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Recurring quotes

Time to transform!
Plagg, claws out!
Plagg, claws in!
Pound it!
With pleasure
Plagg, Power up!
Tikki, spots on!
Lucky Charm!
Playtime's over, little akuma. Time to de-evilize! Gotcha! Bye-bye, little butterfly.
Time to de-evilize! Gotcha! Bye-bye, little feather.
Miraculous Mister Bug!
Spots off!
Sass, scale slither!
Second Chance!
Sass, scale rest!

Season 1

The Bubbler

Ugh, Plagg! Get that filthy piece of Camembert out of my face!
Nino, wait! I'm sorry. My father, he's pretty stubborn. It's just best to stay out of his way.
Wow, that was a birthday lunch break to remember. Yay.
This might be the first day in my life that I actually get to do what I want for once.
Thank you. I mean, please say thank you to my father for me.
Yeah, can you believe my dad got this [scarf] for me? It's so awesome. He's been giving me the same lame pen for three years in a row.

Mr. Pigeon

Wow Alya, those are some awesome designs. I didn't know you had such mad skills.
You're super talented, Marinette. You seriously have a good chance of winning.
Where's that bird-brain Mr. Pigeon?
My pigeon radar is on high alert.
A-a-achoo! Sorry, I'm allergic to feathers.

Stormy Weather

Hey, Ice Queen, what's with all the terrorizing? Why don't you pick on someone your own temperature?
Listen, I'm feline more generous than usual today. So cool down and we'll call it quits, 'kay?
Frosty the Snowgirl's getting away [...] Do I hear a damsel in distress?
Great. So, we're about to be obliterated, but... at least we'll be dry.


Let me guess. We're all playing a game of tag and you're it?
Which life? I've got nine.
Two Ladybugs? I'm in heaven!
Ahhh... [Ladybug]'ll fall for me someday. It's just a matter of time.


These statues are amazing. One thing's slightly, off though — I'm actually taller than Ladybug.
Hey, don't mean to burst your bubble, but you know, Ladybug and me, we're a thing, you know?
Not only is that person a fake, he's a terrible fake!
Whoa! Easy, tigers! You've got the wrong cat! That thief's an impostor. I'm the real Cat Noir!
You know I'm innocent, don't you, Bugaboo?
Love me? ...You're right! She loves me! That's why she'll be able to reveal your true identity!
If you don't believe I'm the real Cat Noir, ask him about our love for each other. Have I ever lied to you, Bugaboo?
Better help the fellow out. His crush just got crushed. [...] That makes two of us.

The Pharaoh

That's crazy! What are the odds that we have the same textbook? Maybe we even go to the same school!
For one, ladies smell about a thousand times better than that cheese. And they're much better-looking.
Hiding behind an innocent bystander? You're weak, Pharaoh!
Why do I have to deal with these freaks while you get to slip calmly 'round back?
Ladybug: Because I'm the only one who can capture his akuma, and because you are the bravest one out of both of us!
Sure!... I know you don't really think that, but I'll pretend you do.

Lady Wifi

If Chloé is Ladybug like Alya said, then Lady Wifi's gonna head straight for her house!
So, what do you do when you're not Ladybug?
You're out of minutes, Lady Wifi!
Stay! I won't tell anyone who you are. Cat's honor.
That's the thing, Plagg, I wasn't thinking. I was following my heart.

The Evillustrator

I got wind that you were being blown away by a hairy situation.
Well, that guy looks pretty sketchy.
[The Evillustrator] sure has a way of illustrating his point.
Oh, this cat's got particle physics in the bag.
Whoo-hoo! I thought I was going to have to save you from that girl's claws. Get it? Claws? Hey, I haven't even introduced myself. I'm Cat Noir.
Gotta go. A superhero's work is never done. Damsels in distress, ladies in waiting... I've got a lot more saving to do. You can thank me later.
Well, well. Look what the cat dragged in!
Ladybug! This cat doesn't have nine lives!
I heard about your adventures with Cat Noir yesterday. Were you scared?


Hi Father, it's me. It's Parent's Career Day at school, remember? I was hoping that you were gonna show up. Call me back.
Exactly! You can't accuse someone without proof! We should go and defend ourselves in a Court of Law!
Something about Paris just makes you wanna dance.
I'd stick around, but then you'd see me without my mask and... you wouldn't be able to resist me.

Dark Cupid

I don't need a poem when I can tell [Ladybug] to her face... I love you.
I swore to myself that I'd tell you as soon as I saw you. Ladybug, I—I—look out!
Ladybug, I—I loathe you! You're nothing Ladybug, and nothing to me! I hate you!
I've often wondered what would happen if I used my Cataclysm on someone.
Whoa, hold up! Someone answered my poem? But I threw it away!


Chloé, seriously?
Here we go again...
Thanks, Rose!
I left Officer Jones' jacket back there! Should probably wear it in all the scenes.
Uh-uh; easier said than done, Ladybug! I tried to cut through the goo, but it's no good. Totally indestructible. So, looks like we're trapped inside the school for now. Just stay put and try to relax, guys.


Wow, Mr. D'Argencourt, I've never seen you on fire like this! That was some attack!
Seriously? How did I not see that coming?
Guys, do you only know heavy metal?
I was managing just fine by myself, you know, but it's always nice to see you.
So did I [become a knight]! What a "knight"mare!

The Mime

My dad's flaking, isn't he? Let me guess; something came up?
Nice ride, but if I were you, I would have at least made it a convertible.
But we're the cat-and-bug team, remember?
[The Mime] sure brings a whole new meaning to "silent but deadly".
A shoe box? Great. There better be some explosive boots in there or something.
Such a shame. I could have been your date in the play tonight, just you and me.

