• Ladybuglovelife

    oh my goodness i just watched a vid on youtube and it literally showed how luka treats marinette vs. how adrien treats marinette. luka treats marinette like he knows he really wants marinette... but adrien can't make up his mind AT ALL. in the episode frozer when he's listening to marinette through the bathroom door, plagg says " you're supposed to be in love with Ladybug and now you ditch kagami and go after marinette?" and adrien is like "me? going after marinette? n-no s-she's just a friend...!" he doesn't know he likes marinette (if he does) AND BTW HE HESITATED SAYING THAT as if thinking " do i really like marinette???" !!!!!!!!  

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  • Ladybuglovelife

    ok so first i ship luka and kagami because luka is really chill and stuff, but also cause kagami is very tense and like " do it this way!" or " i must win!" so like maybe luka could teach kagami how to be more chill, and they'd end up in a perfect relationship so yeh. plus if adrien and marinette do end up together, there won't be any heartbreak for anyone. ( except maybe lila and chloe tho but they deserve it )

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  • Tabbyz

    I personally ship adrienette, but I wouldn't complain about lucanette just because luca is cute and he is a great "friend'. Adrien's just sometimes so oblivious, that I can't take him seriously .

    leave me opinions down below

    -arey chan

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  • TikkiPowerUp

    Hey guys I have a few questions about Miraculous Ladybug.

    When Ladybug and Chat Noir get there first new powers of aqua I was freaking out because this is awesome right?!?!?! Tikki looked so excited to eat the macaroon which is adorable and Ladybug's new costume is amazing. I do want to know where Chat's transformation is though. We never get a full one and that's sad but I'm hoping to get one next season. 🙏

    So then for the ice one I'm like all right now they get to show off their fancy ice skating moves. Maybe Chat can finally Impress Ladybug (I wish). I get two awesome transformations and they hold hands!!!! My fangirl heart is dying. 

    So then in the Miraculous Ladybug YouTube series in the episode "New Powers" it says Ladybug's ice name is…

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  • Bunnybug

    Spoilers compilation

    July 4, 2020 by Bunnybug

    This is a collection of all spoilers so far for Season 4, Miraculous New York, Miraculous Shanghai and Ladybug & Cat Noir Awakening. You can help by posting more spoilers with references in the comments! Note: all presumed but unreferenced information is striked like this

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  • Bunnybug

    The Law of Crowds

    July 4, 2020 by Bunnybug

    Throughout the entire show, one of the most common animation errors is the appearance, disappearance and shift of people in crowds.

    Timebreaker. The class is waiting for the race to start. Adrien, Chloé and Sabrina, among others, mysteriously move around the crowd...

    This above lets me formulate the following:

    If there is a crowd, there are animation errors.
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  • JEA16

    What if  ladybug and cat-noir team-up with like:

    1.The Avengers

    2. Guardians of the Galaxy

    3. Power Rangers Ninja Steel

    4. Teen titans

    5. Fairy tail

    6. Team Avatar

    7.Power rangers jungle fury

    8. Mane 6

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  • Mr.Interest

    Episode Idea

    July 2, 2020 by Mr.Interest

    Alright, I had an idea of the entire Miracle Queen episode. Though with a very different ending, an ending that would have been better and have much more interesting stories in the future episodes. Now we're done with the intro, I want to go on of the idea I had. 

    Why didn't the creators of Miraculous choose not to give' Chloe 'all of the miraculous she HEARD during the transformations of the fox, snake, monkey and horse miraculous. I also mean of how when in the middle of their battle. Ladybug throws the snake miraculous off towards Cat Noir, wouldn't this not give the chance for somebody in the fight to grab it instantly then throw the prized possession off to their queen? I feel like it would've been a great episode idea. Having Chloe go…

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  • MiraculousFan25

    "Cat Noir move!" Lady Noire said as she freed Mister Bug from the pigeons.

    "What are they doing? They've swapped their Miraculous!" Mayura asks Hawk Moth.

    "Use that against them, Mr Pigeon!" Hawk Moth tells Mr Pigeon. 

    "Maybe his twenty-sixth akumatization will be successful, my dear Mayura."

    "There are going to have much more trouble defeating Mr Pigeon and Pigeontitan!"

    And after saying "Lucky Charm", "Cataclysm", "No more evil-doing for you little Akuma", "No more evil-doing for little Amok", "Time to de-evilize", "Gotcha", "Bye, bye little butterfly", "Bye, bye little feather", and "Miraculous Mister Bug", Mr Pigeon and Pigeontitan were defeated.

