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André Bourgeois has been akumatized. André Bourgeois has been akumatized into a scarlet akumatized villain. André Bourgeois has been amokized.
This article is about the mayor of Paris. You may be looking for another André.

When I was young, I wanted to make movies, tell stories. Ah, that was the real me. But it made very clear to me that in order to earn my place, I had to let my certain dreams go. But what about you? What are your dreams?

—André Bourgeois to Zoé, "Sole Crusher"

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André Bourgeois[9] is the mayor of Paris and the owner of Le Grand Paris. He is also the husband of Audrey Bourgeois, the father of Chloé Bourgeois, and the stepfather of Zoé Lee.[10]

In "Malediktator", after his wife and daughter try to leave Paris and calls him powerless despite his position, André is akumatized by Hawk Moth into Malediktator, a dictator supervillain.

In "Heart Hunter", when André and his wife argue each other during their 20th wedding anniversary, they are akumatized into Heart Hunter, a love-devouring supervillain.

In "Mega Leech" after people stop him from cutting trees for a city project, he is re-akumatized into Malediktator by Shadow Moth, and his stress and anger form Mega Leech, a worm-like sentimonster. He also receives a Magical Charm from Ladybug that prevents him from being akumatized again.


Physical appearance

André is a fairly tall and fat man with slicked back gray hair and light brilliant cobalt blue eyes.

Civilian attire

He wears a dark gray dress jacket with three large black buttons over a white dress shirt. He has a strong red tie, and there is a matching red folded handkerchief in the jacket's upper left pocket. He also has dark gray slacks and black shoes. He usually wears a blue, white, and red striped sash over his right shoulder, and the ends of the sash are tied together next to his hips with thick golden tassels.

As Malediktator

Malediktator is a fairly tall and muscular light brilliant sapphire blue skinned supervillain with strong sapphire blue eyes. On his head, he wears a dark blue bicorne. He wears a deep blue-violet jacket with a cowl going over most of his head except the bottom of his nose and his mouth, and the jacket has black and deep indigo markings on the shoulders. Malediktator's right arm has a yellow armor-like shoulder with black stripes, and the rest of the arm is dark blue with a bent white and red stripe below the elbow. Across his chest and around his body, he wears a blue, white, and red sash with a large blue, white, and red circle attached at the centre of his chest above it. Also, he wears white trousers that start from the upper body, and he has moderate phthalo blue boots that start above the knees.

As Heart Hunter

As Heart Hunter, André's Body is not exist, and he has pale, light grayish crimson face skin, big nose, vivid raspberry colored-upside down heart shaped-earrings, vivid amaranth eyes, and brilliant amaranth eyebrows and afro styled hair.

For more of André's outfits and designs, see André Bourgeois/Designs.


André is an approachable and regal man, though he is very willing to be manipulative, deceptive, and degrading when it comes to his political or personal goals. Rather prideful, André tends to care more about his wealth, prestige and Chloé Bourgeois (André's daughter) than the welfare of the people of Paris. He enjoys being rich and making more money as he notably allows Jagged Stone and his crocodile to occupy a room at Le Grand Paris upon learning that he is rich, but he doesn't like losing money. While capable of acting like a proud leader, he can also be quite a coward and quite gullible. If he is facing a villain or his daughter is in danger, André can easily become terrified and unsure what to do, but he will act professionally despite his fear under some circumstances. When serious, he knows when to listen to advice and commands from others, most notably from Ladybug and Cat Noir. He is easily persuaded by his family when they urgently need something, and scrambles to do their bidding, not caring if it is unfair. While André is typically more calm than passionate, he'll get angry when he feels like someone is harming or disrespecting him or something he cares deeply about. Specifically, his love for his daughter leads him to become furious if she is wronged in some way or in peril.

But if the request crosses the line, André puts his foot down and refuses to comply, for example in "Queen Banana", André refuses to hurt Zoé when Chloé calls for backup.

André apologizes to Roger

Although open and prone to questionable choices and responses, André figures out his wrongdoings every once in a while. He sometimes unprofessionally jumps to conclusions about situations and demands action that goes against the law, but when he realizes his mistakes, he does try to learn from them and make things right with anyone he wronged, such as Roger Raincomprix in "Rogercop". In another instance of this, in "Reflekta" he initially agrees to help the title villainess trick Ladybug and Cat Noir for Reflekta's promise to turn him back to normal in return, but later regrets his actions and agrees to Ladybug's request to drive Juleka back to school from the TVi studio. Albeit an egocentric leader, André can be genuinely kind and patient. He is grateful for good, hardworking, and brave civilians and heroes that thrive in Paris.

As Malediktator, he is a completely tyrannical supervillain who uses his powers to make others do what he wants. He still cares for his daughter, though, as he attempts to make her dreams come true so that she'll stay in Paris with him.

André is revealed in "Sole Crusher" to have given up some of his dreams as a perceived necessity for achieving his other goals.


As a civilian

As a leader and politician, André is good at presenting himself to the public, issuing orders and speaking to reporters on current issues. Also, as being a hotel manager, he helms a large staff and he expertly deals with the hotel's visitors and occupants.

As Malediktator

As Malediktator, he can make energy bubbles that, when they hit a person, can cause them to do what Malediktator wants, he does so by holding up two fingers and starting each command with "By the power vested in me, I declare...", then gives his order. It was also shown that Malediktator is able to control his bubbles at will.

