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Recurring quotes

Trixx, let's pounce!
Trixx, let's rest!
Pound it!

Season 1

The Bubbler

Get back there! Don't be a pushover, literally!
I'm sure Ladybug and Cat Noir will show up in a minute to save us all. They never failed us. Meanwhile, come with me, I've got something for you.
Yo, nice scarf, Adrien. Off the chain.
Aw, Marinette. You're amazing, girl. You know that, right? And some day Adrien will figure it out, too. Promise.

Mr. Pigeon

Uh, thanks Adrien, but I can’t take the credit. These sick designs belong to Marinette. Off the chain, right?
Girl, you gotta get a grip next time. But did you hear? Adrien thinks you’re good enough to win!

Stormy Weather

Hey, I got a huge scoop for you. Guess who's on a photo shoot in the park!
You're just a pushover, Marinette. I have to babysit my sisters all the time, which makes me an expert in dealing with "angels".
I'm a mythical unicorn from the world of Rispa, disguised as a totally fabulous human girl. I grant magical wishes, but only to little monkeys who behave!
Let's just start with happen to be passing by and see if we can get to that smoothie.
Yeah, I saw it too. Pretty normal, since we're in the same class.
Hah! You don't want me, I... uh... I think I'm having an allergic reaction to this apple. I know just the person you need! Hold that thought!
You take care of Prince Charming, and I'll take care of Miss Unicorn here. You don't know how to control her anyway.
Unicorns unite! Let's go to Rispa and find us some sad little village kids and grant those wishes! Yeee-haa!
Uh, sure. Until they had a dozen or so little monkeys like you who drove them crazy!


Look, we all know improv's not your bag, so just stick to this script.
Okay, it's bad. But you were gonna have to tell [Adrien] one of these days, some way or another. Think of it this way: no more secrets!

The Pharaoh

Don't blink now, 'cause we are live from Paris. Yo peeps, Alya here, bringing you the one and only Ladyblog.
Freak out! What you got here is no ordinary book, it's a tenth grade history book. And I should know, 'cause I've got this very same book. Could our very own Ladybug be a high school student in real life? Whoa!
You might think my theories about Ladybug are crazy, but you watch, girl. I'll prove you wrong.
Hi, everyone, Alya here! Live blogging from the shoulder of a terrifying villain. New scoop to come. Stay tuned!
Ladybug, this is Alya! I just found out I'm the sacrificial offering to the sun god! Please hurry!
Seriously? Excuse you, but I make excellent sacrificing material!

Lady Wifi

Hey! I think I've just sniffed out who the real Ladybug is! Chloé.
[Chloé]'s no superhero, she's super-psycho!
I'll expose the lies of anyone who covers up the truth! Sign me up!
I'm Lady Wifi, revealer of the truth! For our first exposé, your principal would like to share a little tidbit with you. So Mr. Damocles, is it true that you wrongfully suspended a student named Alya today? […] So you were biased? Unfair? Totally unjust?
For my next scoop, I'll be taking you to meet the girl who's been hiding behind the Ladybug mask! Stay connected!
Alya's been disconnected. I'm Lady Wifi. News flash! Ladybug, let's find out who you really are!
Who is Ladybug? Is she a superhero or a super weirdo? How can we trust the girl when we have no idea who she really is? We have the right to know!
Well, with a mask and a costume, don't you think [Adrien] looks a little bit like Cat Noir?

Dark Cupid

Since ancient times, the ladybug has been a symbol of love, guiding hearts on the path to devotion. It was on my blog this week. You read it, didn't you?
Come on, Marinette! Put [your letter to Adrien] in [the mailbox] before you chicken out!
You're not my BFF! You're a joke! Adrien's gonna laugh his head off at your lame attempt at poetry!
I don't believe you! The girl didn't even sign it! I love you and all, but sometimes you seriously bug! You know that, right?


What!? You edited my script without even telling me? That's low!
This is beat! Agent Smith does not need a man in her life right now! Sniffles just got munched on, remember!
Of course she will, chill out. And just think, after tonight, you'll finally have kissed Adrien.


Chloé's running again! She's been class rep since when? Kindergarten?
So, let's have a scoop on your campaign! How are you gonna represent?
Good job, girl! Now there's a future class representative in the making.

