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Alya Césaire has been a featured article on the front page. Alya Césaire has been akumatized. Alya Césaire has been akumatized into a scarlet akumatized villain. Alya Césaire is a student in Miss Bustier's class. Alya Césaire is a former Fox Miraculous holder. Alya Césaire is a temporary user of the Ladybug Miraculous.
This article is about the character, who is a former Fox Miraculous holder. You may be looking for Volpina, a fake Fox Miraculous holder, Multifox, a temporary Fox Miraculous holder united with the Mouse Miraculous, or another Fox.

Hi there, Ladybug and Cat Noir. I'm Alya and I'm wondering if you'd grant me an interview for the Ladyblog. You know, since I have way more viewers than Nadja!

—Alya, "Prime Queen"

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Alya Césaire[13] is a supporting character in Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir. She is a student in Miss Bustier's class at Collège Françoise Dupont and Marinette Dupain-Cheng's best friend. She is also the only admin of the Ladyblog and head of the school blog.

In "Lady Wifi", after Alya gets suspended from school because of Chloé Bourgeois, she gets akumatized by Hawk Moth and becomes Lady Wifi, a supervillain whose powers come from her smartphone and its Wi-Fi signal.

In "Sapotis", after her younger twin sisters are akumatized into titular villain, Alya receives the Fox Miraculous from Ladybug. When the Miraculous is inhabited by Trixx, Alya becomes Rena Rouge[14], a fox-themed superhero who helps Ladybug and Cat Noir "during particularly difficult missions" in the second season and beyond.[15][16][17]

In "Mayura", during the fight with Scarlet Moth, while trying to protect Carapace from one of Dark Cupid's arrows, Rena Rouge is akumatized into Rena Rage, a fox-themed supervillain.

In "Oblivio" due to her and Nino's embarrassment at being caught playing the Super Penguino video game together, she, alongside Nino, are both Akumatized into Oblivio, a memory-erasing supervillain.

In "Félix", after being fooled by Félix to think that Adrien didn't appreciate his friends, she is re-Akumatized into Lady Wifi, and, along with Reflekta and Princess Fragrance, the three supervillains form the The Punishers Trio, a group of supervillains who want to get revenge on Adrien, later Félix.

In "Gang of Secrets", after Marinette keeps hiding secrets from her and the group, Alya is re-akumatized by Shadow Moth into Lady Wifi along with Reflekta, Princess Fragrance, Timebreaker, and Horrificator. The five supervillains all form the Gang of Secrets, a group of supervillains who want to reveal Marinette's secrets. After they're defeated, due to all the pressure she has been under since becoming the guardian, Marinette decides to tell her that she's Ladybug.

As of "Optigami" she is now a permanent holder of the Fox Miraculous. She also becomes Marinette's presumptive successor for the ownership of the Miracle Box.

During the events of "Sentibubbler", she creates an illusion of Ladybug, which claims that Alya would no longer use the Fox Miraculous, allowing Alya and her family to be freed from any future threats from Shadow Moth. This forces Alya to only use her Miraculous behind the scenes, at least until Shadow Moth is defeated.

In "Hack-San", Alya receives the Ladybug Miraculous from Marinette when the latter needs to temporarily leave Paris with her parents to celebrate her aunt's birthday. When Robostus, together with the titular sentimonster, starts wreaking havoc, she uses the Miraculous, when inhabited by Tikki, to turn into Scarabella, a ladybug-themed superhero.

As of "Rocketear", after putting herself in a position where her hero persona could no longer be seen in public and where she could only assist her allies from the shadows, her costume changes and she decides that she is now known as Rena Furtive, an arctic fox-themed superhero.

In "Strikeback", Alya willingly renounced herself after taking too many risks thanks to the effects of Risk and exposing herself in front of Shadow Moth, as well as telling the truth to Nino about her being Rena Furtive, she returned the Fox Miraculous to Ladybug.


Physical appearance

Alya is a Martiniquan Creole-French girl with a curvaceous body. She has heart-shaped lips, grayish gold eyes, and a mole above her forehead. Her hair is wavy and reddish-brown ombre, growing slightly past her shoulders and having brilliant tangelo tips.

