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Recurring quotes

You're fired!
Ridiculous! Utterly ridiculous!
Unacceptable! Utterly unacceptable!

Season 2

Style Queen (Queen's Battle - Part 1)

Anthony— Uh… André, be a dear and fire the chauffeur. I can't believe Gabriel allows his staff to drive like that!
What is this carpet? Is it fabric? Why isn't the red carpet made out of marble like I said!
Judging by the way you're dressed, you obviously don't know, my dear. For your information, the trend this year is glitter.
How dilapitated is this place? And I have to share the front row with this group of low-lifes? Ridiculous. Utterly ridiculous.
This is unacceptable! Gabriel cannot do this to me! I'm the one who discovered him. Without me, he'd still be drawing his unworthy designs in his dismal, grim studio!
This is unacceptable! I will not view a fashion show from the second row, EVER!
They'll see who's queen, Hawk Moth.
A fashion show without the queen of style? Glitteraly unacceptable!
Where is that ungrateful Gabriel Agreste? I demand that he kneels before me!
Well, then. If fashion-disaster daddy isn't here, I'll just have to settle for Agreste Junior! You're fired!
What an atrocious [Ladybug suit]. That bug looks so last year.
Where's Cat Noir? Oh, lemme guess. He's hiding because he's ashamed of his outfit.
Ladybug, hand over those awful earrings and let's get this over with.
Hahaha! You're no match for Style Queen, my poor Ladybug. Soon, you'll be nothing but a bad memory, like shoulder-pads!
Don't be ridiculous, Caserole. Uh— Chloé. First I have to get back to Gabriel Agreste's fashion show.
Remind me to tell your father to fire the person in charge of the Eiffel Tower elevators.

Queen Wasp (Queen's Battle - Part 2)

It's the most… exceptional thing I've ever seen! You're a visionary, Marinette! Glitter's had its day. Feathers are the trend of tomorrow! I haven't felt this much emotion since… you.
You wanna be a fashion designer, right? [...] Then come to New York with me! I'll make you the biggest name in fashion! I'm sure you'll even upstage Gabriel.
The only exceptional thing about you, my dear… is your mother.
What? Regarding my daughter's ineptitude. I think it speaks for itself, doesn't it?
According to me, Chloé just clearly demonstrated that there is nothing exceptional about her.
I think I may have judged you unfairly, Chloé. Martha… uh— Marinette's right. You are exceptional, just like me. I've decided I'm staying in Paris with you.


Oh, good! You're married! Now get out!
I demand that you close the school down for good!
That monster hurt your little girl's feelings!
Change schools? Ugh— forget it! We need to change cities, that’s what. We’ll go to New York!
Not only are you incapable of solving a simple problem for your daughter, you’re also refusing to come with us?
André, getting yourself akumatized like everybody else in this town does not make you a cool or hip father.
Wha—? What are we doing here?! What have you done this time, André?

Mayura (Heroes' Day - Part 2)

What are you doing? Hurry up, André!
[Chloé is] out playing superheroes again probably.
It's unacceptable! Utterly unacceptable!
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