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Scene: Marinette's room.

Marinette: Dear Diary: Oh wow, we avoided a disaster today! Cat Noir and I had just arrested a supervillain, but because I'd already used my Lucky Charm, there wasn't much time left! I almost transformed back right there under Cat Noir's nose! So I ran to a safe place as fast as I could, to change back to me, Marinette, without anyone seeing—and making sure Cat Noir hadn't followed me. I think he'd love to know who I am… he's so nosy! There's no way I'm letting that happen! No one can find out. Ugh, Cat Noir, we haven’t known each other very long, but it feels like we’ve been together forever!

Scene from "Stormy Weather".

Ladybug: I thought cats always landed on their feet.
Cat Noir: Why thanks, miladybug, but I had it covered.

Marinette: I mean, like, we've been fighting villains together, right? 'Cause there's absolutely nothing between us. He's just my partner—uh, my teammate is what I mean. Besides, he’s not my type, he’s a bit too cocky.

from "The Bubbler".

Cat Noir: Looks like I made it just in time.
Ladybug: I had it under control. But thanks!

Marinette: He's always making puns. They’re not even that funny.

from "Stormy Weather".

Cat Noir: Hey Ice Queen, what's with all the terrorizing? Why don’t you pick on someone your own temperature?

Marinette: Okay, so it's not always cat bad. I mean, that bad. (giggles)

What I really can't stand is that he always has to show off when we're on a mission, and I'm not into guys like that.

Scene from "Stormy Weather".

Ladybug: (to Cat Noir) Just follow my lead.

Marinette: I'm a little hard on him, I guess, to be honest, I'm glad he's here! I don't think I'd ever manage to defeat all those supervillains without his help! He can use his superpower-
Cat Noir: Cataclysm!
Marinette:-to destroy anything he touches. Comes in handy for slowing enemies down. Actually, Cat Noir and I really do make an awesome team!

Scene from Stormy Weather

Ladybug and Cat Noir: Pound it!
Marinette:But I think he's got a bit of a crush on me, you know? Except I love Adrien! Cat Noir's not anywhere near as perfect as Adrien. He does have some really cool things about him, though, like, he fights really well.

Scene from "The Bubbler".

Cat Noir: (to the Bubbler) Could use a little work!

Marinette: Besides, I can always count on him.

Scene from "The Pharaoh".

Cat Noir: (to Ladybug) Thanks for waiting around for me.

Marinette: Okay, so maybe I'd see Cat Noir differently if there was no Adrien. Wait, what? Am I for real, what am I saying? A world without Adrien?! That would be... horrible!

Nuh-uh. Not happening. Pretend I never said it. 'Kay? Erased. That's all for today! Goodbye for now, dear Diary!


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