Axel Blanc is a character designer, concept artist, and visual developer of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir.


Blanc is a 2D artist specializing in character design. He has first started in Paris at Zagtoon before he had the chance to continue his work in Los Angeles with ZAG Animation Studios. There, he develops many projects and holds many different positions (including graphic and concept development, trailers, toy design, marketing, derivative products, etc.).[1]

Blanc has worked on other ZAG projects such as Denver the Last Dinosaur (the 2018 reboot), Zak Storm: Super Pirate, Pixie Girl, SuperStar, and Power Players.


  • Aside from designing the characters, Blanc also designed promotional artwork for the series he worked on. This includes toy packaging, Netflix images, and character renders.[2]
    • According to André Lake Mayer, Blanc has also done the graphic design for the official Miraculous Ladybug website and the covers for the Miraculous comic series.



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