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Sabrina Raincomprix

Chloé annoyed with Sabrina.

Sabrina is Chloé's "all-purpose girl", who is an important asset to her. Chloé often bosses her around and treats her more like someone inferior to her than as an actual friend, not even trusting her with her expensive bracelet. If Sabrina succeeds in helping her, Chloé usually takes it as having done it herself and occasionally rewards Sabrina with a small gift. If Sabrina fails or acts in a way that Chloé deems incompetent, she harshly reprimands her. According to Butler Jean in "Antibug", the girls often argue. Chloé goes as far as ignoring Sabrina after getting embarrassed during an interview. However, after Ladybug suggests that she reconcile with Sabrina, Chloé does so by giving Sabrina a new brooch, and, while trying not to show it, she is happy that they're still friends. She is also shown to enjoy playing roleplaying games with Sabrina.

Chloé gives Sabrina a new brooch.

In "Queen Wasp", she informs her mother that she is just using Sabrina. In “Malediktator”, when she saw Sabrina laughing with others about Chloé's documentary, she "fired" her. During Chloé's own welcome-back party, she is initially annoyed by Sabrina when the latter hugs her, but she later decides to show off her accessory to amaze her.

In "Miraculer", it is revealed that although Chloé usually seemingly exploits Sabrina to her advantage, her friendship with Sabrina is still genuine. This is evident by how she, as Queen Bee, emphasized Sabrina is her friend, not Miraculer.

In "Ladybug", Chloé shields her from the scarlet akumas sent to akumatize those let down by Marinette.

After the events of "Miracle Queen", Chloé's attitude takes a turn for the worse and it's reflected on the way she treats Sabrina. She forces her to do her homework in the closet (where there's little to no light), even run after her limousine and carry her stuff, instead of letting her go inside like she used to.

Marinette Dupain-Cheng/Ladybug

Chloé and Marinette arguing.

Chloé seems to greatly despise Marinette as she treats her cruelly and takes any chance she can to humiliate her. Chloé's bullying of Marinette originally started three years before the school year that Marinette gets her Miraculous. Since Marinette became Ladybug, she has been more willing to stand up against Chloé, which frustrates Chloé. Marinette's crush on Adrien only worsens things, with Chloé attempting to prevent Marinette from getting together with Adrien and becoming angry when Adrien shows any kind of interest towards Marinette. Chloé hates it whenever Marinette foils her plans, from running for and becoming a class representative to getting a class picture with Juleka Couffaine next to Adrien Agreste, and she will fight back, including underhandedly if it means succeeding against Marinette.

Chloé accuses Marinette of stealing her bracelet.

While she typically doesn't view Marinette as anything more than a nuisance and a rival, she is aware of Marinette's talent in fashion design; this is why she steals Marinette's derby hat design in an attempt to frame Marinette's hat as being fake and win the contest. Instead of being open to anyone stealing her bracelet in "Rogercop", Chloé accuses Marinette of being the thief, fully believing only Marinette would do such a thing. While the girls are prone to arguing and disagreeing, Chloé is always clear about her hostility towards Marinette. During "Queen Wasp", she is so jealous of Marinette getting her mother's recognition instead of her she desperately tries to prove herself better by transforming into Queen Bee and as a hero and gets her help when making things up with her mother after she is deakumatized. In "Malediktator", she becomes so angry at Marinette for embarrassing her that she orders her dad to have her banished from Paris. Even after her own actions led to her own father's akumatization, Chloé still claims it's because Marinette is mean to her.

During the movie premiere in "Animaestro" Chloé works together with Marinette to prevent Adrien and Kagami from getting close. During the attempt, she finds out that Marinette has a crush on Adrien and laughs about it. She almost reveals this to Adrien, but then decides not to because she felt as if Marinette wasn’t worth the extra attention.

And her dislike towards Marinette intensified when she figured out that Zoé and her are friends. Trying to escape her akumatized sister she ran to the bakery using Marinette and her parents as a shield.

