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Alya Césaire is a teenage girl who is friends with Marinette Dupain-Cheng. She adores superheroes and runs the Ladyblog for Paris' beloved hero, Ladybug. On occasion she helps Ladybug and Cat Noir as the Fox Miraculous superhero Rena Rouge.

Season 1

In "Ladybug & Cat Noir (Origins - Part 1)", Alya sat alone in Miss Bustier's classroom at Collège Françoise Dupont. She just switched schools and didn't know anyone. When she saw Marinette Dupain-Cheng being bullied by Chloé Bourgeois and Sabrina Raincomprix, she stepped in and helped Marinette, the two became best friends instantly. They went to the library to study in between classes when they were knocked to the ground from the building shaking. Running over to the library's cameras, they spotted Stoneheart throwing cars and shouting for Kim. Excited, Alya ran off hoping to find a superhero since this was obviously a supervillain. She biked her way to the Parc des Princes where she found Cat Noir fighting Stoneheart alone. She found his partner and encouraged her to join the fray, being saved by the two of them in the process. After Stoneheart was defeated, Alya--recording on her phone--asked the girl what her name was, learning it was "Ladybug". Her video was shown on the news.

In "Stoneheart (Origins - Part 2)", the next day, Alya created the Ladyblog. She confronted Chloé for being rude to Ivan. When Stoneheart busted down Miss Bustier's classroom's door and took Chloé and Mylène Haprèle captive, Alya chased after them, her phone out and ready to capture more footage. She found Cat Noir being attacked by several Stonehearts. Alya tried running from the battle, but a Stoneheart threw a car at her. Cat Noir used his staff to keep it from killing her, but she was trapped until Ladybug freed her. She wasn't able to capture any more of the fight because she missed the battle at the Eiffel Tower. The next day, she and Marinette sat behind Nino Lahiffe and Adrien.

TB That's my scarf

In "The Bubbler", Alya tried to help Marinette get closer to Adrien on his birthday. Since Marinette couldn't give him his gift in person, she forced Marinette to leave it in his mailbox. At Adrien's party, Alya found Marinette and led her to her present so that she could sign it. Then spotted Ladybug first when she and Cat Noir returned after being sent skyward, starting a chant for the heroes which resulted in the rest of the students being bubbled. But was brought back down to earth after Bubbler's defeat. The next day, Alya tried to convince Marinette to tell Adrien the truth about his scarf, but she wanted Adrien to be happy instead.

In "Mr. Pigeon", Alya helped Marinette make her derby hat by encouraging her designs. She was technically Marinette's partner in the derby hat competition and stood at the hat podium, waiting for Marinette, who was almost late. But seeing Marinette's design Alya informed her that it's the same as Chloe's but watched her best friend prove that the design was her own and won the contest.

SW (452)

In "Stormy Weather", Alya interrupted Marinette while she was babysitting Manon Chamack and convinced her to go see Adrien's photo shoot in the park. She went along with Marinette's ploy to get Adrien's attention, which somewhat worked. When the shoot needed a girl, Alya pretended to have an allergic reaction to an apple and pulled Marinette away from Manon so that she could join the shoot. Alya went with Manon on the carousel but became trapped when Stormy Weather encased it in ice. She distracted Manon with games and stories while the fire department tried breaking them free. They were freed when Ladybug used returned the city to normal.

Timebreaker (829)

In "Timebreaker", Alya called Marinette and reminded her to get to the Trocadéro for Alix's and Kim's race. She was given Alix's watch, which then gave to Marinette, who dropped it. She was blamed when Alix ran over the watch because it was Alya's fault for not holding onto it, to begin with even though it was Chloé who dropped it. She was hit by Timebreaker and disappeared in the alternative reality. In the new reality, she was warned about Timebreaker by Ladybug and ran to safety.

CC (119)

In "Copycat", Alya was called over by Marinette to her house for her help in asking out Adrien. She gave Marinette a script to memorize and called him, forcing Marinette to speak with Adrien's voicemail. She emphasized that she left a message and not improvise. Marinette ignored her advice and threw her cellphone after she finished her message, not realizing it was still recording. Alya tried helping her delete the message but failed. They decided that since Adrien was still in fencing practice, that they go delete the message off his phone. However, a statue ceremony for Ladybug and Cat Noir was taking place and Alya had to cover it for the Ladyblog, so she couldn't help Marinette. Later, she called Marinette to tell her about Cat Noir's burglary at the Louvre and to see if she deleted the message. That evening, Alya went to Marinette's room and helped her delete the message. The next day, she managed to invite herself and Marinette to go see a movie with Nino and Adrien that night.

In "The Pharaoh", the previous week, Alya filmed Ladybug flying on a helicopter and dropped her Histoire textbook. She went to the Louvre with Marinette the next day as Marinette told her she found out something about Ladybug at the King Tut exhibit. She told her that only their school used that specific textbook, so Ladybug had to go to their school. When they reached the King Tut exhibit, Jalil Kubdel bumped into them as he was in a hurry to present his findings to his father. Alya brought was brought to an ancient papyrus by Marinette, claiming it had something to do with Ladybug. In fact, that papyrus was a scroll depicting a ritual to bring the dead back to life.

Soon Alya was getting bored and wanted to look at the Histoire book, but the Pharaoh suddenly appeared. She immediately began live streaming for the Ladyblog. When Ladybug arrived, she tried telling Alya to hide, but Alya mistook the movement as a wave. Then, was taken by The Pharaoh after he threw both Ladybug and Cat Noir to the side, deciding to use her in his ritual. Alya kept live blogging the event so that the heroes could find her. She managed to get him to explain his entire plot, including using her as a sacrifice and also discovered that Ladybug stopped the Pharaoh the first time he tried bringing the dead back to life over 5000 years ago. As the ritual started, Alya was carried by the mummies up the Louvre, but Ladybug saved her. This didn't last long and the Pharaoh put her directly on the beam leading to the dark cloud in the sky. When Ladybug decided to sacrifice herself in Alya's place, she became very indignant at not being considered excellent sacrifice material. In the end, Ladybug saved her and when she was asked by Cat Noir if she wanted to figure out his age. Alya says she'll figure it out for herself when the hero destransforms and laughs when Cat Noir ran away. She went back to the Louvre to find Marinette (who claims to have been turned into a mummy) and found that the Histoire textbook was missing.

