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Chloé Bourgeois has been a featured article on the front page. Chloé Bourgeois has been akumatized. Chloé Bourgeois has been akumatized into a scarlet akumatized villain. Chloé Bourgeois has been amokized. Chloé Bourgeois is a student in Miss Bustier's class. Chloé Bourgeois is a former Bee Miraculous holder.
This article is about the character, who is a former Bee Miraculous holder. You may be looking for Lady Bee, a temporary Bee Miraculous holder united with the Ladybug Miraculous, Vesperia, the currently Bee Miraculous holder, or another Bee.

I hate you, Ladybug! And you, Vesperia. You're only a fake version of Queen Bee.

—Chloé, "Queen Banana"

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Chloé Bourgeois is a student in Miss Bustier's class at Collège Françoise Dupont. She is the the arch-rival of both Marinette Dupain-Cheng and Ladybug. She is also the daughter of André and Audrey Bourgeois and the half-sister of Zoé Lee.

In "Antibug", after Ladybug ignores her suggestions on how to beat Vanisher and calls her a liar, she is akumatized by Hawk Moth and becomes Antibug, a supervillain that has the same outfit and the same abilities as Ladybug, but her outfit is reversed, being black with red spots, instead of red with black spots, and having Anti Charm as her superpower, which grants her weapons, instead of Lucky Charm.

In "Style Queen", after Ladybug looses the Bee Miraculous that she wanted to entrust to Alya Césaire, Chloé finds it and she, when the Miraculous was inhabited by Pollen, became Queen Bee, a bee-themed antihero who helped Ladybug and Cat Noir "during particularly difficult missions" in Seasons 2 and 3.[25][26]

Later in "Queen Wasp," after a failed attempt at trying to impress her mother, Queen Bee gets akumatized by Hawk Moth and becomes Queen Wasp, a wasp-themed villain.

In "Miraculer", after Ladybug failed to show up and believing she won't come, she is nearly akumatized by Hawk Moth. However, the akumatization fails as Chloé rejects it. After the titular villain is de-akumatized, Ladybug tells Chloé that she'll no longer call upon her to be Queen Bee due to the risk her identity being public knowledge places upon both her and her family.

In "Heart Hunter", after being passed over too many times by Ladybug and being manipulated by Hawk Moth, Queen Bee gets akumatized into Miracle Queen, a villain who can brainwash Miraculous holders by stinging them with wasps, where she is to set in motion for Hawk Moth's "elaborate mortal plan".

In "Miracle Queen", after being de-akumatized by Ladybug and losing both her army of superheroes, the Miracle Box, and the Bee Miraculous, Chloé becomes bitter towards Ladybug and claims she will no longer be her fan and friend, being terminated from being Queen Bee for good.

In "Queen Banana", after being removed from the movie Kreatika and having her half-sister be the main character, and after she ends her friendship with Adrien Agreste, Chloé is akumatized and amokized by Shadow Moth into Queen Banana, a banana-themed supervillain and her anger, pride, sadness, and frustration formed Banana Boom-Boom, a banana-themed gorilla sentimonster. Ladybug also tries to give her a Magical Charm that prevents her from being re-akumatized or re-amokized again, but she refuses and rejects it. However, she accepts the Magical Charm after Zoé tells her that it's from their mother.

In "Penalteam", after getting fed up by the class playing soccer, Chloé's Magical Charm is destroyed by Shadow Moth and she willingly gets akumatized into Penalty, a soccer-themed supervillain multipled into ten clones capable of trapping people in force fields. With her clones, she forms the supervillain team, Penalteam.


Physical appearance

Chloé is a slender teenage girl of medium height. She has brilliant cobalt blue eyes, pale pink lips, and light honey blonde hair. Her hair is parted in the middle while pulled back into a high ponytail held in place by a white ponytail holder.