Civilian attire

She wears black horn-rimmed glasses, with a white spot on each side. Her outfit consists of a white tank top underneath a short-sleeved plaid shirt with white, beige, orange, and purple stripes; light blue jeans, and white sneakers with black tops. She wears brilliant crimson lipstick.

From "Sentibubbler" and onwards, Alya wears a fanny pack around her waist with the same color as her shirt to hide Trixx, and her fox miraculous underneath her shirt, from the public eye.

As Rena Rouge


When transformed, Rena Rouge's hair turns longer, becomes a three-tone ombré, having the roots turn reddish-brown/brilliant vermilion, mixing to orange with the tips being white, and she wears her hair back into a high ponytail with an orange headband. Her body appears slimmer than her civilian form. The top layer of Rena Rouge's jumpsuit, akin to an orange swan necked-overcoat with a black part on her neck, white front and black arms and, gloves up to the middle of her upper arms. The overcoat layer attaches down the vertical front center with a zipper, and the Fox Miraculous becomes the zipper. The overcoat also has a long fox tail-like coattail that ends a bit below her knees at a sharp white tip. The bottom layer of her suit is orange with a white center on the front of the body and black legs starting at a point in the middle of her upper legs. She also wears black boots with orange soles and black fox paw print markings. Rena Rouge wears an orange mask with a white bottom half and a black mark above each eye that resembles eyebrows. Two fake orange fox ears with white insides, black tips, and black edges are attached to the top of her head. She attaches her flute diagonally on her back when it's not being used.

As Rena Furtive

Rena Furtive has the same appearance as Rena Rouge except for having blue hair with her outfit having a blue camouflage print design, along with pale, light grayish cornflower blue eyes.

As Scarabella

As Scarabella, Alya wears a turtlenecked brilliant red zip-up tailcoat with black polka dots. Underneath, she wears a black skin-tight superhero jumpsuit with brilliant red accents giving the appearance of elbow-length fingerless gloves, short shorts, and thigh-high boots with black spots and soles. On her face, she wears a brilliant red mask that has five black polka dots in a symmetrical design with black marks around her eyes, and on her head, she has a brilliant red bandana with black spots. Her yo-yo can be found around her hips and at the center when not in use.

As Lady Wifi

Lady Wifi has a very deep violet butterfly-shaped mask on her face, and her eyes are moderate cerise. The top of her hair turns a slightly darker shade, and she wears a very dark purple supervillain jumpsuit, her lower arms, and legs white with three stripes that are white above each. On her chest is a glowing light brilliant rose Wi-Fi symbol, and a thin white line goes around her waist, with the line creating a semicircle above a short vertical white line in the front, resembling a power button.

As Rena Rage

In "Mayura", Rena Rage has the same appearance as her superhero counterpart except for being red all over without the pattern she has on her superhero counterpart, and her flute being black, owing to her having been taken over by a Scarlet Akuma. Her appearance resulting from a regular Akuma is unknown.

As Oblivio

Oblivio is a purple face-less silhouette that has a laser cannon in its left hand and wears a gray glove on its right hand that shoots memory-erasing beams.

For more of Alya's outfits and designs, see Alya Césaire/Designs.


File:SW (927).png

Alya entertains Manon with a story.

Alya is rather energetic, passionate, funny, confident, adventurous, yet down to earth. Her foresight has come in handy many times such as posting her video of Ladybug on her blog first, before showing it to Marinette on her cellphone, mindful that something might go wrong knowing how clumsy her friend is. When it comes to anything involving Ladybug and Cat Noir, she easily becomes very excited and has a single goal of updating her blog quickly, such as when she is kidnapped by the Pharaoh to be a sacrifice yet still records herself and live streams the video on her blog. Sometimes, she goes too far, such as spying on Chloé's locker in an attempt to find out if she is Ladybug, which results in her getting punished by Mr. Damocles.

Alya doesn't like being undermined or doubted by others, especially when it comes to her work. If someone points out something wrong to her, she is too stubborn to admit they are right. Though her research is generally right when she takes her time, Alya tends to jump to conclusions, like quickly suspecting Chloé of being Ladybug after seeing the girl with her own Ladybug suit and toy yo-yo and mistaking them for the real ones. She also has a habit of never checking her sources or doing ethical investigating of her blog posts, while demanding others to provide proof for their claims, she doesn't do that herself often.