In "Lady Wifi", Alya tried figuring out who Ladybug was from the people in her class, but was interrupted by Miss Bustier. After class, she tried calling Marinette, but it went straight to voicemail. She searched for her, but couldn't find her. Instead, she saw Chloé suspiciously putting Ladybug-themed paraphernalia in her with that Alya thought she found Ladybug. She tried calling Marinette again but failed. Instead, she brought Nino in on her plan to reveal Chloé as Ladybug. She managed to get a picture of Chloé's locker, but because of Kim's height, Sabrina's knowledge of school rules, and Chloé's power of manipulation, Alya was suspended for a week. She ran out to La Seine and tried calling Marinette, but couldn't get through. Hawk Moth sensed Alya's pain over secrets and betrayals and akumatized her into Lady Wifi.

Lady Wifi first attacked the principal and made him tell the truth about wrongly suspending Alya Césaire. She then went into hiding until she called Chloé's phone. When Chloé picked up, Lady Wifi teleported into her room, froze her, and unmasked her to all of Paris however, when Cat Noir and the real Ladybug appeared. Lady Wifi freed Chloé and focused her attacks on Ladybug. She followed them through the hotel until she lost the signal. Seeing the heroes' plan, she locked all the doors in the hotel stairway and set up a trap in Le Grand Paris' restaurant. Then separated the heroes and trapped Ladybug in the kitchen and tried to remove her mask but couldn't. Afterwards, she trapped Cat Noir in the freezer and told by Hawk Moth to let Ladybug use her Lucky Charm and wait for her to detransform. Ladybug, however, had other plans; Cat Noir destroyed the WiFi antenna on the hotel's roof, freeing Ladybug. Together, they defeated Lady Wifi and returned the city to normal. Alya had no idea what happened and immediately wanted an interview with them after she came back to herself, but they left before she could. The next day, Alya went over to Marinette's house and showed her her new phone and some pictures of Adrien. Marinette teased Alya about Adrien's pictures and the two girls chased each other on Marinette's balcony.

In "The Evillustrator", Alya was partnered with Adrien and Nino for their particle physics presentation. She wasn't willing to trade groups with Marinette, but she was willing to be Marinette's wingwoman in regards to Adrien. The next day, Alya interviewed Chloé for the Ladyblog because Chloé was attacked by the Evillustrator.

RC S01EP09 (39)

In "Rogercop", Alya attended Career Day with her mother and sometime during the presentations Chloé’s bracelet went missing and Chloé accused Marinette of stealing it. But told Marinette if she was Chloé's bracelet she would've ran away too.

In "Dark Cupid", Alya was just finishing class then met up with Marinette who spots Max and Kim eyeing Kim's gift, she asked if it's for her but Max points out no. Then found out Kim had a crush on someone and asks who the lucky lady was but after Alya heard Marinette give Kim advice. She playfully comments that Marinette can't follow her own, then heard her say that she will admit her feelings to Adrien working on their own Operation Valentines Day. Some later, Alya came to Marinette's room with a heart-shaped card as Marinette finished her poem she reminds her to sign it then notices a ladybug which calls a sign of good luck. But was surprised that Marinette wasn't paying attention to her blog. After they left the bakery, Alya advised her to mail the letter before she backs out and expressed joy for her friend but it turned to horror when they got an embarrassing of picture Kim from Chloé.

Then, hoped Adrien doesn't do the same thing to Marinette and Alya attempts to calm her down when she desperately tries to get her letter back. Then, she noticed Dark Cupid above and gets hit by the villain's hate arrows despising Marinette and running off. Just as she was about to cut a picture of her and Marinette in half the Miraculous Ladybug power returns her to normal unsure of what happened. Then, made her way back to Marinette's house asking if she signed the card, but when Marinette stated: "It's all a blur" she laughs in amusement.

In "Horrificator", Alya had the job of scriptwriter for a monster movie the class was making for a film contest. When Mylène ran away out of fear and Chloé takes over her part, she was astonished that Chloé didn't even read the script and much to her shock that it was rewritten to involve a kissing scene by Nino without her approval. Then, gets grabbed by Marinette who agrees with her that the scene shouldn't happen to believe it doesn't fit story wise.

Sometime later, she asks Marinette if she found Mylène because the kissing scene was about to happen but they stop it. Because of Chloé’s changes and disregards to the script, Alya got angry and believed that her idea won't work resulting in Chloé leaving the scene. Needing another lead actress she opts Marinette and assures her that everything will be fine. However, the movie was put on hold when everyone heard a scream and found Kim and Max missing but Alya assumed they were playing a prank. Soon she and the others left to inform the principal but find him and Marinette gone however was excited that Ladybug appeared and blogged right away.

Following the heroes, Alya remained at a safe distance with her friends as Ladybug and Cat Noir fought Horrificator, as the villain left a trail to follow she discovered that Chloé and Sabrina aren't with them. Tracking the villain to the maintenance room after Ladybug and Cat Noir manage to catch the villain, Alya and everyone played Mylène's favorite song in an attempt to calm the creature. Once everything was returned to normal Alya found out their movie didn't make the cut; despite that she thought their movie was great even though the kissing scene wasn't what they expected.

In "Darkblade", Alya was approached by Marinette asking why she wasn't running in the class elections, but answers she can't because her Ladyblog was a full-time job. Back in class when no else will run against Chloé, Alya was surprised that Marinette would during their next break she heard that Marinette hadn't thought of a campaign yet. Then, she informed Adrien of Marinette's actions. Sometime later, she called Marinette to tell that Chloé brought Jagged Stone to City Hall and Alya couldn't resist getting an autograph leaving her best friend disgusted.

Then, she heard Darkblade and knights attack Alya translated for the mayor that he was going to be beaten up. When the knights tried to force their way in she and the other students followed Marinette's lead in barricading the door while praising her friend for doing a good job. But when the barricade wasn't good enough Alya headed upstairs with everyone else and during Ladybug and Cat Noir's battle against Darkblade she has briefly turned into a knight herself but was saved by the heroes. After Darkblade's conquest was over, Alya heard that Chloé stole Marinette's diary and recorded her to see if she had an explanation. But after hearing her best friend's speech she praised her a good job and was appointed Marinette's deputy.

In "The Mime", during Ladybug and Cat Noir's latest victory Alya was very happy when she got praised by Ladybug for all her blog work. Eagerly excited she left for Marinette's house to show Marinette right away after leaving her cellphone with her, Alya leaves to retrieve her laptop but soon called her friend over as she has visitors. She is excited for the performance at the Eiffel Tower sometime later, Alya finds out that her phone was missing through Mylene's phone she discovered it's with Marinette and that she'll get it back after the show. Once the performance starts Alya asks Marinette if she brought her phone but when Marinette swoons over Adrien; Alya suggests that she take him to the movies. After the show when Marinette admits that she erased the video, Alya wasn't too mad already knowing of her best friend's clumsiness because she already uploaded to her blog. When Marinette spoke of a surprise Alya became very excited to have another interview with Ladybug. After Alya leaves the theater she gets asked by Marinette if she could see the video but Alya says after she uploads it to her blog refusing to lose the video as she played keep away with Marinette.