    "So... M'lady, have you changed your mind?"

    "I don't know, Bugaboy. It's been a really though per…

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  • Incognito.Flowers


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  • MiraculousFan25

    Marinette is sitting on her balcony when Cat Noir comes.

    "Hey Marinette."

    "Hi Cat Noir."

    "So, what are you doing?"

    "Nothing really."

    "I need to tell you something."


    "Ladybug decided to quit being Ladybug."

    "Oh, that's bad. I'm sorry."

    "I tried to change her mind, but she didn't. Now I must find a new Ladybug before Hawk Moth and Mayura strike again."

    "Have you got anyone in mind?"

    "Yes. Marinette Dupain-Cheng, this is the Miraculous of the Ladybug which grants the power of Creation. You'll use it for the greater good. Once Ladybug decides to become a superhero again, you'll return the Miraculous to me. Can I trust you?"

    "I'm sorry, no. Why would you entrust a Miraculous to me?"

    "You're a great girl Marinette and I know I could trust you. But why …

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  • MiraculousFan25

    It's one of the last days of the school year. Marinette's class are having a class with Miss Bustier. Everyone is paying attention, except Marinette. She is drawing turtles in her notebook, being noticeably sad. 

    "Marientte? Are you listening?" Miss Bustier asks. "Marinette?" Marinette doesn't answer. Suddenly the bell rings. Everyone except Alya and Adrien leaves the classroom. (Nino is absent.)

    "Marinette? Are you okay?" Adrien asks her.

    "Yes." She answers.

    "Are you sure?" Alya asks her.


    "Would you like some alone time?" Alya asks.

    "Yes." Adrien and Alya leave.

    "Marinette, why are you so sad?" Miss Bustier asks her.

    "I can't tell you. I'm sorry."

    "It doesn't matter. You are sad because you made a mistake and you are feeling bad about it, ri…

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  • Jjohnson428

    As we all know i technecly did a partvone to this. also in the last one i said that  those were not all the ship's that i know or heard of so heres the rest (i think) and no i did not forget to rate the previos ship's ( ok i did i admit it sadly but i will edit that and add them) 17.kagami and adrien                       9 18.adrien and marinette                    10 19. adrien and luka                            8 20.adrien and lila                               0 21. adrien and chole                           3 22.adrien and Nathaniel                       0 23.nathaniel and chole                          5 24.nathaniel and marinette                   3 25.subriana and max                           10 26.penny and jaget                …

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  • Jjohnson428

    As we all know somthings in miraculous kinda makes me want to punch mah tv .so that is today i will be stating some facts about adrien agrest!!!! so lets begin!!!

    the iconic quote "ShEs JuSt A  FrIeNd" i think its fair to say that we all hate it even if you ship marinette with some one else. it still gets me so mad. so heres my qustion agrest if shes just a friend then how come in the ep catelist you first instinct was to pretect marinette. if i were you i would just run stright home as fast as i could. (btw im trying to make this blog shorter because i noticed that all the other ones are super long) now for my last qustion for today in the ep startrain  when she fell aslep on adrien HE SMILED  i dont treat my friends like that if they fell…

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  • Jjohnson428

    As we all know miraculous is filled with ships. To be honest the show its self would be boring with out them. So that is why today i will be rating  all the ships that i know or heard of! LETS START!  you guys can all so rate the ships in the comments and tell meh your hounest opinon! thx

    1. marinette and adrien          8
    2. marinette and luka             10
    3. marinette and  Nathaniel      0
    4. marinette and felix               9
    5. marinette and lila                 0
    6. marinette and kagami           0
    7. marinette and gabreail agrest  0
    8. marinette and alya                  0
    9. alya ans nino                         10
    10. luka and chole                        10
    11. luka and adrien                       10
    12. luka and kagami                      10
    13. luka and marinette and adrien     …
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  • BenRG

    I've just learned of the existence of a story called Sword Art Online. Basically a very light 'virtual cyberpunk' story of sorts, if I understand it correctly. It occurs to me that it could easily be a very good basis of a crossover with Miraculous Ladybug.

    Marinette and Adrien are both semi-pro gamers so if something like SAO were to exist in their universe, I imagine that they'd be players. Of course, because destiny is something hard to shake, their in-game avatars would look just a little like Chat Noir and Ladybug, even if they did not hold a Miraculous in that universe.

