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Scene: Marinette's room. Marinette is watching the news on her computer while knitting a sweater.

Nadja Chamack: Don't be bemused, it's just the news. The mayor of Paris will be unveiling the Startrain, right here at the Gare du Nord train station. This ultra-modern train will travel between France and the UK at record speeds, faster than flying by plane!
Tikki: But how is the train going across the sea between France and the UK, Marinette?
Marinette: Well, there's a tunnel under the English Channel, Tikki.
Tikki: Did a superhero do that?
Marinette: (laughs) No, just regular men with machines.
Tikki: I can't believe how many inventions humans have made since I last had an owner.
Marinette: There's no stopping progress, Tikki.
Tikki: There's no stopping you, either. This is gonna be a wonderful sweater!
Marinette: It's a tradition, you know. I always knit my dad a sweater every year for his birthday, so I wanna do something extra special for him this time around, but I couldn't think of anything.
Tikki: I'm sure you'll come up with a perfect idea. You always do.
Marinette: I'd better think of it now, 'cause his birthday is today!

Scene: Living room. Sabine is on the phone with Rolland while Marinette walks down the stairs.

Sabine: Oh, come on now! It really is a shame, Rolland! It's your son's 40th birthday today! (Marinette gets an apple from the refrigerator and bites it.) And, uh, I know how much Tom would love it if you- (Rolland hangs up and Sabine gasps) Oh...
Marinette: Is that my grandfather again?
Sabine: Yes.
Marinette: So he's definitely not coming, then?
Sabine: I did everything I could. It would've made your dad so happy. He doesn't talk very openly about his feelings, but I know he's sad that he doesn't see his own father anymore. It's a shame.
Marinette: I'd really like to meet him someday, too.
Sabine: He hasn't left his home or seen a single person for over 20 years!
Marinette: I know, but why not?
Sabine: Uh, he's a little old fashioned in his ways. He's not exactly what you call "modern."
Marinette: But what happened 20 years ago?
Sabine: Uh, well, it's complicated. If you really want to know more about it, you should probably ask your dad.

Scene: The Bakery. Tom is making bread while humming.

Marinette: (opens door) Hey, Dad. Why hasn't Grandpa left his house in 20 years?
Tom: Oh? Uh, well, because he's very fond of tradition, and, uh, if you wanna know more about it, you should probably ask Grandma.

Scene: Marinette's room. Marinette calls Gina via video chat.

Gina: Mmm, oh, he's always lived in the past. Well, it's complicated. If you really want to know about it, you should probably ask your dad or your mom.
Marinette: Oh, okay, thanks Grandma, see you tonight. (hangs up and groans) Seriously, why won't anyone just answer me?! (suddenly gets an idea and jumps onto her computer)
Tikki: Judging by that look on your face, I'm thinking that you've come up with your idea.
Marinette: You're right, Tikki. I know exactly what I'm getting for my dad for his birthday! I'm gonna get him and his dad back together again! I found Rolland Dupain's address, let's go!

Scene: Outside Rolland Dupain's house. Marinette is in front of the outside gate.

