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Marinette Dupain-Cheng/Ladybug

Adrien and Marinette first meet in "Ladybug and Cat Noir" as their superhero alter-egos. Cat Noir is incredibly impressed by her wits and skill in combat. When she felt guilty about her mistake in next episode, he encouraged her to try again and even more so was pleasantly surprised when she gives a speech to the whole of Paris after defeating Hawk Moth's akumas and when she manages to defeat Stoneheart, save Mylène from falling, and capture the akuma all at once.
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In "Stoneheart", he also meets Marinette in her civilian form at school, but he doesn't make a good first impression: Marinette thinks he was trying to stick a piece of chewing gum on her seat when he was trying to remove it, Chloé being the true culprit. Marinette is deeply offended, but he makes up with her the next day at the end of the episode when Adrien gently explains the truth and kindly offers his umbrella to her while it was raining, smiling at her warmly. In response to this, Plagg jokingly teases him, saying that he has a crush on her. Adrien brushes it off, responding that she's "just a friend", but was very happy, as he has made a new friend by himself for the first time.

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Adrien likes Marinette as a friend, and seems to be totally oblivious to her feelings for him, which is shown when he tries to set her up with Nino in "Animan." He thinks she is a fantastic artist, occasionally shows signs of affection towards her. If she needs help or encouragement, he gives it to her, and despite noticing how awkward she acts around him sometimes, he can tell that she is a good person. In later episodes, such as "The Mime", "Kung Food" and "Gamer", they have more interactions, and Adrien treats her like a good friend, being very supportive and friendly to her. Adrien sees Marinette as a very sweet person due to making him a Christmas hat gift in "Santa Claws". In "Despair Bear", he defends Marinette when Chloé accused her of calling the fire department, knowing she'd never do something like that, especially during her father's lesson. He later asks Marinette to slow dance while at Chloé's party. When the party is over he compliments that her baking is as good as her dancing. During "Befana", he tells Marinette that he takes her good luck charm bracelet with him everywhere he goes. In "Riposte", he partners up with Marinette in fencing and accepts her compliment that he is handsome. He patiently shows her the correct fencing position and explains the rules of fencing. He later notes to Kagami that he likes Marinette, calling her a very good friend, and though she is clumsy sometimes, she's also nice, honest, and fair, trusting she would never cheat. Also in "Gorizilla" he thanks Marinette for helping him hide from fans on his way to the movie theater, and tells her about his mother starring in the film.
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During "Troublemaker", he is curious as to why Marinette has pictures of him in her bedroom after the live footage of her room from Fill My Shoes was erroneously leaked. When he confronted Marinette, she clarifies that the reason she has images of him in her room is because of her love of fashion, he teases her about it and invites her to one of his photo shoots. He admits to Marinette that he's glad to have her as a fan (though in the French dub he calls her a friend instead of a fan). It has been somewhat implied that Adrien is now aware of Marinette's feelings for him, which has been confirmed by Jeremy Zag.[1]

During "Style Queen", when Marinette acted very nervous about her derby hat Adrien believed her knowing her design was great if his father picked her as the winner. He encouraged her to stand tall about her design and was happy for her when she had the opportunity to go to New York with Audrey. In "Malediktator", he becomes upset with Marinette because she was celebrating Chloé's angry and unhappy departure from Paris. Since Chloé was his only friend when he was growing up, he cannot feel joy over her leaving. In "Frozer", he sought Marinette's help for advice about romance when she mentioned the ice rink Adrien asked her to come with him and when he sees her sad he goes to check on her. After the ordeal, he was approached by Marinette who asked if he'd like to go to the ice rink again thinking of bringing the whole gang to which he agrees to working on freeing his schedule.

In "Catalyst", he told her that his father allowed him to go to her tasting but he was disappointed when she didn't have enough pastries for him but was told that she had plenty of pastries and was also told it's cool if he could make it and then he smiled, then walked inside the school alongside her. He and Marinette were shocked when Rose showed them the news about Cat Noir defeated and Ladybug akumatized. Were more so when the three villains announced Scarlet Moth's name on the news. Then the Scarlet akumas flew to the school to akumatize Rose, Ivan, Mylene, Alix, Kim, Sabrina and Max but Juleka resisted being akumatized again by being brave and Adrien saved himself and Marinette from being akumatized.

In "Mayura", he was so impressed with Marinette's kindness that he called her their everyday Ladybug and "Super Marinette". He became even surprised when he received a thank you kiss on the cheek from her which made him smile and he told her "you're welcome" to her.

In "Chameleon", he and Marinette knew the truth about Lila lying. After he walked into the classroom, he smiled at her but was a little shocked when she looked away but smiled at her as he walked up to the desk beside her. He told Marinette that it was good idea for her to take the high road and briefly sat down next to her enjoying being in the back. After Lila was de-akumatized, he saw Marinette's attempt to expose her but he told her that humiliating someone isn't the right way to put them on the right path.

During their trip to the wax museum in "Puppeteer 2", from Nino; Adrien got the impression that Marinette may hate him. Not wanting to lose her friendship he tries to find a way to make her comfortable around but goes about the wrong way by pretending to be a wax figurine but it ends up with her feelings hurt. On their way home he apologized for tricking her and was happy they could still be friends even enough to tell her that he is in love with another girl.

During "Stormy Weather 2", after defeating Stormy Weather again, Adrien returned home and was given his school work along with a note from Marinette. Upon inspecting it he saw that her handwriting was the same on the Valentine card, quickly deducting that it was from someone at school. And yet, he found it strange that the love poem came from Marinette remembering all the times she acted nervous around him he brushed it off remembering her love of fashion. Unknown to him, that Ladybug actually is her and has her love without realizing it.

