• Laughterlight

    Part 4

    Sierra wrapped her hand around the oddly shaped object and pulled it out. It was a box shaped like a white and pink rose. For some reason, as soon as she saw it, she knew that she needed to get somewhere private. That this wasn’t meant for the public eye. She tucked the box back into her purse and ran the rest of the way back to her house.

    When she arrived, she quickly closed and locked the door behind her. Her mom was at her little sister’s basketball game and her dad was on a business trip, so she was alone. Her feet moved with practiced ease through her kitchen and living room, scooting around the coffee table and between the couch and love seat. She reached the door to her bedroom and walked inside, carefully closing it as she did…

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  • Laughterlight

    Hey everyone! School is kicking me in the butt right now, so this could be the last part for a few days. In case anyone is considering taking AP Art History, don't. It's not worth the suffering. Please comment if you're here, I'd like to gage the number of people who read this story! I also love any constructive criticism or praise you can give.


    Part 3

    No sooner had Lin shut her front door behind her than all heck began to break loose. It started with a loud crashing sound just out of her view on the street around the corner from her house. She moved as fast as she could to get a better look and caught a glimpse of the situation just as a hooded figure jumped into view.

    As soon as the red, orange, and brown caught her eye, she k…

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  • Laughterlight

    Part 2

    Sierra walked side by side with her friends Kassie and Elle along the sidewalk, chatting and laughing. Elle’s phone gave a sudden buzz, and she pulled it out of her pocket to take a look.

    “What is it?” Sierra asked her, tucking her wavy blonde hair behind her ear.

    “Nothing important,” Elle said, putting the phone back. “Just someone I follow making a post.”

    Kassie’s curiosity got the better of her. “What was the post about?”

    “Oh, it was just another thing about those heroes in Paris,” Elle answered, uninterested.

    “Really? What did they do this time?” Sierra wondered.

    “Something about a new supervillain, as usual.”

    Kassie shivered a little. “I’m just glad those supervillains never make it here. We don’t have anyone to stop them.”

    A loud crash…

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  • LindaleeRose

    4 years ago today my first Miraculous / ZAG behind-the-scenes video was posted. What a ride it’s been so far; being a junior reporter for ZAG, interviewing Cast from the show, meeting fellow Miraculers, covering and being on MIraculous comic con panels, hosting all sorts of giveaways/contests & more! Thank you all for your support. More to come hopefully SOON! -Lindalee

    CHECK out my very FIRST Miraculous video for ZAG here ---->

    2016 - Behind the Scenes of ZAG Studios - Miraculous Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir

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  • MiraculousFanGirlayy

    Fishy Page

    January 20, 2020 by MiraculousFanGirlayy

    This is the Fish Page (for Fishy Squad members only) Only Co Founders, Admins and Founders/Bureaucrats can edit this page.

    Bunnybug's Valentines Competition! Enter it! Just simply enter your Miraculous Themed Valentines Art, Poem or Song and send her a message! Her message wall is on my profile shout outs. I have already entered!

    The artwork we have at the moment is by MiraculousFanGirlayy

    We also have some more art by Cupcake574!

    Our Co Founder (Bunnybug) also has some art!

    Founder/Bureaucrat- MiraculousFanGirlayy

    Co Founder(s)- Bunnybug

    Artists- Cupcake574 

    Admins- SilverMoonlight0517

    Superior Members- None

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  • Laughterlight

    (Many years later, sometime in the time frame of the show)

    Part 1

    Lin, or Lady Lin, as the kwamis liked to address her, was sitting in a comfortable armchair reading. It was her favorite pastime. She had just reached a quite invigorating scene when two kwamis phased through the door to her living room.

    The bear-themed kwami of comprehension, Urrsa, was worriedly dragging Prikka, the unicorn-themed kwami of harmonization, towards her.

    “Lady Lin!” Urrsa called, waving her free arm back and forth wildly as she flew. “Lady Lin! There’s something you need to hear!”

    Lin forced herself to look away from her book. “Yes? what is it?”

    Urrsa pushed Prikka in front of her towards Lin. “Tell her what you just told me!”

    Prikka fiddled nervously with her yellow…

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  • Bunnybug

    Unnamed hamster

    January 19, 2020 by Bunnybug
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  • Cupcake574

    I just need to say this.

