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Season 1

Lady Wifi

I'm very pleased with how you all did on your last assignment. Some of you have really stepped up, and I do appreciate it. Now it's time to move on to our next assignment.
Is Marinette still in the girl's room, Alya?
[Alya], see to it that Marinette gets this homework.
Marinette, if you're going to come late, would you please do it discreetly?
That's it! Marinette, go to the principle's office!
Everyone, for your own safety, go directly home right now! And don't forget to read chapters four and five!


Please, gentlemen! This is a school here! Think of the children!

Dark Cupid

In most fairy tales, the prince breaks the spell by kissing the princess.
Now, everyone, don't forget to finish Sleeping Beauty by Charles Perrault tonight, and happy Valentine's day, students!
Adrien, I hope what you're writing has something to do with the lesson. Can you repeat what I just said?


Chloé is running for the class representative position and Sabrina will be her deputy. Do we have any other candidates?
Wonderful! You'll need to develop your campaign and have a speech ready by tomorrow. We'll have the vote then.
By majority vote, Marinette is the new class representative, and Alya will be her deputy.

Ladybug & Cat Noir (Origins - Part 1)

Nino, Why don't you have a seat in the front row this year?
For those of you who don't yet know me, I'm Miss Bustier. I'll be your teacher this year.
Ivan! Go to the principle's office!
Those of you who have P.E., Mr. D'Argencourt is expecting you at the stadium. The rest of you can head over to the library.


Ms. Bourgeois, behave yourself!

Season 2

Despair Bear

Quietly, students. Single file line, please. Just keep moving.


Breathe deeply. Think of your emotions like the surface of a quiet lake. [...] Not that quiet, Kim.
Calm down. We don't want to get upset on my birthday, now, do we? Well, I think this present is wonderful. It'll be my new cosmetics bag! Then I'll be able to think of both of you every time I use it.
Students, please, calm down now! The classroom is not a place for insults and defamation!
Of course you're not in trouble, don't worry! As the class representative, I want you to set a good example for your classmates. Don't give into feelings of anger, try to forgive Chloé instead.
Come on... There are much worse people in Paris right now than Chloé Bourgeois. I'm sure people like Chloé are capable of great things. The problem is, they only think of themselves, they don't understand the meaning of love, and we can't force them to change. But perhaps we can show them by setting a good example. That's why Marinettes are important in today's world. Because they have a lot of love to give. I'm counting on you.
An akuma! Oh no! Go away! I won't let you evilize one of my students!
I am not going to listen to you! You can't force me to do evil!
I won't stop until everyone on Earth feels the love. Starting with...Chloé Bourgeois!
I have got some great news for you, students! From now on, everyone's going to hug and kiss and feel the love! Even you, Chloé!
I don't like knocking, I prefer a gentle touch.
No one can escape my kiss.
You're all alone, Ladybug. Accept my love, and give me your Miraculous!
Ladybug?! Cat Noir? What on earth—? The akuma overtook me, oh no, I...I let my negative emotions get the upper hand, how terrible! ...I'm terrible. [...] But I hurt a lot of people.
As usual, we'll start the day by giving a nice compliment to your neighbor.


But Chloé, could you tell me why you chose to do an assignment about yourself? Uh— I mean about Queen Bee?
Calm down now, students! [...] Chloé, class isn't over.

Catalyst (Heroes' Day - Part 1)

We can’t wait to hear what you’ve been doing since our last video chat. Tell us about your week in the Kingdom of Achu.
Lila, what good deed are you planning to do on [Heroes Day]?
That’s incredible, Lila! Thank you on behalf of planet Earth.
I’m sure Ladybug would be very impressed by what you’re doing.
Thank you so much for calling us, Lila. And good luck with your project.
Well, it isn't going to be easy living up to Lila's standards but let's not forget that we can all be heroes for this one day. We may not have Prince Ali as a friend but...
Remember now! There's a hero in every one of us.
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