Civilian attire

She is mostly seen wearing makeup; pale, light grayish cerulean eye-shadow, pale, light grayish brown lipstick, and a light scarlet blush. For accessories, she has a gold chain necklace, with a small gold disco ball, and white-rimmed sunglasses on her head. Chloé wears a sparkly brilliant yellow bolero that goes halfway down her forearms with a light blue button on the left side and two pockets over a white shirt with black stripes around the chest running down to the bottom of the waist. The rest of her outfit includes white jean capris with a golden belt that has pyramid-shaped bumps and white dress shoes adorned with white bows with black lining and soles.

As Queen Bee

Chloé’s transformation

Queen Bee wears a yellow and black domino mask. She wears her hair back in a ponytail which is curled to resemble a bee's stinger at the ends, tied with a black hairband, with two black antennae-like ribbons sticking out from the hairband, and a streak of black hair curled into her ponytail. The Bee Miraculous comb is placed on the upper right side of her head next to the hairband. Queen Bee wears a yellow skin-tight jumpsuit made up of many tiny hexagonal patterns to resemble a honeycomb with a black collar(turtleneck), three black stripes on her torso, which includes a large black one covering her rib cage, and two on the upper thigh. The sleeves of her suit are also black, which end in gloves with yellow fingers. Her black boots go down the length of her lower legs, starting directly below the second stripe on her thigh, and ending with yellow high platform soles. She has her weapon, the spinning top, tied around her waist. The similarities between her and Ladybug's suit designs could be an allusion to her adoration of the latter.

As Antibug

Antibug wears a costume similar to Ladybug's, but it has inverted colors. Her hair remains in a ponytail rather than twin-tails.

As Queen Wasp

Queen Wasp looks similar to Queen Bee, but with inverted colors, very dark gray hair with a yellow hairband going through. She also has pale, light grayish cerulean sclerae, vivid fuchsia irises, strong rose lipstick, and dusty, yellow skin.

As Miracle Queen

Miracle Queen looks exactly like Queen Wasp, but she now has black hive-designed shoulder armor, a crown, and bracelets.

As Queen Banana

Queen Banana has vivid crimson colored-eyes with the light violet sclera, pale, light grayish amber-colored face, yellow lipstick, two solid bananas as her front hair, a black mask with a yellow outline, a black and yellow jumpsuit, and a skirt consisting of five large bananas with a circular hole for her gun. She also has four mini bananas attached to a black circle on her chest and has yellow skin.

As Penalty

Penalty still keeps the same skin color and hair color/style as Chloé, but she also keeps the same color scheme of her former hero persona, Queen Bee. Her eyes are scarlet, and they have soccer ball-like tattoos around them, with black spots and yellow lines. She wears a yellow bodysuit, a black soccer jersey with a yellow belt, black and yellow boots, and black fingerless gloves. Her glasses are yellow with black lenses. Her clones look exactly like her, but without the glasses.

For more of Chloé's outfits and designs, see Chloé Bourgeois/Designs.


Chloé insults Marinette.

Chloé is a bossy, arrogant, and superficial girl who does everything in her power to crush and loves making her rivals' lives miserable, particularly Marinette who she is jealous of even calling Marinette by her surname[27][28]. She thinks highly of herself and lowly of others believing that she deserves everything and takes pride in her luxurious lifestyle. This has also caused her to view herself as above any consequences of her actions.

She believes that she is the most important person in the world and everyone adores her, but the main reason why she acts this way is to impress her mother, who until "Queen Wasp", had very little care for her.

Chloé forces Marinette out of her seat.

If there is something that she wants, like attention or revenge, Chloé will do anything, including underhanded actions, to succeed. She steals Marinette's derby hat design to humiliate her, but impresses Adrien and Gabriel Agreste and threatens Mr. Damocles into punishing Alya by calling her father. Chloé rarely treats any of her peers respectfully, being bossy and overbearing to her best friend Sabrina and claims to her mother that she is just using the former. Her sour attitude comes across openly to whatever and whoever she despises, but will sometimes pretend to be innocent and emotionally distressed to manipulate others in front of her father.

