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Hello folks, thats my first blog/post idk how to say it, but im gonna talk about Miraculous ships I ship and then reasons.

Penny and Jagged: I dont have to say anything, Jagged is a person who needs someone to do things for him and Penny? Well this is literallly her job. And in the trouble maker we can see she likes him and that he likes her back. He says what would he do without her and that it wouldnt be possible if she didnt come back.

Cat Noir and Marinette: so as we all know cat noir is super cute and has a really iconic personallity, he helpedMarinette so many times and he already knows her so thats a win win. Marinette is super cute, shy, clumsy and funny girl with many talents and cat noir really was attached to ladybug because of h…

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daily miraculous memes

hey, miraculous fans!!!!!!!!

what's up?

here's some daily miraculous memes!

this first meme is so me LOL

here's the second one!

so meeee

the last one! *i promise, it's going to be really funny*

look at marinette's face! she's literally PANICKING! and then tikki is probably like "marinette! marinette, calm down!"

that's all for today's memes! i hope you all liked them! :)

moonlight out!

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My first blog post!

Hey peeps! Swicy here. This is my first blog post! I'm not that big on blog posts but my friend Moonlight (@M4r!n3tt3, shoutout to you!) LOVES to write 'em. So I decided to give it a try as well! If you haven't already, go read my bio to learn more about me :)

You know, this blog post thing is actually kinda fun! Maybe I should write more of these!

Anyway, I just wrote this silly blog post for experience. I may do more. Until then, Swicy out!

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Miadupaincheng Miadupaincheng 2 days ago

Chloe and Luka SHIP

Hello! I am here to talk about the ship Chloe+Luka.

First off I DO SHIP THEM. I think Luka could help Chloe become a better person, and make her likeable, in some way. She could dye her hair with him and have fun! Personally, I think Luka deserves better, as he would be the second choice if Adrien chose her, and I feel bad for him. He deserves someone who chooses him as the first choice. With Chloe, it seems like she could be insecure and not be able to express her emotions correctly, and Luka seems like the type of person to help her be happy and kind. Obviously, Luka can't date Rose as Rose and Juleka!!! Neither can he go for Alya as Nino, though he could date Sabrina!

Now that I think about it, Luka and Sabrina?!?!? That could be a cute s…

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looking forward to Miraculous Shanghai!!

hi everyone!!

i have a question for you guys and, i personally think you guys know what it is :)

are any of you looking forward to miraculous shanghai?

let me know down in the comments below!

moonlight out!

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Adrien/Cat Noir Song :)

I felt like creating a little song for Adrien/Cat Noir enjoy aha:

I'm a Model I'm a Star,

I'm a Hero I'm going Far,

But they don't get my priorities,

Marinette my friend,

Friends till the end,

But does she know who I become,

I live in a house,

Caged and weak,

But when I'm Cat Noir the villains accept defeat,

I know I'm gonna be,

Cat Noir!

Cruising the cities,

Getting the girls,

Feeling free and with LadyBug on my side,

I'm not alone,

I am powerful,

I am strong,

All the girls fall at my feet,

And I am,

Cat Noir!

Claws Out ;)


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Miadupaincheng Miadupaincheng 3 days ago

Charm Bracelet

So you know the lucky charm Marinette gives Adrien, which is technically a charm bracelet, well I absolutely adore it as it is a great gift for a miraculous fan. But I didn't have any clay or charms corresponding to the charms, so I created some of my own ones which relate to one of the characters in miraculous! I have one for Chloe, Luka, Alya, Rose and Juleka and I think they look great maybe put your opinions down below? :):

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Blind Blonde Boy!

Hey Miraculous fans

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M4r!n3tt3 M4r!n3tt3 3 days ago

my lil' mistake lol


so, i'm really sorry for the late blog post, but here's a quick thing i wanted to say.

i joined fandom in january but totally forgot about it and now i got reminded so i'm making an introduction post lol

moonlight out!

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Bunnyx.miraculous Bunnyx.miraculous 4 days ago

miraculous holders!

Hey miraculous fans!!!!!