Tikki: What are you waiting for, Marinette?
Marinette: If I tell him who I am right away, he won't listen to me, just like with mom. (rings doorbell)
Rolland: (through an intercom) What do you want?
Marinette: Uh... I'm... a friend?
Rolland: I don't have any friends.
Marinette: This won't be easy. (rings doorbell)
Rolland: What do you want?
Marinette: Hello, sir. It's the mail lady.
Rolland: Do what you usually do. Throw the mail in the trash. (Marinette looks over, sees the mailbox empties into a trashcan. She sighs, then rings the doorbell.)
Rolland: What do you want?
Marinette: It's for the firefighter's calendar?
Rolland: Ah, doesn't need the fire. I hate calenders!
Marinette: There's no use, it's hopeless. (starts walking away)
Tikki: Come on, that's not the Marinette I know, giving up so easily.
(A van pulls up, and Gilbert, a flour delivery man, carries a sack of flour out of it. He rings the doorbell.)
Rolland: What do you want?
Gilbert: Your flour's here, Mr. Dupain!
Rolland: Oh! Come in, come in! The door's open.
Marinette: (gasps, and runs to open the gate for him) Hello! I'm Marinette, Mr. Dupain's granddaughter! I was just about to go in, myself. You can leave me the sack, I'll bring it to him. It'll be a nice surprise.
Gilbert: Rolland has a granddaughter?
Marinette: He sure does! (Gilbert smiles and hands her the sack. She groans under its weight.)
Gilbert: I should probably help you...
Marinette: Oh no! It's... light. Could I borrow your cap? I wanna play a prank on Grandpa.
Gilbert: (puts his company cap on her head) Say hi to Rolland for me! I'll grab my cap next time I come by! (He hops in his van and drives away, while Marinette struggles up the stairs.)
Tikki: You sure you should be sneaking in, lying, and pretending to be someone else? You've never met your grandfather, you don't know how he'll react!
Marinette: Well, it's not exactly a lie. After all, I am actually- (loses her balance) Delivering the! All the uh! (catches herself) The flour! What really matters is that he comes to dad's birthday party, and that they both make up. (Pushes the front door open, then whispers) Hide, Tikki! (She examines the house as she walks in, noticing all the old-fashioned technology and furnishings)
Rolland: (is kneading dough, his back turned to her) Put the sack down in the usual place, Gilbert!
Marinette: (a mouse runs past her feet) Oh! Uh, where's his usual place?
Rolland: (startled, turns around) You're not Gilbert!
Marinette: No... I'm, um, Germaine! His cousin!
Rolland: Hmm. Aren't you a little young to be delivering flour?
Marinette: I'm... an intern! (giggles) I'm doing a flour delivery internship, because some day I wanna own my own flour shop!
Rolland: (frowns, and turns back to his dough) It's good to be ambitious. You can put the sack down now. Have a nice day. (to his mouse) Soot! (the mouse brings over a bag of soot)
Marinette: So you're a baker then, huh?
Rolland: Are you a flour delivery girl or a nosy detective? Go on! Put the bag down and be on your way!
Marinette: That oven you have there, it's a '72 La Pegnole, Right? It's a rare woodfired model! They only made a few hundred of them!
Rolland: (spins around) How did you know that?
Marinette: My daddy- uh, um- My bready, bread history teacher taught us that.
Rolland: Well, that's new. (incredulous) You need bread history classes to become a flour delivery person now?
Marinette: You bet! You have to study for ten years to be a delivery person these days!
Rolland: (throws his hands up, then returns to kneading) Good luck with your internship, Germaine. Now put the sack down and have a good day!
Marinette: (looks around some more, seeing shelves with trophies, an old radio. and an old box TV) That's a weird looking computer you got there.
Rolland: (turns around again) A computer? In my house? Are you insane? That's a TV!
Marinette: Really, but... is it still working? (presses a button on it, it does nothing)
Rolland: Nope. Turned it on one day and poof! (makes an explosion gesture) Stopped working.
Marinette: It probably doesn't meet cable standards anymore. We just watch everything on the Internet now.
Rolland: The Internet is just as crazy as cordless telephones! That's not how it's done! (angrily kneads dough) How can sound with pictures go through, if there aren't any wires?
Marinette: Simple! (takes out her phone) They're sent in wave form to relay antennas, which are connected to satellites. It's awesome! You can talk, and see anyone you want, anywhere in the world.
Rolland: (turns back around) I don't need to speak to anyone! And besides, that's not how it's done if you want to talk to someone! Now put the sack down, and leave me alone! I've got work to do!
Marinette: (She puts her phone away, and goes over to a set of photos. She picks up one that has been pushed down, and discovers a wedding photo of her parents, beside Gina.) Do you live alone? Do you have any family?
Rolland: (snatches the photo) Hapa papapa! You really are a noisy detective. Don't touch a thing, put the sack down, and leave. (starts shooing her away)
Marinette: (backs up against a table, and throws the sack into his hands) Oh! Nice bread dough! (runs over to his counter)
Rolland: Wait, no! Don't touch that! That's not how it's- !
Marinette: Don't worry, I know how it's done. (she starts kneading it, and Rolland sets down the sack) You take the dough and fold it in half, rhythmically, pressing it flat...
Rolland and Marinette: ...snapping it slightly- oh! Huh? (they look at each other)
Marinette: It gives it elasticity and develops the gluten in the dough, so that it holds together well after it's been baked.
Rolland: (looks away) Tch! You're just a school girl reciting a lesson. You don't really know how it's done.
Marinette: I do know my stuff. Maybe even better that you, old man.
Rolland: Better than me? Better than me? (smiles) Better than me!? (looks down at his mice) Charlotte, Marie-Louise, Marguerite- (stammers) do you hear that? (stammers) Better than me!? (belly laughs, then straightens up and points a finger in her face) We'll see about that. (the mice put ingredients in front of him) Get into position. Germaine! We're going to make some bread together! Then we'll see who's the baker, and who's only good for delivering flour!
Marinette: (looks a bit shocked, then smiles) Mm hmm.