Due to their free hour, Adrien helps Marinette in making a photoshoot for her website in "Reflekdoll" until the titular villain attacked. Catching up with her Adrien told Marinette to hide in the car but saw her get struck by Reflekta. After her defeat, he resumes helping Marinette and friends finishing the shoot. During "Desperada", Adrien was surprised when she picked him to be Jagged's new guitarist and spend time with him and their friends on Couffaine family houseboat. When Marinette gets expelled from school in "Ladybug", knowing that she would never cheat and steal he wanted to prove her innocence as well as helped her get back in school.

During the "Battle for Miraculous", he was happy that Marinette and Kagami were getting along. Upon seeing her at the anniversary event along with Kagami; Adrien wanted her to escape with them. They begin to have fun together by playing in the ball pit filled pool in at the top of the hotel. During their game he was amazed at how Marinette looked with her hair down calling it beautiful. After escaping the anniversary event Adrien was asked by Marinette if they were going to get in trouble with their parents answering that this was one of the few times they get to escape their expectations. After Hawk Moth's defeat Adrien gets ice cream along with her and their friends.

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As Cat Noir, he teams up with Marinette to stop the Evillustrator in the episode of the same name and promises to protect her. He introduces himself in a playful, flirty manner by kissing her hand and trying to show off his muscles. Afterwards, as Adrien, he asks her what she thinks of Cat Noir, and he assumes from her jumbled response (which is her trying to say he, Adrien, is cooler) that she thinks he is cool, to his satisfaction. During "Glaciator", disappointed that Ladybug didn't show up to a date which he himself planned, he decides to stop by at Marinette's balcony. He confides in her when they both are having love problems, and cheers her up by showing him his surprise for Ladybug, happy that someone liked it.

During "Weredad", after dealing with Gigantitan he quickly came across Marinette and was surprised when she said she loved him and was invited to have brunch with her family. However, wanting to remain true to his feelings for Ladybug and not wanting to hurt Marinette, Cat Noir confessed that he really isn't in love with her and disappointed that he broke her heart (unknown to him that she was happy). But took full responsibility when it led to Tom’s akumatization. Afterwards he was relieved that Marinette was safe, finding her to be an amazing girl, so amazing that he suspected that she was one of his fans which was what he wanted tell her earlier and gladly accepted being friends. In Alya's Instagram's, Adrien continues to watch over Marinette as Cat Noir seeing that she is safe. [2]

SW Hand kiss

However, he has a huge crush on Ladybug. During "Dark Cupid", he tries to write a love poem to Ladybug but throws it away and after defeating the titular villain Adrien was disappointed in himself for the horrible things he said to her. But he becomes surprised when he found out someone answered his poem and believed it came from Ladybug (unknown to him that Marinette is the heroine). He gets lost in Ladybug's beauty every time when she's nearby, when he isn't being Cat Noir and even blushing at her on occasion, like during "The Mime" and "Simon Says". In "Volpina", Adrien as Cat Noir, saw how much Ladybug cared for his alter ego and commenting that she was stubborn. His dedication to helping her is so strong he willingly ducked in to save her and even fight along side her even with a sprained ankle seen in "Riposte" or with broken ribs in "Miraculer". However, once on the ground Adrien after being saved in "Gorizilla", he almost calls Ladybug "My Lady" in front of everyone before catching himself.

During after the titular villain's defeat in "Style Queen", he personally thanked Ladybug for the lift back to Grand Palais and for saving him. Adrien also acted nervous when he found his hand on Ladybug's shoulder causing him to stutter.

He finds Ladybug classy and the type who never changes. Adrien briefly discovers that Marinette is Ladybug in “Oblivio” after the duo have their memories erased. However, after the villain is defeated and Ladybug uses Miraculous Ladybug, this knowledge is erased from his mind.

During the titular villain's rampage in "Desperada", Adrien was enamored that Ladybug chose him to wield the Snake Miraculous and became very determined as Aspik not to fail her. Due to him not focusing about the current task, Ladybug got captured over and over. Refusing to let it happen again he gives up the Miraculous and informs her of what happened, and was unsure of what to do seeing that he wasn't the right choice. But led her to someone who was the right choice before transforming into Cat Noir he got a thank you kiss from Ladybug for saving her many times over. Due to Plagg and Tikki being spotted by someone else and his Kwami's loose lips, Adrien figures out that Ladybug is a girl at his school and the possibility of her being Marinette. But through the powers of Mirage and Multitude he was tricked into believing Ladybug was someone else.

In an alternative future in "Cat Blanc", after being given a gift and seeing Ladybug; Adrien finds out her secret identity starting a romantic relationship with her and they were happy together. (Unknown to him because of his father's interference) when Marinette came to break up with him Adrien was heartbroken refusing to leave her and be the target of an akuma. He transformed in front of her and Cataclysmed the akuma, as well as revealing that he knows about her identity and the two embrace.

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Cat Noir flirts with Ladybug.

He constantly flirts with her (as Cat Noir) and refers to her by a number of pet names, including "My Lady" and "Bugaboo". He often puts her on the spot with his romantic advances, but he does respect her wishes and never takes it too far. To his constant exasperation, she doesn't seem to reciprocate his feelings. Occasionally, he loses his bravado around her, like during Valentines' Day after defeating Dark Cupid in the episode of the same name. He longs to know who she is behind the mask, but he respects her desire to keep it secret as seen in "Lady Wifi", when he doesn't open the door with Ladybug detransforming behind it.

As a team, they work well together, although Cat Noir sometimes feels like he has to do more of the dirty work because he cannot capture akumas. Despite his crush on her, he doesn't agree with everything she says and questions her if she becomes irrational. Sometimes, they have disagreements, but they know how to work them out and defeat any villain.

