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Recurring quotes

Fluff, clockwise!
Fluff, counter-clockwise!

Season 1


Spoke too soon, Kim. Your ridiculous bets are over. I'm gonna leave you in the dust, meathead!
Guard [the watch] with your life. It's a family heirloom!
The name's Timebreaker now. And I'm gonna go back in time and save my watch, using all you punks to do it!
I needed [Kim's] energy. Besides, the dude was a pain anyway with all those bets. He deserves to disappear forever. And so do you!
Sweet! How did you fix it? Thank you! I should never have given it to someone else to look after. It was my responsibility. My bad.


Fourteenth [take], actually, but who's counting.


I couldn't care less about being a candidate. What's your excuse?

Season 2


But when "Buttercup" sees that the "chariot's" gone, he'll just text his "Nanny", won't he?
[Marinette] knows everything about Adrien! Creepy, no?
Ah, seriously! Enough with the chitchat!
Did [Marinette] take the rickshaw ride with Adrien or not?
Don't tell me "Buttercup" left the flowerbed with the "Nanny".


Okay. So...I guess we're saved, then?


At least half the city has gotten akumatized because of [Chloé]!
Chloé! Hunh! Always Chloé! You only think about yourself!
I totally trust you, Ladybug!


Tell [Adrien] you'd already promised to hang with your GFs.


Don't worry buddy. There's gotta be somebody out there just waiting to meet you.
Let me guess. Another collage of selfies?
[Nathaniel] likes to draw people in skinny suits.
Maybe you should've given [Marc] a chance to explain.
It can't possibly be because of Marinette. It's not like her to make fun of other people.
It looks like to me you’re gonna need a helping hand. [...] Nathaniel is my friend. I’m not dropping him.


[Chloé] had superpowers for like five minutes and went totally outta control!
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