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Scene: Bakery. Marinette is helping her parents bake macaroons.

Tom: We still have a lot of macaroons to make, my darlings. This is our biggest order ever!
Sabine: We’re lucky you're here to help us, sweetie.
Marinette: Glad to do it, Mom.
(Bakery bell rings, and Marinette turns to see Alya walking in)
Alya: Hi Mrs. and Mr. Dupain-Cheng. Hey, Marinette! (walks over to her) You’ll never guess who I just ran into on my way here… Adrien.
Marinette: (gasps)
Alya: He told me he’s going to the movies this afternoon.
Marinette: No way?! I have to go! Ah… oh wait, I can’t. I have to stay here and help my parents.
Alya: But girl, this is your chance to be with Adrien. You’ve got to get going!
Marinette: I know, but… I-can’t. My parents need me here.
Alya: Alright, but I’ll help you guys. This way, you’ll finish early and go meet Adrien.
Marinette: Ah that’s really sweet of you, Alya, but even with your help, I don’t think I’ll make in time.
Alya: Don’t worry girl, I have an idea.
(scene cuts to Rose and Juleka putting together macaroons)
Rose: Everything smells so good! No wonder the client ordered so many macaroons. Right, Juleka?
Juleka: Yeah, they’re great.
Rose: I know! Hey, do you guys think we could make some heart shaped ones? That would be so romantic!
Tom: (laughs heartily) Sorry Rose, but these macaroons all have to look the same for our customer. But don’t worry, I’ll make a special heart-shaped batch for Valentine’s Day.
Alya: I told you girl, with Rose and Juleka’s help we will be done in no time!
Marinette: Thank you so much for your help, Alya, you’re the best B.F.F. ever!
Sabine: That’s the last one. We’re done!
Tom: And it’s all thanks to you super girls!
(The bakery bell rings again. Adrien and Nino enter the shop)
Adrien: Hi everyone!
Marinette: (gasps as her face gets flustered)
Nino: What are you all doing here?
Alya: Helping out and what are you guys doing here?
Nino: We wanted to grab a bite before going to the movies. What would you recommend Marinette?
Marinette: (blushing hard stammers) Uh I…I don’t know.
Sabine: Listen, girls as a thank you for your precious help today we’d like to buy you all tickets to go the movies with your friends.
Tom: And as for snacks I'd recommend these delicious macaroons. I heard they were baked by a bunch of supergirls.
Marinette: Awesome!
Adrien: Thanks Mr. and Mrs. Dupain-Cheng!


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