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HFrançais HFrançais 2 days ago


Hey Guys! I just wanted to say that I would be uploading bog posts whenever I feel like it. Feel free to chat with me. Follow me on Wattpad if you want.

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Literatifan2003 Literatifan2003 3 days ago

All about me

Hi this is my all about me blog, so you can get to know me!

My name is Caitlin or Cc, I ship Adrienette and Lukadrien 😊 (my age and where I live is private) I like making friends, Adrien is my crush 😻 and wallpaper.

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Incredible fan girl Incredible fan girl 3 days ago

Anything for you(Part 4)(A Miraculous Ladybug Fanfiction)

(Hey everyone! This is part 4! The last part of this fanfic, enjoy!)

“A few months later”

-How is Marinette? Nino asked as he and Alya were sitting in the park protected by the shade of the trees.

-Not so good…Alya sighed.

-I thought she would have felt better…I mean she didn’t even show up at the funeral…

-How could she?! She is broken inside Nino! There is nothing left! She is so hurt that she couldn’t save him, she misses him a lot…going to the funeral would be accepting that the love of her life is…really…gone. All I know is that she spends her time on the Eiffel Tower, draining herself out…

“On the Eiffel Tower”

Ladybug fell asleep on the Eiffel Tower while watching the sunset, her kitty’s favourite time of the day, she moaned and saw that s…

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Incredible fan girl Incredible fan girl 4 days ago

Anything for you(Part 3)(A Miraculous Ladybug Fanfiction)

(Hey guys! Here is part 3! Spoiler alert: If you hate sad endings please don't read this! Keep in mind though that it is NOT the end yet so anything can happen!)

“A few days later, at school”

Adrien was much better, keeping his promise to Marinette, he was more careful on the field. The odd thing was that after being deakumatized, the victims remained unconscious for a while then woke without any memory of what happened!

-Guys! Have you heard? Asked Alya running to Marinette and Adrien who were walking to class.

-What? Asked both Marinette and Adrien at the same time.

-Kagami…she lost her fencing championship, she did not even make it to the top ten!

-Oh my god! We should call her…the poor dear must be devastated…replied Marinette.

Just as she sa…

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MiracalousCrazy2010 MiracalousCrazy2010 5 days ago

Omg look they changed tikki!!!

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Incredible fan girl Incredible fan girl 6 days ago

Anything for you(Part 2) (A Miraculous Ladybug Fanfiction)

(What's up y'all! Here is part 2 of this fanfic! Enjoy!)

“A week later”

It was official! Marinette and Adrien were finally dating! All the bets were paid and controlled by Alix and Alya who said that the bets started when the two lovebirds met each other. They both had fifty euros in their hands betting that Adrien and Marinette would be together by the end of this senior year! Those two girls were definitely incredible, while Marinette seemed annoyed and flustered, her silly kitty couldn’t stop laughing.

Of course, the news that Marinette and Adrien were dating spread as fast as lighting, causing angry, frustrated and miserable fan girls all over Paris! A perfect opportunity for Shadowmoth! With at least six akumatizations per day, Marinette…

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Chatnoirfan12 Chatnoirfan12 6 days ago

Chat noir's new replacement

Recently, Chat noir has been replaced by another heroe Catwalker . Catwalker has been first seen in the episode Kuro Neko. There is 2 reasons why Ladybug has replaced him.

No.1 Because he hasnt been involved in any missions so far. Making Ladybug do the fighting and saving the day.

No.2 Because Ladybug feels that Chat noir is wasting her time by being in love with her.

These are the 2 reasons on why Ladybug has replaced him. Thats what I think. Tell me in the coment section below what are the reasons that ladybug has replaced Chat noir and who is the mysterious Catwalkers identity.

Peace out.

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Incredible fan girl Incredible fan girl 7 days ago

Anything for you(Part 1) (A Miraculous Ladybug Fanfiction)

(Hey guys! Here is part of my fanfic for this week! Hope you like it! Enjoy!)

Ladybug and Cat Noir were standing on the Eiffel Tower, their eyes closed.

-I can’t believe you trapped me Cat!

-What did you expect me to do? Wait for you, like a dog?