So toady I am talking about miraculous holder and future ones, who do you think will be the next miraculous holder? So I think that Juleka with have the tiger miraculous, Rose will have the pig miraculous, Sabrina will have the dog miraculous, Marc will have the goat miraculous, Nathaniel will have the rooster miraculous and Ivan will have the ox miraculous. There might be a new bee miraculous holder has Chloe can no longer have it but with the sneak peeks of s4 it look like ladybug with merge her miraculous and the bee one together.

Bunnyx.miraculous out

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Ladybuglover55 Ladybuglover55 4 days ago

My Miraculous Reasonings

Okay- so I'm here for Felinette. Before you just dismiss this- please, hear me out. I like the ship, not that I ship it, I just like it. Felix was trashed because he was too mean for Marinette, I understand that, but I also want to point out imaginary characters can change just like a human can. Take that into consideration. Felix is one of the characters I like because they just need a few tweaks and they are fine.

Kay so, for my points.

That in itself shows Felix should be good for something. People aren't born good or bad, they are shaped to be good or bad. Felix doesn't have a dad. He has a mom. And at that, his mother seems a little self-centered, at that. Do you think if Felix wanted his mother's attention, he wouldn't take the ring of…

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Hockeystar518 Hockeystar518 5 days ago

Adrien or Luka

Adrien or Luka? We know that from episode 1 that Marinette has a huge crush on Adrien. She has sush a huge crush that she actually jumbles her words and always gets really nervous when ever he is around. How ever Marinette has a group of girl friends who are always encouraging her to talk to him and helping her with elaborate plans to ask him out on a date for example the plan secret garden which didn't exactly go as planed. But there are a lot of characters that have a crush on Adrien. Such as Lila, Chloe, and Kagami not to mention a bunch of girls in Paris who aren't even characters! But Considering Adrien is a Famous fashion model and all around celebrity it doesn't surprise me that most fan girls in Paris are crushing on him. And as we…

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Bunnyx.miraculous Bunnyx.miraculous 5 days ago

Miraculous theorys

Hey miraculous fans! I am going to blog about miraculous theories/thoughts and stuff like that. So here is the first thought today!

So in episode Syren (S2 E14) Adrien meets Master Fu the guardian of the miraculous and in order for Master Fu to get into Adrien he pretend to be Adrien's substitute Chinese teacher but have you ever wondered what Master Fu did with Adrien's actual Chinese teacher or is it just me...

Bunnyx.miraculous out!

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Mimsamota Mimsamota 5 days ago


hi everyone i am new to this site can you help me. thx this is all for now

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XxKourtneyXKawaiixX XxKourtneyXKawaiixX 5 days ago

First Blog!!

Hello I'm Kourtney and I am 8 years old I am new to all of this and I'm gonna try and post daily 'cuz sometimes I'm busy soo ya thx!!!

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Lyra Nute Lyra Nute 5 days ago

Unknown Miraculous holder

This is what I think:

Rose: Pig- Daizzi

Juleka: Tiger- Roaar

Ivan: Ox- Stompp

*We already kinda know this but...:* Alix: Rabbit- Fluff

TRADE: Emilie Agreste: Peacock- Duusuu

*We already kinda know this but..:* Luka: Snake- Sass

Sabrina: Dog- Barkk

Kagami: Dragon- Longg

Mylene: Mouse- Mullo

Rooster- Unknown

Goat- Unknown

Monkey- Kim

Eagle, Jess

Horse Kaalki - Max Fox Trixx- Alya

Turtle Wayzz- Nino

Butterfly Nooroo- Gabriel Agreste

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JuliaTheNice JuliaTheNice 5 days ago

My Miraculous Animals, A - Z

First animal: Aardvark

Name: Digz

Kwami appearance: Brown, pointy ears, aardvark snout

Jewelry: Dark brown nose ring

Powers: Scoop, Liklik

Personality: Fun loving, cool, loyal

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Emoji Miraculous Template

This Is A Guessing Game So Basically I’ll Post 3 Emojis And You Have To Guess The Character/Item/Ship etc.

