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Cash has been akumatized.

A deal's a deal.

—Cash's catchphrase

Cash is a black market dealer and the owner of Cash Antiques. He is a manipulative thief who is responsible for the execution of Wu Shifu and has stolen the Sacred Cave Key from Fei Wu and sold it to Nathalie for a huge amount of money.

In "Miraculous Shanghai", after losing the battle to Fei, he was akumatized by Hawk Moth into King Cash, a golden terracotta warrior-themed supervillain.

As of "Miraculous Shanghai", Cash has been interrogated at the Shanghai Court for his actions. After a few months, he and his gang secretly meet up in a New York Alleyway to discuss an illegal plan which catches the eye of a few heroes.


Physical appearance

As a civilian, Cash has short gray and black hair. He has thick black eyebrows and lines under his eyes, which seem to be a dark brown color. He has a large nose and wears a wide, evil-looking smirk. He wears a white button-up shirt with pockets on either side. He also wears a pendant around his neck. He has white, slim-fitting pants and white dress shoes. He also carries a white fan that has a detailed yellow and red pattern on it, as well as a repeated yellow Chinese character design. The Chinese characters translate to "gold" (金).

As King Cash

King Cash is made completely out of gold. His face is gold shine over it, as well as thick gold eyebrows, a big gold nose, and gold ears. The rest of his face is gold, but his teeth remain white and his eyes are still brown, but the center of his eyes seems to have gotten bigger. His gold hair is still tight and slicked back, but he has a bun-like shape on his head. His neck is gold also. His chest has a circle in the middle representing a Chinese coin with four Chinese characters depicted on it up, down, left, and right. The characters are "不"(no, not) "義"(Righteousness)"之"(use as " 's ")"財"(money) respectively. His upper chest has a darker golden lines going from his back to the circle in the middle, and the lower is solid, with small solid gold bubbles on it. Above his chest on each side, He has pointy shoulder pads with darker gold design on them. His arms stick out at the bottom and he has puffy sleeves on both sides with two flaps, that end with a long golden armband. He has gold gloves, merged with his fingers. He has a lighter gold belt and three overlapping pieces of fabric right below the belt. From the hip down to his knees, he has three flaps extending from his belt (one on the left, one on the right, and one on the back). These flaps stop at his knees. He has puffy pants under those flaps, almost resembling the sleeves that stop before his knee caps. His knees and downward are solid gold and uncovered. He wears golden shoes, like the ones he wears as a civilian. He carries the same fan, but the akuma has transformed it. Now it is blue with a light yellow pattern and a yellow end that lights up when he sends his blades out from it. His fan has a yellow Nakabone and Oyabone.


As Cash

Cash is a very sleazy, manipulative, and greedy individual. He believes money is the only thing that matters in the world and will do anything to get lots of it. He won't hesitate to use force to get what he wants, as shown with his three henchmen. He also enjoys capitalizing on items that are beloved by certain people, believing they will bring him the most money.

As King Cash

As King Cash, he is still very money-centered and willing to do whatever it takes for the "fortune" Hawk Moth promised him. He takes great pleasure in fighting the heroes. He likes watching people suffer and using his power to hurt people. He smiles while attacking Ladybug, Cat Noir, and Ladydragon. He is incredibly powerful and shows that he will stop at nothing to get his money and destroy the heroes.


As King Cash

In addition to being a taller metal robot-like machine, he is also made entirely of indestructible gold. When he swings his hand fan, he is able to conjure and shoot magical diamond shaped blades that have two different effects, depending if they are made of silver or gold: the silver blades that can slice everything in their path in half, while the gold ones can turn anything into a golden statue. His fan also acts as a sword, being able to instantly cut through anything he puts it through. He slices through a pillar in the Sacred Cave, smashing down and almost crushing Ladydragon. He also gains super strength, agility, and fighting skills.


Wu Shifu

The two did not have a good relationship. Due to Cash, Wu Shifu lost almost all his students but Fei.