-Well that’s the difference, I’m a cat, so I don’t wait!

Ladybug couldn’t help but smile, this was definitely was her kitty. They had both been fighting akumatized Bob Roth aka Moolak again. From the situation she was in now, she concluded that Cat Noir had calculated that she took less than five minutes to get home. So when her earrings started beeping after using her lucky charm, he begged her to come with him for some unrealistic and stupid reason.

As predicted, she accepted but when she had on…

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2022DaBestYearEver 2022DaBestYearEver 10 days ago

Miraculous: Reaper of Souls AU


Marinette Dupain-Cheng

Adrien Agreste

Kagami Tsurugi

Chloé Bourgeois

Sabrina Raincomprix

Gabriel Agreste

Diablo (Headcanon)

Tyrael (Headcanon)

Imperius (Headcanon)

User:2022DaBestYearEver (Me, as 22)

User:FriendzoningMarinetteDuPAINCheng (Starring as 22's bestie forever, Ella)

Ella: Hey guys!

Adrien: Look who it is, the Queen of Cursed Images!

22: HEY, BESTIE!!! :D

Mari: What am I gonna do with those two? It almost seems as if--

(A loud explosion interrupts Marinette's sentence)

Sabrina: What was that?

Chloé: That's it! I'm gonna go investigate--c'mon, Sabrina! (dragging her "bestie")

22: Welp, probs another soul going to the Great Beyond.

Ella: Let's check it out! O_O

(The seven run to the rubble)

Kagami: Uh-oh...

Mari: Who is that?

Adrien: Did he cause it…

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Incredible fan girl Incredible fan girl 31 December 2021

Out sick (Part 2) (A Miraculous Ladybug Fanfiction)

(Hey guys! Here is my New Year present to all of you, the last part of this fanfic! Hope you like it! Have a happy and miraculous new year everyone!)

“At night”

-So where are we going for dinner?

Marinette was astonishingly beautiful with her pink flowery dress. Her hair was down which made her as marvellous as ever. Adrien too was incredibly handsome in his suit and his usual irresistible smile.

-You’re amazing…

-Thanks kitty, she said blushing a little. You’re handsome too!

-So…we are going to that restaurant you always wanted to go…

-Really? But how did you manage to get a reservation? This place is always booked!

-Everybody has some little secrets. He replied smiling.

-Thanks Cat…but you didn’t have to, you know that right?

-Yeah…I know. He said…

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Incredible fan girl Incredible fan girl 30 December 2021

Out sick (Part 1) (A Miraculous Ladybug Fanfiction)

(Hey guys! Here's part of my New Year special! Enjoy!)

Adrien and Marinette just moved in together. Marinette was working at “Louis Vuitton” pursuing her dream of becoming a fashion designer while Adrien was working in the biggest accountancy firm of the city. They really enjoyed working together. However, they both returned home really late and longed for a free day because they even had to work on week-ends! Their mean bosses always said the same damn thing, “You are young and you need to work hard if you want a career. No free days unless you are sick!”

“One early morning”

The alarm went off and they both groaned,

-Let’s stay here for a while…said Adrien bringing Marinette closer to him.

-Kitty…you said the same thing yesterday and we both g…

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GardenOSound GardenOSound 28 December 2021

Win or lose 3

Alright so here is my theorie about this.

So basicly we can narrow it down by what your opinions are. you could tell me opinions to add or opinions that are stupid (I wont be offended)

So there are to parts to his ¨Last attack¨ Risk and strike back

so we start off with the titles... Risk is as if they are risking something, But when i look at the new spoiler for risk specificly... he uses dangerous akumas that can break the lucky charm practicly giving her no power over the akumas and the only main thing she can do is fight but she cant just fight all day she will get worn out and eventualy have to go home. but the sound of that sounds like somthing happens to the point of her losing in risk

But in strike back, i heard someone in the past will…

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Incredible fan girl Incredible fan girl 25 December 2021

Mistletoe (Part 3) (A Miraculous Ladybug Fanfiction)

(Merry Christmas y'all!! Here is my Christmas gift for you, the last part of this fanfic! Because what's Christmas without gifts, am I right? Anyway, hope you enjoy!)

