• Number1miraculousfan

    I absolutely loved the fact Tomoe tsurugi was named after Tomoe Gozen, and I love the fact that when she was akumatized her name was Iikari GOZEN.

    I fangirled so she's then!

    Especially when she was talking about Tomoe Gozen when she was training Kagami!

    And we all know that Tomoe Gozen was given the ladybug Miraculous?

    Well I believe that she had the dragon Miraculous!

    Because when she was training Kagami, she was saying she was allusive as the wind, as powerful as the flood, and as Swift as lightning, that totally had something to do with the dragon Miraculous.

    And then when ladybug got the dragon Miraculous, and was saying allusive as the wind as powerful as the flood, and as Swift as lightning.

    That was just some information/ theories about To…

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  • Rainbow787

    Its something I think all miraculers face, being told that this is a kids show. I know I am not the first to talk about this but let me just let it all out ITS NOT A KIDS SHOW. The story line while following a basic plot in every episode has a complex storyline following every episode creating such a complex story that you don't even realize a kid would not be able to understand it!!!

    Me and some of my best friends rant about how everyone always calls it a kids show and we have probably made a nice 50 page list of all the things that make this wonderful animated thing not made for children.

    Just putting it out there don't mind my pointless rant anyways thanks for readinggg... -🌈

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  • KatNoire

    In a way the Miracle Queen fight was almost a redo of the circumstances that didn't go too well in Reflekdoll and Desperada. That may sound strange but let me explain.

    Desperada: Cat gets a second chance with the Snake Miraculous. This time he was able to focus on the task at hand. He actually used the power quite well, only needing 3 tries in total before figuring out a way to defeat Miracle Queen.

    So his unsuccessfulness in Desperada wasn't because he was ill-suited for that Miraculous. It was simply that he was too distracted and unable to think of anything but winning Ladybug over.

    Reflekdoll: if you think about it, Ladybug and Cat Noir switched roles when they became Dragonbug and SnakeNoir. Ladybug is the one with the plan while Cat Noi…

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  • AceVenturaFinkleAndMarino


    December 3, 2019 by AceVenturaFinkleAndMarino
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  • MetalSonicX

    Regarding Adrianette...

    December 1, 2019 by MetalSonicX

    Hello again. I briefly return here to make some additional thoughts about what I wrote a couple of weeks ago after I watched Chat Blanc (if you missed it I post the link here: ). 

    WARNING: this post contains heavy spoilers about the series The Dragon Prince. If you're a fan of it and you haven't watched the third season yet, or do you plan to start watching it anytime soon, then stop reading now (and go watch it by the way, really really good stuff).

    Anyway, in the last few days I started watching The Dragon Prince, a "spiritual successor" of Avatar The Last Airbender, made by people who worked on that show as well. The structure of the series is pretty muc…

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  • Number1miraculousfan

    So... Marinette, Chloé, and Kagami have all cried in the show... They all have a crush on Adrien... So... This is the Adrien curse.... Not all of them had to do with Adrien... But they still cried... And Adrien cried too in Cat blanc.... OOF... Hmm... What does this mean? PS I love the fact that Lila hadn't cried!

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  • ThatPansexualWeeb


    November 30, 2019 by ThatPansexualWeeb

    Hi everyone! I'm new here, and I'm a huge fan of Miraculous Ladybug! I wanna make a while bunch of new friends, and I wanna talk about Ladybug in general! I am a huge fan of the ship Adrienette ( although I do like me some gay ships, like Luka x Adrien), and yeah! Thanks for listening ( or reading lmao) my short description, and if you wanna talk, please go to meh message page, or if you want to know more about meh, just look at meh profile! Spots off!

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  • MiraculousFanGirlayy

    You're probably familiar with these 4 words

    “Tikki Spots On, YEAH!”

    So am I! But there are many other words to transform with different miraculouses.

