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Cat Noir can use his superpower to destroy anything he touches. Comes in handy for slowing enemies down.

Marinette, "Cat Noir as seen by Marinette"

Cataclysm is the special superpower granted by the Cat Miraculous to its owner. It is very powerful and can also be very dangerous when used on people.


This superpower allows the user to destroy whatever they touch.

Miraculous owner

The user infuses their hand with dark, destructive energy. Whatever they touch with that hand will be severely negatively affected[1]:

  • Solid materials dissolve, corrode, break, and/or become easily breakable, depending on the material.
  • Technology malfunctions or, for robots or machines, is completely destroyed.
  • Liquids evaporate and/or will lose its form.
  • Living things will be petrified and crumble into ashes.
    • Including akumas (as seen in "Cat Blanc", Cat Noir uses it to destroy the akuma to prevent Marinette from being akumatized.)
  • Sentimonsters wouldn't be destroyed, but they would be damaged and go berserk.
  • The Cat Miraculous holder and other Miraculous holders wouldn't be destroyed but would be severely injured.
  • Akumatized villains wouldn't be destroyed but would be severely injured.

This power can even destroy indestructible objects, such as Miraculous tools and Miraculouses.

Its power can be used for self-defense, as Cat Noir tries to use it to resist Guitar Villain's sound attacks, though this failed to work. In "Anansi", he uses it to keep the titular villain from stealing his Miraculous, since she would be unable to touch his hand without being affected by the Cataclysm's destructive energy.

When a Cat Miraculous user gets older they seem to have further control of their powers, as seen in "Timetagger". When Bunnyx gave Ladybug her damaged Rabbit Miraculous, it was cracked, compared to the Bee Miraculous that was completely destroyed in "Queen Wasp". Meaning Cat Miraculous holders can have further control of their powers but it's unknown if they have the ability to completely deactivate it.

In "Miraculer" and "Cat Blanc", Cataclysm was used in ways without needing physical touch, meaning it may be possible for Cat Noir to do so as well. However, it is currently unknown whether this was due to the influence of an akuma or simply different utilizations of Cataclysm’s energy.

  • Miraculer was able to infuse Cataclysm’s energy into her tonfa and Lucky Charms, creating Cataclysm-charged weapons.
  • Cat Blanc was able to fire the destructive energy as a projectile in the form of a disc and bullet.


Plagg's cataclysm.gif

As shown in "Style Queen", when Cataclysm is used directly by Plagg, he cannot restrain it and it destroys everything over a very wide area, potentially destroying whole cities and sending entire species' into extinction.

In "Catalyst," Plagg was shown to be able to somewhat minimize the damaged area, a feat Plagg is very proud of. But according to Tikki in "Kwamibuster", Plagg's control over his Cataclysm is limited.


In various episodes, once a holder/kwami summons the superpower, they can't turn it off and must use it to get rid of it.

If a Cat Miraculous user's hands are restrained then they can't use it, as seen in "Robostus".

The effects of Cataclysm also seem to vary depending on an object's size as well as also due to a Cat Miraculous holder's powers being more refined and under control when they are transformed. Such as Cat Noir being able to only damage beams of the Eiffel Tower compared to Plagg who was able to Cataclysm it in half.


For a complete list of Cataclysm uses, see the List of Cataclysm uses.



Comics and books



Concept art of Black Storm and Black Hole.

  • In the Korean version, the superpower is called "Ancient Apocalypse.", In Chinese, is called "Cat's claws travels the world".
  • Cataclysm is the first known superpower to not need a Miraculous tool to be activated followed by Akumatization, Second Chance, Burrow and Voyage.
  • Cataclysm is the first Miraculous superpower that requires its respective miraculous to active it followed by Second Chance and Clout.
  • Concept art shows Cat Noir having other superpowers called Black Storm and Black Hole.
  • Interestingly, the perceived effects of Cataclysm on a person is a reference to the monster of Greek mythology Medusa.
  • Sometimes, the object Cataclysm is used on merely rusts and cracks, and other times it turns to dust completely.
  • Copycat is able to use this ability as well.
  • Lady Wifi, the Evillustrator, Reflekta, and Copycat manage to anticipate the use of Cataclysm, but Lady Wifi doesn't manage to stop Cat Noir from using it.
  • Cat Noir summons it in "Reflekta", but he is transformed by the titular villain before he has a chance to use it.
  • Guitar Villain is the only one who manages to defeat Cataclysm with his Awesome Solo.
  • The ship "Liberty" in "Captain Hardrock", the Eiffel Tower in "Style Queen", and the Gallete from "Dearest Family" are the biggest things so far that Cataclysm was used on while the Bee and Turtle miraculouses in "Queen Wasp" and "Optigami", respectively, and the galette charm in "Dearest Family" are the smallest.
  • Interestingly enough, whether a Cataclysm is used or not, just summoning it will cause the detransformation of the user as seen in "Anansi".
  • Plagg used this power to cause the sinking of Atlantis, the leaning of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and, most notably, the extinction of the dinosaurs when using his Cataclysm without an owner in the past as mentioned in "Style Queen".
  • It's revealed that Cat Noir doesn't always need to use his whole hand when using Cataclysm, since he destroyed the Bee Miraculous with just one finger in "Queen Wasp" and the titular villain's mask in "Animaestro".
  • "Miraculer" has the most uses of Cataclysm, totaling six times: five from Miraculer and one from Cat Noir.
    • According to Plagg in "Miraculer", Cataclysm has never been used on a Cat Miraculous holder until that episode.
    • In the alternative future of "Cat Blanc" it was used 11 times, nine of those by Cat Blanc.
  • Cataclysm isn't used in "Darkblade", "The Mime", "Syren", "Stormy Weather 2", "Félix", "Heart Hunter", "Lies", "Mr. Pigeon 72", "Gabriel Agreste", "Mega Leech", "Rocketear" and "Ephemeral".
  • In "Queen Wasp" and "Gang of Secrets", Cataclysm is shown to also work underwater when a Cat Miraculous holder is in and out of Aqua mode.
  • In "Cat Blanc", it is revealed the power is connected to the user's emotions.
    • In the alternate future, Cat Noir used it on an akuma for the first time, and since they are living creatures, Cataclysm can negate the effects of Akumatization as long as it's used directly on the akuma.


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