“At night, at the gala”

Adrien arrived in a suit, he looked a little bit more like Cat Noir now, his hair a little longer and he appeared taller. He was still the handsome blond man that everyone loved. He was of course accompanied by Marinette who was in a beautiful dark blue dress with glittering stars, it was elegant and looked good on her.

When they reached the doors, they both made their way to Alya and Nino. Nino was sweating and was very nervous whereas Alya couldn’t feel more excited. The group started talking but soon stopped when Nino gave Adrien a “go away” look. Mari…

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I luv Mayura I luv Mayura 25 December 2021

Sleepwalker: An MLB Fanfic (Chapter 6)

A Series of Nightmares

This chapter is incomplete.

Ladybug, Rena Rouge, and King Monkey quickly found Chat Noir in the park, who was busy fighting Reflecta, Princess Fragrance, and the Bubbler.

Chat Noir: "Gasps for air (cause I don't know how to make onamonapia)" About time you came M'lady!

Ladybug: Sorry Kitty. Got held up by these two.

Rena Rouge: Well it's only these three left, then it's just Sleepwalker.

King Monkey: I won't be so sure of that. LOOK!

Everyone looked at where King Monkey was pointing and found Sleepwalker leading Dark Owl, Reverser, Evilustrator, Gamer, Mime, and of course, Gigantitan. 😊 The heroes grumbled at the sight.


Sleepwalker: Hey, t…

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ROADRUNNER55 ROADRUNNER55 23 December 2021


Please start with chapter #1

At the North Pole, in the big barn at Christmas Town, Cosmobug, Astro Chat, the three Power Puff Girls and three flying ponies from Equestria are preparing to magically fly Santa's sleigh on Christmas Eve. All the regular magical flying raindeer are down with the flu, even Rudolph has a runny nose!

Cosmobug has just harnessed herself into BLITZENS place in the left rear position. She looks next to her to see, in the right rear position, Astro Chat, who points to the gold plate in front of him, "Looks like I'm filling in for DONNER!" Just in front of her, the pegasi pony Flutter Shy turns with a smile and says, "This is where CUPID flies!" "Gosh, I hope she's feeling better soon." Next to her, Bubbles says, "I'm …

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ROADRUNNER55 ROADRUNNER55 23 December 2021


Please start with chapter #1

Marinette wakes up in bed and with eyes still closed, she murmurs, "Mmm,...Tikki,...I had such a wonderful dream." "I was at Santa Claus's house at the North Pole and Adrien and I were eating lunch with Rainbow Dash!" Then she hears Kaalki answer, "Indeed, Ms. Dash is a most noble steed!" Marinette's eyes pop wide open to see two kwami floating next to her pillow. Tikki tells her, "It's no dream!" "You are at the North Pole!" Marinette quickly sits up in bed, "What time is it!" "Am I late?!" "It's not tomorrow is it?!" "Tell me it's still today!" Tikki laughs, "You sound just like Fluff!" "Relax, there's plenty of time, but you should start to get ready!"

Marinette takes her advice, gets out of bed and peeks out…

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PandaJJMusic PandaJJMusic 23 December 2021

The New Scheme - Chapter 4

"Adrien, we need to see Nathalie." Marinette said as she stepped off of the dock.


"It's something Luka said—"

Adrien sighed as they both got in the car, "Marinette, you can't actually start thinking what Luka said was true. You know that there is nothing you could do for Lydia."

"Let me finish, Adrien," Marinette said, "I probably won't be able to do anything for Lydia, but I can do something for your mother."

"I don't get it. My mother is gone."

Marinette shook her head, "no, she's in a miraculous-induced sleep. We can't bury her as if she's dead, because she is not. I can wake her up."

"Marinette, you can't combine the ladybug and cat miraculous! You of all people should be aware that it comes with—"

"A price, I know, Adrien. What if we don…

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PandaJJMusic PandaJJMusic 23 December 2021

The New Scheme - Chapter 3

Félix could only look at the sobbing girl in front of him, unsure of how to comfort her.

"You're the only one who talks to me; how could you leave? How could you leave me out of nowhere?"

