• AdrienetteUwU23


    September 24, 2020 by AdrienetteUwU23


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  • Ladybuglovelife

    ok just looking at the characters and the new faces, and how ladybug and cat noir get to meet them!! i am so ACTUALLY EXCITED  i feel like i'm gonna... melt or something!!! it's so amazing!! but i'm also really excited to see the new superheroes meet cat noir... he  is literally probably gonna make a pun right then and there!!! i can't wait!!!!!  also HAWKMOTH IS GOING TO BE IN! NEW! YOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRKKK!! THEY GET TO FIGHT HAWK MOTH!!!! it's so nerve wracking!!!!! i can't waaait !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok so basically that's all i have to talk about ( more like obsess over) 

    I CAN'T WAIT!!

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  • XxMarichat89xx

    I was looking through the internet today ( I'm putting off my homework just to research) and I was wondering about the upcoming special coming out on Friday 8:30 ( Pacific TIme) on Disney Channel, and it got me thinking, who are these new superheros in the trailer. Well you may recognize 2 of them. (*I'm also sorry if I spell anything wrong, I try my best to be a grammar genuis.)

    You remember that superhero that Alya showed Marinette when they met in Orgins? Makestia here name was? So I tried searching her name up and I found a page about her, apparenty shes found we Ladybug and Chat Noir in the Miraclous Adventure comics, note that I have not read these and I will not read them intill after Friday ( Saturday for me since I don't have time …

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  • BenRG

    After seeing Cartoon Apocalypse's analysis of the trailer released on 9/21/2020, I thought that I'd do the same:

    Figures in brackets are the time-stamp for the video above.

    (0:14) - That's Times Square in New York. The billboards are illuminated giant LCD screens on the side of the One Times Square building, former office of the New York Times and now mostly vacant;

    (0:16) - Marinette, Alya and Alix are on the 'plane. You can tell by the overhead AC panels. I'm guessing that they're staring at the city. You see, the final approach to NY-JFK airport goes right over the city and you get an excellent view of the Statue of Liberty and Freedom Tower (the new WTC1). I know because I've been in Marinette's exact seat and done it!

    (0:19) - I'm guessin…

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  • Miraculously Turnisha

    Miraculous ladybug and catnoir is the most popular show and everyone is just in all of it the animation, story lines, the creativity and pen den ship. Eveything about this show is amazing because it incredible.

    So let me talk about to episodes which need a little more research than others;

    Gaberial ; so we all know that time tagger came from the future and tried to take the miraculous when Ladybug and Catnoir weren't old enough to achieve full extent of their powers but what we did not expect that the moth miraculous was lost from Gaberial, so the question is who ended up with it but in my opinion and some others think it's Lilay because wants everyone's attention to herself in order to persue her intentions so I cann't blame others if they …

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  • ColdAugust


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  • Miraculousorangefoxlover

    1.hawkmoth gets lila and chloe to work together and then akumatises nathalie into catalyst he akumatises lila into akuma a villian who can become any villian she wants to be her akumatised object will be the villians akuma object chloe will become mira jewel a villian who can use any miraculous power at will.

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  • BriannaTheWolfGirl

    Hey gys today im going to be telling u guys the story of how I met and started dating Chat!! SO buckle up!!! So turns out i hated him at first (kinda like mari hated adrien at first) I was walking downtown alone but i still ahd my phone on me and then out of nowhere he can and legit just picked me up and i had felt for awhile that i was being watched and it hit me that he was the onewatching me anyway so he took me onto oneof the roofs and told me he wanted to be friends and i was like what the frick u cant just pick me up and stalk me and be like oh hey lets be friends but after awhile we did become friends we would watch movies in my basement and then one night he fell asleep on me and was purring that when i fell for him then like a cou…

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  • BenRG

    I've already posted these on the Season 4 comments thread but I thought that I'd cross-post them here so I've got them more easily to hand. We know quite a lot about what is coming in this season, so I'm quite confident that I might be close to hitting targets on these ideas now.