In "Princess Fragrance", Alya was in Chemistry Class and soon asked by Ms. Mendeleiev’s about Marinette's whereabouts. But when Marinette finally arrives she was mortified by her latest excuse after leaving the school and also admits that Marinette and Adrien are made for each other. When she sees that Adrien missed his Chemistry Class and advised Marinette to give Adrien her notes. But unbeknownst to her, Marinette had somewhere important to be however having enough of the girl's excuses she literately pushed her to talk to Adrien which caused Tikki to be flung out of Marinette's bag.

In "Animan", Alya was reading a modeling magazine with Marinette in the courtyard. Then, they are approached by Adrien and Nino who asked Marinette was willing to go to the zoo with him and she awkwardly said yes. After that Alya tried to snap her friend back to reality on what happened, refusing to be alone she was asked by Marinette for help and agrees. At the zoo, Alya stayed in contact with via ear communicator advising her on what to say, but when it results in Alya having a date with Nino she became irritated but admitted she thought of Nino as a brother. When Animan leads the stampede Alya tries to run but ends with Nino inside one of the animal cages because of Ladybug which caused her to groan in annoyance.

After being released she returned to Marinette's house with Nino telling her that they have a lot in common and that Adrien was coaching Nino while they were at the zoo. Also kept Nino in line about Marinette's mystery guy.

In "Simon Says", she was talking with Marinette on her cellphone as she heard that Marinette was grounded. Despite wanting to side with her best friend Alya agreed with Marinette's father about her not being where she was supposed to be. Suspecting that Marinette was living a double life and when Marinette has to hang up Alya tells her to hang in there as she had to go back to babysitting.

In "Pixelator", during job experience, a day at the Le Grand Paris Hotel Alya lamented over the fact that Chloé was helping her father make the assignment list and was assigned on trash duty. Then, became curious over what Marinette's job was and Mr. Bourgeois explained that a gopher takes care of the customer's needs. After the day is over Alya gets awarded with tickets to Jagged Stone's concert along with her friends.

GV (1071)

In "Guitar Villain", she was in the school courtyard looking at a Jagged Stone magazine while Adrien comes over hearing about the rock star's new album and asks Marinette for an autograph. Once he leaves Alya was shocked that Marinette signed an autograph for him and when Marinette starts swooning she gets asked for support and once Adrien was nowhere in sight Alya tells her she was free to fall over.

In "Kung Food", Alya received a call from Marinette saying she needed a translator. She hung up and called Adrien as well as expected her best friend to ask about her whereabouts texting Marinette saying she owed her twenty thousand croissants.

In "Gamer", at the library, Alya was watching some of her classmates' tryout for spots in the Mecha Robo Strike III video game tournament. When Marinette was informed she easily caught on to her trick and cheered as Marinette beat Max effortlessly as well as trying to snap her back to reality. Just as the tournament was about to start, Alya praised Marinette for doing the right thing and giving up her spot to Max but instead cheers her on when she competes with him.

In "Reflekta", Alya getting ready for class picture day with her classmates due to Marinette being super excited she told her to relax. After the class photo was taken Juleka was akumatized into Reflekta and was one of the few students who wasn't affected by the villain. When Reflekta was defeated, Alya joined her classmates for a new photo in the park.

The Puppeteer and other villains

In "Puppeteer", Alya was on her way to the movie theaters with Marinette by the subway and soon saw Adrien in the next car. She instructed Marinette to wave back but due to Manon being akumatizied into Puppeteer; Alya has turned into Lady Wifi again as per being controlled she demanded that Marinette gives her the dolls. But when Marinette said she didn't have them Lady Wifi left the train and flew off to Marinette's house, after a brief fight with Ladybug and Cat Noir she escaped with most of the dolls except the Ladybug doll.

Giving the dolls to Puppeteer, along with Evillustator, Rogercop, and Cat Noir she battled against Ladybug and after the heroine threw her doll Lady Wifi chased after it and successfully delivered it to her master at the tv studio. Despite having the advantage Lady Wifi ended up being frozen with the other villains and was returned to normal thanks to Ladybug.

Antibug- End Card

In "Antibug", at school Alya along with Marinette discovered that Chloé was a total wreck and exhausted then found her acting strangely. During the next day, she heard of Sabrina turning into Vanisher and Chloé into Antibug as well as jokingly waiting for Ladybug and Cat Noir when she saw the two make amends Alya comments that she liked her friendship with Marinette as they fist bump each other.

In "Volpina", Alya hears that a new girl named Lila arrived at the school and when she hears that Lila was so-called friends with Ladybug, Alya was so impressed that she got tons of hits for the blog that she was completely oblivious Marinette's question.

Season 2

In "Santa Claws", Alya was returning to the bakery with Manon and Marinette wishing her best friend a Merry Christmas before returning home to celebrate the holiday with her family. Then, heard from her classmates that Adrien went missing and joined in the search for him after awhile she returned home everything went well until Ladybug and Cat Noir came flying through her apartment window wishing to update her blog. After the heroine summoned her Lucky Charm Alya and her family directed Ladybug to the supplies she needed and just before she left Alya wished her luck. Once Santa Claws is defeated and Adrien has been found Alya along with her friends and family joined everyone at Agreste Mansion for Christmas dinner.

In "The Collector", Alya heard that Adrien was banned from school because he stole his father's book but after it was returned Alya was happy Adrien came back to school.

In "Prime Queen", after Alya received a call from Marinette and eagerly comes over saying she loved hanging out with Marinette and Manon. After everything is set up Alya notices that Marinette is leaving to talk to her parents and will be back soon. Then, she and Manon became one of the guest talkers on Nadja's talk show and asks Ladybug for an interview. After the show ends on a sour note Alya and Manon don't find anything interesting on tv, she mentions that her interview would've been better and assures Manon that Marinette will be back soon and places her in Marinette's bed.

