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Incredible fan girl Incredible fan girl 3 hours ago

You and me against the world (Chapter 5)

(Hey guys! Here is chapter 5! Enjoy!)

What she did…jumping through the portal…was reckless. It could ruin the entire mission.

Finally! Finally…she saw a way to her exit. The now detransformed sentimonster, unconscious against the wall was  still wearing the horse miraculous. If only she could grab it! He was so far…Without thinking, Paon Bug dug behind the fallen office table. Only a few feet away…

Unfortunately, Monarch guessed her motive, grabbed her legs throwing her straight across the room, through the door. She crashed on the floor just as Cat Noir entered beside her.

-M’lady are you alright? He asked worriedly.

Her vision still blurry, she asked in a hoarse voice,

-What took you so long?

-I came as quickly as I could Bug.

-I know…can we jus…

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JackClarkStudios JackClarkStudios 16 hours ago

Table of Akumization by season

The table shows a list of people of how many times they have got akumatized after getting rejected, heartbroken, frustrated, jealous.

Although, in seasons 3, 4, and 5, some people were akumatized the way they were back in season 1 or 2.

  • 1 Season 1
  • 2 Season 2
  • 3 Season 3
  • 4 Season 4
  • 5 Season 5

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MiraculousAdrienFan199 MiraculousAdrienFan199 5 days ago

Season 5 English Dubs

So far we haven’t heard any news of English Dubs for season 5. My current schedule for the dubs are first few episodes dubs coming to Disney Channel in early to mid July. And the first half of English Dubs might come to Disney+ in August. And Gloob always air miraculous episodes first.

Those are my hopes. I stream Disney+ and watch Disney channel so I am hoping it comes to Disney+ soon.

UPDATE: It is recently announced that French dubs are coming to french channels in September 2022 so the first part might be obsolete except the part on Gloob episodes coming first. My current predictions are US Disney Channel in late October - mid November, and US Disney+ in early December to early January 2023. But worst case scenario is Disney+ won’t rece…

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Incredible fan girl Incredible fan girl 7 days ago

You and me against the world (Chapter 4)

(Hey miraculers! Here is chapter 4! Enjoy!)

-TIKKI, DUUSU, UNIFY!! And she transformed into Paon Bug. Closing her eyes, she managed to create two sentimonsters, out her tie band, identical  to Ladybug and Cat Noir.

-Meow m’lady! You are very creative purrincess! He looks just like me! exclaimed cat Noir as he walked towards his clone, poking his cheek.

Paon Bug laughed,

-He can’t feel anything kitty. Get back now and let me work.

She closed her eyes and ordered senti Ladybug and senti Cat Noir to make their way to Gabriel’s office.

“In Gabriel’s office”

Senti Ladybug and Cat Noir entered the office by the window, landing on the ground.

-Ladybug…Cat Noir…

-Drop the act Gabriel! We know you are Shadowmoth! Interrupted Senti Ladybug.

Gabriel’s innocent…

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Incredible fan girl Incredible fan girl 14 days ago

You and me against the world (Chapter 3)

(Hey everyone! How are you all doing? Here is chapter 3 of this fanfic. Enjoy!)

Felix remained lost in his thoughts then looked up smiling.

-You’re good. I owe you that part Marinette. How can I assist?

-I need you to tell me everything you know about Shadowmoth.

-I can’t do that.

-Why is that? Asked Adrien.

-It’s for your own good cousin. It’s better if you don’t know anything about it.

-I can bear it. Just tell us.

-Will you be here for him? Asked Felix turning to Marinette.

-Always. She said reaching to Adrien’s hand.

Felix started revealing everything he had discovered on Shadowmoth. Without sparing any details, he told everything he knew. Even though Adrien was not showing it, Marinette knew that he was putting on his brave face for her, when i…

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Kokkkroosi Kokkkroosi 15 days ago

I am Soooooo Happy to be Back

I am so happy to be back on Miraculous Wiki! I have not been on the page for a while because I have been busy doing other stuff and I have missed being here. I remember that my friend BunnyBug has retired and she was a very loyal friend of mine. I hope she does a good job in High School and College. I don't know how much longer I will be here, but for the time being, I am back in Buisness. Please excuse the things not been fixed on my profile, but I have forgotten to update it. I am glad to be back on the Miraculous Wiki

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Marilyn Carlet Marilyn Carlet 16 days ago

Hello! Old community member back!

