• 1020nrsd

    Helping Nature

    October 22, 2019 by 1020nrsd

    My name is Mr. Nature1020, I want to help the globe and I have a dream of the Help The Globe Inc. and I am asking everyone to help in anyway they can and profill my dream. Earth is our home, Help it, do not destroy it. Sometimes I come up with theories and questions for games, shows, and movies.

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  • Number1miraculousfan

    We all know that the Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir movie "Ladybug and Cat Noir Awakening is being released in 2021, it is going to be awesome! Here is a poster made by @Number1Miraculousfan

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  • Bikerninja1997

    It would be cool if there was a miraculous for it

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  • Bikerninja1997

    After he makes a wish it may or may not happen he would sacrifce himself to save her

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  • 79TigerLily


    October 16, 2019 by 79TigerLily


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  • MetalSonicX

    Guys.... Chill....

    October 16, 2019 by MetalSonicX

    It is true. The S3 finale was disappointing, but this isn't a good reason to give up on the show. There are still 3 or 4 seasons coming up before the end of the series. There's still plenty of time to fix the damages made by this finale. Even thought I was disappointed in the finale (Especially for the Chloè's parenthesys) I'm not gonna drop the show, I will give it time, and I know it will get back eventually. So please, just chill for now, and wait for what's next. Don't give up. Please.

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  • SodiacGT

    Episode 25

    October 16, 2019 by SodiacGT

    I really liked that Episode but i was so confused about the ending, i like kagami, i can't understand why everyone is hating her, yeah she hits on adrien while she knows that mari loves him, but she is in love! And she told ladybug that she never wanted to hurt Mari...

    You can't choose who to love!

    but i feel sry for Marinette, i just wanted to hug and to comfort her... she is lucky to have luka :D

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  • MiraculousLadybug14

    Who do you ship

    October 15, 2019 by MiraculousLadybug14

    Hi everyone, today’s question is “who do you ship?”

    comment down below who you ship by typing in the number next to names.

    1 for, Adrien and Kagami

    2 for, Adrien and Marinette

    3 for, Marinette and Luka

    4 for, Luka and Kagami

    Bug Out!

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  • Pof203

    Relationship Poll

    October 15, 2019 by Pof203

    This will go on until December 1.

    UPDATE: Fisrt of all, stop with the spoilers! The end of Season 3 isn't suppose to be here until December 1.

    Second, for those of you who did see the spoiler and/or voted for Lukanette and Kagadrien, here's something you should see.

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  • Number1miraculousfan

    Stay peachy!

    October 13, 2019 by Number1miraculousfan

    Hello fandom! If you have watched Kwami buster then you would know that Mr Banana's catch phrase is "stay peachy!" this will officially be my reply to everything! XOXO stay peachy!

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  • Powerman2005

    Princess Bug

    October 13, 2019 by Powerman2005

    Princess Bug is a form of Ladybug when she enters the Disney dimension.

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  • Reaggydabear05

    Hello! So as you have seen on Kwamibuster, Marinette wore multiple miraculouses and I belive that this leads to a theroy. My theroy is that Marinette may become the next Master of the miraculouses. As we all know, Master Fu is sadly getting older, and I belive that Marinette would take over as the Master of the miraculouses. For instance, Master Fu, trusts the people that Marinette gives the miraculouses to and he trusts her judgment, no questions asked. Secondly, he said at 20:58 in Kwamibuster, "No Miraculous holder in all of history, has ever been mentally and physically strong enough to use that many miraculous at the same time." and Wayzz follows with "Marinette truly is special Master." 

    I don't know about your thoughts, but I think t…

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  • Mvyracle

    More Miraculouses!

    October 12, 2019 by Mvyracle

    So, I think we've all watched Feast and Kwamibuster.

    And, here are the current miraculouses:

    1. Ladybug - Earring

    2. Black Cat - Ring

    3. Fox - Necklace

    4. Butterfly - Brooch

    5. Bee - Hair Comb

    6. Turtle - Bracelet

    7. Peacock - Brooch

    8. Rabbit - Pocket Watch

    9. Snake - Bangle

    10. Horse - Glasses

    11. Monkey - Circlet

    12. Dragon - Choker

    13. Mouse - Pendant Necklace

    14. Ox - Nose Ring

    15. Tiger - Panjas Bracelet

    16. Goat - Hair Clip

    17. Pig - Pearl Anklet

    18 + 19. The Rooster and Dog are unknown.