    January 17, 2020 by Cupcake574

    I really need to say this: I love this wiki and all the people on it. Everyone here is so kind and I like that. Also, if you didn't know already, I have a Ladybug Fan Club. I also love role plays. Well, I finally got that out. I am out there. Bug out! Ladybug Cat Noir Rena Rouge Carapace

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  • WiddershinsAndSpellthorns

    Hello miraculous fans! Anyone want to join my miraculous discord server. is the link to it!

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  • BenRG

    Chloe's New Mask

    January 17, 2020 by BenRG

    There remain some who  think that Chloe Bourgeois will one day be redeemed enough to bear the Bee Miraculous again. Personally, I doubt it. What is more, I think that Chloe's denunciation of Ladybug at the end of Miracle Queen suggests that she doesn't even want to go down that route. However, I do not think that this is necessarily the end of Chloe's journey, nor that it necessarily means that shse cannot be a hero in the future. I just think that she'll take a very different route to do so.

    If there is one constant in Chloe's motivation, it is a desire to prove to her mother, Audrey, that she is somehow worthy of her legacy. Previously, Audrey has been so scornful of Chloe that she has not even tried to explain to her daughter how to do so…

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  • Laughterlight

    Hello everyone! I am happily announcing that I plan to continue writing Pink-Tipped Petals and will try to release a new part every Tuesday. This story will be exclusive to this wiki (I have no accounts on creative writing platforms😅), and any feedback and/or critique is welcome. 

    Have a blessed day!


    Edit: I have now realized (after finding myself able to write multiple parts in a day) that my worries about getting stuck and taking too long between releases were probably unfounded. I will now be releasing parts more or less as I finish them, up to 1 a day if I have a lot of time and/or creative juices flowing.

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  • Number1miraculousfan

    I feel like Kwami and their holders act very similar. For example: Remember in Despair Bear when Adrien took Marinette's hand and pratctically yeeted her onto the dance floor? Well, remember how in Sandboy, Plagg said something very similar to what Adrien said. Also, when Tikki Plagg and Sass were standing in together, it was very similar to when Cat Noir Ladybug and Viperion were standing in the sewers in Desperada Also Plagg calls Tikki Sugarcube, and Cat Noir Calls Ladybug Bugaboo Tikki Threatens Plagg, saying if he keeps calling her sugarcube she would call him a nickname, (stinky sock) Ladybug Also threatens Cat Noir, saying she will call him:

    Bananoir Bugaboy

    They are many more examples, but I'm going to end it there.

    Whatcha think?

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  • Cool cat 10000

    All about cat noir

    January 14, 2020 by Cool cat 10000

    I love cat noir and we also know that he loves ladybug 

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  • Laughterlight


            A young girl sprinted through the hallways of the temple, the pounding of her feet masked by the screams and crashes of the chaos unfolding in another part of the temple. Only one comprehensible thought could break past the terror clouding her mind: Run.

    Finally, an exit came into view. She dashed even faster toward it, legs and arms pumping. It was so close; she could see the beams of light from underneath the door…

    A hand grabbed her foot, and she stumbled forward but managed to retain her balance. She whipped around to face an injured man sitting on the ground with his leg at an awkward angle. The girl took another step toward the door.

    “Please…” the man said, stopping her. “You’re one of the caretakers’ daughter, aren’t you…

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  • Cool cat 10000

    ladybug and cat noir

    January 14, 2020 by Cool cat 10000

    i love this show 

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  • CivanMLB

    My first fanfic

    January 13, 2020 by CivanMLB

    First of three fanfic ideas that I have for S4 look-a-like episodes

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  • LindaleeRose


    January 13, 2020 by LindaleeRose

    Ok FANDOM'ers (I'm still new here, what is everyone called!?!?). I'm taping a FAN QUESTIONS video in a couple hours and I'd love to hear from some of you here on the Miraculous Fandom group. But just know I dont have answers I can give for Season 4, though I know a LOT of spoilers (sorry), and I've answered questions before like what Miraculous character am I most like, etc. But feel free to ask me anything else about my life, reporting, hobbies, etc and I'll do my best to answer. Leave your questions here...thanks!!! -Lindalee 

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  • LindaleeRose

    My First POST

    January 12, 2020 by LindaleeRose

    Hey guys, I've heard about the FANDOM Miraculous page for so long, and thought I'd join so I can keep you guys updated on any interviews and news I get from when I'm working with Jeremy Zag or the ZAG Animation team. You can always check out my past videos, interviews and convention segments both on the official Miraculous Ladybug YouTube channel, and also my own YouTube channel (link in bio). Hope to hear from you guys. I'll keep you updated.