Very good day to everyone reading this. I'm Marilyn Carlet, I was very active here a few years ago. I see a lot of new names and I'm glad to see the community still going strong! I'll try to be more active again, which shouldn't be a problem since there's so much to talk about. Hope you all will bear with me :)

To start things off, what's new in the fandom?

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Nickj523 II Nickj523 II 20 days ago

Season 8

Season 8 is Ladybug Hero new Hero team crossover season eight and episode do not

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21uwatchingiam 21uwatchingiam 20 days ago





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Incredible fan girl Incredible fan girl 23 days ago

You and me against the world (Chapter 2)

(Hey everyone! Here is chapter 2! Enjoy!)

Holding Ladybug tightly, he cataclysmed the floor below them and both fell on the kitchen floor. They were still on the ground when they saw Marinette’s parents, speechless, running to them. They got up quickly and Ladybug said in a panicked voice,

-I am very sorry for all of this mo-Mrs Cheng, I-

-No worries honey, Paris’ stake is in your hands. You’re our daughter and we believe in you. She interrupted smiling.

-You knew?! Asked Cat Noir, Ladybug and Marinette’s dad in unison.

-Since when my love? Why didn’t you tell me? asked Mr. Dupain.

-I have always known and honestly Tom, we both know that you would have been anxious all the time. You should trust our loving daughter once in a while…

-True…he repli…

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BeanieAndTheDucks BeanieAndTheDucks 23 days ago

Why I can't stand the love-square

The Love Square is exremely popular and so many people love it. I personally believe the love square is wayyyy to toxic and here is why I do not like it:

So I am going to take this one ship at a time:

  1. Ladynoir. I don't like Ladynoir because it's just Cat Noir simping for Ladybug, who Ladybug doesn't like back in that way. The only times there are good Ladynoir moments are when Ladybug is so upset that litterally anything that is not negative will make her feel better. I don't think Ladynoir could or should ever happen because they can't know each other's identities.
  2. Adrinette. OH ADRINETTE DRIVES ME INSANE. Adrinette will never work out because Adrien is just so obsessed with Ladybug that Marinette is just like second-best or something. And M…

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Grahamdevanily Grahamdevanily 28 days ago

Felix Theory (Season 5)

So, I was thinking.. There's a chance of Felix turning to the side of good on Season 5. I have some theories for it.

I've seen some theories of Felix finding out Adrien's Identity on Season 5. I though that Felix might have a change heart and might side with Adrien in defeating hawkmoth in the shadows like Rena Furtive since if Hawkmoth found out his Peacock Miraculous might be taken by Gabriel. He might not be scared of defying him but he wouldn't take a reckless decision to go out in the open.

As we can see in the episode 'Strikeback', Felix apologized saying "I'm sorry" towards the heroes before he smashed the sunglasses. There might be 2 reasons he apologized. The first is He might feel bad for what he's about to do because intentionally…

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You and me against the world (Chapter 1)

(Hey guys! I know it's been a while...a huge while actually! I wrote a lot of stories but I feel like this one needs to be read first. I haven't completed yet so the end is still unknown to me too! I'll try to post every week or fortnight...sorry everyone! But you all know how hard the life of a student is, so bear with me. Thanks y'all! Hope you like this first chapter!)

Ladybug and Cat Noir remained on the roof for a while, sitting close to each other.

-Thank you for staying beside me. whispered Ladybug, her head on his shoulder.

-Anytime m’lady. His arm around her, bringing her closer.

She felt safe and secured in his arms. However, even though she trusted Cat with her life, she felt guilty. Cat Noir came back even though she lied and betra…

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MariDesigned MariDesigned 3 June

Miraculous Meme: Day 1

Every day of June I'll post a new meme. Today's meme:

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Pianostan134 Pianostan134 31 May

Season 4 Finale/Season 5 theory


Honestly, so much happened that I don't even know where to start. I know I'm a lil late to discussing this finale about to months to be exact so bear with me. The season 4 finale has two parts Risk and Strike Back. Both episodes have specific moments for the love square like in Risk when Adrien held Marinette hand after saying shes the only one who understands him and in Strike Back when Ladybug looked at Chat Noir when she lost all the miraculous. Does this mean that were getting a love square flip? I hope so tbh because I refuse to keep watching them go back and forth for another 3 seasons. But, yeah if you watch the finale you can see that a flip is most likely going to happened based on the expression of th…

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ZacPlayz ZacPlayz 30 May

Why does it say im inactive??


