• Kitsunes97

    Bad new is when I screenshot it on Netflix using Google Chrome, picture of Screenshots are black, tried agains and switch to other profiles but when I screenshot it on profile, screenshots are black. I think it's camera on top of laptop did cause of black screenshots, so I can't screenshot at Netflix anymore. I will have to wait for MEGA to add Season 3, so I can add more screenshots.

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  • Miraculous Ladybug Kids

    The other 3 parts are on a separate blog

    Shell shock: Ladybug does miraculous ladybug and everyone is prepared and then Rena rouge and ladybug do pound it and ladybug collect the turtle and the fox miraculous and then Alya and nino go on a date

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  • Miraculous Ladybug Kids

    Part 1, 2, 4 are on a separate blog

    Shell shock: Ladybug calls her lucky charm and gets a shield and then Rena rouge plays mirage and in her hand is the turtle miraculous and gives it to ladybug and then holds the shield and tricks Shell shock with it and then he grabs it. Then it disappears And cat noir destroys it and ladybug captures the Akuma and tell cat noir to leave

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  • Miraculous Ladybug Kids

    This is FANMADE and There are 4 separate blogs on these

    Shell shock: Shell shock goes to marinette’s house and then Marinette see a villian jumping Then marinette transforms and then does lucky charm and gets and movie picture then marinette goes to the movie Theater And see’s master fu and he pulls out the miracle box she gets Rena rouge Alya transforms and they find Shell shock and fight him

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  • Miraculous Ladybug Kids

    Shell shock: When Ladybug cat noir Rena rouge and carapace are on a mission they fight a villian then they Ladybug collects the miraculous. Nino asks Alya to hangout but Alya Said She has to help Marinette. He gets mad and gets akumatized into Shell shock wanting to destroy Marinette

    That’s the beginning if you want to see the middle it’s on another blog there will be 4 sections of blogs

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  • Miraculous Ladybug Kids

    If you want to see the 1st synopsis go check out my other blog And This Is FANMADE

    Rena rage:

    It all starts at when ladybug, Cat noir and Rena rouge face off a Villian When they defeat him Rena rouge detransformed And Then ladybug said she might not be Rena rage Until a long because she needs to use New allies She then get mad and transformser again and runs away and gets akumatized into Rena rage then ladybug goes to her house to see if she there’s and then she’s see a villian get out of Alya

    house and that was Rena rage. Ladybug Follows her and then they battle. Then cat noir shows up and battles Rena rage with ladybug Then ladybug Calls her lucky charm and

    gets a flute And plays it and a clone of ladybug shows up and give Rena rage her m…

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  • Miraculous Ladybug Kids

    Rena Rage: When ladybug Tells Rena rouge She can’t be Rena rouge for a while because she needs to try new allies she get angry at ladybug and runs away with the miraculous then gets akumatized into Rena rage. So then ladybug and cat noir face Rena rage. Will they be able to get he miraculous back and will cat noir figure out Rena Rouge’s identity Or will ladybug tell cat noir to run away.

    Time master: Ladybug and Her Team face Lila as the time master who got akumatized Because It was part of the plan to defeat ladybug. Will ladybug and her Team defeat her

    More information on Rena rage will be On a separate blog so I have more space

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  • Rakoon1

    Fan Episodes

    August 19, 2019 by Rakoon1

    Hi, every Miraculers here in the fandom, I have a request for you. I want to hear all about your ideas for episodes of your creation for Miraculous Ladybug. Who knows, we may even guess a future episode on the series. I will also participate with my own ideas. In fact, I will share two of them that I have already posted in the page of Season 4 and even put a new one.

    Dark Cupid 2 - When Kim thinks Ondine doesn't love him anymore, he's akumatized in Dark Cupid once again. With his now improved arrows, he will make all Paris be engulfe in pain and misery. Will Ladybug and Cat Noir be able to face their own feelings?

    Veritas - When a former coleague of Lila from Italy arrives to the city and threatens to expose Lila, she makes sure no one belie…

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  • Fanrich1

    I hope that the characters/superheroes from different ZAG Heroez show team up with Ladybug and Cat Noir in a special episode or TV movie of Miraculous Ladybug!!!