Becomes shocked when Prime Queen appeared on television then, becomes one of the villain's hostages. But after a long night, Alya has placed back home thanks to the Miraculous Ladybug superpower relieved to find Manon safe and sound. When Marinette returned she quickly informed her of what happened and warned her not to talk to her parents. Sometime later Alya appeared on Nadja's new show Side by Side and explained that Cat Noir and Ladybug are not a couple "yet". Back Marinette's house Alya was praised for all the publicity of the Ladyblog by Marinette and was prepared to give autographs.

DSB (749)

In "Despair Bear", Alya was recording Mr. Dupain's bakery class as he is making macaroons before the fire alarm goes off as she complimented to Marinette that loves it when she comes for cooking classes. She defends Marinette when she was accused of calling the fire department in bad faith. She is seen at Marinette's house taking pictures of Rose, Juleka, and Mylène wearing Marinette's fashions for her future blog. Until she got invited to a party hosted by Chloé as everyone was slow dancing she advised Marinette to dance with Adrien as she pushed her over to him. Then, slow danced with Nino during the dance she wrapped Marinette's arms around Adrien and resumed dancing with Nino. Until Despair Bear crashed the party and ended up taking control of various people including Alya until when back to normal she asked Ladybug what's going on.

In "Befana", sometime prior Alya was talking to Adrien about Marinette's upcoming birthday but was shocked that Marinette was listening and nervously switched it to take her sisters to the dentist. As Alya was trying to set everything up the group was running behind schedule and when the preparations are finished she called Marinette to come over. As Marinette arrived Alya and her classmates wished her a happy birthday but the celebrations were halted when Befana crashed the celebration when the villain accused Marinette about lying Alya vouched for her about not knowing about the party.

Seeing Marinette cornered Alya rallied up her friends to defend her, she distracted Befana by throwing plates at her but ended up as a coal statue in the process. After Befana was defeated Alya was restored along with everyone else by Miraculous Ladybug and enjoyed the rest of the party.

In "Robostus", Alya was heading to Science Class with her friends until Marinette realized she left her backpack in the Locker Room. She teased her by saying that Marinette better double check to make sure she didn't leave her brain behind too. But when the school's computer system became infected with a virus Alya and her classmates marveled at Max's robot Markov wanting to get some photos for her blog.

In "The Dark Owl", when Alya was heading home from school she invited Marinette over for slumber party but when Marinette said she had to help her parents at the bakery, Alya laments that she been helping them all week. Then, the next day after school she was informed that Marinette had to continue helping her parents but had some free time tomorrow while at home she was surprised when Ladybug and Cat Noir appeared asking for a favor. As apart of the heroes plan Alya posed as a villain called Cardboard Girl calling Mr. Damocles by the phone informing him that she captured Cat Noir and Ladybug albeit pretending. Hanging up she was praised by Cat Noir for a convincing performance but was unsure about the costume until the heroes assured her.

However, at the park, the plan ended with bad results even though Alya apologized she commended them for doing the right thing hoping no one else would hear of this. When Marinette came over to her house Alya was playing video games while explaining her latest adventure with her favorite heroes. But was shocked that Marinette won the game and Alya claimed she cheated while tickling her.

In "Gigantitan", Alya was in Marinette's room with Rose, Mylène, Juleka, and Alix, about to reveal what was seemingly a huge secret. When she told them that Marinette was head over heels for somebody, they all laughed at Alya's obvious teasing of Marinette's crush on Adrien (much to the surprise of Marinette). Once they assured Marinette that Adrien didn't know that she had feelings for him, Alya asked if they were willing to participate in a plan they had to get Marinette on a date with Adrien. When they all accepted, Alya and Marinette began to debrief them on the full plan.

After that, everything was set up to execute the plan but during the process, Marinette wanted to help August's mother despite Alya's protest. Things went from bad to worse when August becomes akumatized into Gigantitan she attempted to get more news for the Ladyblog but was pulled to safety by Mylene. Reunited with Juleka and Rose they were shocked that Marinette wasn't with them and went searching for her but ran away in fear of Gigantitan. But when Ladybug was in danger Alya and her friends to distract the villain until they abandoned the rickshaw.

After Gigantitan's defeat, she and her friends were relieved that Marinette was alright and everything went well except for their plan. But seeing Adrien not too far away Alya was still excited that the plan could still work, but was told by Marinette they were done with complicated plans. Watching close by Alya and her friends pushed her to say yes to Adrien's offer but was disappointed when she said no rejoining Marinette they praised her for a great effort and took rickshaw ride home.

In "Glaciator", Alya was having a night out with her friends while waiting for Marinette. When she arrived the two shared a hug but was informed by Nino that Adrien couldn't come and they made their way to André’s ice cream stand as a couple she shared an ice cream cone with Nino. But after Marinette sadly walks away Alya dragged Nino after her trying to comfort her friend.


In "Sapotis", Alya was having a sleepover at her house with Marinette after playing with her younger sisters Ella and Etta she sent them to bed. She told the girls to get some sleep for their exciting day at the amusement park, once alone Alya told Marinette what she discovered about Ladybug finding out that the heroine is no older than they are. Then, Alya mentioned if she knew who Ladybug was, then she could offer the heroine her help but was told by Marinette that heroes must keep their identities secret for a reason to protect their loved ones. But in the midst of it, Alya found her sisters difficult to control when enough is enough she canceled her sister's trip to the amusement park. After hearing a ruckus from their room Alya discovered that they've been akumatized into the real Sapotis. Despite trying to contain them the little monsters escaped into the city and told Marinette to watch over the remaining two while she brought back the others.

Alya tried to reason with some of the Sapotis clones but to no avail until Ladybug arrived. She tried to explain the need to bring her sisters back home and the heroine says there was away. She was asked by Ladybug for her help and Alya eagerly agreed to want to tell Marinette right away and yet was halted by the heroine saying that this must remain a secret. Then, Alya was presented with the Fox Miraculous under the instructions that the Miraculous had to be returned after the mission was over. Upon opening it Alya was introduced to Trixx who was her kwami and easily figured out that it was the kwami that gave heroes their powers as well as bombarding Ladybug with more questions. After transforming Alya took a liking to her new suit and followed by her idol to find Cat Noir.