Chloé attempts to bond with her mother by making fun of Marinette’s hat.

While being callous and careless to anyone but herself, Chloé can be cowardly, easily scared of danger often caused by akumatized villains, despite this change throughout the series. Having helped caused some people to be akumatized, to her horror and confusion, she found herself their victim for revenge. Despite some of them calling her out for her nasty behavior, she disagreed with them, believing she was good. Chloé sometimes acts like a daddy's girl, as her father spoils her immensely, and she often calls on or threatens to call on him to enforce her will with her peers and even superiors.

Chloé attempts to be nice.

Despite all of these traits, Chloé can be courageous as she is willingly helpful when asked by those she is close to or admires, such as helping Ladybug defeat the villain in "Despair Bear" and asking her to help save Adrien from her akumatized mother. Like her mother, she has a fierce temper when angered. Chloé remains awful most of the time, but she shows a bit more kindness occasionally, expressing happiness when Ladybug is saving her or towards Sabrina. She also listens to advice at rare moments, like following Ladybug's suggestion to reconcile with Sabrina. If requested for a purpose, particularly by Adrien so that she can still be friends with him, she knows how to act congenial around others, although she often comes off as forced and can't keep it up for long.

On rare occasions, Chloé can be remorseful towards her actions, seen when she apologizes to Miss Bustier about forgetting her birthday, ruining the present Marinette made for her and her temper, causing trouble for everyone. After being de-akumatized in "Queen Wasp", she sincerely apologizes to Ladybug and Cat Noir for selfishly using her superpowers and for what happened to Pollen because of her actions. In "Animaestro", when Chloé finds out that Marinette had a crush on Adrien, she decides not to tell him as she believed that Marinette doesn't deserve attention, showing that although her actions are sometimes good, they're only motivated by her selfishness.

Ultimately, Chloé's abrasive and selfish attitude stems from a massive inferiority complex, born from the neglect her mother showed her as a child. As seen through their interactions, Audrey cares little for her daughter up until the events of "Queen Wasp", even failing to remember her name on many occasions, and only gives attention to things that interest her. This caused Chloé to try and emulate her mother's unpleasant behavior in a vain attempt to win her affection. Additionally, she sometimes shows a lack of self-confidence behind her arrogance, feeling that nothing she does has any real value no matter what she tries, even referring to herself as "useless" to Ladybug in "Malediktator". Yet, once she received the Bee Miraculous, she finally began to feel that she had true worth and value. However, her desire to help others stems from her love for attention, and not from her willingness to do the right thing.

In "Stormy Weather 2", when she insulted Aurore and it led her to be akumatized, Chloé waited for Ladybug to give her the Bee Miraculous, implying that she might've deliberately hurt Aurore, so she'd use the miraculous after Aurore's akumatized.

Queen Bee is excited at getting a chance to work with Ladybug.

As Queen Bee, she is proud of her abilities and wanted to prove herself to her mother by causing a subway train accident to save it so the civilians will be grateful towards her. She didn't care about hiding her superhero identity in the process, revealing Pollen to the public, and transforming in the eyes of everyone in the area. She wants to be a famous, well-known, and well-liked hero just like Ladybug, so she called Nadja Chamack to film her saving the said subway train. However, after a talk with Ladybug, she tearfully reveals that she is aware that no one in her class likes her and feels useless. When given the Bee Miraculous by Ladybug, she heroically helps her defeat the titular villain and gives back the Miraculous without hesitation. Afterward, she slowly attempts to be a better person by cleaning up her lair instead of having her butler do it. She was happy that everyone at school threw her a party in honor of her saving Paris.

Similar to Cat Noir, Queen Bee has a bit of a habit of leaping before she looks, meaning she is hasty or quick to act. As she quickly apologized to her father instead of listening to Ladybug's plan first and when she was eager to fight against Scarlet Moth's akumatized army.

Chloé gets manipulated by Hawk Moth.