The Levels Will Be: Easy/Medium/Hard


  1. Don’t Google The Answers (That Will Be Considered Cheating)
  2. I Will Tag You If You Are Correct
  3. Last But Not Least Have Fun!!

Now Guess The Emojis

[Insert Emojis]

[Insert Comment]

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NotAPrettyCure NotAPrettyCure 8 days ago

"Popscar" (aka fanmade episode)

(This episode takes place before Marinette became the new guardian. Also, I'm bad at Japanese names so...yay.)


Scene: A mysteriously new popstar walks on a stage to preform her own song.


"Hello, everyone. I'm Yuri Ichinose." The popstar introduced herself. "I'm from Japan and don't know much of your language. But I'll try my best to understand you... Now, I'll preform my iconic song in Japan."

(I'm too lazy to make an entire song, so I'll just pretend she just sang.)

Everyone cheers after hearing her exquisite song.

"Thank you! I hope you did enjoy my song." Yuri smiled. "I apologize for going so soon, but I must leave."


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PandaJJMusic PandaJJMusic 12 days ago

Chapter 18

Lydia watched the news closely. Shadow Chaser and Dark Soul. These were the scariest villains Lydia had ever laid eyes on. While Shadow Chaser looked like a girl who had been killed at prom, Dark Soul illuminated with a dark red glow. His skin was pure red while in a red tuxedo. This pair seemed like they were akumatized during Scarlet Moth's time. Scarlet Moth must've returned. The strange part here was that the two weren't attacking anybody. Shadow Chaser was softly floating in one direction while Dark Soul followed her. No one knew what their powers were, making the two much more dangerous. Lydia looked around at the aquarium employees. Nathalie was right next to her as well, her eyes fixated onto the television screen in front of them. …

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PandaJJMusic PandaJJMusic 12 days ago

Chapter 17

Adrien heard his door open and close. He looked up from his textbook at the person who had entered his room. He immediately looked back down. He put his face closer to the textbook, trying to use its pages to shield him from the curious eyes.

"What are you doing?"

Adrien rolled his eyes. Of course, he couldn't just be left alone. He slammed his textbook shut.

"Studying. How was your date, Félix? Made Marinette punch you yet?"

"I broke up with her."

Don't act out of character.

"What?" Adrien got up from his chair, "why?"

Félix shrugged, adjusting his collar. He didn't even seem to care. "She got boring."

The fire that had been sparking for so long immediately raged up in flames. Adrien felt his chest contract.

Forget about character.

"She got boring? …

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Cadencejohnstonn Cadencejohnstonn 12 days ago



1) Will Cat Noir and Ladybug end up together in season 4?

2) How long will Kagami and Adrien date :( ????

3) Why does Master Fu come back in the spoiler?

What are some theories you have about season 4!

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TheGirl12345 TheGirl12345 13 days ago

This guy looks like Adrien...

This guy from the korean webtoon, The Makeup remover looks exactly like Adrien. (But this guy is hotter)

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The Miraculous Emily The Miraculous Emily 14 days ago


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LADYNOIR04 LADYNOIR04 15 days ago

MY Miraculous Song

I don't know why i am posting this here...but i wrote it and i find it something realatable to 10th class girls...who are preparing for their boards....but just cant stop watching MIRACULOUS..!!

"Time to transform"

I am khushikia, just a normal girl with a normal life..

but there's something about me that no one knows yet!!

cause I have a secret...

I live a life that's full of stuff

that's boring yet, but it will be fun!!

when Exams come... I find a way

to use my WIT and top them away!!

OH OH OO OH NO, YOU'll never know...

uh oh, oo the pain of a 10th girl though!!

uh, oo ohhh...

And when the moon goes down !!

I better study roouunndd...


brings my test... high above the rest!!


The power of Fandom is so…

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PandaJJMusic PandaJJMusic 16 days ago

The Big Scheme - Chapter Sixteen

TW: this chapter displays a toxic relationship. It is important, but you will get the gist of it later on.

Félix grinned as he pressed the red button and put his phone inside his front, shirt pocket with the camera facing the outside world. He turned around and saw Marinette in front of him, panting, her body bent down with her hands resting on her knees.

