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Season 1

Stormy Weather

I should have won, I have the talent, the star looks, everything! But [Mireille] took everything away from me. They took everything away from me! They--
Uh? Ah!
Ngh! Ah!
I should have won. Yes!
Hahahaha! I am Stormy Weather. The only weather girl who always gets the forecast right! And unfortunately for you, there's a freak icy front moving in right now!
Ugh... For all of you who voted for Mireille, I'd advise you to move indoors. It's going to get very blustery! Oh wait... too late.
My name is not Ice Queen! It's Stormy Weather!
We should be expecting lightning storms like right NOW!
Black ice!
Not you again!
Hello, viewers! Here's the latest forecast for the first day of summer. Looks like Mother Nature had a change of plans. Summer vacation is officially over!
Prepare for the worst weather in history!
In Stormy Weather's world, it's winter wonderland FOREVER!
You airheads! You fell right into my trap!
There's no way out! Party's over, fools!
Uh, what am I doing up here?

Season 2

Prime Queen

She's a girl and she doesn't have a shampoo? What the-


Hail Scarlet Moth! Hail Scarlet Moth! Hail Scarlet Moth!
Hail Scarlet Moth!
There's bad weather on the way!

Season 3

Stormy Weather 2

Thanks, Marinette!
Alright, Hawk Moth.
I'm going to use this volcano to move the Earth away from the sun. Soon the world will plunge into a perpetual winter, and Earthlings will be nothing but frozen food. Then you'll realize just how powerful I really am.
So, Chloé Bourgeois, you still think my power is utterly ridiculous?
You’ll never defeat me!
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