Season 1

Guitar Villain

Not bad, Jagged, not bad. But if you really want to be making something killer, let's talk about this duet with Mr. XY.
Listen. Bottom line is that Bob Roth Records cannot afford to be number two in sales! Or rep a number two rock star! Get real, Jagged! You're going to have to modernize your music. Change the way you look. Get a whole new style!
You do know, don't you, that if your next album doesn't rate #1 on the charts, it'll be the last one you ever do with Bob Roth records.
This is the direction of [Jagged Stone's] new image. More modern, current!
Don't think! This is what is selling these days.
Marinette's young, Jag! She represents our target audience. She's come up with a modern concept that's exactly what you need.

Season 2


Penny, I found the perfect way to market [Jagged's] new album! He's gonna be a guest on a reality TV show!
Deal with it, Jagged! You will be a guest on that show, whether you like it or not!
Our ratings are sky-high!
Penny, do you realize we've got no picture?
The ratings are sky-high. There's no way we stop the show now, right, Jagged?
Sure your bakery ain't built on an ancient cemetery?
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