"Marinette!" Félix said, taken aback, "where'd you come from?"

Marinette's face was pink as she looked up at him, "like I told you, I went to the restroom, but on the way, I got hit by one of Reflekdoll's beams."

Félix pulled a face, "Reflekdoll attacked fifteen miles from here, how did its beam hit you?"

Marinette froze for a second then proceeded to shrug, "I have no idea."

Félix sighed, "Mar…

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LadynoirRose LadynoirRose 17 days ago

Finding Ladybug (full story)

It had been a few months since Ladynoir was canon. Ladybug and Cat noir were deeply in love. Everything was going well. "The power of love always so strong." All of sudden Ladybug disappears. Cat noir tries calling her and doing whatever he can.

Cat noir decides to search for Ladybug even more. He goes day and night asking everyone. He doesn't take rest at all. Cat noir searches non-stop due a few days. He's extremely tired. Cat noir sits by a tree just to take a quick rest when all of a sudden he is hit. When he opens his eyes he's "lost in the woods."

Cat noir uses his stick to see Ladybug's location. He finds out that she's only a few miles away. Cat noir is so excited! He uses his stick and goes. When Cat noir reaches the spot he sees a …

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LadynoirRose LadynoirRose 18 days ago

Forgotten Love

  • 1 Yup!
  • 2 Basic story:
  • 3 Wanna work with me?
  • 4 Story

I'm planning to make a fanfiction with some people. It's going to be forgotten Love.

One night Ladybug and Cat noir are patrolling. Ladybug comes late and she's really sad. Cat noir asks what happened. Ladybug cries and tells him how she has to much to do and stuff. Then a bird flies and hits her head. Ladybug gets knocked out. Cat noir immediately takes her to the hospital. Luckily she was all fine and the doctors said he didn't have to pay for Ladybug. Ladybug realizes how much Cat noir really loves her. When Cat noir comes into the room Ladybug grabs his face and kisses Cat noir on the lips. Then they fall in love so badly. They keep it a secret from everyone. Only the doctors saw but they said…

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Thtgurltaytay Thtgurltaytay 19 days ago

Is tikki going to become a human for a day

well tikki is so adorable when she is a kwami but how would she look as a human. and plagg is so weird for a kwami and is my favorite kwami out of tikki and trix. and also what if all the kwamis became human for a day how would master fu or marinette take care of all of them. and when she has school she going to have to take all of them to school and she going to have to explain a lot to all her friends. and then alya, nino,alix, and chloe are going to remember their kwami and is going to ask marinette. here is a pic of all the human kwamis

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RockstarFan96 RockstarFan96 22 days ago

Chloé vs. Adrien: Double Standard

Okay, so many times over, I’ve said things about how people are too hard on Chloé and too easy on Adrien. But some have pointed out I hold things against Adrien, that can easily apply to Chloé as well. Let me get one thing clear, you are not wrong for disliking one and liking the other, or vice-versa, or disliking both of them, or even possibly liking both of them. These are MY viewpoints on it, you are welcome to disagree and believe me I will likely be seeing some disagreement, but I’m used to that. Keep in mind also I’m not 100% going by what makes them morally good or bad, I’m going by why I find one interesting and the other bland. Anyway I’m looking back at things they did that ring off as similar and comparing why I see them differe…

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DragonLover300 DragonLover300 23 days ago


So hi. I’m pretty new to this wiki, but I have some friends here. You might randomly see me posting in random places and things like all that, because right now I’m just trying to be social. I’m kind of an introvert, so I’m trying to be a little more extrovert and stuff. This is my first blog post, so I don’t really know where to start. I guess: this wiki is pretty cool, so I won’t be leaving for a while. At least not on purpose. I left Wings of Fire Wiki because it was getting toxic, like a heavy burden on my shoulders. Now i just found out about this wiki, and it’s so different. It’s like I said: WoF wiki was a toxic burden, this wiki is AMAZING, like chocolate fudge on rainbows! Haha. Anyways, I have to go now. Bye. Dragon signing off! …

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-fangirlzizi -fangirlzizi 24 days ago

The Problem with Fanon VS. Canon

TW // sexual content mention

This is specifically about the fanon vs. canon Love Square. And mainly about Marichat.