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  • Marinette as Ladybug

    Hello Friends ! Today I Will Tell You The Release Date Of Episode 17. The Release Date IS ON 3 of SEPTEMBER. And MOre Episodes Will COme On 4,5,6 Of SEPTEMBER. BUG OUT!

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  • Formeropr

    Hello everyone I bet some of you just like me were trying your hardest to decipher the book and I found some wacky stuff about the jewels that weren't true but it fun was to believe they were like:

    Ladybug Miraculous

    Cat Miraculous

    Combined Ladybug and Cat Miraculouses

    The codes on the second page are (on the Chinese Vitruvian Man):

    Have any of you found anything wackier then these or no and I will be deleting them from the real page except for these:

    • The Fox Miraculous page
      • After deciphering one of the words with the Caesar Cipher it leaves Qutu and Mu when translated it means Box and Wood. Merging the words together it's the name of the type of wood used to make pieces for string instruments and woodwinds. Since some species of boxwood are nati…

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  • Miraculous Ladybug Kids

    Don’t worry about the title I changed my mind about leaving and comment who’s you favorite character

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  • Buddy0818

    Quick question

    August 13, 2019 by Buddy0818
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  • PlaggGlacier

    I love the show and probably my favorite episodes are Syren and Frozer just because we get to see Ladybug and Cat Noir with special abilities, like Aqua Ladybug. But aside from these two episodes, the Power-up potions aren’t seen at all. I would really like to see more of them in season 3 or 4 and I’d like to comment some theories on what the other abilities the “Magic-arons” or colorful Camembert slices could give Tikki or Plagg, and moreover Ladybug and Cat Noir.

    - Yellow or Orange Potion: Flight | Hawk Moth could akumatize someone who can fly such as Dark Cupid; however, instead of flying around closer to ground level, this villain may make a domain for themselves in the sky where Ladybug and Cat Noir can’t reach them. In this case, the…

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  • Kortnyee227

    Season 5 Idea??

    August 7, 2019 by Kortnyee227


    My sisters and I have watched Miraculous since it first came out. We finally just finished season 4 and I gotta be honest it would be awesome if Hawk Moth could win for once. It's so typical for the superheors to always win. You guys should try something new and let the Villian win. I want to see what Hawk Moth will do once he has all of the Miraculous. I do agree with Lila teaming up with Hawk Moth and they should get Chloe to join them too. There should be an epic battle and you should leave it on a cliff hanger. If Marinette and Adrien can defeat Oblivio when they lost their memory they should be able to fight back even when Hawk Moth has their Kwamis. Also I think that Marinette and Adrien should find out each others idetities b…

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  • Norichin


    August 7, 2019 by Norichin

    Get ready for new episodes,theories,secrets and what will happen next

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  • MerryMiraculous-14

    I want to thank any of the users for getting this run I have been a die-hard fan of miraculous for a while so have my friends.I didnt know this exsisted till a day or two ago and so far it has answered all my questions so if you have a question we can do a repost reply caht if anybody wants to regarding Miraculous Ladybug.Plus, it would keep me from getting bored from rewatching the episodes a million times over even if the plot is amazing, thats a lot for anybody.Cant Wait for next series.Though I might be a little ambitious since it came out August which was that far back.Thats all I wanted to type ,Thanks, bye. XD

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  • RandomGirl1995

    I'm fascinated by the history of the Miraculouses, and I came up with a few ideas about previous holders that I decided to share. A quick disclaimer: I'm aware that Thomas Astruc has released some information on previous Miraculous holders already, but I've been avoiding said information to prevent being spoiled about later holders (I'm very serious about avoiding spoilers). So if something I came up with is similar a concept of Astruc's---or anyone else's for that matter---it was not intentional, and is purely a coincidence.