After saving Cat Noir, Alya introduced herself as Rena Rouge where the cat welcomed her to their team with opened arms. However, introductions were cut short when they were surrounded by the Sapotis'. After retreating to higher ground and Ladybug summoning her Lucky Charm; as Rena Rouge drove the monsters back with Cat Noir she found the items the heroine was gathering very strange. As apart of the plan she was instructed by the cat on how to use her powers after creating a mirage of an amusement park. She noticed her necklace was flashing and understood she was going to change back. However Cat Noir easily brushed it off saying he can keep a secret but the fox retorts as well as being commended for her quick learning. As the Sapotis were closing in Rena asked if this was going to work until the cat assured her. After Etta and Ella returned to normal Rena almost said one of the twins names but was halted by Ladybug. Saying goodbye to Cat Noir, Alya detransforms completely amazed about her first adventure and yet she was hesitant on returning the Miraculous wanting to continue helping her new allies. But under Trixx's words of why Ladybug chose her especially for her trustworthiness and not wanting to betray her idol's trust, she returned the Fox Miraculous and went home.

Hearing the doorbell, Alya finds Marinette saying she tried to call her but wasn't answering. Alya wanted to tell her about the exciting night but remembered the promise she made. And said she was having phone issues but was happy that Marinette was alright. When Marinette said that Ladybug and Cat Noir received help from a new ally Alya begged for details.

In "Gorizilla", Alya was already at the pool with Juleka, Rose, and Mylène while waiting for Marinette. She called Marinette on her phone to ask where she was and wasn't too surprised to see her swooning over Adrien's new ad. Sometime later she received an online picture of Marinette with Adrien in the fountain being completely in awe, as the pictures continued to come Alya agreed with Rose that they were so cute together. Finally calling Marinette again, seeing all the pictures she begged her for more details and Marinette agreed but when she asked where they were Alya reminded her that they were still waiting for her at the pool.

CH (1082)

In "Captain Hardrock", while setting up for the Music Festival, Alya was informed by Nino that Adrien wasn't coming and told Marinette. Although she was unfazed by Adrien not showing up she believed that Marinette was said "compass" that went crazy every time he was around. During sound testing she noticed Marinette eyeing Juleka's brother Luka and referred to him as Marinette's new statue. As Luka played his guitar she was surprised that the music caused a sonic boom that was so loud it alerted the police but things went from bad to worse when Juleka's mother was akumatized into Captain Hardrock. When she and her friends refused to play their instruments they all became prisoners at the bottom ship, after Luka and Marinette were freed (thanks to Tikki).

Alya was told they'd be back with help and soon Ladybug arrived setting everyone free from their chains. After the captain was defeated, with the Miraculous Ladybug, Alya and the others were sent back to the houseboat fully repaired. Once Adrien arrived, Alya asked Marinette if her compass was going crazy and enjoyed the Music Festival.

In "Troublemaker", she was talking with Nino in the school yard talking with Nino and thought they heard something but saw no one there and resumed talking.

In "Frightningale", she along with her friends were excited to meet Clara Nightningale and to perform as extras in her video. Through her phone, she told Marinette not to do any disappearing acts. Upon making it to Clara's video shoot Alya mentioned that Adrien does resemble Cat Noir and once the singer was heading towards them she was shocked when Clara tripped and chose Marinette to be Ladybug. But when Marinette made the choice to be with her friends Alya and her friends gave her a group hug.

But when Chloé arrived dressed as Ladybug Alya noticed that Marinette was getting angry up to the point where she does take the role as Ladybug. During the shoot, sheAlya took pictures saying that Marinette will be surprised and was amazed at how much she and Adrien physically resembled the real Ladybug and Cat Noir. Due to Chloé and her father canceling the shoot Clara was akumatized into Frightningale. And yet, Alya and her friends fled to safety; once Clara was saved she took part in the singer's new video. Watching it from the school's library agreeing with everyone that she liked this video better than the original.

In "Zombizou", Alya and her classmates were preparing their gifts for Miss Bustier's birthday in the locker room she saw that Marinette was running late because she added finishing touches to hers. As everyone shared their gifts she and the others marveled at Marinette's gift and yet wasn't too surprised that Chloé hadn't prepared her gift before heading to class. Once they were in Miss Bustier's class they all wished her a happy birthday, but Alya's happiness was turned into shock when Marinette's gift was ruined by Chloé. But when she saw that her teacher wasn't upset, Alya said that Chloé was worse than Hawk Moth and was told by Miss Bustier to keep an eye on everything while she and Marinette talked outside.

She was horrified when Miss Bustier came back akumatized as Zombizou, but thanks to Ladybug's intervention Alya and the rest of her classmate escaped. From Sabrina who was affected by Zombizou, they all quickly found out that the kisses were contagious and hid in the Locker Room. Upon Ladybug's arrival inside Alya came out of her hiding place relieved and saw that everyone was fine but Adrien wasn't accounted for; finding him in his locker she was frightened that he was another victim (albeit pretending). Figuring he must have been affected saving Chloé as the zombies come in Alya and everyone moved to the roof. But from the news she figured out Chloé was the cause of all this and didn't hesitate to give into the villain's demands but was prevented by Ladybug.

With the roof no longer safe Alya and her friends moved to a nearby bus and during a ride to the Eiffel Tower, she stayed to close to Nino. On the way there they were shocked that Juleka, Rose, and Alix became infected too, exiting the bus they all quickly ran to the tower. And yet, Zombizou's minions were already there and Alya was the next one to become infected knowing it was already too late she told Ladybug to leave and save them all. Fully zombified she embraced a prepared Nino after Zombizou's defeat she was returned to normal by the Miraculous Ladybug.

During school the next day, Alya demanded that Chloè apologize to everyone for the trouble she caused. Chloé retorted that they should be thanking her for saving but Alya said she had many resources that said otherwise. But was pulled away by Marinette after she took back what she said earlier at their desks Alya asked if she was still a zombie. Heard Marinette say that Chloé can be good too as long as they continue to show a good example and Alya was surprised that Chloé left a gift for Miss Bustier with their class starting.

In "Syren", Alya was called upon by Ladybug to help her and Cat Noir round up some escaped zoo animals. Using her Mirage powers to secure the panthers with a trail of meat. After that Alya returned the Fox Miraculous and told Ladybug to call upon her again but realized she was late to the movies with Nino, Juleka, Rose, Alix, Max, Kim, and Marinette. Once there she discovered that Marinette wasn't here yet and decided to wait for her after she arrived they hurried into the theater. However, the movie was cut short when the building started to flood. On the roof, Alya noticed that Marinette in the water and asked where she was going and heard her say she was going to find help.

File:AS (746).png

In "Anansi", Alya was playing a synchronize dancing with Nino as Marinette and Adrien watched, soon her older sister Nora come home. When she asked why her friends were still here Alya explained they were going to see the World Cup tournament fireworks but Nora was strictly against it due to the times she was put in danger and refused to let anyone mess with family. But Alya reminded her sister about what happened at the square. Although admiring her sister's concern but Alya says that she doesn't need protecting and became surprised that Nino offered to protect her. And after Nora challenged Nino to an arm wrestle and purposely won she told Nino to deal with defeat and left to the fireworks with her friends.