No, I'm not gonna gush and fangirl about why I ship Marichat, but instead, I'm gonna talk about how some fanfics completely FLOPS the Marichat dynamic.

Don't get me wrong, I love fanfics and I can barely LIVE without them!

But some of the fics portray this ship as a super-sexual ship, which, it isn't. I'm gonna differentiate between the Love Square in fanfics I've come across:

  1. Adrienette - kinda similar to canon but Adrien is less oblivious to his own feelings. (If they're dating, it's the same dynamic but with no ultra-flustered dorkasaurus Marinette).
  2. Ladrien - the same with canon (if they're dating they're still amazingly soft a…

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SkylarCloud Studios SkylarCloud Studios 25 days ago

Miraculous Ladybug Ship Worries

Everyone I know we have worries On our ships, but many have proved to say that our Adrienette and DJWifi or Alyno will set for sail. I myself have been trying some sources (Fandom) and this is almost what I'm saying is that some people are saying the Ships, Adrigami, and Lukagami and Ladynoir are false Ships, now Adrigami and Ladynoir I don't ship. But Lukagami I do. Alyno Or DJWifi also know as Alya and Nino. Their Ship has been confirmed along with Adrienette, they are now heading into College, where (if you've watched a few spoilers but don't continue if you haven't) they find for a new Miraculous Holder for the sawn miraculous, (this has not been confirmed), Lukagami better sail Zag Studios! Nino Lahiffe/Relationships or Alya Césaire/R…

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LadynoirRose LadynoirRose 26 days ago

Miraculous: Tales of a family - Daddy's doing yoga chapter 1

"Mommy! Daddy won't play! He's doing yoga again!"

"Oh really! Louis, Emma, come with me. Hugo watch the cookies and tells me when it's done baking. I'm going to make Daddy play with you."

Hugo sits in front of the oven watching the cookies. Marinette, Emma, and Louis walk to Adrien who is doing yoga.

"Kitty! Play with the kids! You can do yoga later! Look how sad and disappointed they are."

Adrien doesn't even move and Emma and Louis ask Marinette to make Daddy play with them.

"Ok! Kitty if you don't play with the kids I won't give you ANY of the cookies Hugo and I are baking!"

He still didn't move. Then Marinette got an idea. TICKLE TIME! Everyone started to tickle Adrien and even Hugo came crawling to join in the fun. Everyone was laughing tog…

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Maleahh6591 Maleahh6591 26 days ago

Dragon Prince and MLB Fan

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PandaJJMusic PandaJJMusic 28 days ago

The Big Scheme - Chapter Fifteen

Lydia groaned as Nadja Chamack's voice came through the TV. The akuma and sentimonster attacks had increased over the past weeks. Lila's visits had also decreased, so Lydia had gone to every single one. Her manager had also shut down the aquarium, to make it safer for the employees. They had a few people who had just started take care of the creatures. Of course, they were all volunteers, including Nathalie.

The attacks hadn't taken a physical toll on her, but her sleep had become very limited. The news showed Reflekdoll at the Seine. Lydia reached over and patted Brenda's leg.

"Hey," she leaned over, careful to not wake the kids on their laps, "I need to go check on the aquarium, can you help me with the kids?"

Lydia picked up Olivia's head …

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PandaJJMusic PandaJJMusic 28 days ago

The Big Scheme - Chapter Fourteen

Gabriel replayed the news footage once more. Gabriel had lost and ally and Ladybug had gained one. Gabriel wondered if he could make Lila Rossi his new Mayura. She certainly had the capabilities, but was she trustworthy? Gabriel pulled open Emilie's portrait. He looked at the peacock miraculous, laying their innocently, as if it didn't destroy three lives. Was he willing to endanger the life of a fourteen year old? A life that had so much potential. Gabriel heard a knock on the door. He tucked the peacock miraculous into his pocket and closed Emilie's portrait.