"I didn't mean—"

Lila shoved her palms into her eyes. "No! No, Félix, if you didn't mean to, then you wouldn't have tried to leave without telling me. I had to find out from my mom."

"Lila, it wasn't my choice. You know that Mother disapproves," Félix attempted to explain.

"But I don't see her disapprove of me, Félix! Are the four months we spent together complete lies? Did you lie to me those entire four months? You can't just leave!"

"How could you question that, Lila? Why won't you believe me? I swear that it's Mother, I wouldn't do that to you."

Lila clenched…

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ROADRUNNER55 ROADRUNNER55 22 December 2021


Please start with chapter #1

At the big banquet table at Santa's house, the late lunch continued. Plagg had been the first kwami to pop out when he smelled cheese. When he saw the big assortment of his favorite food, there was no stopping him! Then, Marinette coaxed Tikki out with a chocolate chip cookie. Next came Kaalki, who floated over to the apple slices and baby carrots. Finally, Stompp, who seemed to enjoy the miniture versions of the hayburgers that the Equestria ponies were eating.

Marinette, who had decided to try the veggie burrgers, along with mashed potatoes and mixed veggies, asks Buttercup, "Please pass the tomatoes in a bottle." Buttercup stares at her in a confused manner, until Bubbles tells her, "She means the ketchup!"


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ROADRUNNER55 ROADRUNNER55 22 December 2021


Please start with chapter #1

In front of the North Pole home of Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus, on the afternoon of Christmas Eve, united to help out, are gathered, Cosmobug, Astro Chat, all three of the Power Puff Girls, Unikitty, Puppycorn, three flying ponies from Equestria and their little dragon, Spike. After everyone had introduced themselves to each other, Mrs. Claus tells them to get ready for a late lunch, and then a nap in one of the many upstairs guest rooms.

As they enter the large but comfy house, Mrs. Claus looks at the Power Puff Girls, "My, how much you've grown since you were here last!" Bubbles says, "I'm studying art in Paris!" Buttercup says, "I'm studying Shaolin Mirac Fu at a secert temple in Napal!" Blossom says, "I'm studyi…

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ROADRUNNER55 ROADRUNNER55 21 December 2021


Please start with chapter #1

On the afternoon of Christmas Eve, high in the air and flying at over three times the speed of sound, Cosmobug and Astro Chat cross the Arctic Circle on their way to Santa's North Pole workshop. Cosmobug has Prince Puppycorn of the Uni Kingdom cuddled in her arms. Flying between her and Astro Chat is Princess Unikitty, Puppycorns older and much faster sister. Cosmobug says to her, "I had no idea you could fly this fast!" She replies, "Only on very special occasions." Astro Chat looks over at her, "Huh, Unikitty, is your horn supposed to glow like that?" She tells him, "That only happens when I'm near a large source of magic!"

As they fly under the Aurora Borealis, they see ahead of them the glowing magic field th…

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ROADRUNNER55 ROADRUNNER55 21 December 2021


Please start with chapter #1

After exchanging Christmas wishes with Annie, Master Fooie, Sylvester and the rest of the Kwami, Marinette, Adrien and their four kwami have quietly made their way up to the roof of the high school. After carefully putting the little bottles with the purple power-up fluid safely to the side, first marinette cries out, "TIKKI, SPOTS ON!" followed by Adrien, "PLAGG, CLAWS OUT!" After transforming into Ladybug, she checks her glasses and cries out, "TIKKI, KAALKI, UNIFY!" After seeing her new suit, Chat Noir asks, "So M'Lady, what would you call that one?" She thinks a bit, then says, "Pegabug,...at least for now."

Now it's Chat Noirs turn, "PLAGG, STOMPP, UNIFY!" After transforming, his new costume looks a lot lik…

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Incredible fan girl Incredible fan girl 21 December 2021

Mistletoe (Part 2) (A Miraculous Ladybug Fanfiction)

(Part 2 everyone! Enjoy!!)

She cleared her throat and started.