During "Reflekdoll", he experienced what it was like to be Ladybug as Mister Bug when their jewels got swapped. That's when Mister Bug learned from his partner that he had to be more cautious, observant and use his head. Seeing the complexity of Ladybug's powers he asks for her help in figuring out his Lucky Charm, became a bit annoyed that she stole his lines. After the titular villain and sentimonster's defeat, he has a better understanding of Ladybug and her seriousness.

Also as a team, Cat Noir is a person of action and follows his heart rather than his head leading him to using his powers hastily, doing hasty actions or to being deceived so easily sometimes needing Ladybug to steer him straight or save him from trouble. Such as in "Ladybug", when he easily walked into Mayura's trap until "the real" Ladybug revealed the deception.

Just as Ladybug has a lot of trust and faith in him, he has as the same trust and faith in her caring for her greatly as well even when she is in doubt. After Animan in said episode was floored to the ground Cat Noir was horrified as Ladybug leaped into his mouth fearing she was gone but seeing her alive he hugged her out of relief. When he admitted to Chloé in "Antibug" that the two were a team he was happy when the "real Ladybug" came to free him. In "Gorizilla", he says that he will always trust Ladybug when he jumped off the building and yet didn't transform. He was always assured and comforted by her when in doubt seen in "The Dark Owl" and "Reverser", when he turns cowardly. In "Anansi", when he questioned about being replaced by their new ally Carapace, she assured him that he was irreplaceable making him smile. In "Mayura (Heroes' Day - Part 2)", when Ladybug felt doubtful on how to defeat Hawk Moth; he encouraged her by reminding her despite not having a full team they were in it together and they would find a way.

During "Weredad", he'd knew she would appear at the right moment. In "Gamer 2.0", he's loyalty to Ladybug is so strong that he would always fight alongside her but not against her. Knowing that there was only one way to free everyone from Gamer; Cat Noir eliminated himself knowing that Ladybug would bring him and others back. He also became hasty when Ladybug was captured by said villain "Party Crasher". When Ladybug is feeling down or unsure about something Cat Noir doesn't mind giving advice seen in "Gamer 2.0" and "The Puppeteer 2".

In "Kwamibuster", even as Multimouse he trusted her to save Plagg as well as giving her his ring for Ladybug's plan. In during "Miracle Queen", he saw another crack in Ladybug's confidence when he heard that she was responsible for Master Fu and their friends being captured even calling herself a failure. He encouraged her to forget about how things happened and focus on saving them reminding her that it's important to fix their mistakes. He was surprised to be embraced and thanked by her for always being by her side and embraced her back. And even tried to calm and comfort Ladybug to try again when she had another breakdown.

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Cat Noir is fully willing to risk his life to protect her, having shielded her from lethal attacks. He is very dedicated to Ladybug and hopes she will one day return his affections. Sensitive about his feelings for her, he struggles briefly in "Glaciator" when he thinks Ladybug is playing with his emotions. He apologizes later for his bitterness after she explains she never meant to hurt him. When Ladybug kindly tells him that she honestly doesn't see him romantically, he respectfully accepts her honesty and tells her she is his best friend, yet he doesn't lose hope in her reciprocating his feelings someday.

Syren (210)

Cat Noir becomes frustrated with Ladybug for keeping secrets from him.

He briefly becomes frustrated that Ladybug kept secrets from him in "Syren", however, she promises he will be told everything by "him". After he meets Master Wang Fu and defeats Syren, he thanked his partner for keeping her promise. During "Sandboy", when it's revealed that his nightmare is an evil version of her hating him and Ladybug says, "You have strange dreams too." When she asks him about it in concern he says "You're the girl of my dreams."

Frozer (71)

Cat Noir heartbroken when Ladybug rejects him.

During "Frozer", he once again tries to confess her love to Ladybug but once again she rejects him (unaware that the special guy is his alter ego) becoming sad but when they meet again he treats her coldly and goes off on his own. But when he defends Ladybug from Frozer's incoming attack Cat Noir realizes that they still make a great team despite not being a couple and still continues to romantically pursue her.

After his memory was restored and seeing a picture shown by Alya in "Oblivio", Cat Noir was happy that he kissed her but was shocked that he had no memory of it. But still held onto hope that if it happened once it can happen again.

Due to his sensitive feelings for Ladybug, Cat Noir was fooled in "Ladybug", when he confused a sentimonster for the "real her". But sensing no evil intentions he couldn't destroy the copy and liked the idea of working with her however, when she was destroyed he attacked Mayura in anger wanting to avenge her. He starts to lose patience with Ladybug in "Heart Hunter", where he openly told her that he had a girlfriend in attempt to make her jealous but was saddened that it didn't work and was still hurt she wouldn't give him a chance. After meeting her again he calls his partner her proper name instead of the nickname he gave her, leaving her surprised and him playfully asking if she was jealous.

In the alternate future, despite knowing her identity they continued to work together and reach a point where they cornered Hawk Moth in his lair, however upon discovering his identity and the reason for his actions. He had break down being pulled between his family and his beloved, ending up being akumatized into Cat Blanc, and destroying all of Paris, including his father and girlfriend and even the world with the last thing he said to her was sorry. Upon seeing a version of the past Ladybug, the two fight with him claiming to want to fix everything despite the price. After he is deakumatized, Cat Noir still remembers Ladybug's identity but was informed that he wasn't suppose to know after hearing that she was going to fix everything he smiles never doubting her as she leaves leading to the future that involves their relationship being erased.

In the current reality, he is joined by Ladybug at his favorite spot aware that she had something to tell him but was told she already did and enjoys the moment together.


TB (18)

Adrien disgusted by Plagg's gift of Camembert.

Plagg helps Adrien transform into Cat Noir. However, Adrien must frequently bribe him with Camembert just to get him to come out and help him transform. Adrien dislikes the smell of Camembert, Plagg's love for the cheese not pleasing him, and he doesn't always trust Plagg with items like his cellphone or the Miraculous spellbook. The kwami's antics also exasperate Adrien at times, like when Plagg causes a major argument in the classroom because he gets Chloé's expensive bracelet stuck on his head in "Rogercop".