    Welcome to the words of transformation

    Ladybug- Tikki Spots on Chat Noir- Plagg Claws out Fox- Trixx let’s pounce Moth- Nooroo Dark wings rise Turtle- Wayzz Shell on Bee- Pollen Buzz on Peacock- Dusuu Spread my feathers Mouse- Mullo Get squeaky Ox- Stompp Halter on Tiger- Roaar Stripes on Rabbit- Fluff Clockwise Dragon- Longg Bring the storm Snake- Sass Scales slither Horse- Kaalki Full gallop Goat- Ziggy Horns up Monkey- Xuppu Showtime Rooster- Orikko Sun’s up Dog- Barkk Let’s fetch Pig- Daizzi Soup’s on

    These are all the words to transformation

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  • CuttleFishtheSeaRainWing

    So yesterday my dad walks into my room, and asks me to clean up my stuff in the dining room.

    "Abasutely." I said (the way Mari says it in i think frozer: Ah-buh-soot-lee) It blew right over his head. So later, whn we're cleaning up our dining room, I ask:

    "When are you going to print out some more grotographs for the fridge?" Again, blew over his head. Okay, last time. I thought. I'm leaving the dining room and am carrying some DnD books, and an idea pops into my head.

    "When are we gonna get together with our DnD groof?"

    mY DAd Is CLueLeSS.


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  • ChatonAgreste

    Hey, guys. I found this on my concept book and decided to put it on PicsArt and I got people to like it. But sadly I deleted my PicsArt account. so I decided to log back in and look for the concept sticker again. Then I cut it out and made another sticker with it. So how Aurore got the bee miraculous is I guess Evilustrator 2, and she has to use her venom power to turn off all the lights so he cannot draw because he cannot see in the dark. But they have to wait until night time. And now she is a new bee miraculous holder I guess?

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  • ChatonAgreste


    November 27, 2019 by ChatonAgreste

    Compare Pixie Girl, a fairy that is not that popular, will visit Paris and is unknown, to one of the Agrestes family member, someone that is in a coma, made fanfictions of gaining the peacock miraculous and looks like Pixie Girl, Emilie Agreste! she is the kitty Adrien's mother! THE PIC IS FAKE!!!!!!! Do not prove me wrong. It. Is. Fake. PERIOD. (Sorry for being mean, only for the misunderstanding people.) Pixie is blonde, has a peachy shadow from her skin, is beige, and she looks just like Emilie except for her eyes. Plus her hairstyle. So the Ladyblog is out! And it finally premiered 6:58,11/26/2019.  And just stay friendly, don't become a bad miraculer, and for the teen men, don't be a bad dad like Gabriel that yeets his own son across…

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  • MiraculousFanGirlayy

    Ok guys this is a lot to wrap your head around

    • sharp inhale*

    NOBODY LOVES RENA ROUGEEEEEEE well except for me, this is so sad. She’s such a feisty character just like her secret identity Alya! Please join the RENA ROUGE CLUB simply write in the comments for this Rena Rouge Appreciation and BAM you’re in!

    If you love Rena as well please reply and send why ya’ll love her SOOOO MUCH she is my ultimate miraculous character, you too? Ladybug is cool and OG but I mean.... Aren’t we tired of her a bit. NO OFFENCE TO THISE LADYBUG LOVERS BUT RENA ROUGE EXISTS...

    She is one of my favourite animals!!! If I had a miraculous I would be a fix too #GoGirl. What miraculous would YOU have?

    Trying not to burst into tears of happiness GO GIRLLLLLLLLLL YOU ROCK!


