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Burrow is the special superpower granted by the Rabbit Miraculous to its owner.


The Rabbit Miraculous owner opens a portal leading to a spherical pocket dimension full of portals connected to all events of the past, the present, and the future.

Through these portals, the Rabbit Miraculous owner can exit the pocket dimension to any point in space and time.

The portals to the future change accordingly with the events that happen in the past and/or present, meaning, if a change happens in one of them, the future is rewritten progressively.


Season 3

Episode Reason Image
"Timetagger" Used by Bunnyx several times to travel in time
"Cat Blanc" Used by Bunnyx to take Ladybug to an alternative future to fight Cat Blanc and to discover what caused the future to change and prevent it from happening. CB (128)




  • In the French dub, this superpower is called "Rabbit Hole."
    • "Rabbit Hole" is another term for transporting.
  • Unlike Second Chance, the time travel-like power of the Snake Miraculous, Burrow allows its holder to go forward and back in time, while the Snake Miraculous' superpower can only go back to the moment its holder has marked it on.
  • Burrow is the third known superpower to not need a Miraculous tool to be activated, following Akumatization and Cataclysm.
  • It turns out in "Timetagger" that a user of the Rabbit Miraculous doesn't always have to use their hands to activate their powers just like Lucky Charm and Cataclysm it activates with a single word.
    • And yet seeing how many burrows Bunnyx used but didn't say the word the same number of times it could be possible that when a Miraculous holder is full grown their powers don't need a voice command.
  • As shown in "Cat Blanc", the power is actually used to open a gateway to a pocket dimension with many 'time gates'.


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