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Anarka Couffaine has been akumatized.

We have no rules on The Liberty! Out of chaos comes creation! Messiness is life.

—Anarka, "Captain Hardrock"

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Anarka Couffaine is the mother of Luka and Juleka Couffaine.[2]

In "Captain Hardrock", after Roger Raincomprix bans her from playing in the National Music Festival, she is akumatized by Hawk Moth into Captain Hardrock, a music pirate supervillain.[3][4][5]

In "Crocoduel", she is akumatized by Shadow Moth into Captain Hardrock, along with Guitar Villain, and the two villains form the Crocoduel.


Physical appearance

Anarka has long greenish-gray hair which is braided down her back, red lipstick, and light cerulean eyes.

Civilian attire

She wears a bright red glasses and a black coat with a gold trim that reaches her knees, over a light pink top, black undershirt and light blue jeans. She also wears high-heeled brown boots that go halfway up her calves.

She wears earrings with alternating aqua and red spheres, and a variety of bracelets and armlets. She also wears three rings on every finger except for her ring finger on her right hand. Anarka also has an indigo headband with a hair clip positioned in the center.

As Captain Hardrock

Captain Hardrock has long red hair that is spiked upwards, yellow sclerae, golden eyes, and round black pupils. Her lipstick remained red. The upper half of her face is covered with a black mark edged with dark red and she wears a black bandana with a white spiky-haired skull on the front, along with gold circular earrings.

She wears a red skin-tight, turtle-necked jumpsuit from the collar to the chest and black from the chest, the color separation looking like flames. The suit includes three yellow buttons vertically on the lower body, three golden spikes horizontally over each knee, and a golden patch above each hip. She has two black belts, one going around the body diagonally and the other wrapped around the waist, that have golden buckles. Over her suit, she wears a black captain jacket with golden inner lining, golden spikes on the shoulders, golden edges, and golden buckles on the sides. Black fingerless gloves with golden edges around the upper holes cover her arms up to her elbows. Her knee-high boots that end below the knees are black and red in a flame-like pattern with black soles, golden heels, black inner lining, and black stripes with golden spikes above the ankles.

She carries a cutlass with a black handle for a weapon, three thin red stripes on and near the pommel, and a blade with jagged black edges that goes from red at the handle to white at the tip.

For Anarka's designs and outfits, see Anarka Couffaine/Designs.


Anarka sounds and talks like a pirate as she believes that chaos and disorder can be a good thing, which is shown when she tells Marinette that she likes to keep her houseboat messy. Despite this, she knows when they are not, such as not allowing a metallic statue anywhere near the boat's compass, knowing metal makes it go crazy and thus useless. She also believes in freedom, even naming her houseboat "Liberty". When Roger Raincomprix orders her to keep her music’s volume down, Anarka stands her ground as she believes that she should be free to be as loud as she wants for her concert. However, after she is de-akumatized, she realizes that she should obey the rules sometimes and keeps her volume down.

She doesn't appreciate being lied to as she got mad at Jagged for lying to her about what happened between him and Vivica.

As Captain Hardrock, her desire for freedom increases to the point where she wants to blast her music across Paris and ruin the other concerts so that she'll be the only one heard. Which also includes that her houseboat can only obey her when she says an order. When the passengers of her ship refuse to play music for her, she gets mad and imprisons them. She also doesn't consider herself her children's mother anymore and has no remorse for taking them prisoner when they refuse to obey her.


Luka and Juleka Couffaine

Not much is known about Anarka's relationship with her children, but she does seem to care about them. According to her, she doesn't allow them to clean up as they like the lived-in look and doesn't give them many rules.

Marinette Dupain-Cheng

When Anarka noticed Marinette cleaning her houseboat, she tells her not to as she likes the lived-in look.

Roger Raincomprix

Anarka becomes annoyed when Officer Roger tells her that she needs to keep her volume down and gets extremely angry when he gives her multiple tickets, causing her to get akumatized. However, after being de-akumatized, she respects his request to play her music quieter.

Jagged Stone

It's revealed in "Desperada" that Anarka and Jagged used to play music together, but they got separated for some reason. After he let go of his latest guitarist Vivica, Jagged tried to convince Anarka to play with him again, but she refused to do it. Even more, she got mad at Jagged for lying to her about his guitarist having abandoned him, when the truth was he was the one to fire her. Anarka let go of her anger on Jagged after he apologized to Vivica and hired her back.

In "Truth" when the titular villain forces Anarka to tell him who his father is, she tells her akumatized son that it is Jagged Stone. Revealing that the two were more than just music partners, as Jagged appears to still care about Anarka when he approached her in "Desperada". The reasons that got Anarka to end their partnership is most likely the reason why she didn't tell Luka and Juleka who their father is.


As Captain Hardrock

Her houseboat, the Liberty, has become a seemingly indestructible living ship that can fire chains on command to ensnare Captain Hardrock's foes, as well as blast lasers, and it's cannons fire cannonball-shaped speakers which seem to act as white noise machines. The compass also points to whatever direction Captain Hardrock orders.

She has a microphone that doubles as a laser cutlass and can also turn into a spyglass.



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Jagged Stone's mother
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Jagged Stone
Anarka Couffaine Square.png
Anarka Couffaine
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Luka Couffaine
Juleka Couffaine Square.png
Juleka Couffaine

Jagged Stone's mother
Jagged Stone
Anarka Couffaine
Luka Couffaine
Juleka Couffaine

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    = Female

    = Gender Unknown





  • The name Anarka is based on the word "anarchy", meaning "a state of disorder due to a lack of authority".
    • Anarka's surname Couffaine is a combination of "couffin" (French for "coffin") and the French suffix "-aine" (meaning "of or from a place"), ultimately meaning "of/from the coffin".
  • According to Wilfried Pain, Anarka is "the mother everyone wants, except when it's yours."[2]
  • Anarka's Akumatized form was first revealed when concept art of her ship was shown during a Nolife interview.[3]
    • Later, her appearance was revealed from a press conference by TFOU.[5]
  • In response to a comment on Twitter, Thomas Astruc noted that, "in a way," Captain Hardrock is a reference to Captain Harlock from the manga series Space Pirate Captain Harlock.[6]
    • Both Captain Hardrock and her ship are a visual pun on musical piracy.
  • All the Couffaines' names so far end with "-ka".
    • However, it is actually a pun, as it sounds like "acouphène", which means "tinnitus" in French.
  • As seen in "Mr. Pigeon 72", Anarka has been akumatized into Captain Hardrock three times. ("Captain Hardrock" and teo off-screen akumization).

Anarka and Jagged's Magical Charms


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