However, in "Heart Hunter", Chloé is shown to have grown resentful towards Ladybug after being passed up to help out so many times, possibly bordering on the aspect that she felt entitled to her powers believing she still deserved them regardless of the consequences. According to Ladybug, while she isn't impressed by others in power, she has grown possessive of her own powers, unwilling to let them go or share them with others. When her parents are akumatized in this episode, she hopes that Ladybug would give her the Bee Miraculous so she could save them. Instead, she sees that Ladybug chose another heroine over her and grows very upset. Hawk Moth, who has managed to steal the Miracle Box by now, gives Chloé the Bee Miraculous and uses her anger to manipulate her into turning against Ladybug, all without akumatizing her.

In "Miracle Queen", after Ladybug de-akumatizes her, takes back the Miracle Box and the Bee Miraculous, and expels her from the French superhero team, Chloé bitterly renounces her loyalty and friendship with Ladybug, officially becoming her enemy.

In the two aforementioned episodes, it is shown via Chloé's behavior that, because of her attitude and possibly how she was raised, she didn't fully understand one of the main responsibilities of being a true hero is selflessness. By giving up her powers, she was unknowingly protecting everyone in her life from Paris' villains. Through her actions, just as Hawk Moth used his family's love to cover his guilt of akumatizing innocent civilians, Chloé did the same to cover up her desire for power and glory. Although Chloé was eager to do good as a superhero, she lacked commitment to continue her duties without her superpowers. Even though Chloé made efforts to make up for some of her mistakes before "Miracle Queen", she did not make an effort to maintain this change or attempted to make up for them, implying that she did not feel compelled to acknowledge her past mistakes, let alone admit that she needed to change her behavior and apologize to those she wronged and took advantage of so long as she still bared the title of a hero, leaving the impression that Chloé did not see the need for self-improvement so long as she continued to obtain what she wanted and to become Queen Bee at her own request rather than Ladybug's.

And yet, it seems the neglect she suffered because of her mother also had lasting effects: when Chloé was told she couldn't be a hero anymore, she was consumed by fear that Ladybug would neglect her (thinking she was worthless as mentioned in "Malediktator") as Audrey did. Sadly, she didn't have the maturity to separate the two instances and gave into her anger and Hawk Moth's false promises under the pretense that the heroine didn't care for her. Ultimately, Chloé fooled herself, because if it wasn't for Ladybug and Cat Noir saving her constantly from the messes that she caused by getting people akumatized, she wouldn't be present, and despite all that the pair went through with her, the heroes continued to show her real love and kindness as real parents should. And resulting in her succumbing to Hawk Moth's manipulations, she ultimately lost everything (powers, superhero status, reputation, etc.) to the point of becoming enemies with her former idols.

Chloé threatens Zoé that she will send her back to New York.

Throughout the fourth season, Chloé is still sore over the events in "Miracle Queen", with her selfishness and pettiness being amplified alongside her anger over losing everything, and her subsequent mistreatment towards others has grown stronger while her kindness has diminished towards her family and friends than in previous seasons: she treats Sabrina even more like a slave than ever, repeatedly and forcefully tries to send her half-sister, Zoé, back to New York after the latter befriends Marinette and her other classmates, ends her friendship with Adrien when he attempts to get her to apologize to the class for nearly ruining their movie, and further hating Ladybug when she chose a new Bee Miraculous user, believing the jewel was hers alone. Her anger so intense that Hawk Moth admits that it is limitless and Ladybug comments that she needs to control it. Despite this, she still accepted the anti-akuma charm when Zoé lied about it being from her mother, showing that she still cares for her mother, despite her increased aggression towards the citizens of Paris. In "Gabriel Agreste", she implicates that she still cares for Adrien to some degree, despite having broken off their friendship so spitefully, and seems to want to reconcile with him. However, this is done for the wrong reasons, as she tries to have him all to herself by attempting to expose her classmates' plan to bring Marinette and Adrien together to Gabriel, and by extension, forcing Adrien to go back to homeschooling which, in Chloé's mind, would allow them to reconcile and reconnect with no outside interference, even at the cost of Adrien becoming miserable.

