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And when it comes to luring superheroes, what could be better than creating supervillains?

Gabriel Agreste, "Ladybug & Cat Noir"

Akumatized villains, also called evilized villains, are people transformed into supervillains by Hawk Moth with Akumatization, the superpower of the Butterfly Miraculous.


Alya akumatization

Alya being akumatized.

Whenever a person has strong negative emotions, such as anger, frustration, jealousy, disappointment, humiliation or sadness, Hawk Moth senses it from his lair and charges a butterfly with dark power to form an akuma. The akuma then flies away from Hawk Moth's lair to where the person is, and possesses an important object that belongs to the person. Immediately, Hawk Moth telepathically links up to the person in order to communicate, using a butterfly-shaped light mask that goes around his and victim's eyes. Also, in that moment, the area around the person's eyes darkens into a dark rust color. He then gives them a new name for their supervillain identity and explains to the person that he'll give them the ability to accomplish their goals, if in turn, the person will retrieve the Ladybug Miraculous and Cat Miraculous from Ladybug and Cat Noir.

Kim corruption

Kim being corrupted.

When the person agrees, black and purple smoke appears from the possessed object and surrounds the person. Once it recedes, the victim has transformed into a supervillain. If Hawk Moth needs to telepathically talk with them again, his light mask will reappear on both Hawk Moth and the villain.

As stated in "Robostus", any sentient creature with emotions can be akumatized. For example, the robot Markov is akumatized in the aforementioned episode, and infant August is akumatized in "Gigantitan". Sometimes, other living things or beings are indirectly transformed with the main victim, such as Fang changing into a dragon in "Guitar Villain" when Jagged Stone is akumatized, and Albert becoming a more advanced AI in "The Dark Owl" when Mr. Damocles is akumatized. Inanimate objects that are not the akumatized object can change because of the victim's akumatization, such as Roger Raincomprix's car transforming in "Rogercop".

While it is theoretically possible for someone with extreme willpower to resist or even overcome Hawk Moth's influence, only Caline Bustier has ever been shown doing so, and even she succumbed after approximately 30 seconds.


MP (501)

Mr. Pigeon communicating with a pigeon.

An akumatized villain usually has an appearance and abilities that relate to their infected object, occupation, circumstances, and/or interests. For example, because of Xavier Ramier's love of pigeons and his object being a pigeon call, he becomes Mr. Pigeon, a villain with a suit based off of pigeons and the ability to command pigeons. In whatever way they're changed, an akumatized villain usually has enhanced abilities and skills. A majority of the time, their objects end up becoming their weapons, such as the Bubbler's bubble wand and Guitar Villain's guitar.

Aside from their peculiar powers, supervillains seem to have enhanced strength, durability, and fighting skills. For example, Lady Wifi manages to pin down Cat Noir when they are both disarmed, and the Mime is able to hold the Eiffel Tower with his own strength.

EV S01EP08 (509)

Hawk Moth briefly controlling the Evillustrator's hand.

Every villain, after being corrupted, remembers the cause of their distress and the person who caused it, so they usually try to get revenge. Additionally, some villains, namely Copycat, the Evillustrator, and Horrificator, remember the people whom they have romantic feelings for (Ladybug, Marinette, and Ivan Bruel respectively) and still care for them while transformed.

Hawk Moth can't mind control his villains, psychologically manipulating them instead.[1] He can't read their minds either, seeing and feeling only what they are seeing and feeling.[2] However, if a supervillain doesn't go and retrieve the Miraculous like they were asked to, Hawk Moth can control their bodies for a short period of time in order to inflict pain onto them until they agree to do it as quickly as possible. He can also remove their powers, another threat he uses against his victims to keep them on-task.[3]


Akumas multiplying.

As seen in "Ladybug & Cat Noir" and "Stoneheart", if Ladybug doesn't purify a villain's akuma when she captures it, the akuma multiplies, and they transform various people into frozen copies of the villain. When the original akuma's victim is akumatized again, the copies unfreeze, and the villain has control over them, able to make them follow his or her orders and desires.

Because of Hawk Moth and the villain's mental connection, the villain can sense the location of Hawk Moth's lair if they want to find him, as seen in "Robostus" and "The Dark Owl".


PH S01EP06 (697)

Jalil being de-corrupted.