    The Feast Fu talks about there being other boxes. So, here's my theory on what they are.

    Box 2

    1. Elephant - Armlet

    2. Koala - Tiara

    3. Sloth - Amulet

    4. Cow - Pin

    5. Sheep - Cuff Link

    6. Seal - Pendant Earring

    7. Squirrel - Chatelaine

    8. Parrot - Pendant Collar


    I got tired, s…

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  • Neko998

    Miraculous AU Ideas

    October 10, 2019 by Neko998

    I'm thinking of making a mini comic or something but I need to flesh out everything. You can see that alot of it is nor filled in so all suggestions help! 



    Ladybug Miraculous: Hero Name: Beetle Civilian Name: (M) 21

    Cat Miraculous: Hero Name: Civilian Name: Bella (F) 20

    Fox Miraculous: Hero Name: Renard (M) 21

    Turtle Miraculous: (Insert Name) (F) 24

    Bee Miraculous: (Insert Name) (F) 19


    Boss: Unknown

    Peacock: Villain Name: Civilian Name: Jakob (M) 21

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  • Weather123

    love bug

    October 9, 2019 by Weather123
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  • GinormousBuildings

    The heights of the two famous superheroes have long been discussed by the fandom. Many people have tried calculating their height using many methods. One notable example is Mlscience who tried comparing their unknown stature to nearby objects such as the painting of Mona Lisa and the fencing blades. However, all those calculations proved to be not completely accurate as the lengths of real life objects in the show varies a lot from their real life counterparts.

    Recently, Jeremy Zag, CEO of The ZAG Company, posted an image on his Instagram of a height measuring chart which shows that Ladybug's height is exactly 1.5 m or around 4'11" if you're American. This is very useful information for us and here's why:

    With this, we do not only know Ladyb…

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  • MetalSonicX

    Before I go...

    October 8, 2019 by MetalSonicX

    I initially wanted to do this after the end of the S3, but considering how frustrated I feel every time I think about it, I wanted to write this down now.

    To cut this short: I'm leaving. I want to take my time off from this wikia and let time doing its thing for the rest of the series. Then when a full season is completed I will take all the episodes of it at once and watch them according the production order. But before I go, there's something I really want to ask you. I already did it a couple of times in past, but the more I think about it, the more I feel that I should insist on this, I just can't let this happen again. 

    Three years ago, the fans of the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, started ditching the Mane 6, the main prota…

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  • ZhaMLC5771

    kwamibuster is coming!

    October 8, 2019 by ZhaMLC5771

    my heart is beating super fast after watching kwamibuster trailer! as a miraculer, im proud with zag animation!

    i cant wait for MULTIMOUSE in action! hope adrien/chatnoir would notice that she is LB or MARINETTE...

    i hope that mlb series will never end!

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  • ZhaMLC5771

    My first ever BLOG!

    October 7, 2019 by ZhaMLC5771

    Hello world! I have a really great dream! And I wanted to tell you what have I been dreaming about... Well... Dreaming adrienette of course!!! Going to France and visit ZAG studio!!! One of mlb project staff workers(illustrator)! So that only I would know the true story, the scenes and their relationship is going on... Alright, that's all!!!

    shortblog--- _____________ zhaMLC5771 _____________

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  • Bikerninja1997

    Because she is mean to marinette and adriene

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    Please come watch my new miraculous AMV video it's paper rings by Taylor Swift! For all you shippers of any in the love Square! Like And subscribe! Read more >
  • RandomGirl1995

    You Know...

    October 5, 2019 by RandomGirl1995

    At this point, I can't tell whether the writers of ML are completely incompetent or unbelievably brilliant.