As Antibug, most of Chloé's personality remains the same, except that she is more vengeful towards Ladybug. She enjoys taunting her and Cat Noir about their teamwork, believing she is weak without him and Cat Noir is playing second fiddle.

As Queen Wasp, Chloé is prideful and arrogant towards Cat Noir and Ladybug, believing herself to be a more exceptional hero worthy of her mother's praise than both of them. She also wants to prove herself by taking away their Miraculouses and feels angry towards everyone who dislikes her and paralyzes them.

As Miracle Queen, most of Chloé's personality remains the same except that she gets meaner and more power-hungry, using her power to take control all over Paris and turn the Miraculous holders into her own army.

As Queen Banana, Chloé gets immensely vengeful towards her half-sister Zoé, searching to turn her into a banana and blaming everything on her, all while turning everyone that crosses her and her sentimonster's path. She also isn't afraid to show dishonesty, as she promised Zoé she wouldn't hurt anyone else if the latter gave herself up, but immediately turned a nearby bystander into a banana. Queen Banana is also very cunning and loves chaos as well. This is shown when she purposely lets Cat Noir use Cataclysm on her sentimonster causing it to go out of control and cause more chaos in Paris.

As Penalty, since she is akumatized voluntarily, Chloé's personality remains the same as she is still cruel, unfair, hypocritical, and demanding, who doesn't play fair by making her own rules, and yet, she doesn't like it when others cheat despite her doing the same. With her Penealteam, they work well and cheat together, however, they started arguing and insulting each other when the Miraculous superheroes used their superpowers and make them all angry. As when she was Queen Banana, they used her anger against her. She started to become fed up with Shadow Moth, she willingly destroys her own akumatized object.


As a civilian

Chloé vows to ruin Marinette’s reputation.

Having grown up in politics due to her father's position, Chloé knows how to cheat, manipulate, fool, and humiliate others for her own personal success. If she has a goal in mind, she will do whatever it takes to achieve it, even if it means sabotaging others and bringing them down. For example, she tells Sabrina to lock Juleka in the bathroom so that she can just stand next to Adrien in the class photo.

Due to eight years of practice, Chloé is a very skilled dancer in ballet. She even manages to do acrobatics in the process.

As Queen Bee

Queen Bee calls upon her superpower Venom.

Queen Bee has enhanced physical capabilities, such as flexibility and agility. She is easily able to do a backflip from the floor to the top of the stage. However, she isn't strong enough to stop a subway train by herself, requiring both Cat Noir and Ladybug's help. Queen Bee is skilled in hand-to-hand combat.

Queen Bee can yank the pull string on her spinning top to send it onto the ground and letting it spin, which then allows her to travel with it by either riding it or letting the top pull her. She can reach her destination much quicker than other Miraculous holders, with the exception of Pegasus. She can also use her weapon to attack and protect.

Her superpower, Venom, allows her to use the top as a stinger, immobilizing her target for a set amount of time.[29]

As Antibug

Antibug wields her Anti-Charm weapon.

Antibug has the same abilities as Ladybug, including enhanced strength and agility. She has her own yo-yo, which she prefers to mostly use offensively.

Antibug has her own special superpower to summon objects called "Anti-Charm." Unlike Lucky Charm, which gives Ladybug random, inherently normal objects, Anti-Charm gives Antibug a weapon, like a large and bulky sword. However, she shares the same time limit to her transformation after using her superpower, but it is unknown what happens once she detransforms.

As Queen Wasp

Queen Wasp calls upon her paralytic wasps.

As an akumatized Miraculous holder, Queen Wasp is considerably powerful. She is able to summon swarms of wasps and direct them. Like her original superpower Venom, she can use her wasps to sting her targets and immobilize them indefinitely. She can form her wasps into different shapes and forms such as arrows, rockets, binoculars, and telescopes. She can also ride on her wasps by letting them carry her. However, her wasps have a weakness and dislike for water, avoiding their target if they manage to go underwater.