The Mime

Girl, you will not believe what just happened to me! So Ladybug had just saved a bunch of workers from a super villain! There was like a gazillion reporters waiting to interview her, and that's when it happened!
Ah ha ha! Chillax, lady. If there's anyone on this earth who knows about your legendary clumsiness, it's me, your BFF!
Screw-up or no screw-up, you know I love surprises!
You don't know me, but FYI, this is like the biggest moment of my life.

Princess Fragrance

You two really are made for each other. Neither one of you can make it to school on time. Since [Adrien] missed chemistry class, it would be sweet if some lady could lend him her notes so he could get up to speed.

Ladybug & Cat Noir

You mean the way Majestia does it. She says all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good people do nothing. Well, that girl over there is evil, and we are the good people. We can't let her get away with it.
Where there's a supervillain, there's always a superhero close behind! No way I'm missing this!
GPS, check. Battery, check. I am so outta here!
What are you waiting for, super red bug? The world is watching you!
Uncanny, amazing, spectacular! Are you gonna be protecting Paris from now on? How did you get your powers? Did you get stung by a radioactive ladybug?


"Ladyblog, bringing you all the latest news about the coolest superhero, Ladybug!" How awesome is that?!
I know what this is about! [...] You're scared, but don't be! I've seen her with my own two eyes, [Marinette]! Ladybug is a true super heroine! She's going to protect us all! I believe in her.
Daddy's boy, teen supermodel, and Chloé's buddy? Forget it.
So by the time I biked to the Eiffel Tower, it was all over! I'm way bummed.
Next target: Ladybug, an exclusive interview! [...] Oh, wait! Even better! Finding out who's really under that mask!


Uh, Earth to Marinette? You do realize the guy you're completely crazy about has just asked you out, right?
Fine, just be yourself and look where you're going.
You, giving expert advice on how to tell someone you love them? Can't wait to hear this one!
Say what? Seriously?! You didn't even ask me first! Uh-uh! Nino's like... a brother to me! Bleugh! No! End of discussion!
[Nino] doesn't know who [your crush] is! Pinky swear! 'Cause... 'cause I don't go and make decisions for other people!

Simon Says

Sorry, but I kinda get your dad, Marinette. You're never where you say you'll be, showing up late, splitting mysteriously, and all. I'd almost suspect you were leading... a double life.

Guitar Villain

Girl, did I just imagine it, or did you just sign an autograph for Adrien?


Hey, here's Antibug. And Vanisher? Huh, now all we need is Ladybug and Cat Noir.


You need to chill out, Marinette. My Ladyblog has the highest number of hits ever after that Lila interview!

Season 2

Santa Claws

Ladybug and Cat Noir? Now that's a Christmas scoop! Anything you'd like to say for the Ladyblog?
Go get 'em, Lady-Claus.

Prime Queen

Super Manon to the rescue, woohoo!
Hi there, Ladybug and Cat Noir. I'm Alya and I'm wondering if you'd grant me an interview for the Ladyblog. You know, since I have way more viewers than Nadja!
Ugh. My interview would've been so much better.
I'm sure [Marinette]'ll be back soon before you can say super Mano-
Ladybug, help me, please!
You won't believe it, I was taken hostage by a supervillain! [...] No joke! You missed everything! Luckily, Ladybug saved me!
But the next time we decide to spend an evening together, you're not allowed to go anywhere near your parents.
Hello Nadja! Hey fans! So, first of all, I gotta set the record straight. Cat Noir and Ladybug are not a couple! Well, not yet at least.

Despair Bear

I love it when your dad comes to class and gives us pastry lessons!
This one would make an awesome homepage image for your future blog. Wouldn't it?
I should have got you guys on video!
How funny. That reminds me of a girl who didn't want to go to a party until she heard Adrien would be there.
Go over and ask [Adrien], girl.


Sorry, I'm running late. Can you meet me at the park? We'll, uh-- jam straight from there to the uh, dentist!
We gotta help Marinette! [...] Marinette is not a liar!


Check to see if you left your brain in [the locker room] too, girl.

The Dark Owl

I am Cardboard Girl, the supervillain! I've kidnapped Ladybug and Cat Noir! [...] And I'll never tell you that I'm holding them at the Place Des Vosges square either!
Give up, Ladybug and Cat Noir, I evil Cardboard Girl have taken your Miraculouses! No one can save you!
Sorry it was the bust, Ladybug. You were trying to do the right thing.
I'm not kidding, Marinette. I was Cardboard Girl! I wish you could have seen it. It was awesome!