Her reporter's edge seems to have calmed down thanks to her alter ego as Rena Rouge being aware that there are lines when it comes to exposing secrets learning that despite not being told everything as friends there was still trust between them.

Alya and Marinette sharing macarons after befriending each other.

Alya is extremely loyal, supportive, helpful, and sometimes pushy, such as when she goes out of her way to encourage and (sometimes literally) push Marinette into spending time with Adrien. She is also very stubborn when it comes to doing things her way, such as the photoshoot of Marinette's fashion line. At times, she can be a bit demanding at times just as keeping Nino in line about revealing Marinette's crush on Adrien. As well as have a dramatic side to her personality, such as when she pretends to be a unicorn with Manon and later makes an excuse to Adrien's photographer, to make Marinette a support model for Adrien, instead of her. Having to babysit her younger siblings at home, she is great with kids, though sometimes she pushes her responsibility of watching them on Marinette so she can go on dates with Nino.

Alya disregards her safety to film Ladybug.

As described by Cat Noir in "The Pharaoh", Alya is a "brave chick", unafraid to get close to villains in her pursuit of the truth, tending to forget her safety at times and, needs rescuing by the very superheroes she is filming. As Ladybug, Marinette calls Alya bossy, feisty, and bold. Her bravery and determination have helped both civilians and superheroes, such as when she makes a plan with her classmates to save Marinette and sacrifices herself in the process or rides a bike to distract Gigantitan from harming Ladybug, showing a more compassionate side towards her beloved ones in danger and great skills in leadership.


Alya is delighted when Ladybug presents her with the Fox Miraculous.

Alya holds great admiration and respect for the two superheroes, especially Ladybug, wishing to know anything and everything about her. Much more, she wildly dreams of knowing Ladybug's identity, not once thinking about the consequences of posting the information on her blog, as Marinette mentioned to her in several episodes. However, she would respect her desire to keep it secret. Alya wishes to work alongside her and that dream came true when the superheroine chose her to wield the Fox Miraculous and asks for her help in defeating Sapotis. She greatly values the trust Ladybug has in her, making her someone of her word above her burning desire to continue helping her teammates and returns her Miraculous back.

During a trip to the Wax Museum, upon seeing a statue of her akumatized alter ego she felt remorseful about her actions. Her willingness to learn from her mistakes is shown once again in "Optigami". Despite respecting Ladybug as the guardian and her best friend, she impulsively took the Turtle Miraculous when it was not required in Ladybug's plan. Just as easily as she fell for Lila's deception in the past, Alya ends up being fooled by Hawk Moth's tricks showing she has a lot to learn. When Ladybug quickly exposes the identity of Sentinino, Alya becomes devastated at the realization that her impulsiveness almost turned catastrophic. This event prompts her to self-reflect, ultimately learning from her mistake which earns Ladybug's decision of turning her into a permanent miraculous holder.


Rena Rouge assists Ladybug and Cat Noir.

As Rena Rouge, Alya retains most of her personality traits such as her undying loyalty, trustworthiness, and curiosity. She is supportive of her allies, whom she gets very excited about working with, causing her to be a bit of a scatterbrain. A fast learner, she takes quickly to her abilities.

As Scarabella, she acts like a rookie, stressing over of what her superhero name should be and falling into obvious traps. The reason for her behavior stems from the pressure of trying to live up to Ladybug's expectations, as well as Cat Noir's, who had a hard time accepting her as a replacement for his everyday partner. After he was able to accept and trust her as a partner, Scarabella's true superhero nature was able to flourish, being able to come up with a plan to defeat Robostus.

As Lady Wifi, her desire for answers increases considerably. Despising Ladybug's secrecy, she will stop at nothing to find out her secret identity, even if it means exposing a horrible person underneath, such as when she believes that Chloé is Ladybug. Her speediness to update onlookers remains the same, but her methods for finding info become sneakier than her normal self. Aside from that, she is also vengeful towards people that wronged her such as Mr. Damocles whom she paused after exposing his secret of suspending Alya.

As Rena Rage, her personality as Rena Rouge seems to inverse, making her cruel and aggressive.

As Oblivio, she wants nothing more than to erase the memories of everyone in Paris.