When Alya saw a new akumatized villain on the scene she filming for her blog but became disheartened when the villain was her sister. To make matters worse she was taken prisoner by Anansi and when she spotted Nino she told him to run but was glad Ladybug and Cat Noir came to rescue but Cat Noir ended up a prisoner with her. She saw Nino fight off Anansi and when the cat commented on her friend's fighting ability, Alya hoped Ladybug would get back soon. After the heroine arrived Alya saw her appear with a new ally at first she was in awe about him but was suspicious when he spoke similarly to her friend. With the mystery hero's new power, she and the others were safely put on the ground, she was relieved that Nora was okay and marveled at the sight of the new hero asking for his name for her blog.

The hero was called Carapace after Nino and Marinette returned Alya comment about what Nino tried to do for her and saw her sister and Nino make up. Then, the gang enjoyed a day at the ice rink.

In "Style Queen", Alya attended Gabriel's fashion to be Marinette's support along with her parents and she pointed out to Tom and Sabine that Marinette is very nervous because this was her first fashion show. But the fashion show was interrupted by Style Queen and Alya was horrified when Adrien was turned into a gold statue and yet she managed to escape with everyone else. She followed Style Queen all the way to the Eiffel Tower as Alya climbed up she kept filming and was soon spotted by Ladybug.

Saying that she wanted to be in the middle of the action Alya was offered the Bee Miraculous by Ladybug. But before she could open it they were attacked by Style Queen and Alya pushed Ladybug out causing only her to become a gold statue. But she was revived by the Miraculous Ladybug and returned to the fashion show.

In "Queen Wasp", during the fashion show, Alya streamed to her Ladyblog website viewing Adrien's modeling and Marinette asking for comments about her derby her. She was even more so surprised to be streaming Gabriel's live appearance knowing he hasn't be seen in a long time. And watched Adrien get embraced by his father before heading home.

In "Malediktator", while in class Alya, along with Alix, dissed Chloé about being a real superhero and showed what really happened during the events of "Queen Wasp" knowing it was Cat Noir and Ladybug who actually saved the day. Then, she saw Chloé storm out of the classroom and when Alya heard that she was moving to New York, she was ecstatic. After awhile she saw that Marinette was bummed because Adrien was she encouraged her to enjoy the party. But when Marinette voiced the possibility that Chloé could be more that what she was Alya wasn't convinced yet.

Soon the party was cancelled when Malediktator entered the scene commanding everyone to destroy the school with Alya looking on in shock. After the villain's defeat, she was annoyed that Chloé got a celebration party for saving Paris but Rena Rouge and Carapace didn't. And yet, Marinette informed her that a party didn't happen for them because the people of Paris don't know their identities.

In "Frozer", Alya was with Nino in the school's courtyard. When she heard Marinette say that she and Adrien are meant to be just friends and nothing more refusing to believe that Alya and the other girls had a brainstorm session.

In "Catalyst (Heroes' Day - Part 1)", Alya was getting ready for Heroes' Day with rest of Paris until Hawk Moth commences his biggest plan yet. While in the school yard she watched a video (an illusion set up by Volpina) of Ladybug being akumatized and destroying Cat Noir. Then, when a swarm of red akumas attacked the school, she fled with Nino, but managing to comfort each other they resisted akumatization and informed her sister Nora to not show no fear in front of the akumas.

In the locker room, she agreed to go on a date with Nino after this was over and were about to kiss until they were interrupted by Ladybug. In the seriousness of the emergency Nino figured out Alya was Rena Rouge and was surprised he wasn't told. Taking the necklace she transformed into Rena Rouge after seeing her as Rena Rouge, Nino found her to be awesome and yet voiced concern about being Carapace and she told him that she already knew and transform. Meeting up with Cat Noir and Queen Bee she was shocked to see Scarlet Moth in person with his army knowing they would have a big fight on their hands Rena argued with Carapace on who would cover who.

In "Mayura (Heroes' Day - Part 2)", after hearing Scarlet Moth's demands, Alya agreed with Cat Noir having confidence they would win and fought against the akumatized villains. Despite putting up a fight, Rena Rouge saw Carapace about to be struck by Dark Cupid's arrow taking the hit for him. She tried her best to fight the affects of the arrow with Carapace trying to restrain her but it was to no avail as she was akumatized in Rena Rage and turned against her allies. Until thanks to the people of Paris and the heroes destroying Hawk Moth's cane, Alya and Trixx were returned to normal and joined the others to stop Hawk Moth from stealing the heroes jewels. Just as they were about to corner him while shielded by Carapace she and the others were blown away a guardian created by The Peacock Miraclous wielder. Quickly realizing that their archenemy had help after Hawk Moth's defeat she returned the Fox Miraculous to Ladybug.

Then, Alya with everyone else attended a picnic put together for Marinette to thank her for all good she had done. She was surprised when Marinette planted a thank you kiss on Adrien and cheered for her.

Season 3

In "Chameleon", during another day at school, Alya got to seat next to Nino and yet was asked by Marinette if she set up the new seating arrangements she said no. Like everyone else she eagerly welcomed Lila back still believing her stories. While with Nino they were approached by Adrien (who was Chameleon in disguise) who said that Nino didn't deserve her or the real Adrien's friendship and was annoyed that Nino's cap was stolen. Afterwards she was comforting him by saying he looked better without it and was surprised that his hat was returned by the Miraculous Ladybug (superpower). However when she saw Marinette sitting alone, Alya asked Miss Bustier if she could have her original seat because she couldn't stop chatting with Nino. Sitting next to her Alya said that they would always be best friends and soon all the other students followed her lead in having their normal seats back and when school was over she went home with him.

In "Animaestro", Alya was watching Cat Noir and Ladybug battle Animaestro on television with her family. Soon she was instructed by Ladybug to cover her eyes in an effort to stop the cartoon villain from moving. Alya along with the rest of her family was surprised to find the screen blank.

In "Bakerix", Alya was getting ice cream with Nino at Andre's until they were approached by Bakerix. At the sight of him she started filming but had her phone confiscated.

In "Backwarder", a sleepy Alya and her friends came to Marinette's room under the emergency that was Marinette freaking out about Adrien falling in love with Kagami as they both were invited to attend a wedding in England. While thinking of ideas for Marinette to tell Adrien about her feelings for him, when she heard of Juleka's idea of kidnapping Kagami she and the others immediately shot it down aware of how much trouble they'd get into. However she and the others were pushed out of the room by Marinette hearing that she'll work on the letter.