-We were stargazing on the Eiffel Tower, this was one of the best days of my life. We were both silent, it was just…perfect. He suddenly got up and asked me to detransform and I did. I knew something was up…he detransformed too and we both realised that we were in out pyjamas. We were still looking for a place to move in together at that time…anyway, we both laughed because I was in my Cat Noir pyjamas and he was in the Ladybug pyjamas I made him…He went down on one knee declaring his love to me. The fact is that, he didn’t need to prepare all that because I knew from the moment I looked in his emerald eyes…I knew that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him…



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Incredible fan girl Incredible fan girl 21 December 2021

Mistletoe (Part 1) (A Miraculous Ladybug Fanfiction)

(Hey guys! This is my fanfic for this week! Well part of it! I hope that you'll like this Christmas special! Enjoy!)

“In Alya and Nino’s apartment”

Marinette rushed in without even knocking with a sleepy Louis in her arms.

-What’s going on Alya? Is everything ok? I got your SOS message.

Without saying a word, Alya walked towards her with a small box in her hand, she opened it and Marinette saw the most beautiful diamond ring ever.

-Hold the baby. Marinette said as she took the little box from her hands. The ring was breath taking, it even had two pearls on each side. And Marinette gasped,

-Did Nino-

-No I found it! Replied Alya excited as they both sat on the couch while Louis fell back asleep in his mother’s arms again. They both had wide smiles…

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ROADRUNNER55 ROADRUNNER55 20 December 2021


Please start with chapter #1

In the secret janitors office, in the sub-basement under the Francoise Dupont High School, Marinette, Adrien and Annie Warbucks, accompanied by Tikki and Plagg, speak with the Miraculious Guardian, Master Wang "Hong Kong" Fooie, explaining the problem Santa Claus is facing. Marinette suggests, "Maybe Orikko the Rooster and the Peep Owl kwami can help us fly?" Master Fooie tells them, "Well, they could, but they wouldn't be fast enough." "I have something new that would work much better!" As Annie excuses herself to make some phone calls, Marinette and Adrien follow Master Fooie to a cabinet, where he reveals a number of bottles with different colored liquids in them.

Master Fooie then hands each of them, small, c…

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ROADRUNNER55 ROADRUNNER55 20 December 2021


This is an alternate universe / multi-universe cartoon, fan fiction story, in multiple parts. For an explaination of how this universe came to be, you may read "RIDICULOUS #1" & "RIDICULOUS #2", posted on this blog site in early November, 2021.

On Friday morning, Christmas Eve, at his North Pole workshop, Santa Claus has just gotten the news that all his raindeer have come down with Magic Flying Raindeer Flu. Even Rudolph has a runny nose! A worried Santa says to his wife, "With all the delays in the supply chain, the children are counting on me this year more than ever." "I can't bear to think about disappointing them!" Mrs. Claus asks him, "Maybe we should call those three girls who once helped us out?" "They are on the Very Super Nice li…

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Spidergamer2 Spidergamer2 17 December 2021

Game and love story fan

I love games and love storys so i talk about that stuff aLike Roblox games,The secret life of pets max x gidget, chase x Skye and more!

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S384640 S384640 14 December 2021

Luka and Marinette are a cute couple

luka conffese his love to marinette, knowing it marinette feels the same way.💙💖

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Incredible fan girl Incredible fan girl 14 December 2021

Quit (Part 3) (A Miraculous Ladybug Fanfiction)

(Hey guys! This is part 3! Enjoy!)

She was sitting in the corner of her bed, her head on her knees, she was crying again.

-Calm down Marinette…everything will be fine…

-How Tikki? How? I have been horrible towards him, I should have known better…and you know what the worst thing is? She said looking up to her kwami.


-That I actually fell in love with that silly cat…I denied my feelings for him because I still had feelings for Adrien then I realised that it would never work out…I love Cat Noir but I had to push all those emotions away because…I was scared. Scared that he wouldn’t love me for who I am under the mask. And now, he quit and I hurt him so much that I don’t even deserve him…I’ll never see him again and it’s my price to pay for …

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S384640 S384640 13 December 2021

Luka Knows Marinette is Ladybug

Luka Knows Marinette is Ladybug and keeped it a secret.

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Incredible fan girl Incredible fan girl 13 December 2021

Quit (Part 2) (A Miraculous Ladybug Fanfiction)

(Part 2, y'all! Hope you like it! Enjoy!)