When akumatized a second time as Lady Wifi, she, along with Reflekta and Princess Fragrance, wanted revenge on Adrien for sending an ungrateful message. However, after learning it was his cousin Félix, the Punisher Trio aim their anger at him for making Adrien look like a monster. She will also "punish" anyone who gets in their way, such as pausing Nino and Nathalie.

When akumatized a third time as Lady Wifi, she, along with Reflekta, Timebreaker, Princess Fragrance, and Horrificator, want to expose Marinette's secrets in hopes of saving her and to be friends again by forcing her to give them up by trapping her. She and the Gang of Secrets have no qualms putting bystanders in danger to find Marinette, such as pausing a few students at the library. When Ladybug captures her and reminds her the important of trust as well as needing her as Rena Rogue, Lady Wifi broke free of Shadow Moth's control.


As a civilian

Alya filming Ladybug for her blog.

Alya is very tech-savvy, keeping up the school blog and Ladyblog with ease, uploading videos and streaming live recordings. She records with her cellphone and knows how to download videos from it. Judging from her Instagram photos, she is also quick with a camera, taking many photos of Ladybug and Marinette without being noticed until the heroine spotted her first.

She also can use applications to see more aspects of pictures than can be seen at first sight. In "Startrain", she started a blog about astronomy.

Aside from that skill, Alya is a very good writer, composing several articles for her blogs and penning the script for Nino's film in "Horrificator". Observant and a quick thinker, Alya has figured out a lot of things about Ladybug, Cat Noir, their Miraculouses, and the villains they fight from watching them. Even before becoming a regular superhero, she knew about their time limit and the Akuma-corrupted objects.[18] She quickly deduced that the kwamis are the power source of their powers.[19] While not knowing that her best friend is Ladybug, Alya guessed correctly the identities of Carapace and Cat Noir, though is apparently not sure about the latter.

Her observation skills and previous knowledge allowed her to discover the existence of previous Miraculous holders and the Order of the Guardians.

Likewise, Alya excels at presenting herself in her videos, explaining situations when needed, and usually keeping her cool if the situation gets dangerous, as with the Pharaoh. Alya quickly developed great acrobatic skills even in her civilian form, showing great synchronization with Nino while doing this.[20] Alya showed the same coordination skills at dancing with him [21] and she also is good at rapping.[22]She is learning how to cook from her mother.[23]

Alya also possesses a very strong willpower. During "Mayura (Heroes' Day - Part 2)", she, as Rena Rouge, is shown to try to resist the power of Dark Cupid's hate arrows, despite eventually ending up being consumed by hate. In "Gang of Secrets", after some incentive by Ladybug, who reminded her of her identity as a superhero, she was able to free herself from Shadow Moth's control and deakumatize herself, a feat no person has ever managed to perform.

Similar to Marinette, Alya is shown to be very clever using her illusions to outsmart Shadow Moth into believing she'll never receive the Fox Miraculous again and save her loved ones.

She is shown to have a good memory as she was able to perfectly remember word for word of her conversation with Cat Noir the previous night in "Rocketear".

As Rena Rouge

Rena Rouge has enhanced skills, such as speed, strength, and resistance. Her most prominent physical skill is agility, jumping to heights that Ladybug and Cat Noir cannot. Like a fox, she also has enhanced senses such as hearing, smell, and night vision.

During "Sentibubbler", like a fox and similar to Cat Noir she has shown to be stealthy as she snuck into another part of her house without the titular sentimonster hearing or seeing her.

Rena Rouge uses her flute as her weapon, being able to use it to deflect attacks and throw them with great precision.

Rena Rouge plays her flute.

Her special power, Mirage, is executed by playing her flute to produce an orange ball of energy at the far end of it. Wherever she throws the ball of energy, it creates a hyper-realistic illusion. However, the illusion disappears if it is touched. Although Mirage is handy to use, Rena Rouge must use it wisely, as she can only use it once before reverting to her civilian form five minutes after using it.

As Scarabella

She has the same abilities as Ladybug: enhanced skills like speed, agility, and strength, and near invulnerability to physical damage.

Like Ladybug, Scarabella can wield her yo-yo remarkably well, like using it as a grappling hook, a rope to restrain others, a projectile, and a shield if she spins it fast enough. Her mastery over the yo-yo is so remarkable that she was able to capture Cat Noir, a much-experienced superhero, with it. After an evil akuma is released from its corrupted object, she can open her yo-yo, throw it to grab it, and remove the energy charged it with, releasing it as a normal butterfly.