    -Lindalee Rose 

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  • Avecmoi

    I was just thinking that we should have a wiki feature that allows us to watch a given MLB episode together as a wiki. You know how watching a movie is often more fun with friends and often times you can learn from each other's comments.

    It could be called "Episode Live" or something, perhaps we could have a given times (multiple because I'm sure this wiki spans time zones) where an episode would play and we could chat to each other while the episode plays.

    What do you guys think? Any other ideas for extending the wiki? Any features that you think would be cool to add?

    (To be updated as the ideas strike, and from the suggestions of others)

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  • WiddershinsAndSpellthorns

    |video|right|300px]] I am answering the question every miraculous fan asks themselves, why is Gabriel Agreste/Hawk Moth such a bad parent? This is my reasons...

    Reasons for Gabriel/Hawmoth is a bad parent

    It is shown in many episodes, that Gabriel Agreste doesn't treat his son, Adrien Agreste, very well. The first time, this happened was in The Bubbler, when Gabriel doesn't allow Adrien have a birthday party, he uses this to gain a victim to akumatise although doing this effects Adrien. Once Cat Noir and Ladybug save the day, Gabriel still doesn't allow Adrien have the rightful birthday party, he should of had. The most painful episode for Adrien so far, was clearly, Chat Blanc because of many cruel and selfish things Gabriel did for his o…

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  • Nobody90

    Miracle Queen was amazing

    January 7, 2020 by Nobody90

    The finale of season 3 was not a mess, it was great.

    Chloé's character was not ruined, she never really changed for the better and her betrayal and downfall were foreshadowed through the entire season.

    For example she still bullied other people just for fun and never showed any remorse. Among her victims are her butler, Aurore, Max, Lila, Kagami, Alya, Marinette and especially Sabrina. And no matter how often a supervillain comes after her, she never seems to learn.

    Then there is also her entitlement to "her" Miraculous which she demanded from Ladybug many times while becoming more and more frustrated.

    It is not Ladybugs fault that Chloé exposed herself to the whole world and she made it very clear why she cannot give her the Bee Miraculous ba…

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  • Digimonking


    January 5, 2020 by Digimonking

    Tommy and his friend go of game of bowling with new friends.   Marinette ask tommy what his your brother doing.  Dil told faked fact about aliens being real.  Adrien say that cool and I might talk to him about aliens too.  Chloe came along as she say aliens not real and they are faked.  Dil got mad and I show the aliens are real.  He take his toy flying space ship and left mad.

    Hawkmoth sense his anger more power then the next one and I going to make this akuma to evilize him.

    Dil is walking at the sidewalk and the akuma make in his toy space ship.  Alien I give you the power to control the space ship with laser beams.  Dil say I will help you at any cost.  He turn green all over, shape like alien, and has huge space ship.  Alien say let do…

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  • Digimonking

    Mother queen

    January 5, 2020 by Digimonking

    Didi is in hotel to looking at the news and find out her son got akumatize.  She is little freaked out by this one.  She read the blog about Chloe cause most of a the villains.  So I need to talk to about this to her.  So she left her room to find Chloe.

    So she went to the front desk to ask where is Chloe but Chloe came in to hear her name.  Chloe ask what is you want? Didi say you cause my son to get akumatize but Chloe say I not cause is akumatize.  This makes didi snap and show this doll from the purse.  She storm out of the hotel.

    Hawkmoth say I sense a mother feeling frustrated and he turn the akuma black to find her.  So the akuma went into the doll and call her mother queen.  I am hawkmoth and I give you the power to control all the …

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  • Digimonking


    January 5, 2020 by Digimonking

    Hawkmoth say I feel this angry in him and it perfect opportunity get those miraculous.  He grab Akumatize and turn it black to evilize the next person.  Hawkmoth hope his plan works for this time around but with this plan fail and I just to find a other person.

    Tommy was so mad at Chloe for yelling at spike  and I wish he face a Akuma villain fight at her.  The akuma went I to Tommy's toy screwdriver(what he got as a baby).  Screwdriver master do you feel angry for the thing Chloe did to your pet? Tommy agreed with him and become screwdriver master.  With blue all over his body, helmet, screwdriver logo on his stomach, and screwdriver weapon.

    Chuckie see what happened to Tommy and say we got another villain to face.  Phil and lil see it too…

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  • Digimonking

    The whole gang visited Paris again with their dog call spike.  Tommy ask what to do in Paris to his gang? Chuckie hear some new most of villains and the twin both agree what Chuckie just said.  Angelica say their are heroes to turn the villain back to normal.  Tommy say ladybug and cat noir save the day most of the time.  Let explore more of Paris because we stay for the three weeks.