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  • AceVenturaFinkleAndMarino

    my home

    November 26, 2019 by AceVenturaFinkleAndMarino
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  • AceVenturaFinkleAndMarino

    hawk moth

    November 26, 2019 by AceVenturaFinkleAndMarino
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  • PeachyAcai

    What I'm Hoping for S4

    November 26, 2019 by PeachyAcai

    There's still at least a year until Season 4 releases, so in the meantime, I'm just gonna note down everything I want to happen in the future seasons

    yeah that heading was unnecessary but I like how it looks lol

    • Adrien liking Mari and Mari liking Chat
    • More Marichat scenes
    • More Adrienette scenes
    • More Luka scenes
    • Chloé redemption in a later season (?)
    • Emilie waking up
    • Future Hawk Moth
    • More explanations on the relationship of Anarka Couffaine and Jagged Stone
    • More explanations on Mari being the new guardian
    • The other guardian temples
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  • AceVenturaFinkleAndMarino
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  • AceVenturaFinkleAndMarino


    November 25, 2019 by AceVenturaFinkleAndMarino
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  • AceVenturaFinkleAndMarino

    dad x mom

    November 25, 2019 by AceVenturaFinkleAndMarino
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  • Number1miraculousfan

    This was scrapped script, from season 4. Thanks to @Armeen1122 for getting this information! This script/ letter is no longer in use.

    Dear Marinette,

    I need some help. I can't figure out how to take this love thing with Kagami. She is a sweet girl and I like her but something is pushing me towards you. I can't figure it out and I'm stuck in all honesty especially when I see you with your dark blue hair and beautiful smile. This is a weird way to tell you my feelings and its okay if you don't feel the same way, but anyways I just can't stop thinking about you when I am with Kagami and I don't know what to say to her. I really don't want to hurt her, but I am hurting myself and I can't stop thinking about it. I don't know I just want to give …

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  • Sp1kle

    Chronological Timeline Part 2

    November 21, 2019 by Sp1kle

    Season 2

    Is there anyone who would be willing to make a chronological timline page ?

    I have to rewatch this season so it is a rough run from memory for now
    • 01 - The Collector
    • 02 - Prime Queen
    • 03 - Glaciator
    • 04 - Despair Bear
    • 05 - Gigantitan
    • 06 - Troublemaker
    • 07 - Riposte
    • 08 - Befana
    • 09 - Frightningale
    • 10 - Gorizilla
    • 11 - Robustus
    • 12 - Dark Owl
    • 13 - Sapotis
    • 14 - Syren
    • 15 - Zombizou
    • 16 - Captain Hardrock
    • 17 - Frozer
    • 18 - Style Queen
    • 19 - Queen Wasp
    • 20 - Reverser
    • 21 - Anansi
    • 22 - Malediktator
    • 23 - Sandboy
    • 24 - Heroes Day Pt1, Catalyst
    • 25 - Heroes Day Pt2, Mayura

    I would appreciate any more opinions on the edited order

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  • AceVenturaFinkleAndMarino


    November 21, 2019 by AceVenturaFinkleAndMarino
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  • AceVenturaFinkleAndMarino


    November 21, 2019 by AceVenturaFinkleAndMarino
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  • AceVenturaFinkleAndMarino


    November 21, 2019 by AceVenturaFinkleAndMarino

    Plagg can be very rude and selfish but he has a soft spot he is nice to me i care about him he is my family who cares if he's a cat kwami but i think he's very helpful and kind he has feelings for Tikki i know because he's very flirty around Tikki but.... he can be selfish and cruel but i stll love him he is my kwami so as Tikki!! mommy and daddy gave me Tikki and Plagg for my birthday and i love both of them!!!