The next day, she and the others wanted to know what Adrien got her as a gift while he was away and was surprised he got Marinette constipation capsules but took in the fact that Adrien thought about Marinette all weekend.

In "Gamer 2.0", Alya was one of the many people that trapped in a game by Gamer as her akumatized form Lady Wifi. During one of the several rounds she was picked as Cat Noir's avatar and easily defeated Gamer's avatar Timebreaker. When Ladybug won the final fight against Gamer 2.0, she was set free with the Miraculous Ladybug (superpower).

In "Oni-Chan", during school Alya saw Marinette spying on Adrien and Lila and informed her that she heard Nino from that Adrien isn't in love with Lila. As they were leaving the school both she and Marinette were shocked that Adrien's bodyguard allowed Lila inside the limo. Then, Alya saw Marinette chase after them but at school the next day she was surprised that Marinette wasn't spying on Lila anymore. Aware that Marinette has accepted that Adrien will never fall for Lila.

In "Miraculer", Alya called on to become Rena Rouge once again to help Ladybug and Cat Noir defeat Destroyer and once done she returned the Fox Miraculous to Ladybug completely aware that their identities must remain a secret. Sometime later Alya was practicing her syncrozination with Nino until the two were called upon again to become Rena Rouge. During the battle against Miraculer and Mayura, she used her Mirage power to make Ladybug look like Chloé and trick Miraculer into giving the heroine her powers back. With the whole team they were able to deakumatize Sabrina and prevented Mayura from escaping with the Bee Miraculous and then returned the Fox Miraculous to Ladybug.

In "Oblivio", during her class field trap to the Tour Montparnasse Alya snuck off with Nino to play to Super Pengiuno in a closest but they were embarrassed about being caught by their friends. Leading them to being akumatized together into Oblivio during their first encounter with Ladybug and Cat Noir they had them pinned down and struck them with their powers but lost sight of them. In their search for the duo, Oblivio couldn't find them anywhere in the building taking Hawk Moth's advice to retrace their steps but still couldn't find the heroes (who had detransformed at the time). Having enough of looking they then tried to flush them out by threathening to erase everyone's memory in Paris. Soon they were met by Ladybug again despite the heroine having her powers back Oblivio was aware she still didn't have memory or reflexes. Then, had Ladybug under their mercy until Cat Noir entered the fray and had them pinned down like their first encounter.

However, this time by having their hand stuck in a teapot thanks to Ladybug and Cat Noir destroying their blaster, Alya and Nino were deakumatized. Shortly after coming too she and Nino were surprised to see Ladybug and Cat Noir kiss and took a picture. After the heroes had their memories restored, Alya explained to them that they were Oblivio but upon hearing Ladybug arguing with Cat Noir about being a team not a couple she directs the duo to her previous photo of them kissing. Then, returning to the bus she and Nino apologized for their actions and was reminded by Miss Bustier to keep their game playing at home.

In "Party Crasher", Alya was planting trees as Seine with her friends and received a message from Nino saying he couldn't make it.

In "Christmaster", while Nino's little brother Chris was being watched by Marinette, Alya was on a movie date with Nino. And after that she came with Nino to pick Chris up and took him home. The next day, Alya and Nino dropped off Chris at Marinette's house again while they went out on another date.

In "The Puppeteer 2", Alya was hanging with Nino until he got a call from Adrien about being invited to the Wax Museum and extension she invited Marinette who was also babysitting Manon at the time. On their way there when Nino mentioned about Marinette's crush on Adrien, she became shocked that Alya told him but answers she didn't. During the trip while keeping Nino in line she devised a plan to get Marinette alone with Adrien. While she was in the Hall of Heroes with Nino and Manon, although she understood that people weren't themselves when akumatized Alya was still a little uncomfortable seeing themselves like this. Until being given a new perspective by Nino about all these people being saved by Ladybug and Cat Noir. Still continuing their game Alya found Nino but didn't respond and she was surprised to find him frozen by a live wax figurine of her akumatized form but soon she becomes bubbled by a live wax figurine of Nino's akumatized form.

After Ladybug and Cat Noir defeat Puppeteer, Alya and Nino were set free and returned home.

In "Stormy Weather 2", she and Nino were leaving the school and Alya thought about doing their homework at her house but when Nino tried to turn her down when he wanted to give Adrien a copy of the notes he missed she shot him a stare. Until Marinette stepped in and offered to do it and but before she left the trio saw Chloé bullying Aurore about her not being able to keep up with her school work and her job as well as turn into Stormy Weather again. In her room with Nino, Alya was slightly angry that Chloé caused another akumatized villain reminiscing about the past the two are thankful to Ladybug for bringing them together and for their lives as heroes.

Soon they were interrupted by Ella and Etta saying they were scared but soon Nora was right behind them grabbing everyone in a bear hug saying she'd protect them. While they were all under a blanket trying to say warm they continued to watch the heroes fight from the news on her tablet after hearing of Stormy Weather's defeat they all rejoiced.

In "Timetagger", while Alya was watching her sisters and Chris play she and Marinette were playing a new rapping mobile game until Chris interrupted them asking to play. But she reminds him that he must stick to games his age, when she heard that Marinette had to leave to help her father try a new macaroon flavor. Alya eagerly wanted to take everyone with her but Marinette said was fine on her own and went back to watching the kids. Later that evening she received a call from Marinette (as Ladybug) telling her she won't be able to babysit but Alya replied that she had found a friend to babysit them while she and Nino left for the movies.

In "Ikari Gozen", Alya getting for Friendship Day Games with her friends and tried to cheer up Marinette about the event. As it went underway she stayed in contact with Marinette, however she, Rose, Juleka and Mylene won the prize of hanging out with Adrien.

In "Reflekdoll", due to their science teacher not showing up Alya and her friends were let out an hour early. With some free time, she asked Mylene, Rose and Alix if any of them were interested in being Marinette's model for her website and was shocked when Juleka offered. Seeing Adrien and Nino walk by she asked Adrien if he could help with modeling in Marinette's shoot and he agreed. As the preparations began at Marinette's house, she saw that Juleka was having a nervous breakdown and was alright with Marinette taking over an left to the photo shoot. But was soon horrified when Juleka was akumatized into Reflekta again as well as piloting a Reflektdoll sentimonster and was soon turned in a Reflekta copy.