Even though he is often frustrated with Plagg, Adrien never lets Plagg's teasing or skepticism bring him down, and he confides in him, appreciating what support he receives from him. During "Santa Claws", Adrien shows a great amount of concern for Plagg after he transforms back from a warm place and Plagg is getting cold and hungry in the snow.

In "Syren", having enough of secrets Adrien decided to quit being Cat Noir which left Plagg very nervous if he didn't tell Adrien what Ladybug was hiding. When Plagg admitted that he was also his close friend Adrien smiled at the compliment. Despite Plagg's flaws Adrien is happy to him in his life mentioned in "Plagg (webisode)".

File:SB (861).png

In "Sandboy", he is very understanding towards Plagg after he snuck out on his own because Adrien knew what it's like to have his freedom restricted. In "Catalyst", Adrien was about to transform but Gorizilla held him captive again until Plagg used Cataclysm to free him. He told Plagg that he is a true hero by patting him on the head when they are hiding from Gorizilla before he transforms to Cat Noir. During "Mayura", he and Plagg shared a piece of Camembert that Adrien gave to him while in the sewers.

In "Oblivio", after Adrien loses his memory, like their first encounter, he believes that Plagg is a genie of some sorts, showing no fear of him. After awhile, he sees Plagg fly away thinking he's going to get help. After Marinette contacts Master Fu, Adrien learns that Plagg is his kwami and that he can't transform without him. He is happy to see him when he returns.

Adrien is aware that Plagg is a bit of a prankster but is happy that he tries to cheer him up with his jokes when feeling down seen in "The Puppeteer 2". Like in "Feast", when he was feeling down about Nathalie's condition reminding him of his mother. Adrien was surprised that Plagg knew how to play the piano doing a duet with him and after playing he said that his mother made him laugh like that thanking Plagg.

During "Stormy Weather 2", when Adrien believes that his life hasn't changed, Plagg reminds him of everything in his life that's changed. Knowing that Plagg was right he thanked him but after a battle with Stormy Weather he was also advised by Plagg to find another girl to love but retorts, saying the heart wants what the heart wants and that it can't be changed.

At times, he doesn't always listen to Plagg's advice leading into trouble seen in "Reflekdoll" where his jewel got swapped with Ladybug's and after his kwami returned he promised Plagg that he'd never take off his ring again. As well as in "Desperada", where Adrien was informed that being another hero was bad idea especially when he was being distracted. Seeing a drawing of Plagg on a tv show he chewed him for being irresponsible warning him of the trouble that could happen if he got caught in "Kwamibuster". Seeing a gift left on Adrien's bed and Ladybug leave, Plagg easily accepted that the heroine was delivering it for Marinette, but after Adrien puts it together he refused to listen to Plagg trying to dissuade him about Ladybug and Marinette being the same assuring him everything would be fine but due to Ladybug fixing the timeline it didn't happen.

Gabriel Agreste/Hawk Moth

File:SS (1518).png

While loving his father and doing what he can to please him, like modeling for him, Adrien is disappointed in how little time his father spends with him. This makes him very pleased on the rare occasions in which he does something nice for him, being grateful for the scarf from Gabriel (unaware that it's actually from Marinette) that he got for his birthday. He doesn't have a good relationship with his father, but as his response to the Bubbler's complaint about parents, he knows not all parents are like Gabriel. Adrien acknowledges in "Adrien's Double Life" that his father changed ever since his mother disappeared (implying that Gabriel may have not always been cold and distant towards Adrien) and tries to be there for him, even if it's difficult with his aloof behavior. Sometimes, he disobeys his father's orders, like in "The Puppeteer", when he gets out to go to the cinema without his bodyguard knowing, and in the Origins episodes, when he goes to public school despite Gabriel forbidding it. In another case of rebellion, he takes the Miraculous Spellbook from his father in "Volpina", which he gets punished for in "The Collector" by being banned from public school. His reaction to his father revoking the ban, thanks to Marinette returning it (unbeknownst to him), is giving him a hug out of gratefulness.

File:GZ (1091).png

In "Gorizilla", Adrien attempts to ask his father to watch a movie starring his mother, but Gabriel merely tells him that he'll tell Nathalie to let him know when he's available, frustrating Adrien and driving him to sneak out of the house to watch the movie. However, when he returns home, Gabriel plays the movie for Adrien and when he tells his son that he just had to ask, Adrien says that he had tried but was too busy and always seems too busy to talk. When Gabriel tells him that it's important that they trust each other, Adrien agrees. In "Captain Hardrock", though Adrien is initially upset with his father when he doesn't allow him to go to his friends' concert, he eventually plays a duet on the piano with him and hugs him after Gabriel allows him to meet up with his friends. Happily embraced him when he appeared at the fashion show in "Queen Wasp".

During "Stormy Weather 2", when Adrien believed that his father hadn't changed he was reminded by Plagg of all things his father him let do. With that Adrien agreed that his father had changed to some degree. In "Felix", while spending time with him, Adrien informs his father that he's been noticing how close he and Nathalie are getting.

Unknown to Adrien, his father actually has a secret identity as his greatest enemy Hawk Moth. In "Stoneheart (Origins - Part 2)", Cat Noir and Ladybug are introduced to Hawk Moth when akumas form a large version of his head while the two heroes are fighting Stoneheart at the Eiffel Tower. He is fully aware that he is behind the akumas and super villains. Adrien always works hard to stop him from winning and taking his and Ladybug's Miraculous.

TC (393)

Cat Noir is saddened at the thought of his father being Hawk Moth.