In "Mega Leech", Malediktator has control over his flying sentimonster that, by having entered his mouth, allows him to proliferate into countless Minimalediktors who can get into anyone's mind to control him.

As Heart Hunter

Heart Hunter manifests as a giant flying head. They can sense love and shoot magic beams at a person(s)/object that turns them into a heart, which embodies said love, which they then eat.



André Bourgeois Square.png
André Bourgeois
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Audrey Bourgeois
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Mr. Lee
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Chloé Bourgeois
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Zoé Lee

André Bourgeois
Audrey Bourgeois
Mr. Lee
Chloé Bourgeois
Zoé Lee

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Audrey Bourgeois

André opens the door for Audrey.

In "Frightningale ", André is afraid of his wife as it is shown when he complies with Chloé's demands after she threatens to call her mother. He complies with every command she gives him, such as firing the chauffeur in "Style Queen" or hurrying to the Bourgeois helicopter in "Mayura".

Chloé Bourgeois

André standing up for Chloé.

André loves his daughter, but he spoils her more than he should. He doesn't like to see her upset or in danger as he cares immensely for her happiness and safety that he acts rashly because of it every now and then. For her, he buys expensive designer clothes, threatens school staff with being fired if they fail to recover her bracelet and introducing her to Prince Ali at a press conference. If Chloé is being mistreated or humiliated, André takes it as a personal offense, even telling Parisians once that a strike on Chloé is a strike on Paris. Occasionally, however, he does remind her about being better, making sure she learned to not unfairly accuse others in "Rogercop" and punishes her like kicking her off of the jury of the World's Greatest Chef contest in "Kung Food" for sabotaging Wang Cheng's soup.

In "Malediktator", when Chloé threatens to leave Paris after he can't give her what she wants, he falls into sadness, which leads to his akumatization.

In "Queen Banana", he let out his anger to Chloé by yelling at her for wanting to get rid of Zoé again, refusing to indulge his daughter because Zoé stood up for herself.

Marinette Dupain-Cheng/Ladybug

André asking Ladybug and Cat Noir about dealing with Mr. Pigeon's pigeons.

André doesn't know Marinette well, but he immediately believes Chloé's accusations about her stealing Chloé's bracelet in "Rogercop". Also, while Hôtel de Ville is under siege in "Darkblade", he follows her lead. He is aware Chloé doesn't like Marinette, but on Christmas, he wants Chloé to be nice to her in "Santa Claws". With Ladybug, André is extremely grateful for her work and he relies heavily on her to keep Paris safe — and in some cases, to keep him and his daughter safe. He also openly listens to her suggestions, agreeing with her to rehire Roger after unfairly firing him earlier in "Rogercop". In "Sole Crusher", he brings Ladybug to the place where Zoe's akumatized object was kept.

Cat Noir

In the same fashion as his feelings towards Ladybug, André is appreciative of Cat Noir for his duty to protecting Paris. When Cat Noir explains that he has an "urgent need" in "Mr. Pigeon", André happily complies by allowing him into a suite and even having a chef get Camembert for him per request. In "Sole Crusher", he brings Cat Noir to the place where Zoe's akumatized object was kept.

Zoé Lee

André helps Zoé when she has a problem with her half-sister

André seems to have a very good relationship with his stepdaughter as he, much like her, has to hide his true self from his family, fearing to not be liked or accepted. When Zoé seems conflicted on what to do, he tries to help her, by sharing his secret with her and helping her to hide her shoes. When he saw Zoé get akumatized into Sole Crusher, he showed great concern for her, and even helped Ladybug and Cat Noir de-akumatize her. When Chloé demands her father to send Zoé back to New York, André is able to convince her to allow Zoé to stay, but in another room away from Chloé's, something that Zoé appreciates. He stands up for Zoe in "Queen Banana", saying Chloé can ask him to have a new cellphone or the limo painted in pink, but she can't ask to hurt her sister.





  • The name André means "man, warrior" and/or "Masculine; manly; brave" in French.
    • This is Ironic since André is cowardly.
    • André — sometimes transliterated as Andre — is the French and Portuguese form of the name Andrew, and is now also used in the English-speaking world, particularly in the United States. It is a variation of the Greek name Andreas, a short form of any of various compound names derived from andr-
  • André's surname Bourgeois is a French term that is used to describe a member of the middle class within France.

André's Magical Charm.

  • In "Darkblade", it is mentioned that André has been re-elected as mayor of Paris four consecutive times.
    • A mayor's term in France is six years, so he has been mayor for about eighteen years. Thus at the end of his current term that starts in "Darkblade", he will have been mayor for twenty-four years.
      • As "Darkblade" happens in 2015, it would mean that he's been mayor since 1997.
      • As he and Audrey celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary in "Heart Hunter", which is set in 2015, it would mean that they got married before he became the mayor.
  • As André states at the beginning of "Simon Says", he dislikes dancing.
    • He says the last time he danced was when Madonna was in kindergarten.
      • If this claim is true, he would be aged somewhere in his seventies considering that Madonna would have attended kindergarten in approximately 1963. If André was a teenager the last time he danced, he would have been born in the mid-1940s, and would thus be approximately 70 years old at the time of the series, give or take a few years.
  • Malediktator was first revealed on August 31, 2017, at a TFou press conference.[11]
  • Malediktator reappears in the two-part special event "Heroes' Day".[12]
  • In "Heart Hunter", it's revealed that André and his wife have been married for twenty years.
  • In "Sole Crusher", it is revealed André used to be a movie director, enjoys film-making and produced the film "Solitude".


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