    Naturally, Felix and Lila would be senior members of a griefer guild who enjoy creating internal discord in other player guilds. Chloe would struggle with which side to …

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  • Jjohnson428

    As we all know in the ep timetagger we all remeber that one line "your right on the first count but not on the second. i said i was sent by` the hawkmoth of the future but i didn't say the hawkmoth of the future was you" as soon as i heard that.A theory poped into my head. (the first part of the theory was already on there but the rest is not on the show) so here's mah theory if he's not the hawkmoth of the future that mean he failed but that also means that lb and cn still have not defetted him otherwise why would they still need a hawkmoth. i feel like there are two cantadent's for "future hawkmoth" its either lila or natalie. i feel like it could be lila because 

    1. she hates lb (ladybug)

    2.she has been working with hawkmoth and gabrile a…

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  • Mizba3e4l

    I personally think that Gabriel could have something to do with Emilie not waking up in some sort of way. I'm going to explain it to you in the comments below. So we know that the peacock miraculous is damaged and due to that she has gone to a comatic state. We also know that Gabriel keeps her in the basement,and that he's Hawkmoth and a coma doesn't mean that a person is dead. So,what if part of the reason Emilie isn't waking up is because Gabriel is kinda using the miraculous the way it shouldn't be because you can hear in a coma,and it's kinda like the more you keep akumatizing the more time it'll take for you to get your wife back,,or maybe he should really just take her to the hospital.

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  • Tikkifan

    A Theory I Had

    June 24, 2020 by Tikkifan

    Yep. I have a theory. I recently (not at all recent) thought about this: Do Antibug and Copycat have kwamis? I have numerous pieces of evidence to prove this:

    1. When Antibug's earring flashed signalling she only had a few minutes, Hawk Moth said, "Take her Miraculous before it's too late!" If Antibug had detransformed, would she be a normal, not-akumatized Chloé Bourgeois or a still akumatized Chloé that has a kwami, called Anti-Tikki, maybe? I think Option 2 would be more likely since Ladybug probably wouldn't have smashed the earrings yet.

    2. Copycat, after Cat Noir's ring flashed and he used his Cataclysm, he said, "You're gonna change back before me!" He literally said "change back". He might've detransformed into a still akumatized Theo…

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  • Mizba3e4l


    June 22, 2020 by Mizba3e4l

    Okay..I know this might start a little bit of a war..or not,but I have to get this off of my chest.I just don't understand why some people hate Luka. Luka is probably the kindest,helpful,honest,and sincere person you'd ever meet in this show. When he got akumatized,it was out of anger and hurt,because he saw that Bob Roth was hurting someone that he loved,and I honestly have mad respect for him. Here are the reasons why I don't hate Luka.

    • Luka is so sweet and kind to everyone he meets
    • He's always so encouraging and such a good older sybling
    • He knows how people are feeling
    • He gives great advice
    • He's a leader and a role model
    • Luka is always helping others,like in Miracle Queen(if you watched it) he was handing lunches out to others in a respectful…
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  • LOV3I2GR8T

    You should read this-

    Seriously, why are people having such a hard time understanding that ladybug 🐞 is the leader?

    I’m not saying that she’s better than Cat Noir, Nope, I might admit his face is perfection personified, but my heart belongs to Mister Bug

    But off topic. 

    If “Toxicity” and “Constructive Critiscm” are the same thing, then I guess you have no reason to read this 🤷🏾‍♀️ 

    But it’s not, listen up. This is Thomas Astruc’s show. His idea. His. Characters. His- whatever! Notice I didn’t say you?Sure, you can say “ Maybe (Example) could be (example)” or something else, but you can just go like “You need to change (example) to (example)!!!!!”

    Theres a difference. 

    I get it, you can’…

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  • Plagg, my boy

    Hello, I’m new here and plz tell me if I’m doing anything wrong. Ok, I’ve just finished rewatching S3 of Miraculous and I just want to ask if Adrien will actually like Marinette in the end. I was really sad at the end of Miracle Queen - it really broke my heart 💔. One of the reason I was sad because I have actually experienced what mari is going through, so I understand how she feels. So tell me, is Adrigami going to be a thing in the end?

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  • Colour Me Ren

    The concept of the Miraculous Ladybug TV show is awesome, and Marinette is bae 

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  • FrollKwami6

    In Season 5, Episode 3, we are led to believe that there were more miraculouses, and miracle boxes, and that the centimonster, Feast, ate them along with the other Miracle boxes. Here are some of the miraculoses that I believe were eaten by feast, but were restored after Laadybug and Cat Noir defeated him. This page will describe the miracle boxes, and the miraculous I believe to be in them.