Along with her special power, Lucky Charm creates an object that helps her to achieve her objective, and it often is to stop a villain. Though struggling at first, her cleverness help enables her to perceive where the object can be used to help her achieve her goal. Once the villain is dealt with, Scarabella can throw her Lucky Charm object into the air and use the Miraculous Scarabella, which will make it revert back to energy and fix all of the damage done since the villain appeared.

As Lady Wifi

Lady WiFi throws her pause icon.

A Wi-Fi signal gives Lady Wifi power, but if the signal is too weak or nonexistent, she loses her abilities. She uses her cellphone, which is the Akumatized object, as her weapon. Swiping her phone, she can shoot out glowing pink icons, to wit:

  • The pause and stop icons, which can freeze people.
  • The padlock icon, which can lock doors, and bind body parts to a surface.
  • The camera icon, which she uses to film and broadcast videos that she can project in the sky and on all available screens.
  • The fast forward icon, which acts like a hoverboard as a mode of transportation. This is first shown in "The Puppeteer".

Lady Wifi is also able to dispel any of the currently in-use icons by crossing them off using her cellphone. Additionally, Lady Wifi can teleport herself using cell phones and antennas.

In "Félix", Alya's tablet becomes Lady Wifi's new weapon and, because of her satellite connection, her previous weakness regarding the existence of Wi-Fi signal is removed.

Even without her phone abilities, Lady Wifi is skilled in hand-to-hand combat, easily being able to pin Cat Noir down on the ground. She is also shown to be remarkably strong, easily lifting an entire wooden chest and throwing it across the room at Ladybug.

As Rena Rage

She retains the same ability as Rena Rouge, as well as the same weapon.

As Oblivio

Oblivio has super strength and wields a laser cannon that can fire a blast of purple energy that causes whoever it hits to lose their memories. Oblivio is invulnerable to physical attacks, which phase right through.



Otis Césaire Square.png
Otis Césaire
Marlena Césaire Square.png
Marlena Césaire
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Nora Césaire
Alya Césaire Square.png
Alya Césaire
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Ella Césaire
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Etta Césaire

Otis Césaire
Marlena Césaire
Nora Césaire
Alya Césaire
Ella Césaire
Etta Césaire

    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


  • All of the Césaires' first names are based on famous jazz singers.
  • Marlena is the only member of the Césaire family so far not to be Akumatized.


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Click here to view the history page for Alya Césaire.
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Comics and books



  • Unlike "Sapotis" in where Alya chose the name "Rena Rouge" very quickly, Alya had a hard time settling up with a superhero name for when using the Ladybug Miraculous. Before settling with Scarabella in the very end of the episode, she comes up with the following names:
    • Captain Bug
    • Wonder Bug
    • Super Bug
    • Bug-a-Lady
    • Lady Luck
    • La Bugette
    • Black Spots of Justice
  • Alya's name is derived from the late R&B singer Aaliyah,[24] just as the rest of her family's names are references to jazz singers.[25]
    • In Slavonic, "Alya" means "beautiful" or "scarlet", possibly a reference to her red-brown hair. In Arabic, "Alya" means "sky," "heaven", or "loftiness".
  • Her surname, Césaire, is a name variation of "Caesar", which translates to "hairy", akin to her large wavy hair.
    • In the English dub, her surname is pronounced as See-ZER or Seh-ZAR, depending on the episode. In the French dub, however, it's pronounced as Seh-ZER, which is the correct pronouncination following the rules of French orthography and orthoepy.
  • In the Croatian dub, her name is changed to Ajla Sezar.
  • In "Truth", it is revealed that Alya is a fan of the longest running sci-fi TV series, Doctor Who, since her bedroom door is painted to be in the exact likeness of the front doors of the TARDIS.

Alya asking Marinette about her superpowers in older storyboards.