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miraculous gacha

I'm going to make a lot of mini movies of miraculous and memes and will try to post here properly wish me luck !

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Mrahc ykcul Mrahc ykcul 16 May

Lila's Life Part 5

Lila is akumatized into Volpina again.She is defeated easily , tho.All of the heroes are tired of deakumatizing her again and again.Lila then realised that Marinette was purposefully making her angry , so she would get akumatized and fall out with the heroes.The next day , Lila confronts Marinette in the bathroom , asking her why she 'stole' Adrien from her.Marinette replies by saying , "I didn't steal him , he fell for me".Lila gasps and runs out of the bathroom. Marinette smirks and leaves as well.Meanwhile , a heated discussion on Lila is taking place in the principal's office.

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Mrahc ykcul Mrahc ykcul 9 May

Lila's Life Part 4

Lila was having a bad time and Marinette only made it worse.To calm herself down , Lila visits her old house , curious to find out who lives there now.It turns out to be Sabrina and her father.Lila waves to Sabrina and rushes back to her (current) house.Meanwhile , Marinette and Alya are having a having a conversation.

Alya:Lila is a liar and I'm so glad she's exposed.

Marinette: Absoloutuley!

Alya:What about Chloe tho?


Alya:Isn't she on the good side now?

Marinette:Idk , but she seems suspicious , let's keep an eye on her okay?


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Mrahc ykcul Mrahc ykcul 9 May

Lila's Life Part 3

It was the beginning of summer vacation , so it was the perfect time to travel the world to shoot ads.Bags packed , tickets booked , everything was ready.They left for London that morning.Lila was feeling very jealous of Marinette , who was sitting beside Adrien.When they reached London they checked into their hotel (5-star , obviously)and started shooting.They went everywhere in the world after that , staying in each place just for 2 days tho.But Adrien and Marinette got even closer during the trip.Lila found this annoying and strived to steal Adrien from Marinette.

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Mrahc ykcul Mrahc ykcul 7 May

Lila's Life Part 2

Lila asks Gabriel if he know about Adrien and Marinette's relationship , to which he replies by saying that he does.Lila is shocked and runs out and to her house.As she does her homework , she think about her rivalry with Marinette.The next day an exam is held , in which Lila gets the highest score , so she is accused of stealing the answers.Lila denies this and goes home.She wonders why things have taken a turn for her.Just then , a newsflash appears on Lila's laptop."The famous fashion designer Gabriel Agreste is looking for two candidates to participate in the making of ads in his ad campaign 'The Universal Truth of First Love'."Nadja says.Lila shuts her laptop and thinks "A chance to collaborate with Adrien!Unmissable!!" and signs up f…

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Jewilso Jewilso 6 May


post pics of miraculous characters memes etc.

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Mrahc ykcul Mrahc ykcul 6 May

Lila's Life Part 1

Marinette is shooting an ad with Adrien when Lila appears in the Tuileries Garden.They finish shooting the ad and sit talking on a bench not noticing Lila who is hiding behind a trash can.Marinette mentions a date they're supposed to have this evening.After a while , Marinette has to leave since she has a press conference.She kisses Adrien on the cheek and heads off to her limo.Lila immediately gets up from her hiding place and confronts Adrien on his relationship with Marinette.Adrien just ignores her and goes his own way.In the next few days , all her classmates give her the cold shoulder.And Marinette is even harder on her than before.After witnessing a date between Adrien and Marinette , Lila suspects that something is going on withou…

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Mrahc ykcul Mrahc ykcul 5 May

Season 5 Episode List

Many of you guys are super excited about Season 5 , right?Well , here is the S5 episode list for you -

