatized villains like Gorizilla were after Adrien. And if there's one thing I know for sure, it's that she wouldn't want him to get hurt. I think she genuinely cares about Adrien. That's actually the only thing we have in common.

from Despair Bear, Adrien winks, and Chloé greets him and she surveys her party.

Marinette: Besides, it seems like Adrien is a good influence on Chloé. He even managed to make her do something nice once. Remember when she threw a party to make up for having been so mean?

Chloé slams her hands down on the table and Mylène spins in to talk.

Marinette: Of course. Chloé is still Chloé. She couldn't stay nice very long.
Mylène: Woooh! All this dancing has made me thirsty! Do you know where the ice cubes are?
Chloe: How should I know?! I'm not your servant! Go and find them yourself!

from Mr. Pigeon, Marinette writing on her diary closes it and she heads to her sewing machine, and gets to work.

Marinette: That was a start. And who knows? Maybe if she were encouraged more often, she could really become a good person. Maybe she just needs a chance. All right, I'm going to stitch her teddy bear up. Goodbye for now, dear diary.

The END.

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