Scene: Later on at Rolland's House.

(The two knead separate loaves of bread. Rolland pauses and picks up a small round container.)
Rolland: See this yeast? It's been grown for over two-thousand years by my family, ever since my indomitable ancestor, Loafamix the Gaul. We used to make bread in a small Armorican village, fell alongside Vercingétorix. To be precise, he was my great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great- (scratches his head, and starts counting with his fingers) Great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather!
Marinette: Phew...
Rolland: But the Romans won. Poof! (slams his fist into his other hand, startling Marinette) And started putting vegetables and cheese on their bread! (Mimics and mocks sprinkling cheese on bread) Lulu lululu! And now it's pizza! (pretends to spit out food) Bleh, bleh, bleh bleh bleh!
Marinette: I like pizza!
Rolland: You like pizza? You, Germaine, like pizza?!
Marinette: Yes, I do.
Rolland: (holds his face in shock) Oh! She likes pizza! Oh! But that's not how it's done! You don't put cheese and tomatoes on bread dough! It's just like my son, and his wife, who got it into their heads that adding rice to the dough, would make the inside of the bread lighter! That's not how it's done!
Marinette: But what if it's really yummy? Have you ever tried your son's bread?
Rolland: (slams his hand on his dough) Tata, tatata! No need, I already know it's not going to be good. Making bread with rice flour. That's. Not. How. It's. Done!
Marinette: Well, I think it's creative.
Rolland: (shocked) How? (They go back to kneading their dough.)
Marinette: So, your son's a baker, then?
Rolland: I don't have a son anymore. Not since he betrayed me.
Marinette: What, just because he put rice in the bread dough?
Rolland: (with clenched teeth) That's. Not. How. It's. Done.
Marinette: (gasps, getting an idea) If my bread comes out tasting as good as yours, will you agree to do just one thing for me?
Rolland: Why? What do you want me to do?
Marinette: Are you a baker, or a nosy detective?
Rolland: Ha! Your bread won't be as good as mine anyway. (puts his hand out, Marinette shakes it. They begin kneading again.)
Marinette: (singing the tune her father hummed earlier) La la, lala lala, lalala.
Rolland: That song... that's the song my son and I used to sing when we were... kneading... dough! There's no way you could know that song. Un- Unless- Unless you're- But no, that- that's impossible!
Marinette: (takes off the cap) Yes, I'm your granddaughter, Marinette.
Rolland: You're... my granddaughter? (she smiles) Liar! I don't have a granddaughter! Betrayal! Deceit! It's just like adding new ingredients to bread! Deceptive! That's not how it's done! (pushes her out of the kitchen) Shoo! Get out! Get out! Out with the liar!
Marinette: No! I'm not leaving, not until you've tasted my bread. You promised you would.
Rolland: Hoh! You want to stay here? Stay here then! (slams the kitchen doors shut)
Marinette: (speaks through the door) Whether you like it or not, you are my grandfather! And today's your son's birthday, don't you want to see him again?
Rolland: (covering his ears) La la la, I can't hear anything! La la, lala la! (his mice look at him) Don't look at me like that. She shouldn't have lied to her grandfather. I mean, to her not grandfather. (puts both their bread dough into the oven) And her bread. I bet her bread is as terrible as her father's. (slams the oven door shut)

Scene: Hawk Moth's Lair.