Ladybug's theory that Gabriel is Hawk Moth devastates Adrien in "The Collector". Although skeptical at first, he recognizes the strength in Ladybug's evidence. He is fooled by his father's trick by transforming into the Collector, feeling relieved that his father isn't his greatest enemy as Cat Noir.

During "Heroes' Day", Cat Noir sees Hawk Moth commence his biggest plan yet he wasn't afraid, confident that they could defeat him. When he and Ladybug backed him into a corner, Cat Noir didn't want to hear anything about his wish knowing chaos would ensue.

He fights Hawk Moth again in "Ladybug", calling him a monster when he mocks and showed no sympathy towards the living Ladybug sentimonster. When caught by him Cat Noir invoked his Cataclysm to protect his ring but was thrown off the building unaware that it was done by his own father. Upon meeting him once more in "Battle of the Miraculous", he didn't take to Hawk Moth's taunting when he akumatized Chloé into Miracle Queen and had the Miracle Box. Seeing him flee with Mayura, Cat Noir chased after them but lost sight of them.

In alternate future in "Cat Blanc", shortly after he and Marinette are together unknown to him because of his father's interference. Adrien was devastated that their relationship was over but during an akuma incident despite saving Marinette he unknowingly revealed his identity to his father. Sometime later he and Ladybug reach a point where they cornered Hawk Moth in his lair, however upon discovering his identity and the reason for his actions. He has break down about being pulled between his family and his beloved, ending up being akumatized into Cat Blanc, and destroying all of Paris, including his father and girlfriend, among other devastation. But due to Ladybug fixing her mistake the timeline that involves his father's demise was erased.

Nathalie Sancoeur/Mayura

TB (48)

Nathalie presenting Adrien his schedule for the day.

Nathalie takes care of Adrien's needs, but her most serious nature towards him, not unlike his father, doesn't help him connect with her on any personal level. Still, he openly acknowledges and appreciates her kindness and assistance. According to him in his instagram page, he calls Nathalie the most responsible person he knows.

Adrien shows concern for Nathalie when Lila sneaking into his house caused her to get in trouble during "Oni-Chan".

In "Feast", he feels sad that Nathalie was going through the same dizzy spells his mother had.

Adrien is unaware that Nathalie has been working alongside Hawk Moth (who he also doesn’t know is his father) and secretly hates his alter ego. Furthermore, he is unaware that she is Hawk Moth's ally, Mayura, whom he directly fought in the events of "Miraculer".

Cat Noir meets her alter ego Mayura in "Ladybug", when he easily fell for her trap with a Ladybug sentimonster until being set straight by the "real one". When he sees Mayura destroy her, the hero attacks her in anger, trying avenged the destroyed creature.

Nino Lahiffe/Carapace

File:MP Nino Adrien.jpeg

Adrien meets Nino in "Stoneheart", and after kindly introducing himself, Adrien is surprised that his new acquaintance is not pleased with him being friends with Chloé. After watching Adrien try to take gum off of Marinette's chair and taking the blame for Chloé, Nino opens up to him, and he offers to be Adrien's new friend. Adrien is happy about it, and the next day, he listens to Nino's advice to explain himself to and befriend Marinette.

TB (73)

Adrien tells Nino that his father won’t let him have a birthday party.

Nino is Adrien's best friend. Adrien appreciates Nino's compassion and caring attitude. When Gabriel denies Nino's request for Adrien to have a birthday party, Adrien apologizes to Nino about his father. While shocked when he discovers Nino has become a supervillain, the Bubbler, Adrien is thankful to Nino for wanting to make him happy and doesn't hold anything against him after he's changed back to normal. After the incident Adrien is happy that he got to try out the turn table with his best friend. In the webisode "Adrien's Double Life", Adrien reveals that he talks with Nino about everything (except, of course, his double life as Cat Noir). In "Simon Says", he shows Nino his support when he enters a TV contest and trying to help Nino setup a date with Marinette in "Animan".

When he is allowed by his father to return to school at the end of “The Collector”, he is embraced by Nino with a hug. In "Anansi", when he and Marinette saw their best friends in perfect sync with each other, Adrien found Nino lucky and hoped that he would find someone that he would share everything with too. In "Catalyst (Heroes' Day - Part 1)", Adrien is proud of Nino when he says that Cat Noir has shown him what cool is really about. During their trip to the Wax Museum in "The Puppeteer 2", he got the impression from Nino that Marinette hated him and didn't want to be friends with him (unaware that Nino was trying to hide the knowledge of Marinette's crush on him). When it comes to classes he is happy to have Nino by his side.[3]

File:MA (82).png

As Cat Noir, Adrien is aware of Nino's admiration of him seen in "Horrificator" when he appears with Ladybug and in "Reflekta" where he calls him (albeit revealing himself to the villain.) He sees how much Nino cares much for his alter ego voicing his concern for him in  "Simon Says", refusing to leave the studio without him. Also as his alter ego in "Anansi", Adrien sees Nino's bravery and determination when he tried to help him and Alya who were Anansi's prisoners, admitting to Alya that he's pretty good in combat.

He also meets his alter-ego Carapace in “Anansi” but when he heard the villain say that he was replaced, he got a little jealous. After Anansi's defeat, Ladybug assured him that he wasn't being replaced and became happy that they gained a new ally. He works well with Carapace as seen in later episodes.

Enjoys hanging out with him in his Instagram photos and did everything in his power to save him as Cat Noir in "Battle of the Miraculous". Despite that it's unknown if he knew Nino's identity due to seeing his best friend being under Miracle Queen's control.

Chloé Bourgeois/Queen Bee

TB Unwanted Kiss 2

Chloé trying to kiss Adrien during a slow dance.