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  • Tobylittleboy

    Season 4 (PREDICTIONS ON dates)

    Episode 1  January 14 2019 (Lila)

    Episode 2 Feburary 14 2019 (Kagami)

    Episode 3 Feburary 21 2019 (Chloe)

    Episode 4 Feburary 28 2019 (Alyas Mom) 

    Episode 5 March 4 2019  (Luka)

    Episode 6 March 10 2019 (New Character)

    Episode 7:March 12 2019 (Chloe)

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  • Number1miraculousfan

    I think that there might be a reveal in Cat Blanc, if the akuma goes inside Cat Noir's ring. Remember in Queen Wasp? The akuma went inside the Bee Miraculous but since the Miraculous are indestructible, cwt noir had to cataclysm the comb, but then again, how will they destroy it? Let's just say ladybug knows how to destroy it, in Queen Wasp, she transformed back into Queen Bee, but since the Miraculous was destroyed, it transformed her back into Chloé. So that is what I though could happen if the akuma goes inside Cat Noir's ring. What do you think?

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  • Stompp421

    Chat Blanc: MY THEORIES

    October 2, 2019 by Stompp421

    My Theories:

    1.       Lila, being the brat she is, has Marinette “meet up” with her to discuss something. Knowing how Marinette feels about Adrien, Lila starts talking to Adrien (in the area she is to meet Marinette at) about his love interest. As Marinette walks up, she hears their discussion. Either 1.) Adrien says “I do love” but is interrupted when Marinette walks up. Since Marinette is always irrational when it comes to Adrien, she perhaps thought he was confessing his love to Lila. Perhaps she says something or runs away crying? Upsetting Adrien due to his intense feelings about his friendship with her.  2.) Adrien says, “I do love Ladybug” (While this could excite her I believe it would more likely upset her) Upon hearing this, Marin…

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  • Tobylittleboy

    My new Fanmade episode names

    1. Lady wifi 2
    2. Puppet master
    3. Time Master
    4. Style Queen 2

    Ms Ruler (Shoutout to BanderItchy Because He/She came up with the name and synopis)

    Miraculer 2

    Verity Queen (From Ladybug Episode ) (lol)


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  • Miraculousladybugfan2005

    The Tiger Miraculous Transformation Line Would Be Roarr Let's Growl

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  • RandomGirl1995

    Suggested Shortenings

    September 28, 2019 by RandomGirl1995

    This is a short list of portmanteaus, abbreviations, and other ways to compact common phrases or themes of ML into a single word (or phrase).

    Maribug: Marinette as well as Ladybug. (Whenever Maribug sees Adrien, she loses her head.)

    Chatrien/Catrien: Adrien as well as Chat Noir. (Chatrien never really pays for his mistakes, does he?)

    Gabrimoth: Gabriel as well as Hawk Moth. (Gabrimoth is spinning out of control.)

    Second Love Square: Collective name for Lukanette, Adrinette, Adrigami, and the non-canon alternatives.

    Miraculouser: A Miraculous user. (Someday, Alix will be a true Miraculouser.)

    Miraculuser/Miracuser: Alternative name for a Miraculous user. (Miraculusers are getting more and more common in the show.)

    Moke, moked: Amokinized. (I wonder if Kim will…

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  • Number1miraculousfan

    Does anyone have a theory on what Marinette and Adrien want to name their future hamster? I don't know why, but I had a thought about it being named Ocean or something. I was just thinking one day, and BAM!i thought Marine-tte as in ocean so I don't know it's just a thought/ theory tell me your ideas or what you think

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  • MetalDream467

    Alya's sister, Nora comes to visit, but gets mad when Alya disobeys her and goes on a date with Nino, or Cappy, and gets akumitized into Anansi, an 8 legged spider woman, with the ntent of capturing Alya forever, but she fails when Ladybug busts Alya out and grants her the Wolf Miraculous to become Luna Renarde. 

    Princess Fragrance causes mayhem with her magic perfume; when Marinette realizes Tikki is missing, she loses the ability to transform. 

    When Fred Haprèle's stand-in tricks him into missing his next performance, he is akumatized into the Mime.

    Nino's little brother, Chris, is akumitized into Chrismaster after getting angry about Christmas and Santa. He plans for it to be Christmas forever, but things go wrong for him when Nino is gran…

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  • MetalDream467

    Aurore, after losing to Mirelle, gets akumitized into Stormy Weather, a weather controlling princess with an intent to plunge Paris into an eternal chaos of weather. Can our heroes save Paris and lower this Weather Queen's temper?