(The window in Hawk Moth's Lair opens, revealing him surrounded by butterflies.)
Hawk Moth: Hmm. I can smell the bread that's being baked with flames of fury. A perfect recipe for my Akumas. (a butterfly lands in his hand, and he evillizes it) Fly away, my little Akuma, and evillize him! (the butterfly flies out of the window)

Scene: Rolland's Kitchen.

Rolland: (slams his hands down) That's not how it's done by the Dupain, the proud descendants of 'Loafamix the Gaul.' (He picks up the canteen of yeast, and the Akuma flies into it. A light mask in the shape of a butterfly appears over Rolland's face.)
Hawk Moth: (from his lair) Bakerix, I am Hawk Moth, and I see that you're hungry for power. Well I'm giving you the ability to serve punishments to anyone who doesn't do things like they should be done!
Rolland: (happily cups his hands/innocently, gracefully) Of course! Would you like a butter croissant or a baguette to go with that?
Hawk Moth: (stares for a moment, then shakes his head) No! In return I want the Miraculous of Ladybug and Cat Noir, two offenders who don't know how it's done. So show me.
Rolland: (sinisterly) You can count on me, Hawk Moth. (A purple ether engulfs him, and his mice run away).
Marinette: (knocks on the kitchen door) Grandpa! (Bakerix exits, knocking the doors off their hinges and knocking Marinette across the room.)
Bakerix: (appearing as an amalgamation of breads) There is no grandpa. I am Bakerix, and anyone who doesn't do things the way they should be done, will be served my indomitable wrath! Soon, Paris will look like it did before the modern world took over! (laughs, drinking from his yeast canteen)
Marinette: No! Grandpa!
Bakerix: (Bakerix's bread muscles expand.) Yah! (Marinette whimpers. He breaks through the walls of the house, and leaps out into the city.)
Marinette: We'll finish the baking later! (runs into the kitchen and turns off the oven)

[Transformation Sequence]
Marinette: Tikki, spots on! Yeah! (turns into Ladybug)

Scene: Streets of Paris.

Bakerix: (lands in front of a bus, which screeches to a stop) Huh? Why isn't this bus making any noise?
Bus Driver: (in fear) Well, because it's a modern bus, it runs on electricity.
Bakerix: An electric bus? That's not how it's done! Buses make noise! They run on gas and spew out stinky, black smoke! (grabs the bus and launches it across Paris) Away with modern buses! (The people in the bus scream as it rolls in the air. Ladybug appears, making a net with her yo-yo, catching the bus before it crashes.) What's all this? There's a flying superman girl in Paris now?
Ladybug: Yup! Girl, and superhero. You gotta get with the times.
Bakerix: That's not how it's done! It's up to the police or the army to carry out law enforcement! Not you! (leaps up to attack her) Ah!
Ladybug: Ah!

Scene: Adrien's room.

(Adrien sits on his couch, reading, while his TV plays the news.)
Nadja: Just minutes before the unveiling of the ultra-modern Startrain, I've been told that a super-Gaul is wreaking havoc right here in Paris. (Bakerix and Ladybug appear on the TV.)
Bakerix: (lifting a car over his head) I'm going to rid Paris of all this modern nonsense, starting with you! (throws the car, then two more, at Ladybug, who dodges)
Ladybug: Well technically, I'm not actually all that modern. (starts fighting him) My Miraculous is from ancient times!
Bakerix: Well, we didn't have superheroes in my youth! (tries kicking her, she dodges, then launches her yo-yo at him) There will be no superheroes in my Paris! (He pulls up on her yo-yo, and throws her across Paris, screaming.)
Adrien: Looks like Ladybug's the one unveiling a brand new method of air transport.

[Transformation Sequence]
Adrien: Plagg, claws out! (transforms into Cat Noir)

Scene: Streets of Paris.

Ladybug: (lands in a tree) Ah! Oof!
Cat Noir: Don't worry, milady, (extends his stick to her) I'm right here.
Ladybug: (jumps out of the tree without his assistance) Thanks Cat Noir, but girls don't always need to be saved by a boy.
Cat Noir: You think I'm a tad old-fashioned, don't you?
Ladybug: Oh, I've seen worse than you. Just wait 'til you meet Bakerix. (jumps away, Cat Noir follows)

Scene: Outside the Louvre Palace.