  • • 1: Evolution                                                                                                                     
  • • 2:Multiplication
  • • 3:Destruction
  • • 4:Jubilation
  • • 5:Illusion
  • • 6:Determination
  • • 7:Passion
  • • 8:Reunion
  • • 9:Exaltation
  • • 10:Transmission (The Kwami’s Choice Part 1)
  • • 11:Deflagration (The Kwami’s Choice Part 2)
  • • 12:Perfection
  • • 13:Migration
  • • 14:Derision
  • • 15:Intuition
  • • 16:Protection
  • • 17:Adoration
  • • 18:Emotion
  • • 19:Pretension
  • • 20:Revelation
  • • 21:Confrontation
  • • 22:Collusion
  • • 23:Revolution
  • • 24:Representation
  • • 25:Confirmation (The Last Day Part 1)
  • • 26:Re-creation (The Last Day Part 2)
  • • 27:Action


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Lady noir!!!!!

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SmhOnThis1 SmhOnThis1 28 April

Why Felix Fears The Peacock Miraculous?.

I theorize the reason of why Felix is so afraid of Gabriel/Shadowmoth using the Peacock Miraculous against him is because he's a senti-monster and the peacock Miraculous has the abillity to eliminate as well as create senti-monsters. I don't know whether this if factual or it's just my perspective but as we've seen in clips, Felix even made a bargain with Gabriel to give him all of the other Miraculous (but Ladybug's and Chat Noir's) for that specific one.

You guys are allowed to edit this page or comment whether you have a theory on-topic of this question, go ahead don't be shy! If you have any concern come talk to me on my Message Wall, or of course their is our amazing moderators!

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BeanieAndTheDucks BeanieAndTheDucks 25 April

Why Adrien is not a good Miraculous Holder

So I've heard a lot of hate towards Marinette, but there's one thing many people can agree on- Marinette makes a pretty good Ladybug. Alya wasn't so bad with the Ladybug Miraculous either. But do you know who was pretty bad with it? Adrien. But that makes sense. I mean- Ladybug knows what she's doing and she was trying to explain to Mister Bug, who hasn't had the Ladybug Miraculous before, so he's trying to do what Ladybug would.

But remember Aspik? Ugh... he certainly wasn't good with that Miraculous, and since he was soooo in love with Ladybug, he wasn't even helping. He used his second chance hundreds of times and failed every time. But Viperion only had to use second chance a few times, and was focused on stopping the villain, taking in…

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Bunnyx.miraculous Bunnyx.miraculous 24 April

I am back!

Hey y'all!

sorry, I have been in active but i totally forgot i had a miraculous blog and just wanted to say, I am now back to post new miraculous theorys and cover my thought on season 44!

So since I thought I will tell you about myself! I am 13 years old and i am a female, who goes by she/they and i am also very british. my fav sport is netabll (i play for a team out of school) i also like lukazade and blue raspbeerys sweet the best! i will talk to you guys soon and tell me what i should cover in my blogs!

Bunnyx.miraculous out!

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QueenBeeVenom QueenBeeVenom 24 April

Hello Everyone!

I want to kinda recreate the miraculous spell book! But I wanna do it to the best of my ability which means it could take awhile...I thought I should ask the community some questions though.

  1. I kinda want to make it a bigger book like in the show. I feel like a regular sized book would be more manageable but I want it to be more screen accurate? Should I do it bigger?
  2. I'm debating if I should trace the pictures and draw or if I should print out the pictures and cut them out to the best of my ability? What do you guys think.
  3. I know for sure I'm doing a kind of modern twist on it. Instead of the ancient holders, I'll be doing the holders in the show AND the other people who've held that specific miraculous. That wasn't a question. Just a clarifi…
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Miraculous13Nerd6806 Miraculous13Nerd6806 22 April

Gotta loves memes!!!

Soooo cute and funny at the same time!!!!!

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FunnehFlyingFox FunnehFlyingFox 21 April


My fav characters are zoe and chloe

message on meh message wall if u got some french fries

other wikis that im on

  • inquisitormaster fandom
  • itsfunneh fandom
  • all aboard miraculous ships wiki
  • MHA fandom
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Miraculous13Nerd6806 Miraculous13Nerd6806 20 April

LadyNoir Blog

Hi, I am creating a blog for LN because we really should start paying attention to them, and see how their relationship has grown so much.