  • Alya is one of the few characters to have more than one akumatized identity along with Nino Lahiffe and Chloé Bourgeois.
  • Unlike in the final product, Alya knew that Marinette was Ladybug in the early concept of the show.[26]
  • In "Gang of Secrets", Alya becomes the first person to be able to free herself from the power of Akumatization.
    • However, she is the second person to resist Akumatization overall, following Chloé who was able to refuse being akumatized in "Miraculer".
  • In older concept art, Alya didn't wear glasses but instead wore sunglasses on top of her head.[27]
  • Alya is the most recurring supporting character of the series, appearing in nearly every episode, alongside the main cast of Marinette, Adrien, Hawk Moth, Tikki, and Plagg.
  • Her family comes from Martinique, which is possibly a reference to Aimé Césaire.[13]
  • News of Alya appearing as a superhero in an upcoming season was first released at Anime Expo 2016 during the Miraculous Ladybug panel.[16]
    • Rena Rouge's identity was later revealed to be Alya at the Miraculous panel at New York Comic Con 2016.[14]
    • It was confirmed again at the panel at San Diego Comic Con 2016, along with revealing her debut to be in Season 2.[15]
    • Her superhero name was revealed at a TFOU press conference on August 31, 2017.[14]
    • The final concept design of Rena Rouge was revealed at the New York Toy Fair 2017 as a preview for a fashion doll and action doll of her.[28]
  • Alya's role as the future holder of the Fox Miraculous was foreshadowed in the second opening, in which she was shown with a fox emoji.
  • Alya is the first superhero to integrate Ladybug and Cat Noir's team, excluding themselves.
    • Alya is the first person to become an akumatized villain and a Miraculous holder, excluding Gabriel Agreste, who akumatized himself.
  • Alya's superhero name, Rena Rouge, is a play on "Renard Rouge", which means Red Fox in french.
    • Alternatively, "rena" could also be referring to the word for "fox" in Haitian-Creole.
    • In the Italian dub, she is called Volpe Rossa, which also means "Red Fox".
    • In the European Portuguese dub, her name was changed to Fox Rouge. This was most likely done to avoid confusion about the meaning of the word "rena" in Portuguese, which means reindeer.
  • As revealed in "Syren", she still gets called on by Ladybug to be Rena Rouge from time to time, but she always gives back the Fox Miraculous when she is done.
    • This changes in Optigami, when Marinette decides to make Alya the permanent holder of the Fox Miraculous.
  • This makes her the third person to have a permanent hold on a Miraculous from the Chinese Miracle Box, after Marinette and Adrien.
  • Similar to Cat Noir, Rena Rouge's ears and tail are fake, but it is unknown if they respond to her mood and emotions, or if they can enhance senses.
    • Since her ears are fake, they could be a pair of clip on ears.
  • Ladybug presents the Bee Miraculous to Alya in "Style Queen", but she is turned into a glitter statue before she can accept it.
  • Lady Wifi is the first villain who manages to remove a Miraculous from one of the heroes without making it disappear, as Cat Noir drops his ring when she throws him into a freezer. However, she is unaware of the success as she focuses on Ladybug at the time.
  • When Alya and Nino become Oblivio, their supervillain name is a pun on the word oblivion, which means, "the state of being unaware or unconscious of what is happening".
  • As mentioned in "Startrain", besides the Ladyblog; Alya has also worked on other blogs.
  • Alya has her own official Instagram account. You can find her under the username @alya.ladyblogger.[29]
    • Manager of the character accounts announced that she no longer works at ZAG. The future of accounts is unknown.[30][31]
    • She mentions starting a bullet journal in one of her Instagram pictures.
  • Due to her father's job at the zoo, on occasion, he lets Alya and her friends or family in after-hours.
  • Since September 2020, Alya has now her own Facebook account.[32]
  • As seen in "Mr. Pigeon 72", Alya has been akumatized in Lady Wifi four times. ("Lady Wifi", "Félix", "Gang of Secrets" and one off-screen akumatization).
    • With her akumatization into Rena Rage in "Mayura" and into Oblivio with Nino, Alya has been akumatized six times in total.
    • With her six akumatizations, Alya comes in fourth place, alongside Juleka, Rose, Philippe, Lila and Jagged, for being akumatized the most times behind Mr. Ramier, Chloé and Roger.
      • However, unlike the others, Alya, along with Chloé and Lila, haven't been re-akumatized into the same villain all the times.
  • As seen in "Mayura", Rena Rouge is the second person who isn't Ladybug or Cat Noir to break an akumatized object, following Queen Bee in "Mayura".
  • In "Hack-San" she uses the Ladybug Miraculous, becoming Scarabella. She is the third person to use it, after Marinette in "Stormy Weather" and Adrien in "Reflekdoll".
    • Overall she is the fifth person of french origins to use the Ladybug Miraculous following Jeanne d'Arc, La Coconielle, Marinette, and Adrien.
    • Her theme song during transformation is shown to be a mix between Pigella's and Ladybug's.
  • In "Rocketear", Rena Rouge's costume adapts to her new undercover role, becoming Rena Furtive.
    • Her suit in this form is light blue with camouflage patterns. This resembles an arctic fox, which is all white in the winter to camouflage itself in the snow to sneak up on their prey and hide from predators.
    • She is also the first known Miraculous holder whose costume adapts to their new role.
  • "Scarabella" is a portmanteau of the words, "scarab", a species from the scarab beetle, and "ella" which in various contexts means girl. Although, the second word could also be ''bella'' which means ''beautiful girl/woman/lady"
    • Scarabs used to be considered a sacred animal by the ancient Egyptians, being a symbol of rebirth and used as a good luck charm.
  • Unlike Chloé's renouncing of the Bee Miraculous by Ladybug, Alya willingly renounced herself as the Fox Miraculous holder without hesitation, making her the first person to do so.


