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Audrey Bourgeois has been akumatized. Audrey Bourgeois has been akumatized into a scarlet akumatized villain.

What is this carpet? Is it fabric? Why isn't the red carpet made out of marble like I said?! You're fired! Ridiculous, utterly ridiculous!

—Audrey Bourgeois, "Style Queen"

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Audrey Bourgeois is the famous director of the fashion magazine, Style Queen. She is also the wife of André Bourgeois and the mother of Chloé Bourgeois and Zoé Lee[10] by different fathers. She was living in New York, but she is now currently staying in Paris with her family.

In "Style Queen", which is part of the "Queen's Battle" special, after being humiliated by Gabriel Agreste, she is akumatized by Hawk Moth into Style Queen, a glitter-themed supervillain.

In "Heart Hunter", when Audrey and her husband argue with each other during their 20th wedding anniversary, they are akumatized into Heart Hunter, a love-devouring supervillain.

In "Optigami", after being humiliated on live television by Sentialec, Audrey is akumatized again by Shadow Moth into Style Queen, bent on getting revenge on any who defy her.


Physical appearance

Audrey is a slender woman of fair skin. She has a round heart-shaped face, blue eyes, and golden hair cut into a sharp bob with short bangs that frame her face. Her face is obscured by a pair of dark shades which cover her eyes. Audrey physically resembles her daughter with the exception of her hair, which is a couple of shades darker than honey blonde.

Civilian attire

Audrey wears a white strapless jumpsuit with a thick black stripe down the right side that long in length and bares around the shoulder blades. On her head, she adorns a black hat with black-and-yellow color stripes on the underside, yellow hat band, and a black-and-yellow flower on the left side. She wears a pair of bright golden high-heel shoes and white evening gloves which reach up to just under her elbows. She wears a gold ring with a modern design on her ring finger, though it is uncertain whether this is her wedding band or not and a golden bangle-like necklace around her neck with black gemstones and white outlines.

As Style Queen

Style Queen has bright and sparkly golden skin and teeth, moderate gamboge sclerae, and very dark gold eyes. She wears sunglasses with very dark gold shades over her eyes and her head appears to have pulled-back gilded hair in the style of a crown with five very dark ambers pointed stones attached around the front. She wears a golden strapless jumpsuit designed with vertical strips of cloth, with a black strap on her left shoulder and pointed very deep gold edges around each leg. She also has medallion high-heeled boots. She holds a long gilded staff, having a bud-shaped tip with a black chevron line around it on top.

In "Optigami" Style Queen's crown, glasses, and hips gain a blue-violetish black.

For more of Audrey's outfits and designs, see Audrey Bourgeois/Designs.


Audrey is a bossy and demanding woman who only accepts what she wants and is "exceptional". She is considered to be "the harshest fashion critic in the world" and has no problem causing a fuss for those who do not meet her demands, such as having an issue with the red carpet being made out of fabric instead of marble. Like her daughter, Audrey has a fierce, explosive temper and will get upset over minor things, such as being denied a front-row seat. She also will attempt to "fire" anyone who displeases her.

To an extent, Audrey seems to have little care for her family, or at least their opinions. She expects her husband to cater to her demands of firing anyone she dislikes. When she is akumatized, she does allow Chloé to assist her but fires her the moment she catches her helping Ladybug. However, this changes after Audrey learns how much she has in common with her daughter, deciding to spend more time in Paris with her.

Audrey is rather bold, she doesn't seem fazed by the Akumatized villains. In "Malediktator", she didn't seem worried by her husband's akumatization and even made non-stop remarks that it doesn't make him a better father. In "Queen Wasp (Queen's Battle - Part 2)", when she was stung and paralyzed by a wasp controlled by her daughter, her position shows that she wasn't scared by her, to where everyone else in the hotel was paralyzed when trying to flee from Queen Wasp. She isn't ignorant about the dangers going on in Paris as seen in "Mayura" where she prepares to go off in the helicopter after the string of akumatizations by Scarlet Moth.

As Style Queen, she is more malicious and vengeful. Her main goal is getting revenge against Gabriel Agreste for giving her a second-row seat at his fashion show instead of a front-row seat. When he's nowhere to be found, Style Queen instead turns his son into a glittering statue along with bystanders at the show.


As a civilian

Audrey has an eye for detail and great sense of fashion. She was the one discovered Gabriel's talent, which she later compared to Marinette's derby hat.

As Style Queen

Style Queen can transform people or objects into golden statues and make domes around them using her scepter. She can also absorb the glitter statues into her scepter and can then release them where she wants. When re-akumatized, she gains extra abilities: She can not only turn people into piles of glitter but also objects. She is also able to glittery or cover objects with glitter examples of such as is a large building covered in glitter. She can also add a glitter copy of her face on top of an affected object, which is on the large building covered with glitter.

Similarly, Style Queen has an intangible body made of golden glitter. She can teleport extremely quickly, which causes a puff of golden smoke.

