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Akumatization is like ice-cream; once you’ve tasted it, you’ll always comeback for more.

Shadow Moth, Glaciator 2

Akumatization[1] is the special superpower granted by the Butterfly Miraculous to its owner.[2]


This superpower allows the user to transform an ordinary person into a superhuman, as well as make that person a loyal follower of the user.

Hawk Moth establishing communication with Alya Césaire.

The Butterfly Miraculous owner first uses the Miraculous to detect strong emotions, presumably to detect when someone is in need of help. They then infuse magical energy into a butterfly, transforming it into an Akuma.

The Akuma is then sent on its way to find the person it is supposed to bond with. Once the Akuma reaches the person, it possesses an important object belonging to them and creates a telepathic link between the person and the Butterfly Miraculous owner. The Akuma recipient is strongly compelled to accept the powers that the Miraculous owner is offering them, even if it is against their better judgement. Once the person agrees to work with the Miraculous owner, the person is enveloped in a magical dark-purple ether. When the ether dissipates, the person is transformed into a super-powered being. The powers granted correspond with the recipient’s personality traits and/or circumstances. It works by transforming the recipients emotions into superpowers; the stronger the emotions the person was feeling at the time of the Akumatization, the stronger their powers will be. The transformation seems to come with all of the knowledge and muscle memory needed for the champion to use their new powers effectively.

Dark-purple ether surrounding Audrey Bourgeois, turning her into Akumatized super villain Style Queen.

This power can also completely cure the Akumatized champion of physical impairments, such as poor vision or even blindness, seen in "The Bubbler", "Lady Wifi" and "Ikari Gozen", but the impairments will return when the champion is deakumatized.

The Butterfly Miraculous owner can even akumatize themself, though they would first have to detransform after empowering the akuma, as seen in "The Collector" and "Dearest Family".

Hawk Moth removing his champion's powers.

The Butterfly Miraculous owner can remove the Akumatized champion’s powers by revoking the Akuma.

The Butterfly Miraculous owner is limited to only one Akuma at a time, however, more than one person can share the Akuma and be Akumatized at the same time, if they are both holding the object when the Akuma inhabits it, or if they at least have some kind to emotional connection to the object, even if they are not making physical contact with it. The Butterfly Miraculous owner can create multiple Akuma’s at once if they first create a champion with the power to boost other people’s powers or if the Peacock Miraculous is used to manifest a sentimonster with the ability to replicate Akumas. [3]

Akumatized super villain Stormy Weather using her powers.

The Butterfly Miraculous owner can telepathically talk to their Akumatized champion from a distance, and whenever they do, a butterfly-shaped light mask appears over both of their faces. As part of the power, the Akumatized champion becomes the loyal follower of the Butterfly Miraculous owner, and thus follow the desires of the Butterfly Miraculous owner, with a few exceptions. The Miraculous owner can also see and hear through the eyes and ears of the champion. While the champion does becomes the users loyal follower, the user cannot control the champion’s mind.[4]

If necessary, the Miraculous owner has the power to inflict pain on their champion, either for disobeying orders or using their powers for the wrong reasons.[5] In "Félix", it is revealed that the Butterfly Miraculous owner can also talk through their Akumatized champions, much like how a Fox Miraculous owner can talk through their illusions and a Peacock Miraculous owner can talk through their Sentimonsters.

The Akumatization remains even when the Butterfly Miraculous owner detransforms, or even if the Butterfly Miraculous and/or its owner are no longer of this world, as seen in "Simon Says", "Cat Blanc", and "Miraculous Shanghai".

Mr. Pigeon deakumatized back into Xavier Ramier.

If the object containing the Akuma is broken, it will be released and the transformation will be undone. If the Akuma is allowed to fly away, it will multiply into thousands and they will possess any random people they come across. These people are transformed into physical duplicates of the original Akumatized champion; however, these duplicates will be frozen stiff like statues. If the original Akuma champion is re-Akumatized, the duplicates will come to life and serve as the originals personal army. The only way to prevent this is to capture and purify the Akuma before it can fly away. Currently, the only known way to do so is by using the Yo-yo granted by the Ladybug Miraculous.

In "Crocoduel", it is revealed that if the akumatized object is broken between multiple champions the moment the akuma inhabits it, and before the transformation is completed, then it is necessary for the pieces of said object to be reunited or fixed before being rebroken to release the akuma. It's currently unknown if the object also needs to be put back together for the akuma to be released by either the Butterfly Miraculous user or the akumatized individuals themselves.

In the case of the object being broken between more than one champion, there's seemingly no drawbacks and the akumatized people and their powers functions normally.

Like the Miraculous Ladybug power, there are limitations to the power of Akumatization:

  • After the powers of the Akumatized champions are removed, the user can’t do anything to fix the damage their champion has left behind, unless they create another Akumatized champion capable of fixing the damage.
  • If the Akumatized champion was created from extremely strong negative emotions, or are too young to think rationally, the user will have a difficult time controlling them.
  • Though the recipient is strongly compelled to accept, the user still needs the person’s consent before Akumatizing them. If they deny the powers the user is offering them, the Akumatization simply won’t happen. This condition extends even after the process of Akumatization is completed, as akumatized champions can free themselves from it if their willpower is strong enough.
  • The Akuma/Akumatized champion must be within a certain range of the Butterfly Miraculous owner for the mental connection to be established; if they are too far away from each other, the Butterfly Miraculous user will lose control of the champion, who will then act of their own accord. The maximum telepathic distance seems to be around 150 miles (241.402 kilometers).
  • The victim’s body must be strong enough to hold the transformation. If not, the transformation will drop and the champion will lose their powers.