"Come in," he called.

Lila Rossi walked in, her face red. Her eyes were glossy. Gabriel had never seen her like this. She was usually calm and collected.

"Are you alright, Miss Rossi?"…

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PandaJJMusic PandaJJMusic 28 days ago

The Big Scheme - Chapter Thirteen

TW: this chapter contains abuse. There will be references back to this chapter, but it isn't too important.

Lila watched the news footage in awe. A new superhero. Dolphin. Her powers were obviously extremely powerful, possibly even more powerful than Ladybug. Lila paused the video and zoomed into the superhero, who was now kneeling down, pointing her trident towards the frozen wave, her eyes closed and her face set strong. Lila moved the zoom across the hero's body, searching for the miraculous. She saw a blue anklet with tiny fins on the sides. That had to be the miraculous. With this much power, Lila could only imagine what she could do. Her thoughts were interrupted when she heard giggling behind her.

Marinette looked like she was in a da…

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PandaJJMusic PandaJJMusic 28 days ago

The Big Scheme - Chapter Twelve

Lydia watched Fynn circle around her room while Brenda was asleep. Fynn was touching everything from her picture frames to Brenda's fake eyelashes. Luckily, everything in the house was child proofed, so Fynn couldn't break anything. The entire time, Fynn was squealing the words "What is this?" each time he found something new. Luckily, Brenda was a deep sleeper. When they had arrived home, Fynn had started talking to the fish as soon as he laid eyes on them. Lydia rose and went to check on the twins, who were sleeping peacefully. Her eyes filled with sadness, knowing she'll never get back to them before they were asleep. She wasn't able to see them in the mornings either as she left at 6 AM. A tear swept down her cheek, leaving a trail for…

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PandaJJMusic PandaJJMusic 28 days ago

The Big Scheme - Chapter Eleven

Lila stood in front of the mirror brushing her hair. She saw Félix leaning against the doorway in the mirror.

"I didn't kiss her, y'know."

Lila shrugged, "too bad. That would've really put the plan in motion, wouldn't it?"

"So you aren't upset?"

Lila turned around, tossing her hairbrush into the drawer, "why would I be?"

"I don't know, I just―"

Lila shoved past Félix forcefully, making him grunt, "made assumptions about me? You should know better than that."

Félix stuttered, "I didn't―"

"Yes, you did," Lila threw his schoolbag at him, "can we go now? Your whining is making me sick."

"Look, I don't know what I did, but if it isn't that―"

Lila whipped around, "you're not the main cause of everything, Félix. The world doesn't revolve around you. Get yo…

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PandaJJMusic PandaJJMusic 28 days ago

The Big Scheme - Chapter Ten

Nathalie grumbled as she stormed out of another office. Usually, managers reject people who wanted the job. This was not the case for Nathalie. Every manager or designer she had met was stuck-up and disrespectful. Nathalie could tell they only wanted her because she used to work for the legendary Gabriel Agreste for 17 years. They probably assumed she was still close friends to Gabriel, hoping to link their business to the Agreste brand. Once Nathalie had told them she had broken ties with Gabriel, she could see the hopefulness leave their eyes. That was when she left, not wanting to deal with a hungry business pig.

Nathalie walked down the street, already contacting a taxi on her phone. She held the phone to her ear as it rang. Out of the …

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PandaJJMusic PandaJJMusic 28 days ago

The Big Scheme - Chapter Nine

Lydia watched as her little sister left the room, her boots clicking against the cold floor. Lydia had no idea how she was going to convince their mother to give more rights to Lila. Their mother had always been stubborn. Lydia sighed and got up, little pieces of gravel were stuck to her knees. She bent down to brush them off when she noticed a fin pop out of the water and dive back in. The Scotland bottle-nosed dolphins never did that. They sometimes came up for air, but otherwise, they preferred to stay underwater. Lydia shrugged it off and walked to the locker room. She pulled out a slip of paper from her shorts.