    • New Bee is a completely new character; may also be the 'hidden relative', either of Adrien or Chloe - Adrien's long-lost twin or Chloe's cousin on  Audrey's side of the family
    • Kagami follows the Knightowl/Sparrow path and becomes a non-Miraculous hero using a robotic fighting suit created by her mother's company - Possible codename: Onnabugeisha
    • Time traveller is a mysterious blonde hero called Snowpaw, about the heroes' age and apparently a trainee working with fut…

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  • Sultanajasmine


    September 16, 2020 by Sultanajasmine

    Jade is the owner of the mermaid miraculous

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  • MiraculouslyMal

    Want to see the latest miraculous ladybug instagram posts without a profile? Sure! It is all in this website :)


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  • MiraculouslyMal


    September 16, 2020 by MiraculouslyMal

    Jeremy Zag has released a new photo of a scene from the New York Special! This comes right after the large weekend of New York Special News. You can see the new image below. It is thought that this is taken around 25 minutes into the special, so about the half way point. Horay!

    Page was copied from

    Credits to whoever posted it there

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  • JEA14

    1.Captain Marvel 2.Power rangers time force 3. Nick Fury 4. Phil Coulson 5. Power rangers wild force 6. Power rangers Dino Thunder 7. Power rangers S.P.D 8. Rave Master 9. Totally Spies (Alex, Clover, Sam) 10.Power rangers RPM 11.Pj Masks 12. Power rangers Light speed Rescue 13.Power rangers Megaforce 14. Power rangers Super Megaforce 15.Big bad Beetleborgs (Heroes) 16 New The Avengers (MCU) ( Ant-man, Bucky barnes White wolf, The Falcon, Captain Marvel, Maria Hill, Scarlet Witch, Vision, Wasp

    17. Kids Next Door Codename

    18. Ah my Buddha

    19. Ah my Goddess

    20. Young Justice

    21. Unkitty

    22. Ikktousen Dragon Destisy,

    23. Ikktousen Great Guardians, Ikktousen Xtreme Xecutor

    24. Dragonaut the Resosance

    25. Digimon Fusion

    26. Digimon Adventure

    27. Digimon F…

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  • Renato Pantoja

    Wayhem Shadow Noir

    September 10, 2020 by Renato Pantoja
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  • Jjohnson428

    lila rossy

    September 9, 2020 by Jjohnson428

    since no one asked any qustions  i will be doing another blog post idea on ............ LILA ROSSY so lets start! im going to start of by saying somethings that i LIKE about her first thing her hair style im so sorry but her is just so long and mine............. eh now on tothe second thing  her out fit there are two reasons why i like her outfit one its so easy to make on gacha life and two because its so pretty.    now onto the reasons why i HATE her and oof this is one long list people so here we go!  number one how hard she simps over adrien its dectust me to the max! number two  the way how she walkes like why does she walk like that like out of all the ways she could walk thats how she walks? now the final thing i hate about lila ros…

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  • Alya-investigates
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  • Ladybuglovelife

    i just watched a video about this girl who gets all the new info about the new season of miraculous, and she said that the creators are going to make ADRIEN AND MARINETTE FALLIN LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT IS ACTUALLY OFICCIAL NOOOWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! srry if you r a lukanette adrigami shipper......

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  • Kwami4ever

    Senti-Adrien Analysis

    September 8, 2020 by Kwami4ever

    It is debated on whether Adrien is a sentimonster, I have seen many of the same points people use to disprove the theory.

    • Adrien being a sentimonster is too dark for a kids show
    • If Emilie created Adrien as sentimonster it means she used it once and Nathalie used it multiple times and still isn't in a coma.
    • Chloe knew Adrien as a kid
    • Sentimonsters can't age
    • If Adrien was a sentimonster Nathalie would know he is Cat Noir since she sensed the sentimonster in Feast.
    • If Adrien was a sentimonster, he'd know it

    I'll now go through these

    1. Is Adrien being a sentimonster really too dark for a kids show? In Heroes' Day, despite being an illusion, it was shown Cat Noir getting Cataclysmed by his own hand and killed, due to an akumatised Ladybug. In Cat Blan…