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This is an alternate multiple cartoon universe, cross over story, in multiple parts. Please start with chapter #1


On a late afternoon, on the day after a fun band rehearsal aboard the Liberty, Marinette and Adrien, with Tikki and Plagg floating next to them, are still up on her roof patio, waiting for their pony friends. "Look, out there Adrien!" "It's some kind of big rainbow." He replies, "That's got to be them!" Then, "What's that real big one?" As the flock of flying Equestrian ponies near, trailing a big rainbow behind them, and expecting to see the Blue Jinn in his large and handsome alicorn form, they're floored by what shows up!

Adrien's mouth drops open, "NO WAY!" Marinette's mouth also falls open, as she slowly nods, "YES WAY!…

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This is an alternate multiple cartoon universe, cross over story, in multiple parts. Please start with chapter #1


The next day, after the rehearsal aboard the Liberty, we find Marinette up in her room, finishing the last of her neglected schoolwork. Adrien sits nearby and Plagg and Tikki float about the room. Tikki says, "It was so romantic for Green to find a boy to finally set her completely free!" Adien replies, "Yeah, the only way to get rid of the bottle was to make three wishes." "Blue told me, even Plaggs cataclysm would have no effect on it!" He paused in thought a moment, as Plagg added, "It was partially interdimensional, my destructive energy would have just been channeled to another universe!" Adrien, with a pensive…

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This is an alternate multiple cartoon universe, cross over story, in multiple parts. Please start with chapter #1


As the band rehearsal aboard the Couffaines houseboat, Liberty, gets under way, Greenie, the newly released Green Jinn, sits in a small but comfy berth below deck. She's been spending her time at an old computer she has repaired, studying the internet to learn about this strange new world she has found herself in. She's been on board since the day she met Luka. She had made "impossible" repairs to Luka's mom's old electric guitar and needing a place to live, Anarka had invited her to stay. Although she's free to come and go as she pleases, she prefers to stay out of sight and guard her hidden prison bottle, afraid …

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Mrahc ykcul Mrahc ykcul 16 April

The Chloe and Lila Alliance Part 10 (The Finale)

The group regroups and tell each oher what they found out.All of them believe Chloe about the fact that she is going to leave Lila just like that.”It will be much easier to end Lila now that she is alone and without the Fox Miraculous.”Marinette says.”Easier said than then done , dudette”Nino says.Everyone nods.”We have to counter her somehow , though.Any ideas?”Zoe whispers.”We could always do a multiside attack”Adrein says.”In our superhero forms?No way!It’ll be like heroes attacking an ‘innocent civilian’.”Marinette.”Maybe not.Why not do it in our civilian forms?We’ll all tackle her.”Alya says.”Great idea!”Zoe exclaims.Everyone nods.”Okay.Let’s do it tommorow.”Marinette says.Meanwhile nobody realizes that Chloe is watching and eavesdrop…

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Mrahc ykcul Mrahc ykcul 16 April

The Chloe and Lila Alliance Part 9

Chloe and Lila start scheming to get Marinette akumatized.What they don’t realize is that Alya is spying on them.Just then Lila spots Alya spying on them and calls her.Her location revealed , Alya bolts.She runs to the group’s (Adrien,Marinette,Nino,Zoe and herself)secret hideout.She runs into a room and sits down breathless.”Are you ok Alya?”Adrien asks.”I’m fine” Alya replies.”It’s just that I was eavesdroping on Chloe and Lila and they were scheming to get M akumatized.I would’ve they’re entire scheme if Lila hadn’t spotted me and revealed my hiding place.””That’s fine.”Marinette said.”At least we know what they’re scheming about.”For the next hour everyone is talking about why Lila and Chloe are scheming against Marinette and how did t…

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This is an alternate multiple cartoon universe, cross over story, in multiple parts. Please start with chapter #1


A few days after the battle at the Agreste mansion, on a bright and sun shiny Saturday afternoon, Marinette and Adrien stroll along the banks of the river Seine, arm in arm. A few paces behind them, walks one of Adrien's new bodyguards, the quiet, female, samurai warrior, Kitty Katana. She has made the adjustment from sixteenth century feudal Japan to twenty first century Paris quite nicely and in a surprisingly short time. Now she wears a black, tailored business suit and black tie over a green shirt. Her two swords, in their scabbards, are carried crisscrossed, at the ready, on her back. Being a half foot taller a…