Thanks for showing up, girls. So, check this out. I've got the...biggest...scoop! But FYI, it's seriously hush-hush. Top secret, classified information.
Right, so let's get down to business. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to arrange a ridiculously romantic date between Marinette and Adrien.
Seriously, Mylène? This is Marinette we're talking about here. Now, each one of you will have a codename based on a flower. Alix, you'll be "Violet". Mylène, you'll be "Sunflower". Juleka, you'll be "Rose". And Rose will be "Tulip".
Are all the flowers planted?
Girls...I can't do it anymore! Run!
Well, at least you managed to get a sentence out without losing your cool.
Yep, but it's all good. Come on, BFF, let's take a ride on the "coleslaw"!


Don't get upset, okay? But Nino just got a text. Adrien's dad isn't letting him go out.


Come on, bedtime, you little monsters! That's enough mischief for one day! [...] Off to bed, little Sapotis. You need to rest if you wanna be fighting fit for tomorrow.
And what kind of zombies will you be at the amusement park tomorrow if you go to bed late? Show 'em, Marinette. [...] So what's it gonna be? Boring sit-down pajama party with the big kids, or...the super-fun cool amusement park tomorrow?
The Sapotis? They're little monsters from a créole fable who are always pulling pranks and making all sorts of mischief.
Apparently Ladybug has been around at least since the pharaohs. But no way can the Ladybug we know can be five thousand years old! So, I downloaded a great app that analyzed some recordings I had of her talking. Based on the frequencies of her voice, it turns out she's a girl our age!
Oh, yeah! Ladybug! She's like, a high school girl. So to figure out who she really is, all we need to do is to find a girl our age who's always late to—
All right, that's enough! Get out of bed one more time and no one will going to the amusement park tomorrow! [...] This is your last warning! No joke!
Well, if I knew who Ladybug really was, I'd keep it a secret. I would even help her! Like say, if you were Ladybug, I'd cover for you — when you needed to transform in school, go fight the "baddies", you know?
If I was Ladybug, I'd totally tell you! Because I tell my best friend everything.
Normally when you're firm with kids, they don't turn into monsters!
Ladybug! My sisters have been akumatized! I need to find them and bring them back home!
My kwami? I know! You're what gives superheroes their superpowers, right?
Mind blown! By the way, how old are you? Do you have any idea about Cat Noir's true identity? There's no way—
This is so awesome! But...I look like Lila when she was akumatized in this suit.
This is so insane! I've got powers, and I'm fighting supervillains!
Uhhh...Rena Rouge! Yeah, my name is Rena Rouge.
Rakes? Unicycle wheel? Traffic cone? Tape? Trash can. Do you always make it this complicated when you're saving Paris?
My necklace is flashing. Um, that means I'm gonna change back soon, right?
Naughty kitty. You know very well that our identities must remain secret. [...] If you need any superhero tips, you know where to come.
Uh...gotta get going! Uh...before I transform back!
Uh... You know, if I held onto [the Fox Miraculous], I could help you again. [...] Oh, please, Ladybug. We'd make a great team! I could help Cat Noir and you every day!
Wait till you hear! Something crazy happened to me! [...] battery died. Can you believe it? My brand new phone. Super letdown, huh?


Marinette, I've been waiting for you for fifteen minutes. Where are you, girl?
Uh huh, and the Adrien's ad helps you pick out a swimsuit, girl?
Okay Marinette, we all saw your pics online. But we're totally lost! We need the scoop.

Captain Hardrock

Hey Nino, did you hear from Adrien, by any chance?
Well it's not exactly the first time [Adrien's] dad's kept him from hanging out with us. Actually, I'd have been super surprised if he hadn't.
I think its the other way around. [Adrien]'s the statue and your the compass that goes crazy whenever he gets close!
I think Marinette the compass has found herself a new statue.


