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Yes, but my mom always told me that being human meant also at learning when to bend the rules!

—Aeon to Jessica, "Miraculous New York"

Aeon is a student at Armstrong High School. She is also Uncanny Valley, an android superhero who was constructed by Majestia, with whom she has a mother/daughter relationship and is a member of the United Heroez.


As Aeon

Aeon is dark-skinned, has brown eyes and brown hair done in dreadlocks. She wears a blue and white Majestia top and a gray pleated skirt.

As Uncanny Valley

She has a beige technological body with golden lines at the edges of her exterior plating. She has three brilliant magenta eyes with light cerulean outlines and roseish black sclerae, and her third eye was on her forehead and three golden stars on her upper chest. Her dreadlocks have gold accessories on them to resemble optic cables.


Aeon is depicted as an informative and helpful person. She is willing to give advice to people to encourage them, like when she did with Jess to let Ladybug and Cat Noir help them. She seems to have a good relationship with her mother Majestia, taking her advice on board whenever she needs it. She is also quick to forgive people, like when Cat Noir accidentally used his Cataclysm on her, nearly deactivating her permanently.


Being an android, Uncanny Valley has the ability to fly using small jets located in various parts of her body. She can also fire lasers with enough heat to weld metal back together. She can hack into nearby systems, such as a plane's intercom or the lights in a museum. She also has scanning capabilities and is able to create visual projections. She can also alter her own memory and is able to delete any part of it she desires, promising Ladybug and Cat Noir to do so in order to keep their identities secret. Finally, much like a Miraculous user, she can switch her appearance and clothing from that of Aeon to Uncanny Valley or back in a manner of seconds via an unspecified mechanism.

She is also able to see through the magical nature of Ladybug's and Cat Noir's suits that normally prevents humans from recognizing their true identities.



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Jessica Keynes

Aeon has a close friendship to Jessica. They always fight together as their alter egos. During the battle with Miraculizer, she reasoned with Jessica that they would need Ladybug and Cat Noir's help to win the battle. Later, Aeon - as Uncanny Valley - tried reasoning with the Monk, saying that Eagle is a responsible Miraculous holder.


Being her creator and mother figure, Aeon loves Majestia, refering to her as mother, even. When she was accidentally destroyed by Cat Noir's cataclysm, Majestia was furious, but she was revived by Ladybug's lucky charm.

Ladybug and Cat Noir

She gets along with Ladybug and Cat Noir, noting how their civilian forms are made for each other. Later, she helped their plan to get them together by creating a simulation of a villain called Solitude.

Even though Cat Noir accidentally nearly permanently deactivated her, she still holds no grudge against him and during the battle with Miraculizer, she located Marinette and Adrien, encouraging them to help as Ladybug and Cat Noir. After the battle, Aeon deleted the memories of their identities from her memory.


It is unknown if they get along, but she reasoned with him, convincing him that Eagle is a responsible Miraculous holder. She was also agreeing with the idea of beginning a new generation of heroes, something the Monk showed interest in.


Miraculous New York





  • Because she is an artificial intelligence that possesses an electronic body, she is unable to perceive kwamis, as they cannot be captured by any form of technology.
  • She refers to Majestia as "mother", suggesting Majestia built her. Alya references her creation earlier in the episode.
  • Being an android, she is genderless, however she was built with a female body type and female programming. Thus, she is referred to as female.
    • When Aeon called herself and Jessica "just teenagers", that should technically be incorrect because robots don't age, despite Aeon being given the appearance and programming of a female teenager, and it's unknown when she was created.
      • This fact bares a resemblance to Jenny/XJ9 from the My Life as a Teenage Robot franchise.
    • And also being an android, she is the second robot to be seen in the series following Markov.
  • Despite Aeon being an android with supposed high intellect, she is able to get an education by attending Armstrong High School.
  • According to Jess's English VA, Jess and Aeon are sisters[2]; this implies both are daughters to both of Barbara Keynes and Olympia Hill.

Uncanny Valley is a superhero in the United States of America.


Physical Appearance

In the comic, Uncanny Valley stands at a medium height with pale skin. She has dark purple hair and green eyes.

As Uncanny Valley

In the comic, she wears a skin-tight purple top with light purple sections around her wrists and two light blue rhomboids on her shoulders. She also wears skin-tight purple pants and dark purple lipstick.


The comic version of Uncanny Valley has the ability to fly, which sometimes involves shooting green blasts from her hands. Also, a screen can come out of her lower left arm for viewing images.


Comics and books


  • Unlike the other superheroes in New York who appear in the second issue of Miraculous Adventures, Uncanny Valley is not formally introduced to or revealed by Ladybug, Cat Noir or the other heroes.
    • She doesn't talk in the third issue, but Victory reveals her name when giving orders to her and Majestia.
    • Her name is a reference to the "uncanny valley," where something inhuman is frighteningly human-looking.


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