As Heart Hunter

Heart Hunter manifests as a giant head capable of flight. They can sense love and shoot magic beams at a person(s) that turns them into a heart, which embodies said love, which they then eat.



André Bourgeois Square.png
André Bourgeois
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Audrey Bourgeois
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Mr. Lee
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Chloé Bourgeois
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Zoé Lee

André Bourgeois
Audrey Bourgeois
Mr. Lee
Chloé Bourgeois
Zoé Lee

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  • Audrey had been living in New York, but is currently living in Paris. More information about her will be revealed in the future.[11]


André Bourgeois

Audrey tells her husband to fire the chauffeur.

Audrey is a demanding wife towards her husband, constantly ordering him to do various tasks for her like fire the chauffeur in "Style Queen". She forgets his name at times, even after she decides to stay in Paris. In "Malediktator", she demands that her husband close down the school and is irritated when he says he can't and is also annoyed when he refuses to come with them to New York. When she sees him akumatized, she merely criticized him and told him that it didn't make him cool or hip. After he is deakumatized, Audrey appears furious over what happened but calms down when Chloé intervenes.

In "Heart Hunter", it is revealed that Audrey and her husband have been married for twenty years. She constantly humiliated him during their ceremony, to the point they entered into a loud argument about her returning to New York in front of her guests. However, after being deakumatized and almost falling to their deaths, the two were saved by Ladybug, Cat Noir, and Ryuko, who embraced each other, and decided to stay together after all.

Chloé Bourgeois

Chloé and Audrey bond after discovering how similar they are.

Audrey and her daughter are very similar in personality. Chloé seemingly gained her catchphrase "Ridiculous! Utterly ridiculous!" from Audrey. However, Audrey had a distant relationship with her daughter. According to Sabrina, her daughter's best friend, she always forgot her daughter's birthdays. Despite Chloé's attempts to bond with her mother, Audrey didn't pay much attention to her daughter, dismissing the gift she tries to give her and even forgetting her name most of the time.

Later on, when asked by Chloé why she was taking Marinette to New York instead of her, Audrey said that it was because she wasn't exceptional enough, which hurt Chloé to the point where she revealed the Bee Miraculous and transformed into Queen Bee to prove that she was exceptional to her mother. However, she dismisses this as Chloé merely being a showoff and later expresses scorn at her daughter's irresponsibility after an incident involving a subway train, leading to Queen Bee's akumatization. After Chloé is deakumatized, she says on live TV that there is nothing exceptional about her daughter.

However, thanks to Marinette, Audrey soon learns that she has a lot in common with Chloé and takes back her earlier comment. She decides to stay in Paris and be a part of Chloé’s life. In "Malediktator", Audrey is shown to be closer with her daughter, being furious that Chloé learns about her failed presentation and demanded André to close down the school for good. After her husband is deakumatized, she appears furious over what happened but calms down when Chloé intervenes.

As Style Queen, she allows Chloé to be her assistant, but "fires" her when she catches her helping Ladybug. In "Optigami", Style Queen turns Chloé into a pile of glitter after she laughed at her before being akumatized.

Gabriel Agreste

Audrey accepts Gabriel's apology.

Audrey claims to be the one who "discovered" Gabriel, indicating that she was the one who introduced him to the fashion industry. The two maintain a professional relationship but appear to be friends as well.

In "Style Queen", Audrey was furious when she learns that Gabriel has given her a second-row seat instead of a seat in the first row. She seeks revenge against him by attacking his son. However, after being deakumatized, Audrey is approached by Gabriel, who apologizes for the "misunderstanding", and is pleased when he says that only the front row is befitting for her, accepting the apology. After being impressed by Marinette's work, she comments to Gabriel, "I haven't felt this much emotion since... you".

Marinette Dupain-Cheng

Audrey impressed with Marinette's derby hat

Audrey doesn't know Marinette well, but she takes a liking to her fashion work when she sees the pigeon feather hat she created. She offers her a chance to move to New York City with her and become a famous fashion designer, though Marinette ultimately rejects the offer to stay in Paris. In "Malediktator", Audrey is furious when Chloé tells her that Marinette got the entire class to gang up on her, calling her a monster.

Mr. Lee

At some point after her marriage to Andre Bourgeois, Audrey met and entered a relationship with a man named Mr. Lee and had a daughter with him.

Zoé Lee

She has a difficult relationship with Zoé. Despite having lived in New York City for a long time, Audrey seems to have a distant relationship with Zoé, showing to not like her daughter's style when the latter arrived at Le Grand Paris and quickly dismissed her to Chloé's room. Audrey also sided with Chloé when she demanded for Zoé to be sent back to New York.


Season 2

In "Despair Bear", Audrey is pictured from Chloé's memory when Audrey is walking away from a sad young Chloé with a suitcase in hand, implying that she might have left the Bourgeois family.