In order to defeat a villain and release the akuma, the akumatized object needs to be destroyed. After the object is destroyed, Ladybug uses her yo-yo to capture the akuma to "de-evilize" and revert it back into a normal butterfly. After the Miraculous Ladybug has reverted the damage caused since the akuma infected the villain, they are detransformed by the purple substance, with only blurry memories of what happened (like a dream that can't be remembered clearly).[4]

List of akumatized villains

To see each villain's akumatized object, see List of akumatized objects

Season 1

Name Episode Description Villain Civilian
Nino Lahiffe
(a.k.a Bubbler)
"The Bubbler" Able to fly short distances, along with using his bubble wand to create impenetrable bubbles with various effects. Bubbler Square 3 Nino Lahiffe Square 2
Xavier Ramier
(a.k.a Mr. Pigeon)
"Mr. Pigeon" Able to control and communicate with pigeons with his pigeon whistle. Mr. Pigeon Square Xavier Ramier Square
Aurore Beauréal
(a.k.a Stormy Weather)
"Stormy Weather" Can fly and control the weather with her parasol. Stormy Weather Square 2 Aurore Beauréal Square
"Catalyst" / "Mayura"
Alix Kubdel
(a.k.a Timebreaker)
"Timebreaker" Can absorb energy from people she touches in order to travel back in time. Timebreaker Square Alix Kubdel Square
Théo Barbot
(a.k.a Copycat)
"Copycat" Has the exact appearance and abilities of Cat Noir. Copycat Square Théo Barbot Square 2
Jalil Kubdel
(a.k.a Pharaoh)
"The Pharaoh" Uses the powers of various Egyptian gods. Pharaoh Square Jalil Kubdel Square
"Catalyst" / "Mayura"
Alya Césaire
(a.k.a Lady Wifi)
"Lady Wifi" Utilizes her cellphone for attacks and can teleport through cellphones. Lady Wifi Square Alya Césaire Square
Nathaniel Kurtzberg
(a.k.a Evillustrator)
"The Evillustrator" Draws objects that become real by using his drawing tablet and pen, and can erase existing items as well. Evillustrator Square 2 Nathaniel Kurtzberg Square 2
Roger Raincomprix
(a.k.a Rogercop)
"Rogercop" Can shoot out laser handcuffs onto people wrists to make them follow his orders. Rogercop Square Roger Raincomprix Square
"Catalyst" / "Mayura"
Lê Chiến Kim
(a.k.a Dark Cupid)
"Dark Cupid" Flies and shoots arrows that turn any form of love or friendship into hate. Dark Cupid Square Lê Chiến Kim Square
Mylène Haprèle
(a.k.a Horrificator)
"Horrificator" Shoots sticky goo from her mouth and grows larger by absorbing the fear of other people. Horrificator Square Mylène Haprèle Square
Armand D'Argencourt
(a.k.a Darkblade)
"Darkblade" Turns people whom he "knights" into his loyal soldiers and can also turn cars into catapults. Darkblade Square Armand D'Argencourt Square
Fred Haprèle
(a.k.a Mime)
"The Mime" Allows any object he mimes to manifest as a solid, but invisible construct. However, he can only mime one object at a time. Mime Square Fred Haprèle Square
"Catalyst" / "Mayura"
Jean Duparc
(a.k.a Magician of Misfortune)
"Princess Fragrance" Can make anything disappear with a puff of smoke. Magician of Misfortune Square Jean Duparc Square
Rose Lavillant
(a.k.a Princess Fragrance)
"Princess Fragrance" Uses a perfume gun which can fire different scents with different effects. Can also use the perfume gun to propel herself through the air. Princess Fragrance Square Rose Lavillant Square
"Catalyst" / "Mayura"
Ivan Bruel
(a.k.a Stoneheart)
"Ladybug & Cat Noir" / "Stoneheart" Has superhuman strength and grows larger and stronger every time he takes a hit. Later gains control over an army of other Stonehearts. Stoneheart Square Ivan Bruel Square
Otis Césaire
(a.k.a Animan)
"Animan" Able to transform into any animal or insect that he desires, including extinct species. Animan Square Otis Césaire Square
Simón Grimault
(a.k.a Simon Says)
"Simon Says" Uses his deck of cards to hypnotise people, and command them to do what he wants. Simon Says Square Simon Grimault Square
Vincent Aza
"Pixelator" Able to trap people in an infinite white plane inside photo frames, "pixelate" their bodies or limbs, and make them intangible whenever he takes pictures with his lens. Pixelator Square Vincent Aza Square
Jagged Stone
(a.k.a Guitar Villain)
"Guitar Villain" Shoots beams from his guitar that have different effects according to the chord he plays. Guitar Villain Square Jagged Stone Square
Wang Cheng
(a.k.a Kung Food)
"Kung Food" Controls people who drink his soup, and can summon food weapons from his pouch, such as a pizza sword and sushi tonfas. Kung Food Square Wang Cheng Square
Max Kanté
(a.k.a Gamer)
"Gamer" Uses a giant robot from a video game to turn people and objects into green balls of energy and upgrade it. Can also "save" a copy of his robot if it is destroyed. Gamer Square Max Kanté Square
Juleka Couffaine
(a.k.a Reflekta)
"Reflekta" Able to turn people into identical physical copies of herself. Reflekta Square Juleka Couffaine Square
Manon Chamack
(a.k.a Puppeteer)
"The Puppeteer" Can control Puppets. If in possession of puppets depicting akumatized villains, she can also transform them back into their previous akumatized form. Puppeteer Square Manon Chamack Square
Sabrina Raincomprix
(a.k.a Vanisher)
"Antibug" Has the power to turn herself completely invisible. Vanisher Square Sabrina Raincomprix Square 7
Chloé Bourgeois
(a.k.a Antibug)
"Antibug" Has the same powers and agile strength as Ladybug, but as the complete opposite, such as having "Anti-Charm" instead of Ladybug's Lucky Charm. Antibug Square Chloé Bourgeois Square
Lila Rossi
(a.k.a Volpina)
"Volpina" Can use her flute to create realistic illusions. Volpina Square Lila Rossi Square
"Catalyst" / "Mayura"

