Could you put this in the school cafeteria fridge for me, please?

Tom Dupain, "Despair Bear"

The cafeteria is a room in Collège Françoise Dupont.


The cafeteria is located on the top floor at the back of the school. The room is long and narrow with high ceilings. The walls at the two short ends of the room are brick, while the long sides of the room are beige. The floors are checkered in black and white, and the ceiling is wavy and light blue. There are stairs leading up to the cafeteria at the end of the room (for clarity, the end with the stairs will be referred to as the near end).

The long sides of the room have short walls with framed pictures of various root vegetables on them. Extending upwards from these to the ceiling are sloped walls (similar to an A-frame) containing tall skinny windows. The sides of the room have gray support beams running from the floor to the ceiling with a crossbeam running across the walls. These act to break up the windows into sections as well. The brick walls at the end have two gray crossbeams on them as well. Between these crossbeams are framed pictures of citrus fruits and squash at the near and far ends respectively. The ceiling has several hanging light fixtures each with two horizontal tube lights.

The lunch line begins at the near end. There is a poster of vegetables on the wall behind the line, and several short rectangular planters with leafy green plants in them are on the floor. There is also a larger leafy plant next to the support beam. The counter consists of wooden slats, and there are two metal shelves— plus the counter surface— in which to choose food, plates, bowls, and cups from. Hanging above these are black signs with brown frames (presumably the lunch menu written on chalkboards).

The cafeteria kitchen is on the other side of the line. There is a door on the side as well as a door in the back. The kitchen includes a hood with lights underneath, counters, a sink with a sprayer, and shelves with pots on the wall. In front of the kitchen is a yellow cabinet and trashcan with a microwave on top. The same can be found in front of the other three walls.

The middle of the room has planters and tables. In the very center is a tree with red leaves in a circular planter. Said planter also contains short green plants. There are two other rectangular planters with green plants: one with large leaves and one tree with small leaves. These contain shorter plants, too. The tables are circular and rectangular with different colored tops. The tables also have different colored pitchers on them. The chairs are wooden with metal legs and black feet, and the backs have a handle.




  • In "Despair Bear", Marinette's dad mentions the cafeteria's refrigerator.


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