As Miracle Queen

Miracle Queen possesses similar powers to her past form, Queen Wasp, being able to control a swarm of wasps. The sting of these wasps will brainwashes the victims. The stung victims will follow Miracle Queen's commands without hesitation; they will even obey if they are out of hearing range as her servants. Without receiving any commands from Miracle Queen, then the stung victims will remain motionless. Those who are stung gain a bright yellow with black outlines to their entire eyes. Like the wasps used by her previous Akumatized form, Queen Wasp, Miracle Queen's wasps also have a weakness and dislike of water.

As Queen Banana

Queen Banana is armed with a banana gun that can shoot out bananas, causing any human it touches to turn into a banana. She also possesses a floating banana-themed car equipped with circular weapons, that can also shoot out bananas. She is given minimum control of her sentimonster, which has the same exact ability as her.

As Penalteam

Penalty is able to create a team of clones of herself, where they share the same powers. Each one can trap people in floating, soccer ball-shaped force fields, either by kicking them with their shoes or by throwing red cards at them. She can also control the soccer field she has created, being able to move the goals around the city or control the time of the game, either by making a time limit or make the game infinite.



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Click here to view the history page for Chloé Bourgeois.
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Comics and books



Chloé (right) with Alya (left) and Marinette (middle) in a concept art.

  • In the earlier concept art of Chloé, she doesn't have her hair in a ponytail. She wears a purple vest with a diamond pattern around the waist, a white long-sleeve shirt, and blue jeans. [30]
    • This is very similar to Sabrina Raincomprix's current outfit.
    • Also, in one concept art, Chloé is watching a fashion show with Marinette and Alya, suggesting that she may have been friends with them in an earlier concept.
    • A later concept art design for Chloé included a white cardigan with a black edge, white shorts with black stripes, and high white boots with black edges and soles.[31]
  • Originally, Chloé and Sabrina were supposed to be in a trio with Alix, which was a reference to the trio Sam, Clover, and Alex in Totally Spies![32]
    • Interestingly, Fily Keita, who voices Zoé in the French dub, voiced Clover in the French dub of "Totally Spies!".
  • The name Chloé means "blooming" and "fertility".
  • Chloé's surname Bourgeois is a French term that is used to describe a member of the middle class within France.
    • The fact that she looks down on people who aren't as popular or rich as her is a reference to this.
  • Thomas Astruc explained at Mangafest in Spain that Chloé was intentionally created since the beginning to be as unpleasant as possible.[33]
  • Chloé's character description on the official Miraculous Ladybug website states that she is Marinette's "greatest frenemy."[34]
  • In "Antibug", it is hinted that Chloé is seen to be a left-handed person.
    • However, in "Sole Crusher", Chloé is seen writing with her right hand on her journal.
  • A lot more information about Chloé, such as her backstory, will be revealed and expanded upon in the future.[35]
    • Particularly, the "drums and kisses" episode will be a first step to learning more about Chloé.[36]
  • Some of Chloé's Ladybug paraphernalia can be seen in her locker in “The Evillustrator
  • According to Sabrina in "Zombizou," Chloé never remembers people's birthday, just like her mother.
    • She also doesn't like birthdays due to sole reason.
  • In the future, according to Astruc, Chloé will not end up in a romantic relationship, but her relationship with Sabrina will improve a lot.[33]
  • Her akumatized form appears as Antibug in the theme song animatic.[37]
  • Like Copycat with Cat Noir and Volpina with the Fox Miraculous holder, Antibug is a copy of a Miraculous holder. However, her appearance and superpower, Anti-Charm, are the opposite of Ladybug's.
    • She is the third person to be akumatized for the second time following Alix Kubdel and Ivan Bruel.
      • However, she’s the first person to be akumatized for a second time with a new identity and powers.

Queen Bee's first appearance in the MIFA's 30th-anniversary image.