But thanks to Mister Bug and Lady Noir, she and everyone else were returned to normal and reunite with Juleka and saw once Marinette returned she gave Juleka back her roll. After convincing Adrien's bodyguard to let Adrien stay a little longer they finish the shoot.

In "Desperada", Alya was hanging out with her friends on the Couffaine family houseboat and heard her friends mentioned how more comfortable Marinette was around Luka than Adrien. But was more surprised that Adrien really showed up with Kagami aware that Adrien's father hardly ever let him out until she was informed that his father didn't know that wasn't here. Hearing a commotion up on the deck everyone left to investagate before Alya told Marinette that their friends about were right about her and Luka. Then, heard Jagged come by asking Anarka to play with him again but she refused but things got worse when the rockstar's former guitarist returned as Desperada wanting revenge. Alya along with the

In "Ladybug", Alya was in Bustier's class finishing Mock exams until she heard that Marinette cheated on the test. Which she found unacceptable and rose to her best friend's defense but when Marinette accused Lila of framing her and when it led to Marnette being expelled Alya was saddened. Soon a swarm of Scarlet akumas came into the school, but knowing her best friend, Alya resisted the butterflies in wanting to Marinette's innocence. Some time later, she was talking with Marinette on the phone about how to prove her innocence after going over all the clues. Alya heard Marinette accuse Lila again but reminded her of what happened the last time she accused someone without evidence. Then, Alya went into the Locker Room to look for clues, but found nothing, receiving Marinette's voicemail she said that who ever was clever and crafty and would talk to her later.

In "Startrain", during the night Alya was called by Ladybug to become Rena Rouge once more then afterwards Alya was getting ready for her class' big field trip to see Big Ben in London, when Max's mother Claudie offered a sneak preview of the operator cab of the Startrain; Alya accepted wanting to add more to her Astronomy blog. To which left Marinette surprised as she started another blog but Alya answers that life is so interesting. Afterwards, she sat next to Marinette during the train ride soon and later heard her yawning finding amusement then asked her what she was doing all night. Upon accepting Marinette's answer, she advised her to stop with the complicated plans and be herself.

Noticing Marinette sleeping on her shoulder and having an idea she asked Adrien if they could switch seats and he agreed. Seeing the two sleeping peacefully Alya alerted her friends and took a picture of the sleeping duo, soon she noticed Lila attempting to wake Marinette and stopped her from doing so. Then, heard from other passengers and according to Chloe that there was an akuma on the train so went with Nino to investage the closed train car but found suggesting that it was Chloe's cry for attention and returned to their seats. However, this time she quickly realized Chloe was right as Max's mother was akumatized into Startrain along with the train itself getting blasted into space.

Then, expressed a little doubt about how the heroes were going make up in space to save them and yet followed Marinette's lead in taking over the train but ended up separated from Marinette. But was surprised to find Ladybug and Cat Noir aboard the train instantly blogging while asking the duo if they were on the train with them and heard they teleported here. Understanding the danger, Alya followed Miss Bustier's lead in heading to the back of the train and with the help of the heroes newest ally Pegasus they were all brought back to earth. Resuming their trip along with Marinette, she saw Adrien on his way back home and hearing Marinette say that their field trip ended in an diaster. Alya showed Marinette the picture she took of them sleeping together and received a big hug from her bestie.

In "Kwamibuster", while listening to Miss Bustier's lecture Alya and the others were alerted by a commotion downstairs until she was told to pay attention.

In "Feast", she was at the Lourve Museum with Marinette and Alix waiting for Alix's father to unveil a newly discovered statue. Then, Alya told them that she was close to figuring out the mystery of the Miraculous holders which left Marinette asthonished reminding her that she stopped looking for Ladybug's identity. Until she retorted about looking for Hawk Moth's instead, by looking through research Alya told her friends that Miraculous heroes had been around showing them the holders of Black Cat, Butterfly and Ladybug. Moreso that some of them showed a special emblem which Alya figured that some Order of the Guardians had been watching over the heroes until 200 years ago they disappeared. Conversating with Alix, she figured out during that time there hadn't been any other heroes around until Ladybug and Cat Noir showed up. Upon seeing that she was right about the Order of the Guardians on the news and left to add it to the Ladyblog.

In "Felix", she was with her friends at the Couffaine houseboat aware that this was the anniversary of Adrien's mother going missing, Alya agreed with Marinette's idea that everyone should send a video message making a video package. When it was Marinette's turn Alya heard that she wanted to do it herself and afterwards seeing her best friend hesitate she realized what Marinette did and rejoined their other friends. However, after hearing Felix disguised as Adrien leave a nasty message. Alya and everyone were hurt, confused and doubting their friendship to the point of her Rose and Juleka being akumatized into their villain alter egos again.

Despite some interference from Ladybug, Lady Wifi and her friends left to find him upon entering Adrien's room they were surprised to find two of him realizing they had been tricked. Wanting the one that sent the nasty message they almost attacked Adrien until Nathalie rushed to his defense but made quick work of her and directed to Felix by Hawk Moth. Fighting Ladybug and Cat Noir on the roof of the Le Grand Hotel, the villainous trio had them in a three way crossfire and heard that Felix had his own demands through Hawk Moth they said they'd work something out. And yet, to Ladybug using a whipped cream spray can it led to a chain reaction with that Alya and her friends being deakumatized.

She was at her house playing a game on her tablet with Nino until they along with their friends received a video from the real Adrien, who explained what happened and received a thanks from him.

In "Cat Blanc", Alya was with her friends while waiting for Marinette to comeback from giving her gift to Adrien. But was disappointed when she saw her return of out fear of rejection but became shocked when she heard Rose giving Marinette "encouragement" afterwards she reminded her to sign the card. In an alternate future, she and her friends cheered for Marinette when she delivered her gift and more so when she and Adrien finally became a couple. Then, was seen slow dancing with Nino on the Couffaine houseboat. However, due to certain "secrets" being unveiled leading to Cat Noir's akumatization she and everyone on the planet were destroyed but thanks to Ladybug changing the past so did the future. Upon seeing Marinette return, Alya heard that she backed out embraced her for the effort.

In "Miracle Queen", Alya was enjoying dinner with her family and Nino until, she was stung by Miracle Queen's hornets and told to come to the titular villain. Under her command she transformed into Rena Rouge and used her powers against the heroes until they managed to deakumatize the titular villain. Afterwards, she was returned to normal and brought back home along with Nino as of Ladybug's powers. Then, sometime later, she enjoyed hanging at the Seine with her friends.

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