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ve Characters
Miraculous holders and related characters

French Miraculous superhero team
Marinette Dupain-Cheng/LadybugAdrien Agreste/Cat Noir

Other Miraculous holders
Jessica Keynes/Eagle

Miraculous holders with other Miraculouses

Ladybug Miraculous
Adrien Agreste/Mister BugAlya Césaire/Scarabella

Cat Miraculous
Marinette Dupain-Cheng/Lady NoireAdrien Agreste/Cat Walker

Snake Miraculous
Adrien Agreste/Aspik

Mouse Miraculous
Marinette Dupain-Cheng/Multimouse

Unified Miraculous holders

Mouse and Fox Miraculous
Marinette Dupain-Cheng/Multifox

Mouse and Ladybug Miraculous
Marinette Dupain-Cheng/Multibug

Mouse and Cat Miraculous
Marinette Dupain-Cheng/Multinoir

Ladybug and Dragon Miraculous
Marinette Dupain-Cheng/Dragon Bug

Cat and Snake Miraculous
Adrien Agreste/Snake Noir

Butterfly and Peacock Miraculous
Gabriel Agreste/Shadow Moth

Ladybug and Bee Miraculous
Marinette Dupain-Cheng/Lady Bee

Ladybug and Horse Miraculous
Marinette Dupain-Cheng/Pegabug

Butterfly, Peacock and Cat Miraculous
Gabriel Agreste/Shadow Noir

Ladybug, Horse and Rabbit Miraculous
Marinette Dupain-Cheng/Pelibug

Gabriel Agreste/Hawk Moth


Former Miraculous holders
Alya Césaire/Rena Rouge/Rena FurtiveAncient Butterfly Miraculous holderAncient Ladybug Miraculous holderAncient Chinese Bee Miraculous holderAncient Chinese Butterfly Miraculous holderAncient Chinese Dragon Miraculous holderAncient Chinese Fox Miraculous holderAncient Chinese Horse Miraculous holderAncient Chinese Monkey Miraculous holderAncient Chinese Peacock Miraculous holderAncient Chinese Snake Miraculous holderAncient Chinese Turtle Miraculous holderAncient Egyptian Miraculous holderAncient European Cat Miraculous HolderBọ rùaCernunnosChloé Bourgeois/Queen BeeFélix Graham de Vanily/FlairmidableGabriel Agreste/Shadow MothHeraklesHēi MāoHippolytaHua MulanIvan Bruel/MinotauroxJeanne d'ArcJuleka Couffaine/Purple TigressKagami Tsurugi/RyukoLa CoccinelleLa Déesse CoccinelleLa MariquitaLê Chiến Kim/King MonkeyLuka Couffaine/ViperionMarc Anciel/Rooster BoldMax Kanté/PegasusMicazoyolinMudangbeolleMudekudekuMylène Haprèle/PolymouseNathalie Sancoeur/MayuraNathaniel Kurtzberg/CaprikidNino Lahiffe/CarapacePiáo ChóngPied Piper of HamelinRose Lavillant/PigellaSabrina Raincomprix/Miss HoundSasuke SarutobiSun WukongTentomushiTomoe GozenWang Fu/Jade TurtleYi Sun-sinZoé Lee/Vesperia