  • Queen Bee's existence was first revealed in 2015 in an illustration by ZAG celebrating MIFA's 30th anniversary.[38]
    • The character was eventually confirmed to be Queen Bee during the Miraculous Ladybug panel at the 2016 San Diego Comic-Con.[25]
  • She was later teased in a concept poster for the "ZAG Heroez" franchise that Jeremy Zag posted on his Instagram, the poster showing her lower body and legs.[39]
    • She was teased again by Jeremy Zag in a three-second storyboard video.[40]
    • The finished version of Queen Bee for the ZAG Heroez poster was released by Jeremy on Instagram, showing Queen Bee's face. He also tagged the image with #queenbee, suggesting that Queen Bee might be her name.[41]
  • Her identity was later revealed to be Chloé at a Miraculous panel at New York Comic Con 2016.[26]
  • Queen Bee's design changed in many ways from the earliest known concept art of her.
    • She didn't tie up her hair as she lets it hang loosely and she had bangs.
    • She had a black and yellow striped round cap on the side of her head from which protruded two antennae.
    • Her hands were covered with yellow gloves, with the black sleeves ending at a point at the center of the front and back of them.
    • The top part of her torso--including her upper arms--was fuzzy.
    • She had a circular, yellow with black circles purse around her waist.
  • Wilfried Pain commented in an interview that knowing Chloé, she will be showing off a lot as Queen Bee.[29]
  • Chloé is the first Miraculous wielder shown not to maintain a secret identity onscreen.
  • Chloé is the second known person after Gabriel to have a Miraculous that wasn't meant for her. But unlike Gabriel, who uses the Butterfly Miraculous evilly, Chloé used the Bee Miraculous to become a superhero.
  • Following Alya Césaire, Chloé is the second person to become a Miraculous holder and akumatized villain, excluding Gabriel Agreste, who akumatized himself.
  • Queen Wasp was first revealed on August 31, 2017, at a TFOU press conference.[42]
  • Queen Wasp appears in the trilogy, "Queen's Battle", along with two other villains: Style Queen and Malediktator.[42]
  • Queen Wasp and Miracle Queen are other akumatized villains based on a Miraculous holder, previous times being with Copycat, Antibug and Volpina.
    • All of Chloé's akumatizations so far are based on superheroes (Antibug/Ladybug and Queen Wasp/Miracle Queen/Queen Bee).
  • In the Slovenian dub, her name is changed to Clara Bourgeois.
  • As of "Miraculer," Chloé is the first person to be able to successfully reject Hawk Moth's akumatization.
  • Antibug appears another time in "Gamer 2.0" for Gamer's powers.
  • A statue of Antibug appears in the Musée Grévin in "The Puppeteer 2".
  • Queen Wasp reappears in the two-part special event "Heroes' Day".
  • Chloé has her own official Instagram account. You can find her under @theofficialchloebourgeois.[43]
    • Manager of the character accounts announced that she no longer works at ZAG. The future of accounts is unknown.[44][45]
    • Since September 2020, Chloé has now her own Facebook account.[46]
    • She mentions that she used to do ballet when she was younger. (In Frightningale she mentioned that she took private classes with Aurélie Dupont for eight years.)
    • Her signature color is canary yellow.
    • She aspires to be a fashion queen like her mother and gets her looks from her too.
    • When she was little, she would wander through the halls of the hotel exploring the rooms and seeing what guests were talking about.

Chloé's Magical Charm.