    -A detective with the Ladybug Miraculous in the 1920s, who along with her partner (the owner of the Peacock Miraculous) investigate crimes. Their chief foe: The holder of the Cat Miraculous, who happens to be a charmin…

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  • MetalSonicX

    Good evening guys. I'm writing this because I have to put you guys in guard for what is happening lately on the internet, in order you don't fall in this yourself.

    A while ago, I wrote a blog post about how many bronies ditched the Mane 6, the six protagonists of the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, only because they were kidnapped in off-screen in the sixth season finale, and I exorted you guys to not do the same if eventually something similar happened to Ladybug or Chat Noir. However, recentely I witnessed something much, MUCH worse than that in yet another community, and I feel another article like this is necessary.

    The mess in question can be resumed in a single word: Dexit. The next entries of Pokemon, Sword and Shield, won't…

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  • MaindoBiti2345

    I think Lila Rossi will be the next Hawk Moth. And I think that she will take it by force. Here’s my theory: Hawk Moth will either go to jail, get his wish, or Ladybug and Chat Noir will help him reform and choose a new wife. In all these scenarios, he will leave the butterfly Miraculous either in Nathalie's hands, or with Adrien/Master Fu, or just leave them in his house hidden away. He won’t want anyone else to have them because he will be afraid of what they will do with them. Lila will use her lying skills to somehow make the bodyguard let her into the house. Then, she will somehow steal the Miraculous. Maybe by help of a Kwami or by forcing Adrien/Nathalie to lend them to her.

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  • MaindoBiti2345

    Does anybody else think about the reveal this way? Adrien finds out that Mari is Ladybug. That’s good but then he’d feel really bad about calling a friend a lot. Mari finding out that Adrien is Chat Noir, though? Does anybody else think about how she’d be overthinking it? She’d be like "how could perfect sweet Adrien be Chat Noir?" Is this just me or no?

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  • I-LOVE-Maraculous-Ladybug

    i love Netflix and all but do you know what I hate about it is that season 3  on netflix it's called season 2 part 2 like can you belive that i am not trying to to mean to  Netflix its just I would realy love for season 2 part 2 to be called it orginal name season 3 so yea

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  • LimonPoilis

    All kind time of day friends! As you know, on July 20 San Diego hosted the panel Miraculous: SDCC Comic Con. It showed a full episode of the "Ikari Gozen", and also showed an INSTAGRAM of the CHARACTERS!

    Follow Marinette, Adrien, Alya, and Chloe on Instagram to see never before seen content! @marinettedesigned ►
    @alya.ladyblogger ►
    @theofficialchloebourgeois ►
    @adrienagrestebrand ►

    Also, on SDCC Comic Con, showed instagram Nino, but alas, it was not added. And I want to show you some instagram photos and some videos.

    (Let's bet these instagrams will soon be aban…

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  • Md0327

    Mayra's power

    July 23, 2019 by Md0327

    she is evil. she uses a fether to do her thing.

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  • Mvyracle

    Identities revealed?!

    July 21, 2019 by Mvyracle
    this is my first blog post ok


    I made a theory.

    In the episode "Reflekdoll" people think that they swap miraculouses.

    And since Marinette knows Adrien's skin warmth and everything..

    SHE'LL KNOW probably

    So she'll know it's Adrien. So, she'll say.. "A- Adrien?" or sOmEthINg lIke TaHT...

    and then he'll know her voice and the quaking begins


    or you can scrap the whole idea i made and just make them open their eyes

    k byee~
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  • Lostbunny67

    as most people know the ladybug PV is the original, anime version of miraculous: tales of ladybug and cat noir. but I have an interesting idea on this, what if Thomas continued miraculous as an anime?

    just think, Bridgette looks and acts a lot like Mari, the only difference is her hair. she could be Mari's daughter! if miraculous would continue as an anime, Bridgette would most likely be renamed to Emma. 

    But what about Felix? well, we will see Felix in a future episode, so he would have to be renamed also. as for his parents? Felix comes off as cold. and was probably a rich kid like Adrien is, he could possibly be the son of Chloe Bourgeois if she continues to be the next mayor of Paris. just look, Felix has blonde hair and bluish-green eye…

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  • Deisi5

    ¡¡Hola a todos!!