Fei Wu

Fei and Cash didn't have a good relationship, unknown to Fei, Cash was the one who stole the Sacred Cave Key and took her adoptive father's life. When Fei was older, she started looking for answers about her father, he told her that she'll have to pay to get her answers. Fei started stealing and sold her stolen belongings to Cash. Every time she came to his store, Cash told her that she'll need to pay more. Later on, when Fei's stole Marinette belongings and Marinette came to get them, Fei swapped Marinette's fake earrings to her Miraculous earrings and they escaped. Cash decided to pursue them and told Marinette that Fei was the person who stole her belongings. At the end of the Special, Fei took him to court.

Marinette Dupain-Cheng/Ladybug

Cash and Marinette didn't have a good relationship partially because Marinette's is Fei's friend and she helped her. Fei stole her belonging who sold them to him. Later on, Fei helps Marinette find Cash's sovereign shop. Marinette comes in willing to buy her Miraculous and Tikki back from Cash. When Fei swapped the jewels and she and Marinette escaped, Cash pursued them and threatened Marinette that if she doesn't call her uncle if he doesn't pay she will be in trouble.


Before the series, Cash used monetary coersion to have Wu's students leave his school, leaving the Prodigious Cave unprotected. Consumed by greed he destroyed Wu's school then was responsible for Wu's later death, leaving Fei orphaned, and stole her bracelet in her sleep. Afterwards, soon he sold the key to Nathalie who in turned gave it to Gabriel.

In "Miraculous Shanghai", Cash ran a pawn shop. Manipulating Fei, he got her to steal and collect numerous valuables for him to broker, in exchange for information on her father's death and the whereabouts of her bracelet. When Marinette wonders around the streets of Shanghai, Fei stole her purse off her, delivering her earrings, phone, other valuables, and Tikki, to him. Seeing that the objects were of little value Cash told her to bring Marinette to bargain them, for a high price, however after Fei returned she had a change of heart and swapped Marinette's earrings with fake ones, and quickly left the shop. After noticing Tikki was missing from his shop, he inspects the quality of the earrings and realizes that Fei had swindled him and stolen them. He pursued the two girls to the Prodigious Cave, and revealed to Marinette that Fei was the one that originally stole her belongings and threatens Marinette to call her uncle for the money he thinks he's owned. Seeing Fei rushed to Marinette's defense he lashed out in anger telling Fei if she does this she never get her answers letting it slip out that he was responsible for her father's demise.

But soon he was akumatized by Hawk Moth into King Cash, and they entered the cave together using the bracelet that Nathalie bought from him, causing Cash to realize that Hawk Moth was his buyer. Instead, they were confronted by Mei Shi, the guardian of the Prodigious and Hawk Moth ordered King Cash to turn him into a gold statue. They were followed by Ladybug and Fei into the cave and proceed to fight them. During the brawl, Fei picked up the Prodigious and transforms into Ladydragon; after Cat Noir arrived, the combined efforts of the three heroes led to King Cash's akumatization.

After the fight wih YanLuoShi outside, Cash was tied up inside the cave and tried to bargain for his freedom. Fei beretted Cash while untying him, confronting him about everything he's done to her for the sake of greed. Instead of taking vengance, she decides to let justice take it's course, and took him to the Shanghai courthouse to face charges for his crimes.

At some point prior to "Miraculous New York", he either got out of prison or avoided charges.

In "Miraculous New York", he seen was getting out of a car in an alleyway in preparation for something illegal. Until Eagle and Uncanny Valley saw him and his henchmen from a nearby rooftop and were about to confront him when Monk made himself known to reclaim the Eagle Miraculous.




  • His name reflects on his greed.
  • It's likely that "Cash" is an alias, since Chinese characters cannot form the name "Cash".
  • Given that "Miraculous Shanghai" takes place before "Miraculous New York", and since Ladydragon dropped him at prison, it's likely that he escaped prison after Ladydragon left.
  • If Ladybug and Cat Noir had known that Cash had the Sacred Cave Key, they would have traced it that it was sold to Nathalie Sancoeur, which could lead them to know that Hawk Moth is Gabriel Agreste.
    • Ladybug, Cat Noir, and Fei Wu never considered asking Cash about the key or even bother wondering how Hawk Moth obtained it in the first place.


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