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Final designs

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RC S01EP09 (794)
André is fairly tall with gray hair and light blue eyes.

He wears a dark gray dress jacket with three large black buttons over a white dress shirt. He has a dark red tie, and there is a dark red folded handkerchief in the jacket's upper left pocket. He also has dark gray slacks and black shoes. He usually wears a blue, white, and red striped sash over his right shoulder, and the ends of the sash are tied together next to his hips with thick golden tassels.

First appearance: "Mr. Pigeon"
title = Malediktator
description = Malediktator is a tall and muscular supervillian and he has grayish blue skin. On his head, he wears a dark blue bicorne. He wears a dark blue jacket with a cowl going over most of his head except the bottom of his nose and mouth, and the jacket has black and purple markings on the shoulders. Malediktator's right arm has a yellow armor-like shoulder with black stripes, and the rest of the arm is dark blue with a bent white and red stripe below the elbow. Across his chest and around his body, he wears a blue, white, and red sash with large blue, white, and red circle attached at the center of his chest above it. Also, he wears white trousers that start from the upper body, and he have dark blue boots that start above the knees. image = Malediktator Square.png First Appearance = Malediktator


File:CC S01EP05 (146).png
André wears a dress jacket that has a slightly lighter shade of gray, and he doesn't wear his sash over his right shoulder.

Knight minion

DB S01EP12 (888)
Transformed by Darkblade, André becomes a knight in dark gray armor with bright green designs on his epaulet and helmet.
First appearance: "Darkblade"

Reflekta duplicate

RK (778)
After Reflekta zaps André, he takes on a feminine appearance becoming a physical copy of her.
First appearance: "Reflekta"

Winter outfit

Ladybug Christmas Special (28)
André's winter outfit is close to his regular outfit, but he has his sash tucked under his dress jacket and he wears dark gray gloves.
First appearance: "Santa Claws"

Alternate winter outfit

André Bourgeois' alternate winter outfit
Note: André only wears this version of his winter outfit in the French version of the Christmas special.

André wears a light gray dress jacket with a light gray scarf tucked under his jacket and slate gray gloves.

First appearance: "Santa Claws"

Final design accessories

Blue and red handcuffs

RC S01EP09 (561)
When Rogercop places André under arrest, he attaches a pair of handcuffs to his wrists that has no chain, a glowing red left cuff, and a glowing blue right cuff.
First appearance: "Rogercop"
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