    Estoy comenzando un  nuevo proyecto en wattpad. Siempre he sido lectora y nunca he buscado tener segidores por lo que ahora que he decidido escribir, tengo bastantes problemas para dar a conocer mi historia.

    Todas las semanas subire un nuevo capítulo, asi que por favor darle una aportunidad y añadirla a vuestra biblioteca. ¡Estoy segura que os encantara!

    Un abrazo enorme y nos vemos pronto :)


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  • RandomGirl1995


    July 17, 2019 by RandomGirl1995

    >Made another attempt, but we continue to experience technical difficulties. Please stand by

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  • Dikiesm

    Future Hawk Moth?!

    July 17, 2019 by Dikiesm

    Hello guys!!

    I know Timetagger episode aired a while ago but I finally managed to post my theory video about the whole "future Hawkmoth" thing.

    I'm interested on everyone's thoughts on the topic, so if you have anything in mind let me know!

    (Also, I'm new in the English community, so if you have any ideas what theories should I post, let me know as well!!)

    Thanks for reading! ^^

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  • Curiousmind1111

    We all know how Marinette loves Adrien and Adrien/Chat Noir loves Ladybug right? Well I really am hoping that the director/producer would make Adrien start to fall for Marinette and the bond should be strong enough so that no one can come in between their feelings of each other. I also really want to see Marinette trying to find out who Adrien loves as a spy like episode.

    What do y’all think of that? Please feel free to comment.

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  • Mariofan456

    Ok so I know this is probably going to be controversial, but I would really like to see more of Marc and Nathanial. I definitely think that it is amazing that there are lgbt characters on the show, but I just think that it should be represented a little bit more. I understand that the show mainly focuses on how Marinette and Adrian saves paris, however you can focus on that and something else in the same episode.

    For example, it focuses on:

    how Marinette likes Adrian in some episdoes

    Marinette's school work in some episodes

    Adrian's home life in some episodes

    Alya and Nino's relationship in some episodes


    So maybe it is just me, but this is what I think

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  • Megen.taylor


    July 15, 2019 by Megen.taylor

    Ladybug saved the day again the villen was termed into silencer by the person called hawk moth Luke got mad and wonted revenge and ladybug lost her voice so she tricked him into saying lucky charm and ladybug and cat noir saved the day again😀😍

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  • Ladybug fanfic

    Hi i am new and woud like to share a fanfic about mariannete: the Jelous cat. Today was a normal day for adrein as he resently started making friends with luka he heared him talk about marinetee a lot though but the way he said it seemed off adrein has always known marrinette like a shy clumsy person but the way luka described her maybe her seem like a talented smart and confident person.when adren got home after fencing he heared somthing coming from out side the window it was .thanks for reading hkpe you liked it an comment wbat i shoud do for part 2

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  • Galaxymermicorn85

    Note: These are just theories! I don’t know if these people are going to get these miraculouses! Feel free to add what you think about other theories! Just add your name next to your theory and please don’t delete someone else’s theory. Enjoy!

    So, for Juleka’s hair, I was thinking she still has black hair, but she has yellow, red and white streaks. Her mask is red with black zebra stripes. She has yellow lipstick. (Galaxymermicorn85’s theory)

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  • FoxontheFoxy

    Note: This blog is for personal use only. The language use: Malay

    Nota: Blog ini untuk persendirian sahaja. Bahasa yang digunakan: Bahasa Melayu

    Banyak pemegang Miraculous di dalam kartun ini. Nama pemegang ini hanya untuk yang sudah ditayangkan sahaja kecuali Master Fu.