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WiiFyneLM WiiFyneLM 14 April

Micazoyolin and Deconstructing Gender Roles: A Thought

  • 1 Preface
  • 2 Introduction
  • 3 Part 1: The Discussion
  • 4 Part 2: How can a boy wear earrings?
  • 5 Part 3: The culture
  • 6 Part 4: Practical vs aesthetic
  • 7 Part 5: The repercussions
  • 8 Conclusion

I am a sociology researcher and student. As a result, I tend to focus on things related to social issues, I guess you could call me a professional SJW. In all seriousness though, sociology exists to resolve social issues and so when I see social issues I hyperfocus and consider them and whether or not they are even worth thinking about deeper, and in this case, I think it is a good discussion starter.

Some key terms. Gender essentialism is the idea that people of a certain gender must behave in a certain way or else... well, there isn't an or else, it's mostly pseudo-science…

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Kiraduh.-. Kiraduh.-. 14 April

Marinette exposes Lila: episode 1

Marinette: Can't you guys see!? lila is lying! you guy have too belive me!

Alya: you cannot prove it without proof!

Rose: exactly!

Marinette: Don't worry, i'll get enough prove and you guys will regret it...

Mylene: we'll see.

Marinette: *walks to Adrien* Adrien! can you please help me with something?

Adrien: i'm sorry Marinette, i have fencing classes. I can't help with you now.

Marinette: oh...ok then, i have to find someone else before Lila comes!

Marinette: *runs to Kagami* Kagami, please help!

Kagami: i'm sorry, i have to go fencing!

Marinette's POV: Come on!

Marinette: *sigh* fine, then i guess...

Marinette: bye...i guess...

Marinette: OMG! i need to find Luka...he's my last hope...


Chat noir: Hey marinette! i heard …

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This is an alternate multiple cartoon universe, cross over story, in multiple parts. Please start with chapter #1


At the Agreste mansion, after a great battle was won, the Paris superhero team is sorting stuff out and making things right. Lady Ting Lei and Miaowara Tomokato have been freed from an ancient, enchanted sword, which was then destroyed. Ladybug, Chat Noir, Dragonette, Wing Monkey, Purrger, Blue Teenage Boy and Crayola, gather and discuss the next and most sensitive phase of the operation. Incredigirl, Piglette and Meca-Bee walk about and pick up all the pieces of the shattered Markov. Then, up from the big underground warehouse, comes Rena Rouge, Carapace, Eagle and Uncanny Valley, with the somewhat more intelligent Th…

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This is an alternate multiple cartoon universe, cross over story, in multiple parts. Please start with chapter #1


The big fight at the Agreste mansion has taken a dark turn. Lady Ting Lei, with her enchanted sword in hand, stands over the body parts of what was once Wile E. Coyote Jr. Remaining still, she turns her head to see if anyone else would dare challenge her. Just when things look darkest for the Paris superheroes, a bright, white light shines forth from the blue wizard's staff! Followed by his loud voice, "YOU SHALL NOT PREVAIL!"

Then, from above, on the right, comes a hail of arrows from Crayola. An elongated Piglette, who's stretched herself up to the ceiling, lets loose with her bow, from the left side. Right above Ting Le…

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This is an alternate multiple cartoon universe, cross over story, in multiple parts. Please start with chapter #1


Inside the gates in front of the Agreste mansion, a round teleport window opens and out steps the rest of the Paris superhero team. Assembled in the courtyard are Ladybug, Chat Noir, Pegadragon, Wing Monkey, Incredigirl, Meca-Bee, Crayola, Purrger, Markov, Piglette and the Blue Jinn, who now is an almost exact copy of Chat Noir and calls himself Blue-Black Cat. As soon as she floats through the teleportal, Crayola begins x-raying the entire building. Shortly, she reports, "There's a big gorilla guy behind the front doors." Looking up, she says, "There's a thin lady with a sword on the second floor." Then, "Way up in b…

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This is an alternate multiple cartoon universe, cross over story, in multiple parts. Please start with chapter #1


At the near end of the big warehouse under the Agreste mansion, the last three members of the De Vanily gang have been bought out into the open by a Rena Rouge illusion. Moe, Larry and Curly are transfixed by the image of Majestia, Superman and Knight Owl apparently arguing over a lover's triangle. Suddenly, the illusion is shattered by three eagle feathers, sailing through the air and each striking one of the Three Stooges. Simultaneously, Eagle cries out, "I free you from your stupidity!"