Chloé taking a selfie with Ladybug.

However, Chloé is a huge fan of Ladybug, cosplaying as her and wanting to take multiple selfies with her. While not originally thinking highly of Ladybug and Cat Noir after their debut, her stance on them, particularly Ladybug, changes after she saves her from death in "Stoneheart".[1] , Unlike most people, Chloé shows genuine appreciation towards Ladybug, and she's always thankful to her for saving her in any situation. She is prone to complaining about Ladybug and to her, though, like being upset that her room was ruined in "The Evillustrator" and frustrated that it took so long for her and Cat Noir to rescue her in "Kung Food". In "Antibug", Chloé's admiration for Ladybug is shattered when the heroine doesn't listen to her correct advice on how to beat Vanisher and calls her a liar. Chloé is so offended by the insult that she gets akumatized and, as Antibug, she's filled with the desire to destroy her former idol. At the end of the episode, Ladybug apologizes to Chloé, prompting her to go back to being a fan again.

Chloé rushes over to save Ladybug.

Chloé's loyalty to Ladybug leads her to prevent a mind-controlled Cat Noir's Cataclysm from hitting her in "Despair Bear", commenting that she was really nice to do it. She even apologized to Ladybug for all the trouble she caused. Seeing her as the key to fixing everything she takes the hit for her in "Zombizou". During "Style Queen", she defended Ladybug from being turned into a golden statue and helped the heroine find her mother's akuma. As Queen Bee in "Queen Wasp", she tries to work with her idol and Cat Noir to prove that they make a great team but she refuses to relinquish her Miraculous and becomes sad when the heroes chewed her out for her recklessness and her mother's disregards to her leading to her akumatization. As Queen Wasp, she desires to still prove she better is than Ladybug. But after she is deakumatized, Chloé begged the heroine to give her another chance, realizing her mistake, and yet was encouraged to do the right thing. Returning the Bee Miraculous, she apologized to Ladybug for her actions.

Queen Bee works with Ladybug.

The two become even closer in "Malediktator" when Chloé admits to Ladybug the truth of why her father was so angry up to the point where she reveals that she was useless and that it was best that she leaves. But was encouraged by Ladybug to remember that no one is useless and every one serves a purpose (remembering what Adrien taught her in civilian form when a party was being thrown for Chloé leaving Paris). Wishing to fix her mistake, she was given the Bee Miraculous promising not to disappoint Ladybug and return the Miraculous when the mission was over. Being apart of a real team with her idol amazed her, she comfortably follows the heroine's lead in a fight although being a little outspoken. Having fully understood the responsibility of being a hero, Chloé returns the Miraculous and does the trademark pound it with Ladybug. In "Heroes' Day Part 1", Chloé's loyalty and faith to Ladybug is so strong that she wasn't convinced so easily that the heroine was akumatized by Hawk Moth and put total faith her in as they fought Hawk Moth's army in "Mayura".

In "Miraculer", however, Chloé starts to lose faith in the heroine when she isn't called upon when dangers around. When she is facing Hawk Moth's akuma again, knowing that Ladybug gave her a second chance, not wanting to waste it, she drove the akuma off. Afterwards, when Miraculer offers Chloé Ladybug’s powers, she refused, telling Miraculer there is one Ladybug and she isn't her. Even when her Miraculous was taken by Ladybug, Chloé says that she would be called again. While she still respects her, she breaks the picture of the two together at the end, probably not being her "biggest fan" anymore.

In "Heart Hunter", after being constantly ignored by Ladybug and under Hawk Moth's manipulations, Chloé turns into Queen Bee, allies herself with Hawk Moth, and accepts akumatization, showing that she no longer cares for Ladybug and Cat Noir and is now their enemy who wants to destroy them once and for all. This feeling remains the same after her deakumatization, with Chloé declaring to Ladybug she no longer is her fan.