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  • AceVenturaFinkleAndMarino
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  • AceVenturaFinkleAndMarino


    November 21, 2019 by AceVenturaFinkleAndMarino
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  • AceVenturaFinkleAndMarino


    November 21, 2019 by AceVenturaFinkleAndMarino
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  • AceVenturaFinkleAndMarino


    November 21, 2019 by AceVenturaFinkleAndMarino
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  • AceVenturaFinkleAndMarino


    November 21, 2019 by AceVenturaFinkleAndMarino
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  • Helloitzaidan

    Battle Of The Guardians

    November 21, 2019 by Helloitzaidan

    I feel like in Season 4/5 in the last episode Hawk Moth and Mayura  are going to do something bad. In Feast we saw the temple of the guardian's back so that means also the other miracle boxes but maybe even the guardians themselves are going to be back so Hawk Moth and Mayura go to the temple and a steal a box for themselves and they might fuse it or use it for something bad then now Ladybug and Cat noir and the guardian's fight and Ladybug and Cat noir use new miraculous and also Hawk Moth and Mayura and they both fight and find a cure to bring back Master Fu's memory lost and this episode can be great

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  • BenRG

    I'm wondering if there is some intrinsic power to the Graham de Vanily Twin Rings and noticed that they seem to have a  tendency to be around pairs of people who look very similar and, indeed, could be mistaken for each other. Someone on the Subreddit suggested that maybe the twin rings are in some way associated with the star sign Gemini, the Twins. Maybe, if they are worn together or by two people of near-identical appearance, they unlock Miraculous powers?

    I'm wondering if, in season 4, Felix will return and somehow coerce Adrien into stealing the remaining ring from his father. When the two of them both wear a ring, it creates a non-akuma villain called Twin Terror, controlling both boys' bodies. However, it turns out that the villain's …

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  • Toroloco12352 00006


    November 18, 2019 by Toroloco12352 00006


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  • Poise78


    November 17, 2019 by Poise78

    my is that lila aka rude mean selfish human will be expoed in the season 4 ep 1 so sad seasonn 3 has came t a end also good to have felix back he was cat noir in ladybug pv aka the one who adrien is no and hes a little diffrent but mostly the same cause the hair face and acts are diffrent mostly he actully did change he did keep his pearsonalty he is still stubbern and thats just not what i thought that carefree adriens cousin but technically ardrien is felixs cousin cause feix was in the ladybug pv in 2012 and ladybug and cant noir cgi did not come out un till afrter pv so im just confusing myself

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  • CuttleFishtheSeaRainWing

    so. this is gonna seem like a rant, but hear me out:

    In Kwamibuster, Marinette has Alix's stopwatch on when she puts all of the miraculouses on. BUT, the watch is Alix's so this means that:

    1. Alix would have to give it to Ladybug, which is unlikely, because Timetagger and the discovery of the rabbit miraculous happens after Kwamibuster (I think), and Ladybug would have to ask for it from Alix (Marinette wouldn't be able to ask, because of her secret identity), but Tikki was stuck in Kwamibuster's sack thingy, therefore Marinette couldn't transform into Ladybug. 

    2. Marinette "borrowed it" from Alix, even though I'm not sure if Mari knows where Alix lives. Plus, how would she get in?

    3. If Timetagger is indeed before Kwamibuster, so Alix knew …

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  • AanyaMathur

    So basically I had this theory about Lila being the future hawkmoth because in the episode "timetagger" it is mentioned that grown-up Chris AKA timetagger will not give hawkmoth the miraculous but give it to the hawkmoth of the future which indicates that Gabriel cannot possibly be the hawkmoth of the future. Lila is the only person who truly knows who hawkmoth truly is except for Nathalie, so she could have easily taken it herself or hawkmoth decided to give it o her because he was finally at peace with himself however she continues to use it for her own selfish reasons.  Nathalie could have also convinced him that he should let go of his path, and stop akumatizing innocent victims, like how Adrien had mentioned to his father in front of …

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  • Poise78

    laybug cat noir

    November 16, 2019 by Poise78

    people think that thres a reason that tthe less known 

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  • Adriannette

    cat noir

    November 14, 2019 by Adriannette

    i feel like cat noir aka adrian should end up with marinnete because i said so and also they make cute couple [see episode Reflakdoll for proof]

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  • Bikerninja1997

    I think she did

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  • Stanceofmy777number

    So... I have encountered a few apps that could help me to learn French.