    We already know about the miracle box that Master Fu posseses. I believe this box is the one that contains the most powerful Miraculoses. The ones of creation, destruction, time travel, time manipulation, teleportation, power disruption, multiplication,and others. This miracle box contains a mixture of animal themed miraculous,there seeming to no theme …

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  • Mizba3e4l

    Miraculous specials!!

    June 15, 2020 by Mizba3e4l

    We may not have season 4,,but we have the Specials coming soon..who's ready??

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  • Noell The Miraculous Fan

    So I was wondering if miraculous supported LGBT for reasons.

    Juleka and Rose

    1: Why are Juleka and Rose so close? Rose seems to say "yes" to literally anything Juleka does. 2: so having a lesbian friend on YouTube, it seems most lesbian couples have: the girly part, and the tom-boyish part. Rose seems to fit perfectly on the girly side of the couple, and Juleka the other. Ty for reading.

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  • MiraculousFan25

    Part 6: in which one changes

    "Adrien," Gabriel walks in Adrien's room "I'm sorry about what happened yesterday. I got angry without a reason. Would you like to have another party?"

    "Yes. Thank you, thank you Father! But when?"

    "Whenever you want."

    "Can I have it today?"

    "Yes." Adrien hugs Gabriel, and Gabriel hugs him, smiling.

    "Dude, I didn't expect this from your father." Nino tells Adrien while DJing at the party.

    "Me neither. But I'm glad he changed." 

    "Adrikins, do you think your party is better than mine?" Chloé asks him.

    "No Chloé."

    "I knew it! I have the best things!"

    After the party ends, and Adrien goes to bed, Gabriel and Nathalie stay at the atelier.

    "So what are you going to do now?" Nathalie asks Gabriel.

    "This is just the beginning. They…

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  • Miraculous Awakening fan

         Ladybug is awesome you know but I  kind of think Marinette is a little dumb but in the future 

              they should make her a little less dumb just say anybody with me ok LOL😂😂😂😂

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  • Applejackrulez20

    Here's an interesting activity you all can do. Catagorize the villains from MLB. Some of them have powers that can be fit into 5 catagories:

    Technological: Villains who use technology based powers.

    Magical: Villains who use magic like abilities.

    Psychological: Villains who use mind control/other mental abilities.

    Physical: Villains who use physical abilites such as strength or weapons.

    Miscellaneous: Villians who have random abilities unlike the first four catagories.

    Here are some examples:

    Technological: Lady WiFi

    Magical: Sandboy

    Psychological: Reverser

    Physical: Stoneheart

    Miscellaneous: Reflekta

    See if you can catagorize the other villains based on their traits and abilities

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  • MiraculousFan25

    Part 5: in which one fails

    "Attack them my army, and seize there miraculouses!" Dracula tells his army.

    "How are we going to defeat them?" Cat Noir asks Ladybug. "There are too many of them."

    "We must get to the source. Once we de-evilize him everyone will be freed."

    "But they won't let us. Have you got a plan?"

    "I don't. I could use my lucky charm, but we don't even know where the Akuma is."

    "It's probably in his tie. It's the only object on him."

    "Not necessarily. If the akuma was there, its appearance would have been changed."

    "But where could it be?" 

    "I don't know. We could use some luck though. Lucky charm!" She gets a big vacuum bag. "A vacuum bag?"

    "What are you going to do with it?" 

    "I might have a plan, but it's very risky."

    "Even if it's b…

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  • Jjohnson428

    as we all know lila is known for her lies.she was first introduced to us the first or second season. i think that its fair to say that we all HATE her but at the same time she also helps out with our ships beileave it or not. think about it if she keep's lieing and only mari and adrien know it will only bring them closer together and mari loses all her friends incloudilg adrien she will have to get akmatised and im pretty sure everybody wants to see that. so its a win-win for us but one qustion i have always had is what is going to be lila's next lie for mari? based off of lila's previos lie was that mari pushed her down the stair's ,mari stole the answer's for the test, last but not least she stole "her" fox pendent. then adrien told lila…

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  • Jjohnson428

    as we all know the ep cat blac. i feel like adrien is just WRONG! honestly does he rlly love mari for who she is or because shes ladybug? i know for a fact that before he knew she was ladybug heres what he would always say." shes just a friend" and now all of a sudden its "i love you". I dont think so agrest!  honestly i feel like he only "loves" her because shes ladybug. let me put it like this if mari was not ladybug do you think that he would "love" her or would he "love" the other person who was ladybug? in my opinon hes a ........JERK because mari is soo pretty and she does not desrved to get friend zoned but still has lucka on the other hand anyway thats it for now byeeeee!