Season 2

Name Episode Description Villain Civilian
Santa Claus
(a.k.a Santa Claws)
"Santa Claws" Gives out exploding Christmas presents that can bats, and insects or weapons for him to use. Also rides a flying sleigh that can phase through walls. Santa Claws Square Santa Claus Square
Gabriel Agreste
(a.k.a Collector)
"The Collector" Can imprison any person or object as a drawing within his sketchbook. Can also erase sketches by wiping them away.
The Collector Square
Gabriel Agreste Square
Nadja Chamack
(a.k.a Prime Queen)
"Prime Queen" With her agile strength, she can push objects, and phase through any type of screen very quickly. Prime Queen Square Nadja Chamack Square
(a.k.a Despair Bear)
"Despair Bear" Pilots a mechanical teddy bear from the inside, which has the power to control the mind of any person it is hanging on to. Despair Bear Square
Butler Jean Square
Kagami Tsurugi
(a.k.a Riposte)
"Riposte" Wields a sword and can strike at incredible speeds and slice through objects as thick as a car. She can also fire sonic blasts from her sword. Riposte Square 3 Kagami Tsurugi Square 1
Gina Dupain
(a.k.a Befana)
"Befana" Can fire blasts using her magical pistol that turn people into either coal statues or into fairy minions. Befana Square Gina Dupain Square
(a.k.a Robostus)
"Robostus" Can control electronic devices or mechanical objects and grant them awareness. Robustus Square Markov Square
Mr. Damocles
(a.k.a Dark Owl)
"The Dark Owl" Uses a wide array of gadgets and tools, as well as enhanced agility and combat abilities. Dark Owl Square Mr. Damocles Square
(a.k.a Gigantitan)
"Gigantitan" Possesses enormous strength and size. Gigantitan Square August Square
(a.k.a Glaciator)
"Glaciator" Able to cover himself with ice cream and transform into a giant, regenerative monster with the ability to shoot ice cream at people and turn them into ice cream statues. Glaciator Square 2 André Square
Ella and Etta Césaire
(a.k.a Sapotis)
"Sapotis" Both possess the ability to duplicate themselves by eating. Sapotis Square Ella and Etta Césaire Square
Adrien's bodyguard
(a.k.a Gorizilla)
"Gorizilla" Possesses enormous strength, size, and a keen sense of smell. Gorizilla Square Adrien's bodyguard Square
Anarka Couffaine
(a.k.a Captain Hardrock)
"Captain Hardrock" Possesses an indestructible ship that obeys her will, and an arsenal of weapons, including canonball shaped speakers, chains, and a microphone that doubles as a laser cutlass. Captain Hardrock Square Anarka Couffaine Square
Clara Nightingale
(a.k.a Frightningale)
"Frightningale" Has a whip in her microphone that forces everyone it hits to sing, dance or rhyme or get turned into a magenta statue. Frightningale Square Clara Nightingale Square
(a.k.a Syren)
"Syren" Has the power to control water, swim incredibly fast and breathe underwater. Syren Square Ondine Square
Caline Bustier
(a.k.a Zombizou)
"Zombizou" Uses her lipstick to blow kisses that turn people into zombies who seek to kiss other people. Zombizou Square 1 Caline Bustier Square