Adrien's only friend before attending collège was Chloé, and he has always been aware that she isn't perfect. However, he doesn't realize the extent of her cruelty until he sees her put a wad of gum on Marinette's chair to teach her "respect" in "Stoneheart (Origins - Part 2)". Despite knowing it was Chloé, Adrien doesn't reveal it to Marinette at first despite her mistakenly believing he is the culprit until he explains what really happened to her the next day.

Although having known Chloé since they were little kids, Adrien is not very interested in her affection towards him. When he learns from Nino that Alya thinks Chloé is Ladybug, he is shocked and is later relieved after Ladybug appears while he is spying on Chloé cosplaying as Ladybug. He is one of the very few people who is on friendly terms with Chloé, despite her spoiled attitude, although he has no problem calling her out on her rude treatment of other people at times.

DSB (222)

Adrien threatens to end his friendship with Chloé.

In "Despair Bear", after Chloé calls the fire department during Tom’s cooking lesson and gets the whole school in trouble, Adrien tells her that he has seen enough and threatens to renounce her as a friend unless she learns to be nicer to others. Once he attends the party Chloé throws for all her classmates, and Ladybug tells him while he is Cat Noir that Chloé helped defeat Despair Bear, he believes that she is making an effort to change. Adrien rekindles his friendship with Chloé at the end of the party, but he acknowledges that Chloé will probably never fully change as she begins criticizing her peers.

In "Queen Wasp", he felt sorry for Chloé when she was disregarded by her mother. Seeing Chloé unveil the Bee Miraculous in front of everyone Adrien was shocked and showed great concern for her when she rushed off transformed in a jealous rage. In "Malediktator", whilst everyone at school celebrates, Adrien is the only one not happy when Chloé prepares to leave Paris because he saw her as his only friend in their younger years and believes she isn't useless despite her spoiled attitude.

He attends her parents’ wedding anniversary in "Battle of the Miraculous", but doesn't find the party enjoyable and looking for a way to escape.

As Cat Noir, Adrien keeps a calmer head around her as he shows much more patience with her than Ladybug, still guarding Chloé in "The Evillustrator" after Ladybug leaves angrily.  Even when fighting against Chloé in "Antibug", he does not use his full strength on her because he doesn't want to hurt her.[4] In "Zombizou", near the end of the episode, as Cat Noir Adrien sees Chloé’s regretful and remorseful side when she apologizes to Miss Bustier for her actions, and he smiles at her.

Malediktator - Infobox Image

Cat Noir is happy to see Chloé working with Ladybug.

During the events of "Queen Wasp", after saving her from a "supposed speeding train", he became angry with her for using her powers irresponsibly. Once she is deakumatized, however, he completely understands the things she did were out of a desire to impress her mother and encourages her to do the right thing by returning the Bee Miraculous, even accepting her apology. He also becomes proud of her in "Malediktator" when he sees her and Ladybug working together for real.

In the "Heroes' Day" special, he becomes a bit snarky with Chloé when she expresses anger over him giving her the Bee Miraculous instead of Ladybug and tells her he can find his partner another Queen Bee. When Chloé takes back her comment, he pushes her to ask for her Miraculous nicely and the two work well together.

In "Bakerix", while evacuating off the Startrain, he comes across Chloé who tells him they should ask Queen Bee for help. He politely tells her that they have everything under control but will keep her offer to help in mind.

In "Miraculer", he fights alongside Chloé as Queen Bee one last time, aware that her adventures as her alter ego are over due to their enemies knowing her identity but is happy knowing she'll be safe.

After the fight against Heart Hunter in "Battle of the Miraculous", Cat Noir was unaware of her betrayal and siding with Hawk Moth until "Miracle Queen" hearing that Chloé was angry about the heroes (especially Ladybug) giving up on her renouncing the hero as an ally. Like Ladybug, he too was hurt by Chloé's betrayal accepting that the damage she caused can't be undone.

Alya Césaire/Rena Rouge

File:PH S01EP06 (708).png
Adrien seems to trust Alya's judgment; an example of this is when he suspected Chloé was Ladybug since Alya believed it. Though there is not much interaction between them, they are friendly to one another when an encounter arises. Such as when they got pair together for a project with Nino in "The Evillustrator" and when they were talking to each other about Marinette's birthday in "Befana". They do spend a little time together with their friends at picnic for Marinette in "Mayura". He invites her to come with him to the wax museum unaware that Alya was enacting a plan to get him alone with Marinette in "The Puppeteer 2".

That trust of Alya's judgement continued in "Ladybug", where he heard her talking to Marinette about proving her innocence and followed up on it.

As Cat Noir, he also describes her as a "brave chick" to Ladybug when she is kidnapped by the titular character in "The Pharaoh". After Ladybug left he asked Alya if she wanted to know his age but by looking at his ring he ran away in fear. In "Dark Owl", Adrien comes to Alya as Cat Noir with Ladybug to ask her for a favor in helping the Owl live out his dream. She gladly accepts, and he praises her for her good acting performance. In Alya's Instagram's, Adrien continues to watch over her as Cat Noir seeing that Alya is safe.


Rena Rouge and Cat Noir doing a secret handshake

Cat Noir meets Rena Rouge, Alya's alter ego, in "Sapotis", welcoming her to their team with open arms. After she responds to his teasing with her own, he notes that he has a feeling he'll like working with her. Cat Noir and Rena Rouge working well as a team, Cat Noir helps her by giving her advice when she needs it, and he is impressed by how fast she learns. When she leaves to de-transform, he bids her farewell by saying it was a pleasure to work with her. In later episodes, he continues to work well with her.

Upon seeing Rena Rouge captured he did everything in his power to save her as Cat Noir in "Battle of the Miraculous".

Emilie Agreste

File:SS (1500).png

His father has said that Adrien and his mother were very much alike. He mention in another Instagram picture that his mother use to help him get over his fear of thunder when he was little. In "Feast", Adrien was aware that his mother had dizzy spells to before she disappeared and yet took the pleasure when she made him laugh in a way only Plagg could do through playing the piano.