(Nino and Alya get ice cream from André)
Nino: (takes ice cream from André) Thanks, André.
André: (as Bakerix lands in front of them) Ah! (Alya starts filming)
Bakerix: (to Alya) What are you doing?
Alya: Uh, I'm filming you?
Bakerix: Ah! Telephones are for telephoning! Not for filming! (snatches her phone) That is not how it's done!
Alya: Hey! That's censorship!
Bakerix: Just like the good ol' days. (sees the Louvre, and trembles with rage) Oh! Oh hoho! An Egyptian pyramid in the King's court! (leaps to attack it) But that's not how it's done! (Cat Noir's stick stops him in midair, and he tumbles onto the pyramid, and then the ground below it)
Cat Noir: A blending of ancient and modern. I personally like this glass pyramid a lot.
Ladybug: It's proof that you can be modern, and still respect the past.
Bakerix: (gets up) Treachery! Treason! (drinks more yeast, and his muscles grow)
Cat Noir: I think we better destroy that flask of his.
Ladybug: You're right, it's probably where the Akuma is, too. Ah! (She and Cat Noir look on horror as Bakerix lifts the pyramid above them.)
Bakerix: You're out of your league! You don't have enough experience! (throws the pyramid on top of them, trapping them. He leaps away again.)
Cat Noir: Trapped! Cata- !
Ladybug: (grabs his wrist) Save your Cataclysm! We're probably gonna need it. (sees a sewer covering) Emergency exit!
Cat Noir: Good eye. (They enter the sewers.)

Scene: The Gare du Nord.

(Banners are hung up on the Gare du Nord, advertising the new Startrain. Bakerix lands in front and sees them.)
Bakerix: What the- ! A train that goes underwater? Is it a train or a submarine? That's not how it's done! If you want to go to England, (makes a sound in disgust) you take a boat! (mimics rowing) You get sea sick! (pretend to barf) Ah! (runs into the train station)
(Inside, reporters are photographing the debut of the Startrain. André Bourgeois and Chloé wave and pose in front of the train for the cameras, then go inside it. Bakerix bursts through a wall, and the mayor tumbles down.)
Bakerix: Ladies and gentlemen, I've got bad news for you. This train is out of service! (The reporters scream and scatter. Outside, Ladybug and Cat Noir come to the end of a tunnel, which leads to a wind turbine. They use it to float up to the surface, in front of the Gare du Nord.)
Ladybug: We've got a train to catch.
Cat Noir: Boarding now! (They run inside, where Bakerix is attempting to lift the train.)
Ladybug: (jumps on top of the train) Be reasonable now, Mister Bakerix. There are a lot of people on this train.
Bakerix: Well then they better get off, because it's on it's way to the wrecking yard! (lifts up a couple of train cars)
Cat Noir: (escorts citizens off of the train) Go on!
Chloé: (exiting the train) You should ask Queen Bee for some help.
Cat Noir: (takes her hands) We're doing okay for now, but I'll remember that. Thanks, Chloé. (she runs off)
(Bakerix drops the train. He takes more yeast, and gets stronger, lifting the train again.)
Ladybug: Whoa! (Bakerix throws the train with her on top of it) Not again! (she jumps off before the train crashes into a wall) Lucky Charm! (a bottle of tomato sauce appears)
Cat Noir: Tomatoes in a bottle? Mmm, I doubt our friend will take too kindly to this.
Ladybug: That's what I'm counting on. (she looks around, and sees a loaf of bread, bags of chips, and a drawer.) In fact, I'm planning to give our baker friend the least traditional sandwich possible. (leaps away)
Cat Noir: Got it! (attacks Bakerix, who roars attacking him back)
Ladybug: (forming a sandwich) How about some super sour candy chews, plus some super chemical chewing gum, all packed between two slices of white industrial bread.
Cat Noir: (feigning) Oh, stop it, Ladybug, you're making us all drool! Isn't that right, Bakerix?
Bakerix: (stammers) I'm not falling for your stupid little tricks.
Ladybug: Okay, in that case I'll add... some tomatoes in a bottle. (reveals her Lucky Charm, pouring the tomatoes on the sandwich) Mmmm, now this sandwich is gonna taste like pizza! It's gonna be so good!
Bakerix: (stammering) That's not how traditional sandwiches are done! (He charges at her, and the heroes run outside.)
Ladybug: (sees the grate to the wind turbine) Do your thing, Cat Noir!
Cat Noir: Cataclysm! (cataclysms the grate, which Bakerix lands on and breaks, tumbling down)
Ladybug: You're just blown away by this sandwich, aren't you?
Bakerix: That's not how it's done! (tries to swallow more yeast, but it flies upward from the force of the turbine)
Cat Noir: Well, that's how we do it, anyway. (knocks the yeast flask out of Bakerix's hand)
Ladybug: (catches it and throws it to the ground, the akuma appearing) No more evil-doing for you, little Akuma. Time to deevilize! (captures the Akuma) Gotcha! (releases it) Bye bye, little butterfly. (throws up the Lucky Charm) Miraculous Ladybug! (The ladybugs put everything back to normal, and Bakerix turns back into Rolland.)
Ladybug and Cat Noir: (fist bump) Pound it!
Rolland: My bread! I left some bread baking in the oven, and my granddaughter's there! It's dangerous! It could catch fire!
Ladybug: I'm sure your granddaughter's got it under control. (hands the yeast flask back)
Rolland: I must get home. (Ladybug's earrings beep rapidly)
Cat Noir: I'll take him back, milady. I've got more time left than you.
Ladybug: Thank you, Cat Noir. Bug out! (uses her yo-yo to swing away)
Cat Noir: (as Rolland climbs on his back) Are you sure you wanna go home on a superhero's back? It's fast, but not very traditional.
Rolland: When bread is at risk, that's how it's done. (Cat Noir leaps into the city)
Hawk Moth: (in his lair) One day or another, things will change, Ladybug, and front row seats to your downfall will sell like hotcakes! (laugh maniacally)