Even without knowing it, the reason why Chloe was probably so clingy to Ladybug was because of the neglect by her mother, when the heroine entered her life. She thought Ladybug could fill in the void left behind by Audrey however when the heroine took her powers away she was consumed by her fears of being abandoned again when in fact the heroine didn't do it out of neglect but as an act of love. Chloé's hatred of Ladybug continued on, in "Queen Banana", after she is deakumatized, refusing her magical charm, the one thing that will prevent her from being akumatized again. Her hate intensified after seeing that Ladybug had given the Bee Miraculous to another person.

Adrien Agreste/Cat Noir

Chloé hugs Adrien.

Chloé, who is friends with Adrien, knew him before he started attending her school and currently has a huge crush on him. She only loves Adrien for his wealth; if he was not wealthy, she would probably treat him like everyone else[2]. She is always showering him with affection. She attempts to get his attention as much as possible, pushing Marinette out of the way to tell him a happy birthday and forcing him to slow dance with her at his birthday party. Although desiring him, she can still be carelessly rude towards him, like snatching Alix Kubdel's watch from his hands to look at it but Marinette tells her to give it back to him. She takes advantage of every chance she gets to be with him, the only one out of her classmates to be happy about the Bubbler forcing them to party while she moves in on Adrien. She gets jealous of any girl fawning over him and goes out of her way to show them that he is hers, as seen in "Dark Cupid" when she makes a group of his fangirls cry when she shows them a huge picture of him signed by himself. She also seems to be unaware that Adrien doesn't have the same feelings for her as a girlfriend but just a friend or that he has a crush on Ladybug.

Chloé is devastated after Adrien threatens to end his friendship with her.

In "Despair Bear", after she gets the whole student body in trouble by causing a false alarm for the fire department, Chloé gets chewed out by Adrien for this and her previous cruelty towards others, and he vows to renounce her as a friend unless she starts treating everyone nicer. Chloé is devastated by the reality of losing her friendship with Adrien, and with her butler's assistance, she does her best to act friendly to everyone at a huge party she hosts to poor results, even begrudgingly greeting Marinette at his suggestion. After assisting the heroes with Despair Bear's defeat and inviting Tom Dupain to make macarons, Chloé successfully gets Adrien's promise to stay friends with her, though she slips back into her meaner personality right away. In "Style Queen", she showed grave concern for Adrien when he was turned into a golden statue and tries to help him as well as embracing him with a hug when he is saved.

In "Queen Banana", she storms out of the theater after her classmates had shot the film without her, replacing her with Zoé, she is approached by Adrien. Despite initially believing that he came to console her, Chloé was shocked that he had come to ask her to apologize to everyone. Reminding her of the promise she had made to him about being rude to anyone. This causes Chloé to get really upset, leading to her breaking the friendship and adoration she had for him, which appears to continue after she was deakumatized.

Chloé tries to get Cat Noir to do her homework for her.

In contrast to her obsession with Ladybug, Chloé isn't a big fan of Cat Noir. When Cat Noir is with her after Ladybug leaves in "The Evillustrator", Chloé ropes him into helping her with her science project, due to Marinette and Sabrina Raincomprix not being available to do the work for her. However, as Antibug, she has a slight bit of respect for Cat Noir's abilities, repeatedly calling Ladybug out on being powerless without Cat Noir (to which the duo reply that they're a team). Also, when she ties him up to his staff as bait to lure Ladybug right to her then she asks him to join her. Instead, he declines by saying that he'd never follow a mere copy like herself, which does anger her.

In "Zombizou", Chloé saves Ladybug from being kissed by an infected Cat Noir by jumping in front of him, though after the Miraculous Ladybug cleansing, she pushed him away. Due to not knowing his civilian identity, she did not realize that she had been kissed by Adrien. In "Style Queen', when she saw Ladybug alone Chloé asked where Cat Noir was in concern, unaware that Adrien is Cat Noir.