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  • Jjohnson428

    plz read

    September 8, 2020 by Jjohnson428

    since school is starting tomoroow for me i wont be posting as much as i used to post meaning on somedays if i dont post you guys know why but when im done with everything that i have to do i will try to post. there is two things tho  first thing is i am not promising to post daily and i wont make that promise beacause i know i wont be abel to keep that promise but that does not mean that i will not be posting because i will . now on to the second thing  if you have roblox or if you play it friend me.  also one last thing (srry) on my next post (if i can get to it) i will be doing a QNA  so bacicly you can ask me qustions  and i will anwer them i dont know if this will have a part two or not. so yeah thats all for now welp bye-bye for now g…

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  • BriannaTheWolfGirl

    Lila Rossi

    September 7, 2020 by BriannaTheWolfGirl

    Hey guys so ive been doing soem reasearch on Lila and turns out this is what I found out.  [here]   So if u watched the vid it states that we think Lila has a mental disease that makes here lie so much! So if you think otherwise please comment down below. Also DONT SHIP LILADRIEN!!!!


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  • Miraculousayesha

    i have a question

    September 7, 2020 by Miraculousayesha

    can anyone tell me from where i can buy miraculous ladybug action figures in low price and that will ship to pakistan. plz reply if anyone know

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  • MiraculouslyMal

    Miraculous New York is a 52 minute special for Miraculous Ladybug. On October 19th, Method Animation and ON Animation Studios announced they were looking for Storyboard and cleanup artists to work on a new special titled “Miraculous New York”. They said it would last 52 minutes. 

    SAMG will be producing this special, according to an interview with Wilfried Pain.

    Thomas Astruc released an image of a new character. They are an icy looking character and could either be a hero or a villain. He says that despite COVID19, they are still working on the New York Special.

    Thomas Astruc released a gif featuring a character that looks exactly like Sparrow from the old “Quantic Kids” Team. Gif below. This is confirmed to be for the New York Special.


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  • MiraculouslyMal

    New York Special

    September 3, 2020 by MiraculouslyMal

    A new synopsis for the New York Special released. “Marinette’s class must travel to New York to celebrate French-American Friendship Week. The whole class participates in it… except Adrien, because his father refuses to let him go. In anticipation of his departure, Ladybug asks Chat Noir to watch over Paris but does not specify the reasons for her absence. Chat Noir takes the mission very seriously… but when Marinette, as a class delegate, convinces Gabriel to let his son go with his classmates, Adrien has a problem. Indeed, the schoolboy is also Chat Noir in secret, he cannot at the same time watch over Paris and be with his class in New York. How is he going to do that? If the two heroes are away, who will watch over Paris? There’s one t…

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  • MiraculouslyMal

    ---Topic: Who is real villain of Miraculous Ladybug---

    People think the villain is hawk moth, but no, he's not the real villain, he's only doing that for Emilie, his wife. Her coma caused him to use his powers for bad, Noroo (hawkmoths kwami) 

    Whoever has the ladybug and cat miraculouses can reshape memory and erase the past and with this ultimate power, he or she will be granted an ultimate wish

    Gabriel Agreste actually has a heart, he's taking Ladybug and cat Noirs miraculous for his wife, Emelie he just wants to fufill his wish

    Emelie is making up this whole fight with the heros and the villian 

    HawkMoth is doing this for the love of his life, he just wants the miraculouses to fufill his wish yes I'm saying it agian, so.... this is all for t…

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  • Malluladybuglover

    Well hello Miraculous fans ! ,

    I happened to find out a wiki that is famous over my neighbourhood ! YAY! There is a girl called Lila ...

    She hapenned to find out miraculous ladybug on youtube ... I went over to give her something ....

    I don't now what was it ... I think it was a bracelet or .... "NEVER MIND"  i saw her looking at her laptop


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  • MiraculouslyMal

    The holder of butterfly miraculous, Gabriel Agreste aka HawkMoth, is the miraculous powerful or not? 