    Here are a few that I have found Memrise . Busuu. Duolingo.

    1.Memrise is fun to use. It also includes video clips of people speaking the specific language.

    So out of 10, I give it a 9/10.

    2. Busuu is okay. I like it because it taught me how to write the specific language too.

    So out of 10, it’s probably a 6.5/10 .

    3.Duolingo is easy to use. It lets me do lessons. I tried learning Japanese, but i can’t remember it afterwards.

    So out of 10, it’s a 7/10.

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  • MetalSonicX

    After Chat Blanc....

    November 11, 2019 by MetalSonicX

    Well, I'm not gonna make many friends with this post, but I really need to open myself up.

    As much I loved Chat Blanc, it made me realizing a very sad truth about the show.... I'll start with a premise: I've always thought that once the reveal would have happened, the show would have received a shake up to the status quo and the dynamics would have changed radically for the subsequent episodes.... but I was wrong. The alternate dark timeline seen in this episode, made it clear that once they'll know their identities Marinette and Adrien will live happily together as a lovely couple (althought in order to make it work without consequences, they have first to take down the current Hawk Moth, or otherwise a catastrophe could happen, but this …

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  • Lovebugcatbug


    November 9, 2019 by Lovebugcatbug

    Hello all of miraculous I am a lukanette fan who will be not be continuing the show but this page is for Lukanette shippers only! So whoever likes Luka and Mari this page is for you. Iv'e had bad ecounters with Adrinette shippers  recently on this web page and i feel like they are angry because i like luka more than adrien and in reality i don't like adrien at all he's underwhelming and he's not even that fasicnating as people put him as Luka on the other hand needs credit. All the adrinette shippers and everyone are so angry and reply to me negative feedback for no reason and Adrien isn't really all "that" either i mean he seems pretty annoying with his lame cheesy flirting skills, all the girls just go heads over heels for him it's not t…

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  • Toroloco12352 00003


    November 9, 2019 by Toroloco12352 00003


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  • JayHas

    Rolland Dupain - (Fred Tatasciore)
    Tomoe Tsurugi - (Minae Noji)
    Anarka Couffaine, Stompp - (Nika Futterman)
    Nora Cesaire - (Uzo Aduba)
    Mr. Banana - (Chris Hackney)
    Roaar - (Sean Giambrone)
    Ziggy - (Cindy Robinson)
    Barkk - (Andrea Libman)
    Fluff - (Alyson Stoner)
    Longg - (William Salyers)
    Xuppu - (Tex Hammond)
    Daizzi - (Natalie Palamides)
    Duusu - (Melissa Fahn)

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  • Protecthecinnamonrolls

    Did you guys watch Chat Blanc? Is your inner soul crying or is it smiling? It was so beautiful! Yet, there are some things I would like to manage about fricken Hawkmoth and of course our cinnamon rolls.

    Okay, don’t read if you don’t want spoilers. Hawkmoth, like bro. When Marinette and Adrien finally fell in love, that selfless man went on and told Marinette to break up with his son (Adrien) just so he could prey on her despair afterwards (because she was forced to say “I don’t love you” when in fact they love each other very much)

    Does his father have no care in the world for his son’s happiness? Obviously not. I saw a comment saying his father keeps trying to get his live life back but he is little to none considering his son’s love life, …

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  • Number1miraculousfan

    We all know the song The Wall Between Us right? I hope so! Anyways here is my theory.

    In Season 1 Volpina Ladybug and Cat Noir are both leaning in the other sides of the door to Adrien's bathroom, the door is pretty thin, and it's basically like a wall.

    In Season 2 Mayura (Heroes' Day - Part 2) they are in the sewers, on other sides of the wall, but the wall is getting bigger.

    In Season 3 Miracle Queen (The Battle of the Miraculous - Part 2) when everyone is sitting on the brick wall on the Seine Marinette Dupain-Cheng and Adrien Agreste are sitting on other sides of the wall.