(a.k.a Frozer)
"Frozer" Can freeze everything in his path by using his ice skates. Frozer Square Philippe Square
Audrey Bourgeois
(a.k.a Style Queen)
"Style Queen" Can transform people into golden statues using her scepter. She can also teleport, which causes a puff of golden smoke. Style Queen Square Audrey Bourgeois Square
Penny Rolling
(a.k.a Troublemaker)
"Troublemaker" Switches between being intangible and tangible by clicking her pen. Troublemaker Square Penny Rolling Square
Chloé Bourgeois
(a.k.a Queen Wasp)
"Queen Wasp" Able to summon swarms of wasps and direct them. She can also use her wasps to sting her targets and immobilize them indefinitely. Queen Wasp Square Chloé Bourgeois Square
Marc Anciel
(a.k.a Reverser)
"Reverser" Rides a paper hoverboard and attacks with paper airplanes that can reverse anyone's personality. Reverser Square Marc Anciel Square 2
Nora Césaire
(a.k.a Anansi)
"Anansi" Possess great strength and spider-like abilities, such as being able to climb with her sticky grip and shoot webs from her mouth that she uses to trap people. Anansi Square Nora Césaire Square
André Bourgeois
(a.k.a Malediktator)
"Malediktator" Can make energy bubbles that, when they hit a person, causes them to do what Malediktator wants. Malediktator Square André Bourgeois Square
(a.k.a Sandboy)
"Sandboy" Can bring the nightmares of people to life. Sandboy Square Sandboy Civilian Square
Nathalie Sancoeur
(a.k.a Catalyst)
"Catalyst" Can enhance the powers of others and mentally communicate with them. Catalyst Square Nathalie Sancoeur Square
Alya Césaire
(a.k.a Rena Rage)
"Mayura" Most likely the same as her usual abilities. Rena Rage Square Alya Césaire Square
Nino Lahiffe
(a.k.a Shell Shock)
"Mayura" Most likely the same as his usual abilities. Shell Shock Square Nino Lahiffe Square 2

Season 3

Name Episode Description Villain Civilian
Lila Rossi
(a.k.a Chameleon)
"Chameleon" Can transform into a perfect copy of anything she kisses, complete with voice and physical abilities. Any person she kisses into is sent into a catatonic sleep as long as she possesses their form.
Lila Rossi Square
Tom Dupain
(a.k.a Weredad)
"Weredad" Possesses increased strength, and can grow and manipulate thorny vines. This allows him to make a magic prison of thorns containing traps and prevents any outsider from finding the captive. Weredad Square Tom Dupain Square
(a.k.a Animaestro)
"Animaestro" TBA ListPlaceholder ListPlaceholder
(a.k.a Bakerix)
"Bakerix" TBA ListPlaceholder ListPlaceholder
(a.k.a Backwarder)
"Backwarder" TBA ListPlaceholder ListPlaceholder
(a.k.a Silencer)
"Silencer" TBA ListPlaceholder
(a.k.a Onichan)
"Onichan" TBA ListPlaceholder ListPlaceholder
(a.k.a Chris Master)
"Chris Master" TBA ListPlaceholder ListPlaceholder

Comic books

Name Episode Description Villain Civilian
(a.k.a Replay)
"Replay" Manipulates time around him with his watch. Replay Square Adam Square
(a.k.a Silurus)
"Trash Krakken Part 1" Can control and manipulate both water and catfish. Silurus Square Unnamed fisherman Square