“A few days later, at school”

-Hey! Where is Marinette? Asked Adrien to Alya.

-I think that my poor girl is stuck with a horrible flu…

Alya knew that it wasn’t the case, she knew that her best friend was drowning her sorrow in tears for losing her partner. That she blamed herself for not acknowledging his feelings. For the last three days, Marinette stayed locked up in her room wanting to be alone. Nobody was allowed to come in, she only got down for the meals or to use the bathroom but for everything else, she was just ghosting everyone by staying in her room. She didn’t even come down to see Alya when the latter came to leave her the notes and homework. All she knew was that without her kitty…she was…

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Incredible fan girl Incredible fan girl 13 December 2021

Quit (Part 1) (A Miraculous Ladybug Fanfiction)

(Hey guys! Here is my fanfic for this week, well part of it! I know that it has been weeks since I posted and I'm really really sorry! I hope that this part can make it up to you and stay tuned for my Christmas special next week!!)

After defeating Mr Ramier aka Mr Pigeon again, before parting ways into different directions, Cat Noir said with the usual smirk on his face,

-It’s been a while since it has only been the two of us m’lady.

-Yeah…I know kitty…

-Do I see you for patrol tonight?

-I don’t think so…maybe you’ll see Carapace!

Cat Noir did not even try to hide the disappointment on his face. He has seen less of his lady recently. Now that he was thinking about it, these past few months, he had only seen her during the battles! He understood …

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I luv Mayura I luv Mayura 13 December 2021

Sleepwalker: An MLB Fanfic (Chapter 5)

Close Calls

Meanwhile, Marinette and Adrien were sleeping peacefully when they heard some crashes and shouts outside.

Marinette and Adrien: What was that?!

The two of them went to their windows and saw villains and sleepwalkers all over the place.

Marinette and Adrien: Oh no. What is happening?!

Marinette: Did Shadowmoth akumatize multiple villains again, Tikki?

Tikki: I'm not sure, Marinette.

Marinette: Well what we do know for sure is that we better get going. Tikki spots…

Lady Wifi: Oh Marinette!

Marinette: Huh?!

Lady Wifi: Oh Marinette, Sleepwalker is looking for Ladybug, so I need you to come with me!

Marinette: Sleepwalker?! Wait…

Marinette looked closer at Lady Wifi and noticed something was different, Wifi was wearing a sleeping mask! Suddenly…

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PawwTheKwami PawwTheKwami 12 December 2021



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RainbowGrlOfficial RainbowGrlOfficial 12 December 2021

Just a challenge I put to myself!

The challenge: Commend this post with one character's name eg Marinette and after that I'll make that character on gacha club (a game that you can make avatars). You can write any of the miraculous characters, but 1 per person!!! For any questions send me a message on my message wall!

Remember! You can reply to blog posts only if you have your emali confirmed!

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RainbowGrlOfficial RainbowGrlOfficial 12 December 2021

Theme song: Now it's Rena rouge!

Hi! I'm back with other character's theme song. Now it's Alya's turn

Suggest me on comments an other character!

In the daytime, I'm Alya

Just a normal girl with a normal life

But there is something about me that no one knows yet,

'Cause I have a secret

An other day, I'm back at net

Though, I ship Adrienette

Join me please on ladyblog

To make it bigger, super strong

oh oh oh

Ladies and gentlemen

oh oh oh

Mari loves Adrien

oh oh oh

You've waited so much time

Now let's start the chime!

It's Rena rouge

Rena furtive

When someone has so much to give

It's rena rouge

always there

So supportive

It's rena rouge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry if some sentences don't make sense!