    Powerful Part

    HawkMoth can akumatize someone to boost powers, like in episode hero's day, hawkmoth akumatized nathalie, and gave her power to boost power, she boosted hawkmoth's power and he turned into scarlet moth which grants him the power to release as many akumas he desires

    Weak Part

    Since his powers are used for negative and can only akumatize negative emotions like anger, fear,sadness, etc; He can't grant the power he wants he grants the power that is useful for the akumatized person, or persons, (he akumatized 2 persons in oblivio) so he can't give the power he desires which is not much useful. What are your thoughts? Is he powerful or…

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  • BriannaTheWolfGirl

    Hey so heres my romance life if youve read the title of this blog.

          RL(real life)

       Im dating a very nice boy his name is Devon and hes really sweet just can be blind sometimes. ( sound like someone else? leave your guess in the comments.)

         IW( i wish)

         Ok so im dating a boy and his name is Dax and he has the panther miraculous and he lives in another nation. my imagination. LOL.

    Ok thats it bye heres a pic of dax btw as panther noir.

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  • Foxyara

    Hi. So i just finished season 3 and my brain is going to explode. I mean correct me if I am wrong, but I guess, that Marinette/Ladybug finally falls for Cat Noir, but he is not in love with her anymore, she is just like friend to him.  Because at the end of Cat Blanc episode it looks like Marinette finally realized how much he means to her. But in Loveater Cat Noir did not call her "My Lady" anymore and she seems little bit jealous when he did compliment Ryuko. And when she asked him why is he not calling her "My Lady" anymore, she was joking, but I really think she was little bit hurt.  So my point is, do you think he is still in love with Ladybug on not? Because to me it looks like he is reconsidering his feelings right now, because Lady…

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  • Ladybuglovelife

    ok so first of all:

    ADRIENETTE: i love this ship just because (personaly i think) kagami, lila, and chloe are stupid. SOOO... yeah!!!

    LADRIEN: i love this ship because think this way: ladybug loves adrien - adrien loves ladybug. there you go now i'm smort!

    LADYNOIR: i just love it period. no explanation needed it's beautiful TwT

    MARICHAT: i prefer something else but okey...


                                     go to link above to see what i think of adrigami

    LUKANETE: noooooooooo why did you do this to meeeeee you make life so hard!

    LUKAGAMI: yes please!!!

    ADRICHLOE: >:( leave me alone ok? >:(

    ADRILILA: no leave adrien alone ok? he too innocen…

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  • Ilovecatnoir127

    Sup y’all

    August 30, 2020 by Ilovecatnoir127

    This is my first blog post. I just want to say I love everyone and I'm glad to have found this wiki!

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  • BriannaTheWolfGirl

    Hey guys so if you read my message wall I said that i got banned for being underage. I was 12. So now im 13 and feelin the life of a teen dirl. Anyway I missed the fandom so much I was so bored. But over the time that I was banned I got to watch miraculous all over agian and it was great. So for me there is only like two weeks of summer left and then I get to go back but not in person, so that sucks but anyway lets talk about miraculous.So season 3 was by far the best they keep getting closer to discoverying there true identiteies which drives me nuts, but as you all might kniw it seems that luka and marinette are dating and adrien is dating kagami! Ugh this drove me nuts for days!! So thats that. And apparently since covid-19 they are pus…

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  • Girlybug


    August 26, 2020 by Girlybug

    l-hi mari

    ,m-hi luka ;hi alay;ad_adrin-nino

    a- hi



    l-mari  babe 

    m-yes babe 

    Girlybug (talk) 17:15, August 26, 2020 (UTC) byGirlybug (talk) 17:15, August 26, 2020 (UTC)amelia 

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  • 123miraculous

    My Opinion On Ships

    August 24, 2020 by 123miraculous

    Okay so firstly, I wanna say, this is just my opinion on ships, I'm not saying this to hurt or offend anyone that disagrees with me, I'm just stating my opinion. Also plz comment more ships that I can add if I forget any.

    Adrien x Marinette- Yessss

    Marinette x Cat Noir- Yesss

    Ladybug and Cat Noir- Yesss

    Ladybug and Adrien- I honestly don't think they fit well together, but if Ladrien ends up happening, I won't be too disappointed.