    Nama Miraculous Nama Kwami Nama Pemegang Sebenar Nama Pemegang Samaran Pemberi Miraculous
    Kumbang Tikki Marinette Dupain-Cheng Ladybug Master Fu
    Kucing Plagg Adrien Agreste. Cat Noir Master Fu
    Rama-rama Nooroo Gabriel Agreste Hawk Moth -
    Penyu Wayzz Nino Lahiffe Carapace Ladybug dan Master Fu
    Musang Trixx Alya Césaire Rena Rouge Ladybug
    Lebah Pollen Chloé Bourgeois Queen Bee Cat Noir
    Burung Merak Duusu Nathalie Sancoeur Mayura Gabriel
    Arnab Fluff Alix Kubdel Bunnyx Ladybug atau Mast…

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  • Oli The Nickelodeon Fan

    Oli The Nickelodeon Fan (talk) 04:08, June 30, 2019 (UTC)Alya And Marrinatte 

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  • Ididsomethingwrong28806


    June 28, 2019 by Ididsomethingwrong28806


    Anyway, I'm a new contributor here. Started watching and liking Miraculous Ladybug since 2016. Feel free to say welcome in the comments below.

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  • UltimateFangirl12

    Quick theory:

    So after the battle with Gamer 2.0, Chat Noir said something along the lines of "I'd sacrifice anything to be with you, Ladybug". So...I was fangirling hard, but then I rewatched the scene and a theory popped into my head: what if this is foreshadowing Chat Blanc's episode? (I know, more with the Chat Blanc theories...) What if this is the reason why Chat gets Akumatized? Ladybug does mean a lot to him.

    Also, a lot of people are wondering why Ladybug didn't achieve ultimate power when she put on Chat Noir's ring: I think it's because the ring was just an item in the game. It's possible, though, that we will see ultimate power in either Ladybug or Hawk Moth later on in the series.

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  • LoveevilM

    Fashion sketch

    June 19, 2019 by LoveevilM

    Since I'm a fashion student, here's some fashion sketch of older Marinette I did last year for a challenge..

    So this is a mixed media drawing, I began on the paper and finished on PSD... 

    If you want to see the final piece for the challenge (in a "not fashion style") here's the link MLBStrikeaposechallenge 

    If you want to see this on Deviant Art, here's the link MarinetteStrikeapose

    Have a miraculous day! 😘

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    Miraculous Theories

    June 19, 2019 by AUD ODD

      It doesn't take long for theories to run wild across such a large Fandom. I'm here to make sure these theories are properly dissected and seen. We all have our thing on this Fandom, whether you're browsing or theorizing, you're welcome. If you found this page you are probably like me and want to predict the future. Let's do it together, shall we. Now, at this point half of season three is already, so some of the following theories may be proven or disproved by the time you read this, but let's get on with it anyway.

    ​​​​​Ikari Gozen is one of the episodes I thought would be a topic of slight interest. The description of this episode is "Kagami's mother gets akumatized into Ikari Gozen. Armed with her bokken, she wants to punish Kagami for disobe…

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  • Off-the-grounder


    June 19, 2019 by Off-the-grounder

    This is bothering me. Miraculous Ladybug & Cat Noir is just Super Paper Mario.

    Hawk Moth matches with Count Bleck. They are both classy dressed men with a cane for a weapon (Hawk Moth’s Miraculous tool and Count Bleck’s wand) and a dark version of the heroes power source. (Butterfly Miraculous and Chaos Heart). They want the heroes power source (the Ladybug and Cat Miraculous and the Pure Hearts). and to save their thought-to-be-dead wife (Emilie Agreste and Timpani).

    Nathalie Sancoeur matches with Nastasia. They are both the assistants of the main villain. They both have reddish hair and when Catayst, Nathalie has blue skin and red laser effects, as well as, indirectly, mind controlling droves.

    The Gorrila matches with O’Chunks. They are lar…

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  • LoveLB!

    Akumatized Mari

    June 18, 2019 by LoveLB!

    Akumatized Marinette

    So far season 3... Gamer 2.0 was released a few days ago and this episode still gave us an uplifting of hope that ladynoir is still a thing!

    A few predictions are that... . Chloe humiliates her . Maybe Chloe tells adrien that Mari likes him . Mari might confess to Adrien yet be rejected . Lila or Chloe problem . She is expelled and then there appears a sentimonster

    This is the latest ladybug 🐞 wiki. Bug out!

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  • UltimateFangirl12

    First of all, let me get something straight: I AM NOT READY FOR THIS.