    Chloe spot a dog and say that dog is disgusting.  Get that mutt out of front of the hotel but Marinette and adrien see this.  Marinette will be a shame with that dog might get Akumatize.  Chloe say I don't care because I didn't wanted to mess up my hotel.  This cause spike to run away and hide behind the alley.  Angelica say listen here Chloe that the rudest t…

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  • MiraculousFanGirlayy

    Only show these spoilers if you are happy with knowing things that haven't been released in any episodes worldwide.

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  • Nobody90


    January 4, 2020 by Nobody90

    Chloé as seen by Marinette.

    miraculous secrets gabriel

    Nathaniel & Marc

    Luka as seen by Marinette

    New Powers

    New Heroes

    Nathalie as seen by Gabriel

    Mayura and the sentimonsters

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  • Nobody90

    Season One

    1. Volpina (Lila the illusionist)

    2. Stormy Weather ( For all of you who voted for Mireille, I'd advise you to move indoors. It's going to get very blustery! Oh wait... too late. )

    3. Pupeteer (powerful and adorable)

    4. Lady Wifi (teleport spam scene and pausing Chloé)

    5. The Evillustrator (can draw anything and attacked Chloé with a hairdryer)

    6. Stoneheart ( You wanted the cavalry? Well, here it is!)

    7. The Mime (invisible bazooka)

    8. Darkblade ( Bourgeois, pathetic knave, come hither and do battle!)

    9. Vanisher (came closer to victory than Antibug) and Gamer (robot battle)

    10. The Pharaoh (can change between several superpowers)

    Season 2

    1. Riposte (has a sword arm and can use sword beams)

    2. Anansi (kickboxer with six arms)

    3. Style Queen …

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  • Cupcake574


    December 31, 2019 by Cupcake574

    Well, there are a lot of heroes Hawk Moth found out the identities, thankfully not Ladybug's and Cat Noir's. So, Ladybug will be looking for new people to bring over to the temporary hero team, such as Mylène Haprèle. Who else do you think will be a new holder? Comment if there is anyone you can think of that would be a good superhero.

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  • Avecmoi
    What is the most powerful miraculous (to date)?

    This question was planted in my mind thanks to the question of the featured article January 2020.     Let's review the pros and cons of the various miraculouses, (miraculi?), to figure out which miraculous is the most powerful to date.   To start, we have to define what we mean by "most powerful miraculous." We need an objective and measurable metric to define "power" by so that we can successfully answer the question, (and not end up in an eternal subjective debate with ourselves).  Let's look up the definition of "powerful," shall we?  (    

    I think the necessary definition to be used here is the third definition: Something that is powerful is someth…
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  • Princess of Harte

    Hello, hello!

    I have returned from a long hiatus only to be a season behind. Somehow, I have avoided the majority of spoilers for the show and am now watching Season 3 and going through the transcript pages for the episodes one at a time. Let's talk about the implications of "Chameleon".

    As the first episode of the third season, "Chameleon" has a lot of hype to live up to. It has us return to things rarely seen, such as the Cafeteria and Lila Rossi. Lila has made this world messy. Here's a list of Lila's lies this episode:

    • having tinnitus
    • going to the Kingdom of Achu
    • saving Jagged Stone's cat
    • Lila traveling the world
    • having a sprained wrist
    • watching someone's eye be gouged out
    • Max's eye potentially being injured
    • having arthritis
    • Being willing to change


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  • Number1miraculousfan

    I made a countdown till the 1st of September, because that's all the info we have right now. Here is the link!

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  • Number1miraculousfan

    Miraculous Movie

    December 26, 2019 by Number1miraculousfan

    So, I was talking to my dad about the movie, and I was wondering if it would show in Australia, like, in the movie theatre. I'm so happy, because my dad said if it does, I can go to the movies! I have never been before! And this is the best part, he said I could bring a friend! I haven't seen a friend out side of school! Is this is a big deal to me! I am definitely gonna bring my bff/ crush, Although she will more than definitely go, I hope she doesn't think it's a date 😂. That would be awesome! To go with my crush, to the movies! And watch the Miraculous movie! So I really hope it premiers in the Australia theatres!

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  • KatNoire

    So last night I saw a post on the three names Marinette wants to give her children. This made me wonder if, like many other names in the show, there was some hidden meaning in them so I looked up the meanings.