    Marinette x Luka- Sorry but no

    Marinette and Nathanial(the one with red hair)- Their so cute together butttt im an Adrienette fan so no

    Marinette x Gabriel- ABSOLUTELY NOTT. It's like dating your father

    Gabriel x Natalie- I love this ship and because this is only a show I'll ship it. But in real life, if the characters a…

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  • BenRG

    Lila redemtion arc idea

    August 20, 2020 by BenRG

    Yeah, this is a fan-fiction hook but I still like the idea. I think I know what kind of redemption arc I'd like for Lila: Basically something like the storyline of Red Dead Redemption 2 with Lila in the role of Arthur Morgan. Basically an "I'm a bad person but I have standards" arc. Maybe with the younger siblings as a catalyst for her reformation or maybe learning that her compulsive lying is a symptom of a serious neurological disorder that will inevitably kill her.

    Naturally, the arc would conclude with her dying to grant Ladybug and Chat Noir time to win the day and she is found atop the Eiffel Tower, slumped against a wall and facing the rising sun.

    Most of this comes from a dream I had of Lila transforming into Volpina for real and then …

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  • NBEAC943

    Bee Miraculous holder

    August 19, 2020 by NBEAC943

    "In the beginning, God made the heavens and the earth." Genesis 1:1

    I see there's a new miraculous character. But how about a male wielding the Bee Miraculous? Named Apian? How about he goes to assist Ladybug and Cat Noir and free them from Antibug after finding the miracle box in Marinette's bedroom?

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  • Jjohnson428

    this ship or that ship

    August 17, 2020 by Jjohnson428

    hello everyone im back from a long summer break even though summer is not over and today we are going to be playing "this ship or that ship" !!!!  heres how you play bascicly you say two ships and ask someone which one they think is better and there reasons!!!   OK LETS START  also you can play  this game anywhere at anytime with anyone  teehee  and plz people no fighting in the coments p.s  not all of these ae ships

    level 1   easy

    1.  lila and adrien   OR    kagami and adrien

    2.kagami and luka   OR chole and luka

    3. adrien and chole OR  adrien and  rose 

    4. rose and julaka   OR  rose and prince ali

    level 2  last round (srry im lazy U_U)

    Nathalie and gabrille  OR  emaliy and gabrille

    marinette and adrien OR luka and marinette

    thats it for to days b…

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  • Zankow139

    Fencing uniform

    August 12, 2020 by Zankow139
    this article is about the local fencing uniform APPERANCE:white and grey suit,no glove on one hand and a black,grey,and yellow glove and grey and white shoes with dark grey soles Read more >
  • LadyDragon12

    So, I uploaded on youtube what I think Lady Dragon's kwami is going to look like, please subsribe.

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  • JDL2016

    In this picture, if Chloe was expelled from the Miraculous Team, why is she still the Queen Bee in Season 4?

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  • Ladybuglovelife

    sorry if i seem like i literally post every 5 seconds..... BUT I FOUND THESE PICS XD (go to the sites)

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  • Ladybuglovelife

    ok so i was joking around with my brother and he says, "so you ships are ladrien, marichat, adrienette, and catbug?" and i say " LADYNOIR, NOT CATBUG!!!! XD" and then the entire population of people at the pool turn to us. and i'm like "whoops :3" and then later we have forgotten about the whole thing, and then some kid sees a cicada and he's like " AAHH IT'S A CATBUG!!!!! MOM LOOK IT'S A CATBUG" and in my head i'm like "make sure you don't see a adrienette bug :3 :3 :3"

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  • Ladybuglovelife

    my ships :3

    August 3, 2020 by Ladybuglovelife

    ok so like i have literally A LOT of ships.... yeah so like here are some of them

    ladrien : i like ladrien (idk why tho) and if i could write an episode it would literally be focused on  ladrien or my next ship

    adrienette : i like adrienette too (but it's also my second ship not first) and sometimes i wish marinette would just ask adrien out already!

    ladynoir : i like ladynoir because (don't judge me) i don't really like the idea of them telling eachother their secret identities..... (aggain don't judge)

    marichat : i don't really like this ship.... i just don't. i mean if it had to go this waythen yeah sure i would accept it but like...

    lukagami : i

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  • SofieDossi1

    ~Marinette's Pov~

    Today Alya and I had decided to go on a GIRL'S NIGHT! We're very excited and I'm in our room right now, picking for a dress. "This looks good." I said to myself. "What looks good?" Adrien appeared out of nowhere. "Oh, chaton, you scared me." I told him, relieved. He looked into my closet and took out a black dress with a green paw on the front a meow! in neon green. I laughed, that's the dress I've been looking for. Adrien snatched the dress away from me and observed it closely. "This would go with your black high-heel." He said.