As Queen Bee in "Queen Wasp", she tries to work with Cat Noir and Ladybug to prove that they make a great team, but she selfishly uses her power to create a disaster which she then quickly loses control of and refuses to relinquish her Miraculous and becomes sad afterward when the heroes chew her out for her selfishness and recklessness, leading to her akumatization. As Queen Wasp, she desires to still prove she is better than Cat Noir and Ladybug. After being deakumatized, Chloé, realizing her mistake, begged the heroes to give her another chance, and yet with Cat Noir's understanding, she was encouraged to do the right thing. Returning the Bee Miraculous to Ladybug, she apologized to the two heroes for her actions.

Queen Bee works with Cat Noir.

In "Catalyst", when waiting for Ladybug to give her the Bee Miraculous, she expresses irritation when Cat Noir shows up instead, but takes back the comment when Cat Noir threatens to walk away and find Ladybug a better Queen Bee. He then forces her to ask for her Miraculous back politely by saying the magic word. Yet in "Mayura", the two are shown to work well together.

She works with Cat Noir for one final mission in "Miraculer", she is snarky with him again when he is late with giving her the Bee Miraculous unaware that he was hurt. But when Mayura takes it and asks Chloé to join them, she listens to Cat Noir's remark about it being a nightmare instead of a dream.

In "Heart Hunter", after being constantly ignored by Ladybug and under Hawk Moth's manipulations, Chloé turns into Queen Bee, allies herself with Hawk Moth, and accepts akumatization, showing that she no longer cares for Cat Noir and Ladybug and is now their enemy who wants to destroy them once and for all. By extension of that not only did she betray Cat Noir as an ally but also because of the circumstances she did so to the one she had a crush on.

Like with Ladybug, her hatred of the hero continues in "Queen Banana" even letting him use his powers on her sentimonster sending on rampage just to crush him.

André Bourgeois

Chloé embracing her father.

If Chloé wants anything, she knows she can get it from her father, who spoils her immensely. Anyone who disagrees with her or upsets her will pay for it either when she pleads for her father's assistance or threatens to let him know about the situation. If things don't go her way or something awful happens, she'll throw a tantrum and call for him. Sometimes, she has to agree with a point of his, like him making sure she knows not to jump to conclusions again like they previously did in "Rogercop" and reminding her to be nice to Marinette "because it's Christmas" in "Santa Claws".

Chloé hugs her father.

Despite this, she does love him deeply, as seen in "Zombizou," when she shows great concern for him when he gets attacked. In "Malediktator", Chloé is very angry with her father for not giving her what she wants, believing he is useless as the mayor of Paris when he seems to have no ability to actually wield any power in that position. When she sees him akumatized, however, Chloé shows concern for her father and even expresses remorse that her lashing out at him caused him to get akumatized. In "Mayura", she becomes shocked that he gets akumatized again.

Another sign of her love for her father, is in an instagram photo when Chloé celebrates his birthday with him enjoying a birthday dinner together.

Chloé shows that she truly deeply cares for her father in "Heart Hunter", when she points out to Hawk Moth that he akumatized André along with his wife, only agreeing to help him if he de-akumatized her parents first.

In "Sole Crusher" and "Queen Banana", she has even gotten more demanding towards her father asking for all kinds of things. Even asking that he send her sister Zoe back to New York until Andre puts his foot down agreeing that he'll doing anything for her except hurting Zoe.

Alya Césaire/Rena Rouge

Chloé mocking Alya for standing up for Marinette.

Alya doesn't annoy Chloé as much as Marinette does, but Chloé dislikes her and often clashes with her in arguments and disagreements. In "Ladybug & Cat Noir", Chloé first meets Alya on the first day of High school, and she is enraged when Alya fights her for being mean to Marinette. They butt heads again the next day in "Stoneheart" after Chloé insults Ivan, Chloé thinking Alya is acting "high and mighty" from getting footage of the superhero battle by saying her comment towards Ivan was heartless. Chloé has no qualms about mistreating Alya if she believes the situation calls for it, forcing Mr. Damocles to suspend her for taking a picture of her and her locker in "Lady Wifi". Not knowing that Alya is Lady Wifi, Chloé is horrified when Lady Wifi comes after her because she thinks Chloé is Ladybug. However, in "The Evillustrator", despite their lack of fondness towards each other, Chloé allows Alya to interview her for the Ladyblog.