"03-21-06," she muttered as she matched the numbers on the paper with the locker's lock. Lydia's short-term memory was always …

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PandaJJMusic PandaJJMusic 28 days ago

The Big Scheme - Chapter Eight

Marinette gazed at the back of Adrien's head as he answered a question. His voice quivered a bit, a trait Marinette had never seen in him. He usually spoke with confidence, unless something was wrong. As Miss Bustier finished assigning the homework, the break time bell rang through the school. The students got out of their seats and flooded out into the hallways. Voices rang through the school as people met up with their friends.

Alya and Marinette met up with Nino as Adrien was still packing up his things, which was very, very unusual.

Alya held her phone out in front of her, squealing, "Nadja got a picture of Ladybug and Cat Noir hugging and I didn't! This is ridiculous, utterly ridiculous!"

Chloé, who was nearby, spoke up, "That's not a go…

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PandaJJMusic PandaJJMusic 28 days ago

The Big Scheme - Chapter Seven

Lila looked back at Félix as she drove off. "He'll be fine." She assured herself. She pulled out her phone and sent a text to the bodyguard. He clicked the notification and turned to the left as the map told him where to go. After a few more turns, they stopped in front of Paris' aquarium. Lila got out of the car, muttering a thanks and walked inside. Lila could smell fish and saltwater. She couldn't imagine working here. She noticed a blonde guide pointing to all the mollies in front of some tourists. Lila nodded at the guide and walked inside the employees only storage room. She walked up the stairs and onto the second floor. She opened the third door to the right and saw an open pool. There was a crouched figure beside it, their hand gr…

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PandaJJMusic PandaJJMusic 28 January

The Big Scheme - Chapter Six

"Hey, Lila! Would you like me to help you with your homework? I heard you were struggling and can't bear the thought of you failing."

Félix gagged at the words that had just come out of his mouth. What had his life come to.

Lila scrunched her nose, "That was the most hideous thing you have ever said."

"Why do you think I want to throw up? I'll never be able to do this."

Lila smacked Félix's head, "Well, get better Funeral Boy. You go to school tomorrow. And if you haven't noticed, it's almost midnight."

"I can't believe Adrien kicked us out of his room."

"Stop getting distracted!"

"Okay, okay," Félix said, backing away, "just stop abusing me."

"Whatever. Pretend I'm Rose. How would you treat me?"

Félix scratched his head, "Who's Rose, again?"

Lila sm…

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LadynoirRose LadynoirRose 28 January


Would y'all like me to make a blog post each day of a chapter of Miraculous: Tales of a family? It's a fanfiction about Adrien and Marinette when they have kids and stuff.

Even if you say no I'll probably do it anyway.

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LadynoirRose LadynoirRose 28 January

Stan post announcement!

Hello! Do you remember the Chat noir stan post? Unfortunately, it got deleted due to ~something~ so I decided to repost it in the Cat noir Fanclub wiki! Since I created the wiki there will never be a problem! Click HERE to go to the new Cat noir stan post!

Also, since the topic of Misterbug came up recently I will be making a *drumroll* MISTERBUG STAN POST! This will be posted on the Miraculous wiki but if anything happens to it don't worry. This time I'll copy everything I write and save it so I could repost it in the Cat noir fanclub wiki (they are the same person after all) so we can continue there. If you'd like I can mention you if the Misterbug stan post get's deleted.

If you have any questions feel free to comment on the blog post or me…

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DM if you see MLB DM if you see MLB 26 January

About me

Hi guys this my first post here, but I have been seeing this fandom for a while. I like to make theories and memes about mlb. I have know some of you guys through discord. Hope I can do a lot here. See you guys soon.

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Christianbeliever Christianbeliever 24 January

Happy Thanksgiving

Hey there. Thanksgiving is coming up, and I'm thankful that I only have two weeks of school left. This has been a pretty bizarre and unusual but surprising year. I know some of you may have lost relatives due to COVID-19 so I'll pray for you if you have any prayer requests. I know not all of you are Christians, but if something is on your mind, you can let me know. Just leave it in the comments below, and please do not cuss. And I hope all of you have a fine Thanksgiving this year.

"Give all your burdens to the Lord, and he will take care of you." - Psalm 55:22

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