    That's a great idea. Maybe Chat's not clever, but at least Adrien is. I snatched the dress back and walked out of the room, leaving my husband alone. 

    The living room was quiet, Adrien had turned of…

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  • Samay Lively

    What do I put here

    July 30, 2020 by Samay Lively

    No seriously what do i do here

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  • TheYassKweener

    1000 posts!!!

    July 29, 2020 by TheYassKweener

    Omg I don't know what to do for my 1000th post, if you're here (which is probably not a lot of people) help me out guys! What should I do? 🤔

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  • Sean Malfoy


    July 25, 2020 by Sean Malfoy

    ok i got this idea from someone else but im giving 4 more spaces for people to rp just put the info you think we need to start the rp i will pick 4 random people that comment here with there info

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  • Miraculousladybugfan2005

    (The Title Screen Appered. Marinette Is In Bed Exciting For Her Field Trip To The Woods)

    Marinette: I Can Wait Of Our Trip To The Woods Tomorrow 

    Tikki: Me Too

    Marinette: When I See Adrien In My Eyes I Will Be So Happy

    Marinette: Good Night Tikki:

    (The Next Morning)

    Marinette: Its Our Field Trip!!!!!

    (At School The Students Are Ready To Enter The Buss)

    Caline Buster: Is Everybody Here

    All The Students: Yes!!

    Caline Bustier: All Right Then Hop Abord

    (All The Student & Caline Bustier Enter The Bus Drive All The Way To The Woods)

    Caline Bustier: Were Here

    All The Students: Yes!!!!!!!

    (All The Student & Caline Bustier Meet Dave Woods)

    Dave Woods: Hello There Are You Ready For Your Hunting Treasure Here Here Your Team. Marinette With Nino. Alya With Chloe. Ad…

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  • MiraculousFan25

    What was Shadow Moth's point with this?" Cat Noir asks Ladybug.

    "I'm not sure. His plans are always way more complex and successful to some extent." She anwsers. "We must be careful. He is probably planning something bigger."

    Cat Noir's ring beeps.

    "I have to go. Bye Bugaboo."

    "Bye Kitty."

     "One day Shadow Moth will see how good of assistants we are, my dear Lila." Félix tells Lila evily.

    "An if he gives up, would you be my partner and his successor, my dear Félix?"

    "With pleasure." Félix leans in and they kiss.

    "Partners in evil for life?"

    "Partners in evil for life." 

    They laugh evily and walk away.

    Gabriel detransforms and holds Nathalie.

    "Are you feeling better?" Gabriel asks her.

    "Yes. Thank you Gabriel." 

    Both stand up.

    "Lila and Félix are great al…

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  • MiraculousFan25

    "M'lady" Cat Noir tells "Ladybug" "I can't  believe it! Hawk Moth came out in public and wants to fight us!"

    "Well, we should get ready. Activate your power. We might need it." "Ladybug" says.


    "Lucky Charm!" She gets a sword like Ryuko's. "A sword? What am I supposed to do with this?

    "Fight Hawk Moth, I guess?"

    "No, my Lucky Charm doesn't give me something obvious. I'll figure it out later. Now let's defeat Hawk Moth!"

    "Should I activate my power, Bugaboo?" "Cat Noir" asks Ladybug.

    "No, we don't know what is his plan. When will you stop calling me that?"

    "Once you become my girlfriend, Bugaboo."

    "Ok, I'll wait. Now let's go!"

    Ladybug and "Cat Noir" and "Ladybug" and Cat Noir land on the Arc de Triomphe.

    "Another Ladybug and Cat Noir?" "L…

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  • AnicroZest
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