As Queen Bee, Chloé meets Alya's alter ego, Rena Rouge, in "Mayura" and the two work fairly well together, though she becomes annoyed with her when she refers to her as Chloé instead of her superhero name.

As Miracle Queen, like the others, Chloe ridiculed Alya for being chosen by Ladybug to be a Miraculous holder.

Nino Lahiffe/Carapace

Chloé is perplexed by Nino's odd behavior.

Despite knowing that Adrien and Nino are best friends, Chloé doesn't treat Nino with any sort of kindness. But when he is the Bubbler and throws a party for Adrien, she has the courage to come up to him and ask him to put on slow dance music, with the intention of dancing with Adrien.

She meets Nino's alter ego, Carapace, during "Catalyst", she becomes slightly annoyed with Carapace's and Rena Rouge's bickering as well as in "Mayura" and the two work fairly well together.

As Miracle Queen, like the others, Chloe ridiculed Nino for being chosen by Ladybug to be a Miraculous holder.

Lê Chiến Kim/King Monkey

Chloé rejects Kim's affection.

Chloé sometimes takes advantage of Kim's loyalty to her, like using his support to get Alya punished for spying into her locker in "Lady Wifi". She does not reciprocate his feelings for her, finding his attempt to confess his love for her in "Dark Cupid" hilarious when it fails and sending a photo of him failing to all her contacts while she rejects him. Additionally, she threatens to reveal his fear of spiders if he tries to run for class representative, only caring that she wins.

Chloé reluctantly dances with Kim.

During the party in "Despair Bear", Chloé initially insults Kim when he invites her to dance with him, but when her butler reminds her via Mr. Cuddly to not be rude, she reluctantly agrees. While she still prefers Adrien more than him, when endangered by Sabrina under Despair Bear's control, she runs behind him and asks for his protection. In "Zombizou", when Kim sacrifices himself for Chloé she tells him not to except a kiss from her.

As Miracle Queen, like the others, Chloe ridiculed Kim for being chosen by Ladybug to be a Miraculous holder but unknown her that is Ladybug didn't pick him.

Alix Kubdel

Chloé seems to not dislike Alix more than any other of her classmates. She views her as being poor and not having anything of value, saying in "Timebreaker" about Alix's watch that "If it's Alix's, it's probably worthless".

Nathaniel Kurtzberg

The Evillustrator locating terrified Chloé.

Like as she is with the rest of her class, Chloé is disrespectful and rude towards Nathaniel. She takes his sketchbook off the floor from him and tears out the pages with him and Marinette, which is later shown with her having drawn over Marinette. After he becomes the Evillustrator, he attempts to attack Chloé for humiliating him, even calling her out as the real villain, which Chloé denies and doesn't understand.

Mylène Haprèle

Chloé insults Mylène.

In "Horrificator", when Mylène fails to stay in character during the making of a horror movie, Chloé makes fun of her, causing the former to run away in tears. She doesn't care that she hurt Mylène's feelings, calling her lame and quickly taking up her place as the leading actress without any concern for her.

Ivan Bruel

Chloé insults Ivan.

Chloé likes to ridicule Ivan for his size and appearance. She comments he doesn't need a mask to look scary and laughs about it with Sabrina in "Horrificator", and she notes, "Once a monster, always a monster" after his first akumatization in "Stoneheart". In "Horrificator", though, she gets angry when Ivan calls her lame for upsetting Mylène.

Rose Lavillant

Chloé rudely rips Rose's letter to Prince Ali.

As with most of her peers, Chloé does not treat Rose well. In "Princess Fragrance", Chloé makes fun of the smell of Rose's perfume when she spritzes it on a letter she wrote to Prince Ali, thinking it is ridiculous. Later in that episode, when Rose politely asks Chloé to give her letter to Prince Ali, Chloé laughs at her, rips the letter into pieces, and leaves Rose crying on the ground. In "The Notebook", Chloé jeers at Rose's notebook, saying that it's not important, but she is foiled when Marinette, Alya, and Juleka lift Rose's spirit through kindness.