      Hugo: mind/intellect

    Louis: famous warrior

      Emma: whole or complete

    Emma's definitely stood out to me. What an odd name in comparison to the other two. As I was revisiting this tonight, I realized Hugo ie intellect=Ladybug, Louis ie warrior= Cat Noir. And Emma literally means complete. Ladybug and Cat Noir complete each other!

    I continue to love the symbolism in this show!!!

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  • Stanceofmy777number

    Aww man

    December 23, 2019 by Stanceofmy777number

    I just realised I can’t see the miraculous movie. My mom says that I need a date before going there. She does not want me roaming in the theatres alone.. but since I’m the only one who loves miraculous, I bet nobody will go with me on 2021. Well I’m gonna see what happens in the future..

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  • KittyNoir2025

    Incase u can't tell wut it says, it says distance means so little when someone means so much.

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  • KittyNoir2025

    Random Quotes

    December 22, 2019 by KittyNoir2025

    "Oh no! Plagg, who turned you into a sock?!" -Adrien, Sandboy. 

    "What did you expect me to say?! 'Hey, hot stuff, this is Marinette,  and I'd ask you on a date to the movies, but I've got such a crazy crush on you that the only way I can talk to you without foaming of the mouth is OVER THE STUPID PHONE!! Pretty ridiculous,  right?'"-Marinette (I don't no wut episode this is from lolol) 

    "What are you talking about? I am acting natural!" -Cat noir, Mr. Pigeon. 

    "Flap, flap!!RrRrrRoOoOoO!! RrRrRrRoOoOOoooO!!!!!!!" -Mr. Pigeon,  Mr.Pigeon. 

    "Birds of a feather flock together!" -Cat Noir, Mr. Pigeon. 

    "I am NOT his love bug!" -Ladybug, Lady WiFi. 

    "She's not a superhero, she's a super psycho! " -Alya, Lady WiFi. 

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  • KittyNoir2025
    1. Q. Will Adrien and Marinette ever get together? A. Signs point to yes.
    2. Q. Will my ship (ships of the love square) sail? A. Without a doubt. 
    3. Q. Are alya and Nino a cute couple? A. You may rely on it.
    4. Q. Will lb and cn ever find out each other'so identities? A. It is certain.
    5. Q. Will Chloè ever become a decent person? A. Definitely not. ( true story lolol) 
    6. Q. Is Lila a good 4 nothin', stupid, ugly, useless Liar?  ( I may have went a little overboard but still) A. It is decided so.
    7. Q.Will Marinette eva stop stuttering whenever she is around Adrien ? A. Don't count on it. (True story I swear) . 
    8. Q. Is Cat Noir awsome? A. Outook good.
    9. Q. Will Marinette and Adrien ever get married, get a house, and have 3 kids and a hampster? ( that wuz a kinda weird …
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  • KittyNoir2025

    Honestly, if she did, she would need a cool name,  as well as a cool set of powers.


    She would be akumatized because Lila, as usual, lied to her classmates and manipulated them into thinking that she bullied the liar. She could control people, hence the name Marionette,  and her akuma would be in the charm Adrien gave her.

    Evil Queen

    She would be akumatized Adrien asked Lila to the school dance. However, Adrien's father had forced him to , and poor Marinette hadn't known this. She would feel as if adrien, the only one other than herself who knew about Lila being a liar, had betrayed her, thus being akumatized into Evil Queen and seeking revenge. Her akuma would be in her tiara, and she would have the power to turn people into…

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  • SugarCubeTikki456

    For @LCN4life’s Christmas contest! This fic is Reverse Love Square, btw!

    Secret Santa was a terrible idea! Usually, Marinette indulged in gift-giving, she really did. But secret Santa was just something else…it always went horribly for her! She’d gotten Chloe twice in a row already and honestly…Chloe hated anything she made and would plunge it right back at her face!

    That’s why she was relieved when she found out her school was not hosting Secret Santa this year…thank god! However, her lovely best friend had an excellent idea this year, she went:

    “Hey guys, why don’t we don’t we do Secret Santa amongst ourselves?”

    Evidently, everyone agreed (none of them had gotten Chloe twice in a row, of course) saying that it was a brilliant idea and they didn’t…

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  • SugarCubeTikki456

    The Christmas Dance

    December 19, 2019 by SugarCubeTikki456

    Fanfic for @Bunnybug's Christmas Contest! Hope you like it : )

      Adrien stood perched at the doorway at his father's office, fumbling with his ring anxiously wondering how he would ask his father about this...he hoped he would agree! Though the chances were low...