    Adrien befreinds a new student, Matheo Frexia, but his father forbids Matheo from hanging out with Adrien, getting Matheo to be akumitized into Le Fist, a very powerful wrestler. Can our heroes put this Brawn down with Brain?

    Nino is akumitized into DJ Showstopper, a superpowered DJ with Sound Manipulation, after his DJ party is crashed and insulted by Chloe. He wants to keep Paris a non-stop party. Can our heroes help Nino get his rythm back? 

    After being framed by Chloe, Alya is akumitized into Lady Wifi, a villai…

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  • MetalDream467

    Miraculouses are magical jewels. Worn as jewelry, they have the ability to change their wearers (after they bond with them), with the help of kwamis, into animal-themed, super-powered beings. In the English dub, the term Miraculous is used as both the singular and plural form, in contrast with Astruc's preference for adding -es for more than one, though there were occasions when characters used Miraculouses with the added -es to refer to more than one Miraculous. 

    Earrings that turn the wearer, with help from Tikki, into a ladybug-themed hero with the power of Creation.

    Currently owned by Marinette Dupain-Cheng.


    A Ring that turns the wearer, with help from Plagg, into a black cat-themed hero with the power of Destruction.

    Currently owned by A…

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  • Cool cat 10000

    cool cat

    September 24, 2019 by Cool cat 10000

    it is a cat who loves the ladybug and a girl who love a boy 

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  • Cool-cc

    Is it just me or....

    September 19, 2019 by Cool-cc

    Am i the only one that ships bot adrienette and lukanette ,fangirl pics i found on the web

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  • MrGabby

    Thoughts on Feast

    September 18, 2019 by MrGabby

    As we saw in the episode Feast, there are multiple miracle boxes aside from the one that Fu had. If every miracle box contains 12 lower miraculous and 7 higher ones, then we can assume that at least 3 more boxes containing a total of 57 miraculous. I've done some research on important animals in traditional Chinese philosophy. If the miracle boxes aren't all the same, there could be one with four miraculous representing the four directional animals. Thoughts?

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  • Waterloosunset1

    You know how there’s ladybug and cat noir, bunnix, Rena, all of these superhero’s? They might have powers and fancy transformations, but that is not what makes them hero’s. What make S them super hero’s truly is the pride and belief you can accomplish something withought a doubt. Even though the storm darkens and there is no light, you know that the storm will pass and a light will shine again. We are all superheroes in all shapes and sizes. We make the best superheroes because not only we are real and true, but we do this every day. I, myself should know this very well. So have a great day everyone. And remember, #BE MIIRACULOUS! 🥳

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  • Gmwbmw44

    Most recurring Miraculous Ladybug characters.

    • In the Loud House style
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  • Gmwbmw44

    The Akumatized Chefs

    September 18, 2019 by Gmwbmw44


    Robert and Riley get akumatized during a vacation to France when Mandee and Jackie make fun of them yet again. A The Loudest House! and Miraculous Ladybug crossover.

    During Spring Break, the Miller and Robinson family was at the Miller home deciding on their traditional Spring Break vacation destination.

    David: I say we go to the Boston Science Museum! They have loads of stuff!

    Greg: Not that! We go there EVERY YEAR!

    Henry: But what about our usual spot at the Tipton in Boston? I love their nightly buffets!

    Lizzie: Or we could go to LA. I could interview the troubled celebrities about their traumatic experience with fame.

    Emma: Or check out the Authors Hall of Fame!

    Brittany: Well, we COULD check out the Statue of Liberty in New York...or the pyramid…

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  • Cool-cc

    I’m back and....

    September 17, 2019 by Cool-cc

    Hey guys I’m back I don’t yall missed me or even knew but yeah I’m back oh and also fangirlism everywhere while watching season 3 oh also i made this!

    What do y’all think? I know I’m bad at gacha life so its okay to hate!

    Anyways bye!

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  • MetalSonicX

    Change of approach

    September 17, 2019 by MetalSonicX

    I've decided to change approach to watch this show for the years to come: I will finish the rest of the S3 by watching the few remaining episodes as they're released, then for the next ones... I will just let the time doing its course, check yearly the various sites, wait for the entire seasons being released digitally and grab one entire season as whole as soon it's avaliable without waiting for them axidually as I always did. In other words: I'm gonna go on a long hiatus on the series. 