Juleka Couffaine

Chloé does not seem to have a particular dislike for Juleka, but she will not hesitate to get her out of the way to get what she wants. In the episode "Reflekta", Chloé has Sabrina lock Juleka in the school bathroom so she can be next to Adrien in their class' photo.

Vincent Aza

Chloé tells Pixelator that he can't be a hotel guest.

In "Pixelator", while Chloé did not meet Vincent in his normal form, she met him as Pixelator. When Pixelator enters the hotel, she attempts to kick him out, stating that her father only allows the biggest celebrities to stay in his hotel, such as herself, showing her dislike for non-celebrities entering her father's hotel. However, Pixelator then asks to photograph her, which she allows.

Audrey Bourgeois

Chloé attempts to bond with her mother.

Sabrina mentions in "Zombizou" that Audrey does not remember her daughter's birthdays, which is why Chloé doesn't bother to remember anyone else's. Despite loving her mother, Chloé desperately wants her approval, even trying to prove herself as a hero and becomes visibly hurt when she said that there was nothing exceptional about her. However, with Marinette's help, she made things up with her mother and is happy that she's going to stay in Paris. "Malediktator" shows that she has become closer with her and in "Mayura", she becomes shocked when she sees her akumatized again.

Chloé shows that she truly deeply cares for her mother in "Heart Hunter", when she points out to Hawk Moth that he akumatized Audrey along with her husband, only agreeing to help him if he de-akumatized her parents first.


Chloé is startled upon first meeting Pollen.

Though they are not shown interacting much, Chloé and Pollen seem to get along quite well, as Pollen respectfully calls Chloé “My Queen” and transforms her into Queen Bee in front of a large crowd without objection. Also, Chloé is very remorseful upon witnessing the Bee Miraculous being destroyed without Pollen reappearing and clutches its remains tightly in her hands, showing her strong regret and realization that her selfish actions caused Pollen harm. In "Malediktator" and "Catalyst", Chloé is shown to be delighted upon seeing her again and even references her in her social media post in the former episode.

In an Instagram post, Chloé is aware that, with Pollen being a kwami, she doesn't show up in photographs but calls her cute and wishes to see her soon.

In "Heart Hunter", Chloe treats Pollen rudely, saying that Pollen can only speak when spoken to when she works with Hawk Moth.

Gabriel Agreste/Hawk Moth

Chloé like everyone else knows that Hawk Moth is responsible for creating the akumatized villains all over Paris but unaware that he relies on her attitude to supply him with villains or is Adrien's father Gabriel. She is also unaware that her actions in "Queen Wasp" gave Gabriel the hope he needed to continue being Hawk Moth.

As Queen Bee, she works with Ladybug and the other heroes to stop him and in "Catalyst" she finds her archenemy to be very cocky and mocks his outfit in "Mayura". When he tries akumatizing her in "Miraculer", she actually manages to resist. Fed up with waiting for Ladybug and falling for Hawk Moth's manipulations in "Battle of the Miraculous", Chloe sides with him for a promise of power and revenge, also when she decided was deakumatized tried to get herself reakumatized let alone received the heroes' archenemy's encouragement to use the remaining jewels of the Miracle Box unaware she could've severely hurt herself.

Even without knowing it, she was starting to act just like Hawk Moth, blaming others and/or things for her problems without even thinking of consequences or taking responsibility for her mistakes.

She allows herself to reakumatized by Shadow Moth again unaware that he made her angry on purpose in "Queen Banana".

Lila Rossi

In "Volpina", Chloé becomes jealous of Lila upon hearing that Jagged Stone wrote a song about her, wondering why he didn’t write one about her instead. In "Catalyst", like most of her classmates, she believes Lila’s lies about being in the Kingdom of Achu and working on a pollution-reduction project, appearing somewhat amazed but also a little jealous.