  • Many of the supervillains' face masks, such as those of Stormy Weather, Lady Wifi, and the Evillustrator, resemble the shape of a butterfly, most likely in reference to the akumas. Similarly, the four eyeholes in Darkblade's helmet resemble the four wings of a butterfly.
SW (231)
  • When an akuma infects the object of the new villain and the light mask appears around their face, the darkened area is almost always an indication of the shape of their mask.
  • There are some cases in which a villain reappears or gets akumatized in an irregular situation more than once.
    • In "Timebreaker", both Alixes from two different timelines get akumatized.
    • Ivan transforms into Stoneheart in both of the Origins episodes.
    • In "The Puppeteer", the Puppeteer uses her powers to bring back Lady Wifi, the Evillustrator, and Rogercop.
    • According to Hawk Moth, it is implied that Lila may return as a villain due to her not forgiving Ladybug in "Volpina".
      • This occurs in "Catalyst", when Lila is encouraged because of her anger towards Ladybug, with the tipping point is being Gabriel Agreste calling Volpina a copycat.
      • This happens a third time in "Chameleon", when Lila actively takes the Akuma and infects herself to become the titular villain after Adrien declines her romantic affections until she stops her lies. At the end of the episode she is still angry at Ladybug, implying further future Akumatizations.
  • After Hawk Moth gives his victims their new names, they accept them, and discard their former names until they are defeated.
  • Ladybug and Cat Noir usually try to persuade the supervillains to calm down and stop their rampage when they are able to do so.
  • Most of the villains are seen near Marinette and/or Adrien shortly before the akuma infects them.
  • In most cases, the villains usually get what they want when they are transformed or after they are defeated. However, this is not always the case.
  • It is unknown if non-humans, such as animals or kwamis, can be akumatized, but Season 2 will have some answers, as revealed by Thomas Astruc at San Diego Comic-Con 2016.[5]
    • In Robostus, it is shown that emotionally-aware robots can be akumatized, when it happens to Markov, Max Kanté's robot.
    • In "Queen Wasp, it's shown even Miraculouses can be akumatized, when it happens to Bee Miraculous, while temporarily being taken by Chloe.
      • By extension, Pollen is also akumatized indirectly, because she was inhabiting the Bee Miraculous while it was akumatized.
GV (429)

Fang as a dragon, transformed by Jagged Stone's akumatization.

  • Various animals and objects that are not infected by the akuma can be transformed indirectly with the akumatized villains.
    • Roger Raincomprix's police car transforms with him, its appearance changing and it becoming able to fly.
    • When Jagged Stone turns into Guitar Villain, his crocodile Fang is transformed into a dragon.
    • Santa Claus's horses turn into reindeer, and his sleigh changes its appearance as well, gaining the ability to fly.
    • Albert is also akumatized alongside Mr. Damocles, as Mr. Damocles's monitor was the akumatized object; Albert gains a human face, as opposed to his normal cartoon appearance.
  • According to Nooroo, the Butterfly Miraculous is meant to create superheroes rather than supervillains.
    • While Hawk Moth can force his victims to focus on getting Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculouses by threatening to remove their powers or causing them pain, the ability is supposed to be used to keep akumatized heroes from becoming evil.[6]
    • Several times, however, akumatized villains would identify themselves as heroes, such as Dark Owl. Some villains call themselves heroes as a ruse, such as Volpina.
    • A recurring element is people being akumatized into supervillain versions of heroes, such as Copycat, Antibug, Volpina, Queen Wasp, Rena Rage and Shell Shock.
  • Thomas Astruc noted that Marinette would be a hard person to akumatize as she is an optimistic person.[7]
    • He also noted that Adrien has not yet been akumatized because he is so used to disappointment.[8]
  • In "Riposte", "Gigantitan", "Zombizou" and "Heroes' Day", the akuma is seen by Marinette and/or Adrien before the victim is akumatized.
  • Marinette was almost akumatized in "Chameleon" and "Zombizou" but she was calmed down and the akuma flew away.
  • Like Hawk Moth thought at the end of Season 1, Volpina returned in "Heroes' Day.
  • Many previous akumatized villains are re-akumatize during the "Heroes' Day" special in Season 2.[9]


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