Future Miraculous holders
Alix Kubdel/BunnyxBrazilian Miraculous holderFuture Butterfly Miraculous holderLadyLionLadyBlue

Order of the Guardians

United Heroez

Aeon/Uncanny ValleyAgent BlueAgent RedAgent YellowBarbara Keynes/KnightowlCamilla Hombee/VictoryDean Gate/DoormanHurricaneJessica Keynes/SparrowMercuryOlympia Hill/MajestiaSnowflakeStingThorn

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AkumaGabriel Agreste/Hawk Moth

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AnansiAnimaestroAnimanAntibugBackwarderBakerixBefanaBubblerCaptain HardrockCat BlancCatalystChameleonChristmasterThe CollectorCopycatDarkbladeDark CupidDark OwlDespair BearDesperada • Destroyer • EphemeralEvillustratorFeastFrightningaleFrozerFurious FuGamerGigantitanGlaciatorGorizillaGuitar VillainHeart HunterHorrificatorIkari GozenKing CashKung FoodKwamibusterLady WifiLiesMagician of MisfortuneMalediktatorMimeMiracle QueenMiraclonizerMiraculerOblivioOni-ChanParty CrasherPenalty (Penalteam) • PharaohMr. PigeonPixelatorPrime QueenPrincess FragrancePrincess JusticePsycomedianPuppeteerQilinQueen BananaQueen WaspReflektaRena RageReverserRiposteRiskRobostusRocketearRogercopSandboySanta ClawsSapotisShell ShockSilencerSimon SaysSimplemanSole CrusherStartrainStoneheartStormy WeatherStyle QueenSyrenTechlonizerTruthTimebreakerTimetaggerTroublemakerVanisherVerity QueenVolpinaWeredadWishmakerYanLuoShiZombizou

Banana Boom-BoomButterfly SentimonsterDormant SentimonsterGabriel Agreste/The CollectorGuiltripHack-SanKuro NekoLadybugLollipop BoyLight EyeMega LeechOptigamiReflekdollRobostus sentimonsterSentialecSentibubblerSentinino/SenticarapaceStrikeback

Other villains
CashFélix Graham de VanilyMike Rochip/Techno-PirateNathalie SancoeurLila RossiBob RothSolitude

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Apkli • Dr. Sadness • Future Hawk MothIgnoblia • Pain and Tears • Monsieur Rat

Miss Bustier's class (Adrien AgresteChloé BourgeoisIvan BruelAlya CésaireJuleka CouffaineMarinette Dupain-ChengLê Chiến KimMylène HaprèleMax KantéAlix KubdelNathaniel KurtzbergNino LahiffeRose LavillantSabrina RaincomprixLila Rossi) • Ms. Mendeleiev's class (Marc AncielAurore BeauréalMireille CaquetJean DuparcZoé Lee) • Kagami TsurugiLuka CouffaineOndineThéo BarbotVivicaWayhem

AugustBoyChris LahiffeElla CésaireEtta CésaireFroggyManon ChamackMrs. Michelle's sonQuentinRythm

Adrien's bodyguardEmilie AgresteAnne-Jeanne Théoxanne du BocqualeArletteThomas AstrucAugust's motherVincent AzaMr. BananaAndréAndré BourgeoisAudrey BourgeoisCaline BustierButler JeanAlec CataldiMarlena CésaireNora CésaireOtis CésaireNadja ChamackSabine ChengChrisHarry ClownClara ContardAnarka CouffaineMr. DamoclesArmand D'ArgencourtDoormanGina DupainRolland DupainTom DupainSimon GrimaultFred HaprèleFire captain #HessenpyClaudie KantéAlim KubdelJalil KubdelMarianne LenoirMaidMs. MendeleievMrs. MichelleJean-Pierre MonlataingClara NightingalePhilippeRoger RaincomprixXavier RamierPenny RollingMrs. RossiBob RothDidier RoustanSanta ClausSarahJagged StoneJean TretiensTomoe TsurugiVéroniqueVincentXYDino Huggie

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Darkblade (ancestor)


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Lindalee Rose
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