      "Father, may I have a word with you?"

      "Go on, son." Gabriel Agreste said sternly gazing into his tablet working on his new design. 

      "My school's hosting a dance for christmas this year, it's from the evening about ‪7pm‬ straight to midnight. Most of my friends will be going, as the school rarely hosts these kind of occasions. I was wondering whether I could perhaps go?"

    "Adrien, you know you have a very important photoshoot the day after Christmas early that morning, I can't hav…

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  • MiraculousFanGirlayy

    Sorry I should’ve specified in the title! I mean if they had a fourth kid

    Ok guys lots of people have been pondering this and there have been many theories about it. Some think it’ll be Ladrien, Marichat, Adrianette or Marian. But these are kinds of names you wouldn’t really give your kids... Not really... this is just a theory you don’t have to believe it. You can just stop reading now. Some people also have some good names but are very confusing and don’t make sense a lot of the time (sorry if there are people out there who have some good ideas) but I have a small theory... maybe others think this too. I might not be the first to have discovered this.

    Their kids name will be:


    Now I know it seems a little of topic because there is nothin…

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  • ZhaMLC5771

    Drawing bloG

    December 15, 2019 by ZhaMLC5771

    this is  [K I R I T O] from Sword Art Online anime..

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  • MiraculousFanGirlayy

    Hello fellow miraculous lovers!

    I am making a group with BunnyBug! It will be on my message wall and you can have your own miraculouses your max is 3 you just say whatever one you want to own and I’ll tell you if it’s taken or not! You can also name the kwamis that will be given with your powers! They don’t have to be Tikki and Plagg they can be Oreo and Cookie Monster or something. The group will be called

    “Which Keeper?”

    I hope you enjoy it! I will send you messages about what you need to do on the streets of Paris to save the day whatever miraculous you are (you don’t have to do these challenges and I will not spam you)

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  • BadassAdrien

    OMG, how do you not love Chat and Adrien in Mr.Pigeon? His sneezes are SOOOOOOOO cute!

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  • FrostedMoon05


    December 11, 2019 by FrostedMoon05

    I’m kinda stressed out lately, and my mind tends to wander off to things that just overall makes me feel awful. Like how people still treat others poorly just because they’re different, and how that’s still around. But overall, it’s other people that jump on me whenever I share my opinion or get a fact wrong. So please don't be mean to me or hurt me (in any way), because it's not gonna help my life.


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  • Number1miraculousfan

    I absolutely loved the fact Tomoe tsurugi was named after Tomoe Gozen, and I love the fact that when she was akumatized her name was Iikari GOZEN.

    I fangirled so she's then!

    Especially when she was talking about Tomoe Gozen when she was training Kagami!

    And we all know that Tomoe Gozen was given the ladybug Miraculous?

    Well I believe that she had the dragon Miraculous!

    Because when she was training Kagami, she was saying she was allusive as the wind, as powerful as the flood, and as Swift as lightning, that totally had something to do with the dragon Miraculous.

    And then when ladybug got the dragon Miraculous, and was saying allusive as the wind as powerful as the flood, and as Swift as lightning.

    That was just some information/ theories about To…

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  • Rainbow787

    Its something I think all miraculers face, being told that this is a kids show. I know I am not the first to talk about this but let me just let it all out ITS NOT A KIDS SHOW. The story line while following a basic plot in every episode has a complex storyline following every episode creating such a complex story that you don't even realize a kid would not be able to understand it!!!

    Me and some of my best friends rant about how everyone always calls it a kids show and we have probably made a nice 50 page list of all the things that make this wonderful animated thing not made for children.

    Just putting it out there don't mind my pointless rant anyways thanks for readinggg... -🌈

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  • KatNoire

    In a way the Miracle Queen fight was almost a redo of the circumstances that didn't go too well in Reflekdoll and Desperada. That may sound strange but let me explain.

    Desperada: Cat gets a second chance with the Snake Miraculous. This time he was able to focus on the task at hand. He actually used the power quite well, only needing 3 tries in total before figuring out a way to defeat Miracle Queen.

    So his unsuccessfulness in Desperada wasn't because he was ill-suited for that Miraculous. It was simply that he was too distracted and unable to think of anything but winning Ladybug over.

    Reflekdoll: if you think about it, Ladybug and Cat Noir switched roles when they became Dragonbug and SnakeNoir. Ladybug is the one with the plan while Cat Noi…

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  • AceVenturaFinkleAndMarino


    December 3, 2019 by AceVenturaFinkleAndMarino
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