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  • Jjohnson428

    who is lucka's dad?

    June 10, 2020 by Jjohnson428

    as we have all seen luckas mom and sister we have never seen his father. im pretty sure that in my opinon jaget stone looks and ask's just like lucka and julaka . one ep in perticular is evidince that jaget stone is lucka's and julaka's father. that ep is ........... "desperata" there was one scene that i knew just had to be key evidince. when jaget stone was asking lucka's and julaka's mom to play gatarest with jaget agian. which  also get me thinking were they also married? i know its true that they probely wern't even a copel but just that ep its self just has so many lines that can makes so many theorys its unbeleivabal! also i don't think im not the only person who saw when jaget made an AIR KISS to her that means alot if you ask me! …

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  • Jjohnson428

    well as we all have watched the ep cat blac the ship adrinette was happening. untill hawkmoth found out his own son was cat noir. sooner or later adrien/ cat noir became cat blac all because of the ship its self " it was our love that did this to the world m'lady"- cat blac meaning can adrinette still happen? can it still be a thing? in my opinon i dont think so usless you guys want the same ep all over agian. but thats only my opinon. maby im wrong,maby im right i rlly dont know because i ship both lucanette and adrinette so its kinda hard to deside. so plz tell me what you think! 

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  • Mhoneybee27

    Theory time

    June 10, 2020 by Mhoneybee27

    What theorys do you have about the show and the upcoming seasons?

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  • MiraculousFan25

    Part 4: in which one is getting ready for triumph

    Nathalie goes upstairs and knocks on the door of Gabriel's room.

    "Sir?" She asks.

    Dracula is waiting on the other side of the door. Nathalie opens the door, sees Dracula and both his and her irises become read. He bites her on the right side of her neck.

    "There's only Dracula now." He says.

    Dracula goes on and bites everyone at the adult party. He then goes to Adrien's room and destroys the door with his nails.

    "Father?" Adrien says.

    "There's only Dracula now." Dracula bites everyone in the room, except Adrien and Marinette, as she manages to hide in Adrien's bathroom.

    "Come with me son, unless you want to join them." He points at everyone who was bitten.

    "Yes, Father." He says sadly.

    "We must help A…

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  • MiraculousFan25

    Part 3: in which one is trying

    Gabriel is standing in the walk-in closet in his room. He takes his phone and calls Nathalie.

    "Is everything going as planned?"

    Nathalie answers something.

    "Perfect." Gabriel says and puts his phone on a shelf.

    He takes his jacket off, he unbuttons his vest and takes it off, and takes his tie off as well. Then he unlaces his shoes and takes them and his white socks off. After that, he takes his belt and pants off, and takes and puts his miraculous on the shelf, leaving him with only his white, high-collar, buttonless shirt. He takes off his shirt, and puts on an identical one, not changing his grey underwear. He puts his miraculous back on, and puts on black pants with a black belt, black shoes with black laces an…

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  • Miraculousladybugfan2005

    Here Is My Custom Episode From Miraculous Ladybug Season 4 

    Fox Pairs: During A Trip At The Forest Juleka & Alix Are Akumatized Into Fox Pairs Two Anthropomorphic Foxes Who With A Magical Amulet Are Able To Turns People Into Fox Creatures. Will Ladybug & Cat Noir Able To Beat This Pair Of Foxes

    In This Episode Juleka Couffaine & Alix Kubdel Are Akumatized Into A Pair Of Anthro Foxes Called Fox Pairs. The Two Of Them Have orange white and black Skin. fox ears. tails. whiskers. fox nose. & No Clothes.

    Here The Image What They Look Like

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  • Mizba3e4l


    June 4, 2020 by Mizba3e4l

    Now,I know that I've mentioned this before,but before you say anything some people may not have seen my post,because it was almost a week ago.Anyways,I really don't ship Adrigami romantically and here are some reasons why.