Scene: Rolland's House.

Rolland: (as soon as Cat Noir lands, jumps off his back and into the house) Marinette! Marinette!
Marinette: (by the oven) Grandpa? Cat Noir? Is everything okay?
Rolland: Uh, yes. I was just scared- the bread might be overbaked. (she takes the bread loaves out of the oven, and he examines them) It looks all right.
Marinette: You see? I do know how it's done.
Cat Noir: Well, if it's all good, I'll be on my way. (turns to leave)
Rolland: No, wait! We need a judge, to determine which of these loaves is the best.
Cat Noir: (his ring beeps) Uh, the thing is, I'm gonna transform back soon, and- whoa! (Rolland pushes him toward the bread) You're a real tough cookie, even without your superpowers. (he tries both loaves) Mmm. Both these breads are delicious, d'you have any jam by any chance?
Rolland and Marinette: That's not how you taste bread! (Rolland smiles at her)
Cat Noir: They're both tasty, in different ways. This one's more traditional, and this one has a delicate flavor that makes it special. It's too hard to choose. (his ring beeps rapidly) I'm sorry but I really do have to get going. (runs to the front door) Thanks for the tasty snack! (leaps out)
Rolland: (tries a piece of Marinette's bread) Mmm, he's right! This flavor is... is really good!
Marinette: I did it the way my dad does it!
Rolland: But, how?
Marinette: I added rice to my dough when you weren't looking. (gives some of it to the mice) You can never have just one bite. (Rolland takes another bite, himself.) So now can I ask you to do that one thing? Will you come home with me? We're celebrating dad's 40th birthday tonight and I'm sure he'd be so happy to see his dad.
Rolland: (frowns and goes over to the photo of Tom's wedding day, setting it up straight) You're not a traditional granddaughter, Marinette. But you know what? (turns back and smiles) I like it.

Scene: The Bakery.

Tom: (rolls out dough while singing his dad's song) Baba, ba bumbum, baba bum bum...
(The door opens, and Sabine and Gina stare in shock. In enters Marinette and Rolland, who holds a loaf of bread tied in a bow.)
Sabine: (gasps) Rolland? (Tom drops his rolling pin, and slowly turns around.)
Marinette: Happy birthday, Dad. (She and Rolland smile at Tom, who smiles back. The end card shows the family gathered around Tom, as he wears the sweater Marinette made him, and while he blows out a candle that's on the loaf that Rolland made him. In the background, Ladybug and Cat Noir smile fondly at the family.)


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