File:GZ (1091).png

It is clear that Adrien intensely loves his mother and misses her very much. However, he believes that Emilie has simply disappeared, unaware that she is actually being kept in a respiratory underneath the Agreste mansion. He has many pictures of her on his phone and as his computer background. During Christmas, Adrien misses her due to it being his first Christmas without her and becomes depressed. His memory of her is the only thing that stops him from using his Cataclysm on an outdoor Christmas tree. Adrien sneaks out of the house in "Gorizilla" to see a rare film she starred in, taking off his disguise in awe at seeing her onscreen.

In an alternate future of "Cat Blanc", after cornering Hawk Moth, as Cat Noir he sees his mother again but has a breakdown as to why his father did this. However, being forced to choose between the two women he loved causing his akumatization into the titular villain and destroying all of Paris including everyone in it. But due to Ladybug fixing her mistake the timeline that involves his mother's demise was erased.

Lila Rossi

VP (139)

Adrien uneasy by Lila's advances.

Adrien is friendly with Lila, but he is flustered and wary by her upfront passion towards him. While he is upset when he learns the truth about her lies of being a superhero, he somewhat feels bad for her being harshly exposed by Ladybug.

As Cat Noir, at first, he believes Volpina is a real new hero, being supportive of her and suggesting that Ladybug should treat her nicely. Once he figures out Volpina is an akumatized Lila, he tries to reason with her as his regular self, albeit awkwardly having to note that they weren't necessarily going on a date earlier before her akumatization. His response as Cat Noir to Lila's rejection of Ladybug's apology is "Ouch..."

In "Catalyst", Adrien is disappointed when Lila lies to the class about being in the kingdom of Achu and working on a pollution-reduction project, shaking his head in disapproval.

In "Chameleon", he tells Lila that he doesn't mind being friends with her and yet encourages her to be honest with him, gently telling her if there's something bothering her he can help her and her lies will catch up with her someday as well as make enemies. He is upset when Lila gets angry over his advice but is happy when Lila as Chameleon tells him that she has decided not to lie again, unaware that this is another lie until she kisses him, putting him into an enchanted sleep. Though he disapproves of her lying to everyone, he encourages Marinette not to expose her, holding onto hope that she’ll improve as a person.

In "Oni-Chan", he offers to help Lila with her homework but is displeased when she manipulates her way into the Agreste mansion, causing Nathalie and his bodyguard to get in trouble with his father. When asked by Plagg why he’s so nice to Lila despite her deceitful nature, Adrien claims that it’s because he believes that she’s lonely and wants attention. As Cat Noir, he believes Lila when she claims to now trust Ladybug, remarking how he always believed that Lila would wind up liking her in the end. He also believes her when she claims to have hurt her leg and rushes to her aid. However, after discovering her deception, he is shocked that Lila hates Ladybug so much that she’d try to get him away from the fight with Oni-Chan and he angrily tells her that she should be ashamed. After Oni-Chan’s defeat, he warns Ladybug to keep an eye on Lila, calling her as sly as a fox. The next day at school, he as Adrien tells Lila that he will not tolerate her hurting his loved ones.

VP (604)

Cat Noir is flattered by Volpina’s compliment.

In "Ladybug", when he heard that Alya was looking for evidence to prove Marinette's innocence, Adrien quickly figured out it was Lila. Meeting her at his next photoshoot, he angrily reprimands her for what she did to Marinette and reminds her of what he had warned her in "Oni-Chan". Instead of giving up on her, Adrien convinced Lila to make another story that would prove his friend's innocence if she wanted to continue being friends.

Santa Claus

Adrien meets Santa after running away from home, and the two become friends when Santa gives Adrien Camembert for Plagg and gives him advice on his situation with his father. Grateful for Santa's friendliness, Adrien gives him the Christmas hat Marinette made for him and invites him to celebrate Christmas with him and his family. When Santa is falsely accused of being akumatized by Ladybug, Adrien defends him by telling Ladybug that she's wrong (though she doesn't listen). After the events of Santa's real akumatization, Adrien is happy to see him and his other friends checking on his return.

Adrien meets Santa again as Cat Noir in "Christmaster", when he saves him from the villain's army of toys and welcomes his help when battling their toy counterparts. And yet, the hero was sad that he had to go but Santa says he'll be back Christmas.


File:GZ (64).png
Adrien first comes across Wayhem in “Gorizilla” after sneaking out of his house. Wayhem’s overly enthusiastic behavior towards him makes him uncomfortable and he tries to walk away from him, only for Wayhem to take a selfie with him and post it online. He is also not happy when Wayhem along with a bunch of other obsessed fans follow him everywhere.
File:GZ (1026).png
However, after Wayhem helps him by pretending to be him in order to defeat Gorizilla and keep his identity safe (the latter unbeknownst to Wayhem), Adrien is grateful and even apologizes for asking him to take his place. He also gives him his email address, stating that if he stops constantly screaming every time he’s around, they can become friends.

In "Party Crasher", the two continue to talk to each other through video chat. After Wayhem has been deakumatized, Adrien apologizes for hurting his feelings but Wayhem brushes it off happy to help clean up the mess and along with the others.

Mentioned in his newest Instagram post he is glad that Wayhem always has his back during photo shoots.

Kagami Tsurugi/Ryuko

File:RP (342).png
Adrien treats Kagami respectfully as an opponent during their match in "Riposte", and he feels guilty for his uncertain win against her, a win that makes her depressed. Though he isn't initially aware that Kagami is a girl or that her family is famous in fencing, he treats her kindly, and he encourages her to try again at battling him in a rematch with a definitive winner.
Frozer (104)

Adrien tells Kagami about his love problems.