    There are a couple of reasons of why I'm doing this: first of all, the next season is setted to start in December.... 2020, a way too long time to wait for just the beginning of the season. If I have to check constantly the various sites for that long, I w…

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  • Miraculousladybugfan2005

    In The Episode Reflekta Juleka Says That She Hates Cat So It Means That She Hates Cats As Well With Its Types Tigers Lions And Panthers

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  • FarceDawn

    Cat Noir Vs. Ladybug

    September 16, 2019 by FarceDawn

    (I posted this as a comment in old thread first but decided to talk about it a new thread).

    There are two sides to the LB and Adrien relationship and it often leads to conflicts on both sides.  Marinette/LB has let herself make mistakes in order to please or satisfy her obsession with Adrien just like how Adrien has done for Ladybug. I honestly just feel like after the recent episodes especially with the Kwami switch one they just keep painting Adrien as incompetent when in his suit. Adrien seems to obviously learn from experience but the show hasn't give him enough to learn from so far.

    When Adrien became Mr.Bug he litteraly showed no idea on how to use his powers and even the lucky charm changed in order to be simpler for him. The worst pa…

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  • Blackchat45


    September 15, 2019 by Blackchat45

    seson 1 very very good but then in seson 2 did that little khagami come in too the picture,and omg what i hate her

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  • Noir123

    Master Fu

    September 15, 2019 by Noir123

    I wholeheartedly believe that Master Fu ships Adrien and Marinette. Cause imagine he has another room in his house(not the one he makes the potions in or his main one either) and it has articles upon articles of what happened in Gorizilla. It also has photos of them together and stuff. On the photo aspect he is like Mari with Adrien before Troublemaker. Post reveal Fu doesn’t know they know so when Mari says she wants him to meet her boyfriend(c’mon do you actually think they won’t start dating(also Thomas Astruc) and she turns up(with Mr Whiskers(Some villian called him that)) to Fu’s house(Adrien is not actually Mr Whiskers at the moment) and she is kinda shocked that Fu is packing away a bunch of stuff, and she says, “Master Fu, this is…

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  • Coccinelles

    Hello. I heard the musical film (Ladybug & Black Cat Awakening) would be an epilogue concluding the end of the serie. I thought a sixth season was planned. So the serie will end at the fifth season ? 😢

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  • Miraculous Fanboy

    This article is about new Miraculous holders in Season 3. Currently, there are five new Miraculous holders(present) and one in the future! Luka Couffaine In "Desperada", Ladybug gives Luka the snake Miraculous, which he says "Sass, scales slither" to help him transform into Viperion. Viperion's superpower is "Second Chance". He slides the snake head at a moment he wants to use it. After that he has five minutes. Within that time range he can go back in time as many times as he wants to. When the snake head goes back in place, he'll detransform. To detransform he says Sass scales rest.

    Le Chien Kim In "Party Crasher", Master Fu gave the Monkey Miraculous to Kim. He says "Xuppu, showtime" to transform. His power, "Uproar", creates an object t…

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  • Blackchat45


    September 13, 2019 by Blackchat45

    OMG ITS COMMING AN MIRACULOUS MOVIE,but its gonna com 2021

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  • Vikkisixx

    Okay so after watching Ikari Gozen for the 3rd time (honestly such a great episode) I realized that Kagami's question to Marinette about a "special type of chocolate ice-cream" might actually have a dual meaning! She lays out the hypothetical situation where she (Marinette) discovers and wants to try this ice-cream but someone beats her to it. Then Kagami continues to lay out 3 choices for Marinette on how to react:

    A. - steal the ice-cream from them

    B. - get another chocolate ice cream though it may not be as good as the special one

    C. - never eat chocolate ice cream again

    I may be overthinking this but guys! What if this is an analogy about the love triangle between Adrien, Marinette and Kagami!!!!

    Adrien = the special chocolate ice-cream


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  • Blackchat45

    stop lying

    September 12, 2019 by Blackchat45

    ok so adrien say shes just a friend dut does someone belive that ewry time he says thet he be embarrassed

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  • Mattina P


    September 11, 2019 by Mattina P

    Master fu being the real villian.I reckon master fu must of cused the peacock mirc

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