Moe, Larry and Curly jerk up straight, drop their plunger loaded crossbows and stand still, lost in thought. They're snapped out o…

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This is an alternate multiple cartoon universe, cross over story, in multiple parts. Please start with chapter#1


On the Champ de Mars, in front of the newly restored Eiffel Tower, stands the Paris superhero team. Cosmo Bug has just finished thanking the ponies from Equestria, when she turns and sees Meca-Bee, in her teenage robot girl form, deploy a large view screen. Our favorite red and black hero, gets a little curious as she notices that Pegadragon, Wing Monkey and Blue Alicorn are studying the over-sized computer tablet with serious looks on their faces. Cosmo Bug looks, she sees a close in aerial view of a house with three different colored lines crossing over it. Then she hears Astro Chats voice from over her shoulder, "…

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This is an alternate multiple cartoon universe, cross over story, in multiple parts. Please start with chapter #1


Dropping in from high altitude over Paris, comes the hundred-foot-tall IRON GIANT! Right alongside of him is his "date", the teenage robot girl, Jenny XJ-9 Wakeman, as Maca-Bee, piloting an eighty-foot-tall Gundam suit! The pair land on the grassy Champ de Mars, right behind the Eiffel Tower. They both reach their hands up to the wrought iron girders and wait.

From the ground, in front of the tower's legs on the river side, Uncanny Valley cuts through one of them with her laser and Crayola melts through the other with the heat of her eye beams! Once they're done, they fly back out of the way and Meca-Bee, in her Gundam sui…

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This is an alternate multiple cartoon universe, cross over story, in multiple parts. Please start with chapter #1


In her penthouse suite of her daddy's overpriced hotel, Chloe Bourgeois turns on her super wide screen T.V. "Don't be bemused, it's just the news!" "This is Nadja Chamack at the news desk, continuing our coverage of the strange happenings at the Eiffel Tower." Behind her is a video of the tower, with its big grinning clown face and head, wearing a kilt, slowly dancing the highland fling, while being struck by lightning and farting. She goes on, "It's obviously been sillified and I think you, our viewers, would agree, that this is beyond silly!" "It's downright ridiculous, utterly ridiculous!"

Chloe yells, "DADDY!" "Nadj…

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You suck2020 You suck2020 7 April

Miraculous Ladybug

Ok so from what I have learned about Miraculous is that if tiki and plagg unify it would make a powerful power and that power maybe could defeat Hawkmoth cause that power is actually very dangerous so if Hawkmoth tries to defeat that person he would have lost again

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This is an alternate multiple cartoon universe, cross over story, in multiple parts. Please start with chapter #1


On the mid-level observation deck of the Eiffel tower, Bubbles, of the Power Puff Girls, has just received the miraculous of the goat, and has transformed into the crayon wielding superhero, "CRAYOLA!"

Cosmo Bug checks out her big crayon tool weapon, "With this, anything you draw, becomes real!" "Let's see... alright!" "These buttons control color, line width, spray, fill, erase and duplicate!" She finds a little hatch and opens it, "This is your built-in smart phone and users guide." "It's got the numbers of all the other miraculous holders, and you can call out to any phone." "As far as I know, it's on some kind of magic ce…

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Mrahc ykcul Mrahc ykcul 6 April

The Chloe and Lila Alliance Part 8

Lila and Chloe are devastated by the loss of the Bee and Fox miraculouses.To add on to their loss , the police fine them  leaving their parents deprived of money and assets.To add more to the mess Ladybug and Cat Noir reveal the girls identities as one Paris’s biggest threats to security , depriving their parents of more money.Chloe and Lila are no longer feared by anybody at school.As Lila is walking in the corridors Adrien pulls her into the locker room.He asks her why she had been watching him for the past few months.Lila replies by saying “I secretly struck a deal with your father.In exchange for keeping an eye on you and keeping you away from “bad influences”.In return I got to date you and model as your father’s companys female model…

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