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Burrow has been a featured article on the front page. Burrow is the Rabbit Miraculous holder.

"Okay, I get it. What about the object I'm supposed to find? Where is it?"
"In the past. Burrow!"
"We have to find the little boy before he was akumatized."
"You can travel through time?"
"Yes. And even though time travel is always risky, today we have to take that risk."
"Found it!"
"As soon as we know which object is going to be akumatized, you have to hit it with the ball, but without anyone seeing so you don't interfere with the course of events."

Flairmidable and Pennybug, "Strikeback"

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Burrow is the special superpower granted by the Rabbit Miraculous to its owner.


This superpower allows the user to travel through time and space.

Miraculous owner

Pocket dimension.

The Rabbit Miraculous owner opens a portal leading to a spherical pocket dimension full of windows that one can use to view and travel through to all events of the past, the present, and the future.

Through these portals, the Rabbit Miraculous owner can exit the pocket dimension to any point in space and time. Each portal can be made to "fast-forward" or "rewind" by swiping your hand across it like a touchscreen.

While anyone can make the portals "fast-forward" or "rewind", only the Rabbit Miraculous users themselves can open them.

In "Strikeback", it is revealed that even an underage Miraculous holder can reopen the portal after exiting.

And in "Evolution", that any holder of the Rabbit Miraculous can use Burrow as many times as they want without detransforming, independently of being a minor or not, due to the very nature of the power itself.

The portals to the future change accordingly with the events that happen in the past and/or present, meaning, if a change happens in one of them, the future is rewritten progressively. Even the Rabbit Miraculous holder themself is not safe from being affected by the timeline being changed, even if they are inside the pocket dimension.

In "Evolution", the pocket dimension is no physical up or down, meaning that anyone inside it can walk anywhere and in any direction without needing a ground to support them, including vertically through the air. It's also revealed that Burrow is located at the center of all the time flow, meaning it is used by all Rabbit Miraculous holders, past, present and future and they can all meet there.


Because this power can cause drastic and unpredictable changes to the timeline, the Rabbit is considered to be the most dangerous Miraculous and only to be used when all the other Miraculouses, even the Ladybug, Cat, and Snake have failed.

A major weakness is that even though the user can choose what point in time they want to go to, if the user's mind is unfocused, they might sometimes end up at a random destination. Unlike the other Miraculous powers, Burrow can be used in an unlimited number of times by young users because of it's time related nature. However, after the user detransforms, they can suffer from a temporary temporal anomaly, like speaking backwards. It's possible that, for the user to suffer the temporal anomaly, they need to use the power, at least, more than twice, as Pennybug, when she used the power (using it twice to go to the past and back to the present), didn't suffer any temporal anomaly.


The effects of Fluff's Burrow is unknown, but it would most certainly be unconstrained and results in some kind of catastrophe. It could possibly be similar to Kaalki's use of Voyage and Sass's use of Second Chance

Since Burrow causes Fluff's holder to suffer from brief temporal anomalies, like talking backwards, it's possible that Fluff, when she uses Burrow, is able to cause something similar but in a much bigger scale.


Season Episode Summoner Reason Image
Season 3 "Timetagger" Bunnyx Used several times to travel in time during her battle with Timetagger so she could travel back to the present every time the villain sent her into the past and future. Timetagger (274).png
"Cat Blanc" Used to take Ladybug to an alternative future to fight Cat Blanc and to discover what caused the future to change and prevent it from happening. CB (128).png
Season 4 "Strikeback" Pennybug To find Risk's akumatized object so that the holder of the Dog Miraculous could use Fetch to retrieve it in the present. Strikeback 238.png

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Episode Summoner Reason Image
"Evolution" Monarch To defeat Ladybug and Cat Noir when they are at their most vulnerable in the past so he can get their Miraculous. While he is battling Ladybug and Rabbit Noir, he uses the power to escape them through time. After that, he tried to prevent Emile from getting the illness from the damaged peacock miraculous. Evolution - Burrow.png
Bunnyx (future) To take Ladybug and Cat Noir to inside the Burrow so they can stop Monarch from changing the past. Later, after the heroes managed to recover the Rabbit Miraculous, she uses the power to bring Monarch back to the present, right after the moment she had come to take Ladybug and Cat Noir in her Burrow. Evolution - Burrow 2.png
Rabbit Noir To prevent Monarch from using the power of time travel for evil. Later, he used it to set a trap for Monarch with Ladybug and Canigirl. Evolution - Burrow 3.png
Alix with the Dog and Rabbit miraculouses To escape Monarch when he tries to retrieve the Rabbit Miraculous with Fetch and to return the Dog Miraculous to Master Fu in the past. She also sends Ladybug and Cat Noir back to the present rigt at the moment future Bunnyx delivers Monarch to the present so they can capture him. Evolution - Burrow 4.png
Bunnyx (present) To deliever the Dog Miraculous to Master Fu in the past. Evolution - Burrow 5.png





  • In the French dub, this superpower is called "Rabbit Hole."
    • "Rabbit Hole" is another term for transporting.
    • This is also a reference to the saying "down the rabbit hole".
  • Unlike Second Chance, the time travel-like power of the Snake Miraculous, Burrow allows its holder to go forward and back in time, while the Snake Miraculous' superpower can only go back to the moment its holder has marked it on.
  • Burrow is the sixth known superpower to not need a Miraculous tool to be activated, following Akumatization, Cataclysm, Second Chance, Voyage, and the Dragon Miraculous Superpower. However, the Umbrella can apparently be used to activate it as Bunnyx managed to knock Timetagger through a portal she conjured whilst hitting him with the Umbrella, possibly meaning that Burrow can be activated with the Umbrella but it's not strictly necessary.
  • In "Timetagger", Bunnyx repeatedly uses Burrow without saying the name of the power. It is unclear whether this is a feature of Burrow itself, or an ability available to adult Miraculous users in general.
  • Burrow and Voyage are currently the only Miraculous powers to use portals.
  • Sometimes, during its use, it's possible to notice the portals can directly transport an individual to a determined point in time, without the need to enter inside the pocket dimension, causing it to simulate teleportation.
  • This ability to use the power as many times as the user wants is similar to Second Chance, which can be used as many times as the user desires because of its ability to take them to the moment they activated the power. However, unlike it, Burrow does not cause its respective Miraculous to lose energy.


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