Despite the above mentioned conditions, even is the user sends an Akuma after someone, there are times where the akumization might fail:

  • Should someone overcome their negative emotions before being infected, the Akuma will ignore the intended target and go for the closest source of negative emotions, with or without the user's consent. This will continue as long as the Akuma manages to infect an object.
  • If someone were to refuse the user's offer, then the Akuma will fly away from the object and search another source of emotion. However, the recipient's will and awareness must be strong enough to both resist the akumization and the user's temptation. Should someone were to give in, the akumization will be successful.
  • Even if the champion is about to accept, should the user transform back before their target accept the offer, the akumization will be interrupted and consequently fail.


For a complete list of Akumatization uses, see Akumatized villains.



Comics and books



Nooroo explaining Akumatization with the Miraculous book.

  • Akumatization is one of two superpowers that requires an external factor not provided by the transformation to work; the butterflies. The other is Amokization, with feathers from the Hand Fan.
    • They are also the only two superpowers which the user does not need to say the superpower’s name to activate it.
  • As shown in ''The Collector'', the Akuma will be active even should the user transform back and renounce the Miraculous.
  • Season 2 had responded to the question that Akumatization works on more than just humans, such as robots, animals, and kwamis.[6]
  • Sometimes, animals or objects are indirectly transformed with the Akumatized person, including Roger Raincomprix’s car in "Rogercop", Jagged Stone’s alligator Fang in "Guitar Villain", Santa Claus’s reindeer in "Santa Claws", Gina Dupain's motorcycle in Befana" and the limousine Chloé Bourgeois was riding in in "Queen Banana".
  • People can be Akumatized more than once, and it can be either with the same or different identity.
  • People feeling insufficient emotion can decline to become Akumatized, such as those targeted by Hawk Moth if they don’t feel despair enough.[7]
    • In "Despair Bear", "Gigantitan", "Zombizou", and "Chameleon", it was shown that the Akuma will stop on it's tracks if its target has overcome their emotions.
    • In "Catalyst", Hawk Moth’s powers were increased, and he no longer needed the consent of his target, though the Akuma still needed intense emotions to take hold of its target.
  • Like Cataclysm, Akumatization doesn’t need the Butterfly Miraculous tool to activate it.
    • However in "Backwarder", since Hawk Moth was not in his lair and instead hiding in a train bathroom, he used an Akuma that was contained within his cane.
    • In "Heart Hunter" and "Miracle Queen" he also uses akumas that were contained in his cane, though only one reached its target.
  • The Akumatized beings are meant to be superheroes, but the Butterfly Miraculous holder can also make them supervillains, Hawk Moth creating the latter for evil intentions.
    • Akumatized villains are chosen by Hawk Moth because of their negative emotions, like sadness or anger, but it’s unknown if Akumatized heroes have to feel the same type of emotions to be sensed and/or transformed by the Butterfly Miraculous holder. Hawk Moth specifically goes after people who are in despair and are not happy because it is easier for him to manipulate people into doing bad things.[8]
    • If the person isn’t despaired enough, they can refuse the Akuma.[9]
      • In "Zombizou", Caline Bustier almost manages to resist her Akumatization.
      • In "Miraculer", Chloé successfully resists her Akumatization, making her the first being to have ever done so.
      • In "Truth" Luka almost manages to resist his akumatization.
      • In "Gang of Secrets", Alya successfully rejects her Akumatization while she was akumatized as Lady Wifi, a feat that Shadow Moth saw as impossible and Ladybug saw as amazing.
      • In "Gabriel Agreste", Félix Graham de Vanily becomes the second person to successfully resist akumatization.
      • In "Rocketear", Nino successfully rejects his Akumatization while he was akumatized as Rocketear.
  • Akumatization usually happens immediately after the victim gives consent to the Butterly Miraculous user, but in Season 2, there were three exceptions:
    • Caline Bustier applied her akumatized lipstick before she was transformed.
    • Penny Rolling’s akumatization was seemingly triggered by clicking on her pen.
    • Marc Anciel threw his affected notebook into the air and stepped on it before he himself was transformed.
  • Sentimonsters can be Akumatized as they are the embodiment of one’s emotions, as seen in "Feast" with the Dormant Sentimonster.
  • With the exception of the Butterfly Miraculous, Miraculouses don’t protect their holders from being Akumatized unless the user removes their miraculous before they are Akumatized.
  • According to an official book of ambiguous canon, the Butterfly’s superpower is Evilize.
    • This is likely not true, as the book is known to be full of mistakes, and the Butterfly Miraculous’ intended purpose is to create superheroes.
  • According to Marinette in "Hawk Moth and the Akumatized Villains", the stronger negative emotions a person feels, the stronger they are as Akumatized villains.
  • Seen in "Miraculous Shanghai", the Butterfly Miraculous user can also akumatize spirits as well, as long as said spirit is housed in a vessel.
  • Villains decide what their suits are like.[10] For example, Evillustrator’s suit is based on his design of "Super Nathan".


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