In "Frozer", Adrien asks her about his romances on Ladybug she advises him to change to targets and the two spend some time at the ice rink together. When Adrien tells her he won't give up on his love for Ladybug, Kagami accepts his choice but says she'll be waiting when he quits. 

He spends time with her at the movie premiere in "Animaestro" and helps her when she gets gum stuck to the bottom of her shoes. In "Oni-Chan", he becomes concerned for Kagami when he sees her akumatized again.

They continued to spend time together in "Desperada" and he also mentions hanging out with her in his Instagram pages. He was happy that Marinette and Kagami were getting along They both spend more time together during the "Battle of the Miraculous", he and Kagami were looking for a chance to escape and with Marinette's help they have fun. Upon enjoying Andre's ice cream his relationship with her has gotten closer just as they were about to kiss Adrien noticed she was gone. Seeing her return, he asked her where she went and Kagami explains that Ladybug had to protect her because the villain was attacking lovers. Aware that she had feelings for him, he attempted to kiss her again but was hesitant and being decisive which hurt Kagami. But upon seeing a swarm of hornets coming their way he attempted to defend but she protected him instead. After Miracle Queen's and her allies defeat, Adrien enjoyed some ice cream with her and the rest of their friends.}}

As Cat Noir, he finds out that Kagami has feelings for his alter ego calling him an image of perfection.

In "Ikari Gozen", from Ladybug he learns that Kagami has been captured by her akumatized mother. Giving her the Dragon Miraculous by "special delivery", he sees Kagami free herself and appear as Ryuko knowing her identity. Due to Ryuko's mishap he ends up being captured despite that she returns to save and inform him of Ladybug's plan. With that Cat Noir sees her like Alya as a quick learner and after Kagami's mother was saved he along with Ladybug includes her in their trademark pound it. During "Heart Hunter", he is happy to see Ryuko again. Upon seeing her captured he did everything in his power to save her as Cat Noir in "Miracle Queen".

Master Wang Fu


Adrien helps Master Fu up

At first, he came across Wang Fu in "Ladybug & Cat Noir" helping him up. Adrien officially meets Wang in "Syren", where he was shocked as the man knew his identity as Cat Noir. When he comes to the mansion Plagg introduces Wang as the Guardian of the Miraculous. And Adrien unknowingly spends time with him at his boys only party in "Party Crasher".

During "Backwarder", after getting the necessary information from Ladybug he has no problem protecting her and by extension Master Fu from the akumatized villain. In "Party Crasher", after Ladybug had been captured Cat Noir was told by Master Fu that he would need help and gains it by getting Carapace, Viperion, Pegasus and King Monkey.

During "Feast", he receives a letter from Wang saying that he took his Miraculous back in order to protect him from his old sentimonster. Understanding that Wang was in trouble, Adrien went out to help him despite being powerless he and Ladybug used their creativity to distract the creature. When Wang came to a resolve Adrien receives his ring back and by diving into the belly of the beast the heroes managed to defeat the titular villain he was thanked by the Master. Upon seeing Master Fu captured he did everything in his power to save him as Cat Noir in "Battle of the Miraculous".

Tom Dupain & Sabine Cheng

Adrien first meets Marinette's parents in "Gamer" when he comes over to practice with Marinette for a video game tournament finding them nice and friendly and enjoyed watching Tom's cooking lessons in "Despair Bear".

As Cat Noir, he welcomed their help in protecting Kim in "Animan" as well as eyed their family photo smiling at their happiness.

In “Weredad”, Tom invites Cat Noir to brunch after witnessing Marinette “confess” her love towards him. Though he accepts the offer, he later reveals that he is in love with Ladybug - not Marinette. When Marinette pretends to be saddened by this, Sabine feels bad but understands Cat Noir’s feelings while Tom becomes angry enough to get akumatized. Cat Noir apologizes to Sabine for causing so much trouble, though he is assured by her that it’s not his fault and shouldn’t feel bad about loving Ladybug.

When encountering Weredad, Cat Noir attempts to reason with him, claiming that he never meant to hurt Marinette, but to no avail. Fortunately, Tom is eventually deakumatized but remains angry at Cat Noir until Marinette assures her father that she isn’t heartbroken.


After Adrien gets his memory erased by Oblivio and detransforms he meets Tikki at first he is unsure what she is but is friendly towards her. And admires her compliment when she calls him and Marinette an effective couple from Master Fu he learns that Tikki is Marinette's kwami. But when Oblivio was defeated and his memory was restored he forget about their encounter.

In "Reflekdoll", he meets her again while searching for Plagg, after introducing herself she tells him that there was a mix up with the jewels. Seeing the state of emergency Tikki helps transform him into Mister Bug after Reflekta and her sentimonster's defeat they detransformed and recharged. He returns the earrings hoping to see Tikki again. In "Kwamibuster", due to Plagg's loose lips he is aware that Tikki is Ladybug's kwami and playfully mentions that she was spotted too in stopping his kwami.

Luka Couffaine/Viperion

He first meets Luka in "Captain Hardrock", and is warmly welcomed into their band. The two even spend time together in "Frozer" although the two the don't interact much.

During "Desperada", he spends time with him and his friends on the Couffaine Boat until the titular villain attacked. He was led to safety by Luka and in return Adrien saved him from being struck by Desperada. After failing with the Snake Miraculous as Aspik many times, he saw that Luka was a much better match for the jewel than he was.

He doesn't interact with him much as Cat Noir but he does welcome his support in the Paris Rebellion in "Mayura". Then, meets Luka's alter ego Viperion in "Desperada" as well and the two get along very well and is opened to listening to his suggestions and ideas. He is happy to see him in "Party Crasher" along with their other allies. Upon seeing Viperion captured he did everything in his power to save him as Cat Noir in "Battle of the Miraculous".


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