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Season 2

Captain Hardrock

Captain Anarka speaking to ya! So how's it comin' along me, young pirates?
You're cleaning? We never pick up in this house! Didn't me daughter tell ya? We like the lived-in look. We have no rules on The Liberty! Out of chaos comes creation! Messiness is life.
Whoa, sailor! Never place a metal object next to a compass, ya hear lass? Metal attracts the needle, just like a magnet, which is why you can't get them anywhere near each other.
Luka's my son. You'll find him in his cabin.
Ho, ho, sailors! Let's give them a show! Whenever you're ready, Luka!
It's the National Music Festival today Officer Roger! My crew's allowed to play whatever they want!
I didn't name my galleon Liberty for nothing, you know! It's a matter of principle! Haven't you ever heard of freedom of speech, Roger? This is me home! I will do as I want!
I refuse to give in.
A treasure in return for freedom? Ho, ho, ho, then I shall be your pirate, Hawk Moth.
Your mom has weighed anchor, me lad. I am Captain Hardrock, and today, Paris's timbers are about to be shivered by my cannons.
Nothing and no one will stop Captain Hardrock from playing her music! Fire!
You know matey, sometimes disorder can be a good thing, if this keyboard hadn't been lying around, we wouldn't have gained us a keyboard player.
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