In "Frightningale", she was mentioned by Chloé when she threatened to call her mother if her father didn't cancel Clara Nightingale's music video but she was then stopped by André, who said not to bother her with such little matters.

In "Zombizou", she was briefly mentioned by Sabrina Raincomprix regarding how she never remembers her daughter's birthdays.

In "Style Queen", she returned to Paris to watch a "Gabriel" fashion show, but after being denied a front-row seat, she was akumatized into Style Queen, a glitter-themed villain. The first thing she did as Style Queen was turned Adrien Agreste into a glitter statue and then other spectators. When Chloé offers to be her assistant, Style Queen accepts but later turns her into a glitter stingatue when she catches her helping Ladybug. After being deakumatized, Audrey walked down the Eiffel Tower and back to the fashion show with Chloé. Despite Chloé's attempts to bond with her mother, Audrey dismisses her.

In "Queen Wasp", after the events of "Style Queen", she watches Gabriel Agreste's fashion show. Afterward, she was approached by Gabriel himself, who apologizes for the misunderstanding and says that only the front row is befitting for Audrey Bourgeois. Then, she notices Marinette Dupain-Cheng's hat and takes a liking to it, even offering her a chance to come with her to New York to become a famous fashion designer. When asked by Chloé why she was taking Marinette instead of her own daughter, Audrey said it was because Chloé wasn't exceptional like Marinette, angering her to the point where she revealed Pollen and the Bee Miraculous to be in her possession. After she transforms into Queen Bee and takes off, Audrey calls her daughter a showoff and later calls her out on her irresponsibility after a subway train incident, causing Chloé to become akumatized into Queen Wasp. Once deakumatized, Audrey announces on live TV that there is nothing exceptional about her daughter. However, thanks to Marinette, she later learns that she has a lot in common with her daughter, takes back her earlier comment, and embraces her. She decides to stay in Paris and be a part of Chloé's life.

In "Malediktator", after hearing about Chloé's failed presentation, Audrey and Chloé demand that André close down the school and banish Marinette from Paris. When he cannot, she decides that they should move to New York instead and is annoyed when André refuses to come with them. When she and Chloé are confronted by Malediktator, Audrey tells her husband that getting himself akumatized does not make him a cool or hip father. While she rants, Malediktator turns her into a loving and devoted wife willing to stay in Paris with him. While under his spell, she constantly clings onto him affectionately and talks in a sweet tone. She takes a liking to the cat-like Cat Noir and begs Malediktator to let her keep him a little longer. After Malediktator's defeat, Audrey is turned back to normal and is furious with her husband for his actions, yet calms down when Chloé intervenes and suggests that they go home.

In "Mayura", Audrey, along with her husband and butler, are preparing to leave Paris on the Bourgeois helicopter but they are struck by Dark Cupid's arrows, causing their emotions about Chloé being a superhero to become negative. She is akumatized into a scarlet version of Style Queen as a result and battles Queen Bee, along with Malediktator and Despair Bear.

Season 3

In "Gamer 2.0", Audrey was one of the many people taken captive by Gamer 2.0 and after Ladybug and Cat Noir defeat him she was set free.

In "Feast", she was watching the news about the reappearance of the Guardian's Temple with a smile.

In "Heart Hunter", she and her husband are akumatized into Heart Hunter, a love-devouring supervillain.

In "Miracle Queen", she and Andre are brainwashed by Chloe when she gets akumatized into Miracle Queen.





  • Her name was revealed in a Brazilian synopsis for Season 2 on O Universo da TV.[10]
  • The name Audrey means "noble" and "strength".
    • The words combined together mean "noble strength".
  • Audrey's surname Bourgeois is a French term that is used to describe a member of the middle class within France.
  • As seen in "Style Queen", Audrey's phone number is [[1]].
  • Interestingly, in Despair Bear, it is implied that Audrey left André Bourgeois and Chloé.
    • However, in her debut episode, it is revealed that she simply lived in New York most of the time.
  • She showed a strange reaction to the Order of the Guardians.
  • Style queen has some similarities with golden queen from skylanders. They both hold staves and they can turn people to gold.
  • Style Queen was first revealed on September 8, 2016, when Jeremy Zag posted an image of her on Instagram, with the caption, "Miraculous Season 2, new powers, new villains!"[12]
  • She seemingly got her akumatized villain name from a magazine she directs.
  • Style Queen appears another time in "Gamer 2.0" for Gamer's powers.
  • She tends to forget names, as she keeps calling Chloé 'Claudette', 'Casserole', 'Clara', 'Kylie' or 'Chlorine'.
  • As seen in "Mr. Pigeon 72", Audrey has been akumatized into Style Queen three times. ("Style Queen", "Mayura" and an off-screen akumization).
    • As of the events of Optigami, she has been akumatized into Style Queen four times.

Audrey's Magical Charm.

  • While she and Andre have been married for twenty years, Zoe's appearance (and age) implies she had an affair of some sort while in New York.


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