    As you have hopefully realised, all these scenes happen in the finales of each season. The wall represents their relationship. As firm the start of the show, the wall i…

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  • PinkSquid5


    November 7, 2019 by PinkSquid5

    Here’s a list of all of my profiles in alphabetical order, ranging from social media to video games to streaming websites. Please note that a majority of these are English, apart from a few exceptions:

    • BooniePlanet (English): VIP FOREVER 101 [1]
    • BooniePlanet (Polski): VIP FOREVER 101 [2]
    • BooniePlanet (Español): VIP FOREVER 101 [3]
    • DeviantArt: PinkSquid5 [4]
    • Duolingo: Gendobrepan [5]
    • FaceBook: PinkSquid5 [6]
    • Game Center: PinkSquid5
    • Genius: PinkSquid5 [7]
    • Girls X Battle: PinkSquid5
      • 6135653
    • Hay Day: PinkSquid5
      • #QY2RYU28
    • Instagram: PinkSquid5 [8]
    • MovieStarPlanet (English) : VIP FOREVER 101 [9]
    • MovieStarPlanet (Polski) : VIP FOREVER 101 [10]
    • MovieStarPlanet (Español) : VIP FOREVER 101 [11]
    • Play! Pokémon: PinkSquid5
      • 2289359
    • Pokémon GO: PinkSquid5
      • 8185 6121 9996
    • Pok…
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  • AanyaMathur

    Kwami Buster

    November 6, 2019 by AanyaMathur

    So I basically had a question sort of theory, in the episode "quami buster" Marinette/ladybug and Adrien / Chat Noir both lost their miraculous so marinette wore all the miraculous jewels to free their quami and only transformed as the mouse themed super heroine named "multi mouse".

    Later on in the episode she combined different miraculous together including the;

    fox and mouse

    ladybug and mouse 

    cat and mouse 

    It is also mentioned (in a different episode ) that hawk moth wants to sieze the miraculous only to combind them both and give him absolute power, so if marinette had used both miraculous together but in different bodies, doen't that count as wearing them both at the same time ? And this technically means that she also wore all the miracu…

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  • Lindsay C.Z.

    Nothing much

    November 5, 2019 by Lindsay C.Z.

    Hi peeps I didn't know what to do so I just wanted to say hi. Remember that Cat Blanc comes out this weekend and Felx the following week. Also see trailers to see what will it be about. And see pictures. BYE!!!!!!! :) ;)

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  • AbrilMT06


    November 4, 2019 by AbrilMT06

    Adrienette Adrien - Marinette) is the epic pairing between Marinette Dupain Cheng and Adrien Agreste. As you already know, Marinette has been in love with Adrien since the Chat Noir and Ladybug's Origins part 2 episode. She believed that Adrien was simply a boy who was Chloé's friend, so he was exactly like her… but after a “romantic” scene between them two, Marinette realized that she was wrong and that's when she fell in love with him. Adrien just considers her as a very good friend, what hurts Marinette in some situations during the episodes. Some fans created theories and checked some moments to make the people realize that maybe Adrien's also in love with Marinette, but probably he didn't realize yet. 

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  • Aarmau56

    Kawimi Contest

    November 4, 2019 by Aarmau56

    Aarmau56 here! I am having a contest to see how has the best kawimi. It must be fan made no copying Old kawimi's from the show. For Example my kawimi's: Azzec and Timmber. Azzec is a Fennec and Timmber is a wolf. So I will have this contest rolling until December 20th.

    From, Aarmau56

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  • MikaelasupergirlyartsandMlb

    Hello! This is just a test to make sure I got everyone's usernames in the competition. Sign up's are still open if anyone else wants to join. Since posts seem to get lost in the mess of things this is the link.

    The people who are currently entered are:


    @Marichat Maniac2.0


    @Nothingtosee HD






    Please tell me If I missed anyone!

    Bug Out!

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