In "Miraculer", Lila lies to Chloé about being close friends with Ladybug and claims to have a magic command that calls her to her right away. She tells Chloé to use it, though later when Chloé tries it and nothing happens, she realizes that Lila lied to her. However, when she confronts Lila about it the next day, Lila convinces her that the magic command is real by pointing out that she’d spend the pervious day with Ladybug, prompting Chloé to declare Lila not completely useless.

Kagami Tsurugi/Ryuko

In "Animaestro", it is shown that Chloé knows and hates Kagami, as when she is asked by Marinette if she knows Kagami, she replies that not only that she knows her, but she also despises her, as in a flashback, Kagami was sitting next to Adrien, making Chloé jealous, and she demanded to know what Kagami was doing with Adrien. However, the former was intimidated by Kagami after the latter firmly said to her not to touch, talk, or even look at her again. Later, Chloé states that she prefers that Marinette would be with Adrien if she would not be with him, and they work together so that Adrien will not go to Japan and eat sushi with Kagami for the rest of his life. As Miracle Queen, like the others, Chloe ridiculed Kagami for being chosen by Ladybug to be a Miraculous holder.

Nathalie Sancoeur/Mayura

As Queen Bee, Chloé despises Mayura and wants to stop her, though she is unaware that she is Gabriel's assistant Nathalie. In "Miraculer", Queen Bee and Mayura have a brief duel, in which Mayura offers her an opportunity to join sides with her and Hawk Moth. Queen Bee refuses, calls her a despicable bird and tries to take her Miraculous. Mayura, however, manages to get away.

Zoé Lee/Vesperia

Chloé introducing Zoé

Chloé introducing Zoé

Chloé has a very difficult relationship with her half-sister, where essentially she looks down on her, even more than she does with everyone else, including Marinette.

When they meet personally in "Sole Crusher", Chloé, notices the physical resemblance between them (like their blond hair and blue eyes), she decides to teach her how to be more like her. One of the first things she taught her was the meaning of the perfect shoes, with Chloé even dissing her sister's own personal ones. Then, teaches her how to use people, either to do what she wanted (like Sabrina or Principal Damocles) or just to make fun of them (like Marinette). However, Chloé doesn't seem to have that much consideration for Zoé during that time, as she didn't even remember her name (much like their mother with the former), going as far as saying she would buy her a new name. More proof of that is when she forces Zoé to take out her shoes and use the former's diamond shoes. After Chloé sees Zoé becoming friends with Marinette and her friends instead of following her teachings. She starts treating her sister very poorly, demanding her parents to send her back to New York, only being convinced otherwise by her father after he promised her to get a small room for Zoé at the other side of the hotel and that she would not cross paths with her.

This animosity towards Zoé continues in "Queen Banana", when she knows her fellow students were making a film with Zoé as one of the main characters. This causes her to force herself into the movie and take Zoé's place. Things between them become worse when Chloé comes to know that her colleagues, without her knowledge, shot the film with the original script they had prepared and with Zoé as the lead actress. Knowing she was replaced caused her to get really mad with everyone, especially Zoé, leading to her akumatization into the titular villain. After being deakumatized, Chloé remains upset with Zoé, even after the latter expresses the love she has for her, even when she comes to hate her. When Zoé hugs her unexpectedly, Chloé seems affected by it, but, nevertheless, returns to hating her again.

When Zoé is akumatized into Sole Crusher, Chloé becomes her main target, causing the latter to run from her. Despite that, Chloé continued to treat her as being inferior to her, saying that, despite the her size and power, Sole Crusher was still a mere copy of her and would not be better if she didn't do what she would do.

Regarding Vesperia, Chloé can't help but hate her (despite not knowing she is Zoé), with the main reason for that being the fact she is using the Bee Miraculous.

Luka Couffaine/Viperion

Chloe didn't know who he is but she found out that he is the secret identity of Viperion, she openly admits that she finds him cute.


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