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PawwTheKwami PawwTheKwami 12 December 2021




Owner(S) Past owner(She passed away):Luna Moonshadow New owner:Luma moon shadow

Hero name:cream Lynx and Song Lynx

Villan name:Noir Lynx and Rox Lynx

Likes:Kind humans,Heroes,being right,Slapping Paww

Dislikes:Mean humans,Villans,Being wrong,Not slapping Paww

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PawwTheKwami PawwTheKwami 12 December 2021



Kwami of:Invisibilty

Owner:Luni Moonshadow

Superhero name:Magestec Lioness

Villan name: Queen Roar

Likes to annoy:Paww

Kwami animal:Lion

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Rose CarterMARICHAT Rose CarterMARICHAT 11 December 2021

New spoiler

First of all ahhhh ok if you have not seen the new spoiler type in chikara miraculous on YouTube it's pretty big ladybug kisses chat noir on the cheek but for some reason he looks depressed or maybe he just did not hâve enough time for a reaction and the other Herod are all going into different directions so when they turned around that's when she did it like ahhhh sjuwshsjd it's just crazy bruh and also we some weird transformation with hawk moth like bestie ok thags it byee

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White Cottenz White Cottenz 10 December 2021

My Template Box

These are my Copy Pastes, I make them, paste them here, to use it in the future.

They are often highlighted

This is a Work in Progress Template, used on a WCZ Blog that is incomplete

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White Cottenz White Cottenz 10 December 2021

Adrienette Negativity

Marinette Dupain-Cheng is the Protoganist of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir

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I luv Mayura I luv Mayura 8 December 2021

Sleepwalker: An MLB Fanfic (Chapter 4)

"There's Some Good Inside Her"

Sleepwalker flew across the city and a bright light shone from her hands and into everyone's windows. Disturbed by the lights, the civilians looked out their windows, including some of Chloe's classmates.

Sleepwalker: Parisians, come into my light!

When the light reached their eyes, a sleeping mask appeared and turned them into sleepwalkers. However, previously akumatized people turned back into villains. Suddenly, several villains appeared. There was Dark Cupid, Princess Fragrance, Lady Wifi, Reflecta, and the Bubbler.

Sleepwalker: Go my minions. Go and bring Ladybug and Cat Noir to me!

All the sleepwalkers and supervillains spread out the city, looking for Ladybug and Cat Noir, while Sleepwalker flew to Marla's …

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I luv Mayura I luv Mayura 8 December 2021

Sleepwalker: An MLB Fanfic (Chapter 3)


Chloe: She chose that newbie over me? I thought we were friends!

Later that night, Chloe put on her sleeping gown and mask, then went to bed, still feeling a lot of pain. Unfortunately, Shadowmoth sensed her negative emotions.

Shadowmoth: Ahh, a friendship once wide awake now deep asleep.

He took one of his akumas and charged it.

Shadowmoth: Fly away my little akuma and awaken that poor girl's heart!

The akuma flew across the streets and into Chloe's room. When it went into her sleeping mask, Chloe suddenly woke up.

Shadowmoth: Sleepwalker, I am Shadowmoth. Your friend chose someone else over you? I'm giving you the power to control everyone through their dream. All I ask in return is Ladybug and Cat Noir's miraculouses.

Chloe: Yes Shado…

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I luv Mayura I luv Mayura 8 December 2021

Sleepwalker: An MLB Fanfic (Chapter 2)


And for the past week, Sabrina and Marla have been hanging out with each other. They did everything together, studying, doing projects, going out to the movies, you name it! Chloe however, was jealous. The more she saw Sabrina and Marla together, the more her anger and jealousy grew. She tried multiple times trying to get Sabrina to go with her. She even said that she'll do her homework by herself, which is something that Chloe would NEVER do. But none of them worked. So on Friday, she gave it one last go.

Chloe: Oh Sabrina! You just have to come with me tonight. Daddy just bought me a new set of hats and I need someone to help compliment me. Maybe I'll even let you keep one of the hats.

Sabrina: Really? That sounds fun! But I'm goin…

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Sleepwalker: An MLB Fanfic (Chapter 1)

An Old Friend

One day at school, class was about to start and Chloe and Sabrina were about to go when a girl with brown hair, a denim jacket, and latte-colored skin ran towards them.

Girl: Sabrina! Sabrina!

Sabrina turned around. When she saw the girl, she was filled with joy.

Sabrina: Marla, is that you?

Marla: Yeah!

The two girls hugged each other excitedly, but Chloe was annoyed.

Chloe: Uhh, who are you?

Sabrina: Chloe, this is Marla. She's my best friend from my old school.

Chloe: Well you can tell her that you have a new friend and that we have to go.

Marla: But I'm her friend.