    1. I feel like Kagami would boss Adrien around and keep Adrien away from other girls that don't even have a crush on him and are just friends.
    2. Even though their parents have good relationships,they aren't really allowed out of the house that much so what's honestly the point?
    3. They're not going to be endgame,not saying you can't ship them,,but we all know that it's not going to be OTP.
    4. Kagami is a pretty straightforward person right? I feel like on the season finale she was kinda pushy and got upset when Adrien refused the kiss.…
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  • Jocelyn allrounder

    hey uhhhh i wanna ask somethingJocelyn allrounder (talk)

    the characters heights -especially marinette and adriens- seem odd to me.. ik they are official but am i the only one thinks that they are too short like marinette is 135 -not to taller than a second grader in elementary school- 

    idk i just wanna say

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  • MiraculousFan25

    Part 2: in which one's lie is exposed

    "I can't believe it Tikki! Adrien is having a Halloween party and he let me make invitations!" Marinette says while spinning on her chair.

    "But don't you have a test tomorrow?"

    "Nothing's more important than Adrien. Also, I have already studied, so I have enough time to make the invitations. Now, let's get to work!

    Marinette works for some time and asks Tikki.

    "So what do you think! Which design is the best?" 

    "Marinette, you have created 18 invitations, all of which are unique. How am I supposed to choose?"

    "What am I going to do now?"

    "Wait a second. How many invitations were you supposed to make?"


    "You can just give them these and everyone will get a unique one!"

    "That's genius Tikki! Thank you!"

    "Now, yo…

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  • Mr.nathantuna
    1. i have bad luck for some reason 
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  • LOV3I2GR8T


    June 2, 2020 by LOV3I2GR8T

    We all know that Marinette is in, romantic terms with Luka, but seriously 😒, how long with that last?

    I think Luka will just help boost Marinette’s confidence, and her self-esteem. Not her self esteem really. ( Because she has a lot if she took care of Chloe and Lila), her heart is set on Adrien, which has blinded her from most things, she was also kinda filled with a bit of jealousy towards Kagami’s relationship to Adrien. ( See Animaeastro and The season three finale for details) her love towards Adrien. Lead to the downfall of Fu, at least she’s the guardian.

    Luka could be a supporter, like the pillow I cry into when I’m down, except Luka won’t be as soft seeing as how he’s a Human.

    Adrien and Marinette were made to be. Case closed. 😋

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  • Carlygirlhero1

    How about this if Hawk Moth knew their identities and he will find them Ladybug/Marinette take them to that place Master Fu take her for training section or secret transformation place for these heroes who got the Miraculous and their Kwamii partner. Marinette/Ladybug wrote a note for them and it will said Dear their Heroes names come to the secret place where you heroes will come as please Sign Ladybug

    PS Make sure nobody is watching and Cat Noir is with me I kinda invite him over

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  • Angel Girl 2118


    June 2, 2020 by Angel Girl 2118

    I am currently having some... problems... with my phone. This means that all communication with me will be done via my tablet and computer. Also, sorry if I'm not very active

    P.S. I am very sorry that this is not Miraculous related in a way, but I felt the need to post it to be safe. @Bunnybug I mainly posted this to let you know because I have no idea how long I'll be gone

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  • Mizba3e4l

    Hey y'all,,I;m not really writing any theories or anything I just want to ask you guys what are your favortie Marinette and Adrien moments??

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  • Nobody90


    June 1, 2020 by Nobody90

    Public plagiarism.

    Lila and Chloé.

    Marinette vs Gravity

    A Miraculous for Lila

    Volpina 2. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lila is mainly shipped with Félix. But there are also other ships. Chose one.

    Lila is a great antagonist and makes every episode truly miraculous. When did you like her most?

    Miraculous, secret identities and Clark Kenting

    Plot twist: Gina is the sister of Lila's grandmother which means Lila and Marinette are related

    There are a lot of heroines who had Tikki as their Kwami during history. I want to know more about:

    When did you start to like Kagami?

    Should Sabrina end her friendship with Chloé in season 4 and find a better friend instead?

    Who is the best parent?

    In season 4 Lila will...

    Find the difference

    Which adult deserves to get a Miracul…

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  • MiraculousFan25

    Part 1: in which one puts friendship in front of praise

    It's early in the morning. Gabriel and Nathalie are in the atelier, working.

    "Nathalie, what date is it today?" Gabriel asked Nathalie.

    "It's the 17th of October." She answered. "There are only two weeks until Halloween."

    "Perfect. Operation Halloween can begin. Is there anything you would like to add to it?"

    "Well, I wanted to ask you what you think about me being your first victim."

    "Why would you want that? That would just put you in danger."

    "For an effect, you know. Once you succeed you could just free me."

    "Are you sure?"


    "Then, let it be as you say.

    Adrien is alone in his room, preparing for school. Gabriel walks in.

    "Adrien, I would like to talk to you." He said.

    "Yes, Father."

    "So, …

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