Marinette, did you hear that? All us girls are heading over to audition, and you're coming, too! So don't go pulling one of your Marinette specials on us, okay?
We're gonna be in Clara Nightingale's music video! This is humongous!
Didn't I tell you that Adrien looks a little bit like Cat Noir?
You turned down filming with Adrien to be with us?
Uh, heads up. Brat alert in the immediate vicinity.
Wow! What's happening to you today? I have to bow before so much wisdom!
[Chloé playing Ladybug] bothers you more than not being with Adrien in the video?
Marinette's jaw will drop when she sees these pics.
[Marinette and Adrien] don't look a thing like the real Ladybug and Cat Noir now!
Even though Marinette and Adrien kinda look like Ladybug and Cat Noir, they really weren't believable.


Come to think of it, Miss Bustier is probably the reason we all get along so awesomely.
[Chloé] is worse than Hawk Moth!
Ladybug?! Yeah! We're saved!
Oh, man. [Adrien] must've gotten kissed on the stairs when he was saving Chloé.
I don't know why we don't just give [the zombies] what they want.
[Cat Noir]'s right. Just go and save us all.
I happen to have several accounts of what went down, including my own, and they don't exactly match your version.


We can do this again whenever you want, Lady-- Oh! The movie! Later!
Ah, let me guess — Marinette hasn't arrived yet? [...] Marinette, Marinette, Marinette.
Okay, who left the faucet running?


This is gonna be your worst mess up in history. You've got to get yourself out of this right now! Ideas, girls? Quick!

Style Queen

No doubt. It's her first fashion show with her first professional piece and not to mention Adrien will be modeling it.
Uh, sorry, but that seat is reserved for Marinette.
It's hard to get a scoop when you're not in the middle of the action, Ladybug.

Queen Wasp

Scoop. The hat Adrien Agreste is wearing was made by my BFF, Marinette! Anything you'd like to say during my livestream? What? I… don't… believe this! Ladybloggers, a huge update! That's Gabriel Agreste; he hasn't been in public in ages.
Scoop number two! Gabriel Agreste has just turned up! And that means we'll be seeing your hat in every single photo and news broadcast!


Sure, I'll call you Anansi when you stop calling me 'little sis'.
Listen, I appreciate you worrying about me and all, but I'm not a little girl anymore. Besides, Mom and Dad are totally cool with it.
Please, don't arm-wrestle on my account. I don't need to be protected.
That's it, Nora! You lost the challenge, so deal with it. I've had it with your overprotective big-sis-smothering. I'm going out with my BFFs and I don't care what you think. Alya out.
A new scoop for the Ladyblog. Ladybug and Cat Noir should be showing up any minute.
Whoa, this is a first for the Ladyblog. A brand new superhero! What's your name?
I'm fine. I saw that you tried to save me. [...] I know perfectly well what you're like.
You're right, Nino. Besides, I don't even remember the last time I hung out with my big sis.


Chloé, it's so obvious that's you dressed up as Ladybug. You didn't even bother to match her hair color.
How could you not laugh, Sabrina? The whole superhero sitch has totally gone to her head. [...] [Chloé] wasn't the hero. It was Cat Noir and Ladybug!
Come on, girl. Just 'cause Adrien's bummed out doesn't mean you have to be, too.
What else could [Chloé] possibly be? Superbrat, maybe.
Rena Rouge and Carapace helped Ladybug save Paris, but nobody threw them a party.


Oh no, Marinette, not that again. She’s not a liar. You’re just jealous of Lila because she tried to hit on Adrien.
Last year, I wrote an article about equiping public buildings with disabled access. But after seeing Ladybug and Cat Noir going that extra mile every single day, I decided that I, too, can do better. So I got the mayor's approval to improve facilties so that handicap kids can actually attend our school.
That's it! We can't let fear get the better of us! [...] Nora, whatever you do, don't let fear get ahold of you, you got me?
When this is over, I swear I'll take you to the movies.
My sweet clueless boy, just transform.


...but we're a whole team of superheroes!
You are not cut out to be a hero! Let go of me, you weakling!
I am now, Rena Rage!
Need a hand?
There goes our last chance of finding [Hawk Moth].
Taken. Taken as well, but there's a free seat over there.

Miraculous Secrets


Yo peeps, Alya here. Live from Paris with the one and only Ladyblog.
Anyway, as you can see, I look, I listen and I share everything I hear with you here on the Ladyblog. And I intend to keep tracking and filming our favorite superheroine on all of her missions. Sooner or later, I'll find out who Ladybug really is.
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