  • Chloé is the first to not want a magical charm, but later, she takes it when Zoé tricks her by saying it's from their mother.
  • Chloé is also the first person from Miss Bustier's class to own a Magical Charm.
  • As seen in "Mr. Pigeon 72", Chloé has been akumatized in Antibug three times. ("Antibug" and two off-screen akumatization).
    • With her two akumatizations in Queen Wasp, her akumatizations in Miracle Queen, her akumatizations in Queen Banana and her akumitizations in Penalty, Chloé has been akumatized 8 times in total.
    • Chloé is the first character to be akumatized twice in the same season, season 4, in two different new supervillain forms, Queen Banana and Penalteam.
    • Chloé is additionally the first character to have 5 different akumatized forms. Her repeated akumatizations is the result of Hawk Moth viewing her as an easier target in comparison to the rest of his victims.
    • With her 8 akumatizations, Chloé comes in second place for having been akumatized several times behind Mr. Ramier and ahead of Juleka, Rose, Alya, Roger, Philippe, Lila and Jagged.
      • However, unlike the others, Chloé, along with Alya and Lila, haven't been re-akumatized into the same villain all of the time.
  • She is also the second person following Marinette that has worn multiple Miraculous (more than two) at one time with a total of nine.
    • However, unlike Marinette, she was unable to activate any of them, besides the one she was already using.
  • Chloé is the first Miraculous holder to be renounced from the French Miraculous superhero team.
    • She was the first member of the team not to be chosen by Ladybug's instinct, followed by King Monkey.
  • As seen in "Mayura", Queen Bee is the first person to break an akumatized object, instead of Ladybug and Cat Noir.
  • According to Feri Gonzalez, colorist for ZAG inc and the ambassador for Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir in Latin America, Chloé had never changed at all during the later parts of Season 2, and the entirety of Season 3. She only wanted to be Queen Bee, not only to help others, but to get recognition. The series had always presented Chloé's fate and unchanged personality, the viewers simply needed to observe her character for what it was rather than what they had envisioned it to be.[47]
    • Despite her moments of good, Chloé will revert back to her original personality near the end of every episode or the next episode the moment she realized things are once again within her favor.
  • On April 18, 2021, the Brazilian voice actors accidentally revealed that Chloé is Zoé Lee's half-sister. Feri González confirmed that through her Miraculous Mexico Twitter account.[23]
  • According to Thomas Astruc on Twitter, Chloé was never planned to have a redemption arc and this was purely assumed by fans based on the reveal that she would use the Bee Miraculous. He added that she remains unchanged as her ‘purpose of the show is to warn about the people who willingly refuse [to change]’.[48]
    • Despite the improvements she displayed before the events of "Miracle Queen", Thomas states her character was being presented exactly as she was written; someone who refuses to change[49] and can often pull others into a toxic relationship by having them focus on her potential good and overall suffering, rather than the ongoing cruelty she continued to display towards others.
    • Although her past explains her act, it doesn't excuse the choices she made, and despite the initial changes she made about herself to make up for some of her mistakes, Chloé never saw the need to fully change herself if she continued to obtain what she wanted.[50]
  • In Chloé's personality, it says she is jealous of Marinette, but it's unknown if their rivalry let alone her jealously started before Adrien came.
  • The Bee signal that Chloé would shine in the sky whenever a villain came is a reference to Batman's Bat signal.
  • Chloé's superhero name, Queen Bee, is a play on the bug "queen bee". A queen bee is normally tended to and protected by all other bees in a hive, correlating to Chloé's rich life style and expectations to be put before others within any social circle, regardless of a situation.
    • Alternatively, "queen bee" could also be referring to a queen bee personality which is often described as having an overly heightened self esteem, which may lead to arrogance as well as being overly aggressive, selfish, manipulative and confident. Behaving as a bully or sociopath.
  • Chloé is the first person to break their akumatized object themselves, seen when she broke her sunglasses in "Penalteam" when she was akumatized as Penalty.
    • She's also the third villain who is okay with their akumatized object being destroyed, following Christmaster in "Christmaster" and Reflekta in "Guiltrip". However, unlike Christmaster, who gave the heroes his object to destroy it, and Reflekta who didn't resist having her object being destroyed, she destroyed it herself.
  • Despite being told by Ladybug she couldn't be Queen Bee anymore as it was to dangerous for the city, Chloe didn't take the lesson seriously and still assumed she would still be that superhero, as she had turned against Ladybug and the french team in the season 3 finale, eventually being expelled from the french team for good.


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