    When I first saw the episode list for Season 3, I didn't believe it. Then I ran across an episode guide that was OFFICIAL, and I started panicking and hyperventilating, (My parents did not take this well.)

    I've seen multiple theories for Chat Blanc's episode. "It's not actually Chat Noir." "He's going to find out Hawk Moth's identity." "He found out where his mother actually is."

    I agree and disagree with some of these. So let's just dive into my theories. 

    1. The Big Reveal. When Chat Noir destroyed Queen Bee's Mirlaculous in Queen Wasp, Chloe detransformed. So it's plausible that the big reveal could happen. On the other hand, I feel like the big reveal should happen in a two…
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  • Lucy5036

    Hi! Could you help me, please? I'm not really sure what do I have to do.
    So, the story is, I wanted to use the image above as the new infobox picture for Master Fu's page. I cropped it and replaced the previous file. But then I remembered that there most likely is editing/file uploading policy. And of course it is there, and it turned out I've just broken a rule. I'm really sorry about that. D: Well, I reverted the file.
    The file policy stated that But NintendoSoul is inactive since 2017. Should I contact a staff member or do something else?

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  • MiraculousIsha

    Comment down below what you think 💭:

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  • MiraculousIsha

    Shocking 😱

    June 10, 2019 by MiraculousIsha

    I found this picture in the introduction music in the Miraculous episode and quickly took an screenshot of it. In the picture you can see that Alix has bunny ears and later in season 3 episode 12 she had an bunny miraculous, same goes for Alya, as she has fox like ears drawn on her her and she has the Fox Miraculous, and soon we might get to see Juleka with the tiger miraculous as she has tiger teeth on her mouth. Besides Alya and Alix, we see Marinette with mouse like features, this mean she might have gotten the mouse miraculous, or why would they draw this on her face? However, the main question is... why did Marinette changed her miraculous or was she forced to😱???

    Omgggg... comment down below, about what you think 🤔 about this!

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  • Theladywiththedots

    Hey guys! So, I was srolling trough the page and didn´t notice anything about other people's works in this miraculous universe, and, as I love this show to pieces, I woud like to share with you some increadible fics.

    • I didn´t write any of them, the credits go the their owners and writers. 

    The site were I usually read them is Ao3 (Archieve of our own). You don't have to log in there if you don't want to, it's free, and as far as I live (Brasil) it has a good connection and design.

    To the fics:

    - Unexpected Surprise - Totally_ Lucky.

    This is about Adrien discovering he had a daughter with Marinette, but neither knew till them, because when they had let's say their romantic night, they we…

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  • Lé Miraculer

    First of all: no, I’m not being overdramatic. “So what? It’s just a regular teenage crush.” Not very regular when you have pictures of your crush all over your room. Marinette’s crush on Adrien is not only ruining her life, but also her development of the show. The only episodes in Season 1 where Marinette isn’t wasting the episode on Adrien is: “Mr. Pigeon”, “Timebreaker”, “The Pharoah”, “Lady WiFi”, “The Evilluatrator”, “Rogercop”, “Darkblade”, “The Mime”, “Princess Fragrance”, “Kung Food”, “Refleka”, and “The Puppeteer”. So exactly the other half of the season is gone because of her obsessing over Adrien. And when I mean “gone” is because any development, especially Marinette, is gone. She is also overprotective of him, even though th…

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  • CrazyCreeperKid

    e darkest area).

    ·         The tool could be a rake(Just as a gardening tool. Zhu Bajie’s usage of the rake (a muckrake) is horrifying). Rose could say, “Snout out! Or Curls on! Or maybe haha Truffles on!” “Floral Bloom” for the power.

    ·         Daizzi could eat apple slices. The Miraculous’ some sort of anklet or pearl bracelet.

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  • LandynGunderfan

    Well guys, the Miraculous Movie (Ladybug and Cat Noir: Awakening) is coming soon but here's a little something.

    Do you think Marinette and Adrien will discover eachother's secret identities as Ladybug and Cat Noir?

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