Chloe: Well not anymore. Come on Sabrina!

Sabrina: Sorry Marla. "Bell rings"  We have to get to class now.

Marla: Oh wait! What class are you in?

Sabrina: Ms. Bustier's class. …

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Gabriel Agreste (episode): Chapter 6 + Epilogue

The next day at school, Marinette and Alya were just about to enter the school. Meanwhile, Lila was just behind them when she got a text from Gabriel to go to the mansion after school.

Later, in Gabriel's office:

Lila (L): If this is about Adrien, my plan is just taking a while to fulfill.

G: No, it’s not about that.

L: What is it about then?

G: Come over here.

Lila walks onto the platform that leads to his lair. When she stood in the right position, Gabriel pushed the buttons on the painting and they went up. When they got into his lair, Lila looked around.

L: What is this place?

G: I know how much you hate Ladybug, and I’m sure that you could help me.

L: Yeah, she is so… wait. How do you know about that? Who are you?

Gabriel smiles evilly.

G: I was…

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Gabriel Agreste (episode): Chapter 5

The Battle

When Ladybug and Rena Rouge went out to fight they found Cat Noir already battling them. Cat Noir then landed beside the girls.

Cat Noir (CN): Hey M’lady. Nice to see you again Rena Rouge.

Rena Rouge (RR): Thanks Cat.

Ladybug (L): Looks like the Collector is back, and looks like Shadowmoth finally decided to show up.

CN: Why do you think he’s been akumatized?

L and RR: Umm, uh, well.

RR: We don’t know.

L: Yeah, by the way, Kitty, I thought that Gabriel Agreste was Shadowmoth.

CN: Wait so you’re on him again?

L: Not anymore, the Collector AND Shadowmoth are together so he couldn’t be Shadowmoth.

RR: Well we need to get them away from this place, there are too many people!

C: Good idea.

The three heroes run towards the Collector and Shadowmoth…

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Gabriel Agreste (episode): Chapter 4


After Gabriel escorted the girls out of the mansion, they walked back to Marinette’s house, discussing everything they learned during the interview.

A: Mr. Agreste seems to be suspicious about us.

M: Yeah, this makes ME suspicious of him.

A: He did get angry every time we mentioned Shadowmoth, especially whenever we said that Paris would be better without him.

M: And seriously, I, uh I mean, Ladybug and Cat Noir are not foolish. Well, Cat Noir can be a clown sometimes, but he means well.

A: By the way, what have you discovered when you were “in the toilet”?

M: I accidentally went into his secretary, Natalie’s, room. She seemed sick. I just remembered, if someone uses a broken miraculous, then they could get sick, or maybe even die.

A: S…

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Gabriel Agreste (episode): Chapter 3

The Interview

Later, Adrien’s bodyguard came to pick up Adrien, Marinette, and Alya.

Adrien holds the car door open as Marinette and Alya step out. The three friends entered the mansion, with Mr. Agreste waiting for them at the stairs. Gabriel orders Adrien to take the girls to the dining room then go to his room.

After Adrien went up to his room, the girls started the interview.

A: So, Mr. Agreste, what made you want to be a designer?

G: I wanted to be a designer because I always loved making new designs for clothes.

M: When did you start your career in fashion designing?

G: I started my career in fashion after I got married to my wife. She was one of my inspirations. She and I worked together on these designs.

M: Wow you must love her so much!


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Gabriel Agreste (episode) Chapter 2

Into The Belly of the Dragon

At lunch, Marinette and Alya were thinking of questions that they could ask while thinking of a plan on how to investigate the mansion.

A: If Mr. Agreste is Shadowmoth, then he must have some secret room to akumatized everyone without anyone knowing about him.

M: Yeah, but how are we going to even get in his house?!

A: Well, we can ask a certain person! She mischievously looks at Adrien.

Marinette immediately panicked when she saw him and hid behind Alya.

M: You know I cannot ask him. Please don't do this to me!

A: Okay, okay, I was just kidding. I’ll do it, but only if you come with me.

M: Fine. But I’m only doing this so we can find out who Shadowmoth is.

Alya walks to Adrien while Marinette reluctantly follows.

A: Hey …

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