Princess Fragrance

Oh! Are you okay? Nothing broken?
P-U! Could we get a little fresh air in here?
Can we open the windows? This fish smell is even too much for a cat.
♫ Give me your miraculous! ♫

Ladybug & Cat Noir

I just wanna go to school like everybody else. What's so wrong with that? Please don't tell my father about all this.
It's not dangerous, Father. I'm always stuck in here by myself. Why can't I go out and make friends just like everybody else?
My dad's pranking me, right? Wait, he couldn't be; he has no sense of humor.
But I'm stuck here! I'm not even allowed to go to school! What good is a superhero who's imprisoned in his own house?
I bet you're the partner my kwami told me about. I'm... Cat Noir. Yeah, Cat Noir. And you?
Camembert cheese. Fantastic. All [Plagg] eats is Camembert, which means I'm gonna smell like stinky old cheese.


You don't get it Plagg, I've had enough of being shut up at home by my dad. I want to meet people and make friends! Go to a normal school like everyone else!
I've known Chloé ever since I was a little kid. I know she's not perfect, but I can't throw her under the bus. She's like my only friend.
M'Lady, have I ever told you you turn my world upside down?
No. [Roger]'s wrong, because without you, [Chloé]'d no longer be here. And because without us, they won't make it, and we'll prove that to 'em. Trust me on this. Okay?
Wow. Whoever she is beneath that mask, I love that girl.
Hey. I just wanted you to know that I was only trying to take the chewing gum off your seat. I swear. I've never been to school before. I've never had friends. It's all sort of... new to me.
Whatever. [Marinette]'s just a friend. Oh... a friend!


You're cool too, dude; trust me! Or you wouldn't be my best bud!
Sorry about that. How could we make it up to you? Any ideas, Nino? How about we all check out the...zoo today?
But first I wanted to take this opportunity to... tell you that I love you, Marinette.
Thanks. I've always wanted to smell like... Ocean Summer Breeze?
Well, I know of some other animals that'll soon be extinct — the cat and the ladybug!

Simon Says

We've got to get to my house, now! My father's in danger!
I couldn't keep him away. He's coming. He's got company. [...] Close off all exits! They're coming from every direction! Do as I say! Engage the self-defense system; we need total lockdown!
You're in danger, like everyone else. So stop pretending you're above us all and do what I tell you to!
Can I put on my clothes first?
My mother on her 17th birthday. She was pretty, huh? She's got your eyes.
Prefer Ladybug? Can't say I blame you.
Is [the ring] the only thing you've never noticed about me?


I think we've been like... digitized or something.
I'm gonna see if there's a way out down there. Don't go anywhere; could be dangerous.
It's my first live concert, ever! It's amazing!

Guitar Villain

Hey, Jagged! C'mon! Why don't you try to rock my world?
Huh, wow! The bug mastered the dragon!
I... wanted to ask if... I could get [my album cover]... autographed?

Kung Food

Alya called me. She said you needed someone who speaks Chinese? Well, here I am! Translator at your service.
Cheng Shifu isn't just a chef, Marinette — he's an artist! He told me he was gonna put flowers in his Celestial Soup. He said he improvises on fateful things that come his way. The flowers he mentioned must be the ones you gave him!
Japanese people make sushi, Chloé. Cheng Shifu is Chinese!
Mmm. It might taste good, but it's totally indestructible. Looks like we're trapped inside.
Seafood? This scampi happening. Let's see if you can carry a tuna!
I think the electricity between us short-circuited the elevator.
Nice work, M'Lady. Shall we go and find the head chef?


We? That was practically all you. You're amazing, Marinette. I guess you wouldn't even need me. I'm so lame compared to you.
I heard Miss Video Game Champion really took down the final boss.
Go on, Marinette. You're a hundred times better than me. You belong on the team. Win the tournament for the school. I know you can do it.


It's no big deal, Chloé! As long as we're all in the same photo, right?
This isn't gym class, you know, Chlo'.
Cataclysm! Huh? What? My Miraculous! It's gone!
My powers might be gone, but I can't just stand by and do nothing! [...] Who invented these [platform shoes]?
If you want your faces back, then listen up. Have you ever heard of safety in numbers?
These shoes are killer on the feet, M'Lady.
'Course it is [me]. Can't you tell by my swagger? Am I still the cat's meow or what?

The Puppeteer

Excuse me, sir, there's a... uh... cat loose on the train!
Breaking and entering are grounds for a serious time-out.
Don't let her make me a puppet! You know I like to be in command!
Good. And Ladybug, FYI, you can pull my heartstrings any day!


It's not gonna be easy to find someone we can't see.
Why didn't you listen to Chloé? She was only trying to help.
Never! Not with a fake like you! Ladybug and I are a team.
Sorry, but I don't take any orders from a mere copycat.
'Course. We're a team, aren't we?


[My father] hides stuff behind the painting of Mom?
Hawk Moth? What's this monster doing in a book about superheroes?
Looks like we have a new partner.
Excuse me, but it wasn't really quite a date, per se. I mean— what I meant was it could've become one, right? No need to get bent out of shape!
Ugh, that stubbornness, it's so... so... irresistible!
If [my father] finds out [his book]'s missing, I'll have something worse than Hawk Moth to deal with.

Season 2

Santa Claws

Check it out, Nathalie. Do you think [my father]'ll like all the decorations?
[My father]'s still only thinking of himself. I just want this terrible day to be over and done with. I hate Christmas!
I'm a sad, lonely kitty; won't anyone take pity?
It's my first Christmas without my mom, sir.
Put this [hat] on. The friend who gave it to me would want you to have it.
I've always dreamed of being your Santa Claus, M'Lady.
Merry Christmas, Mom.

The Collector

I... I just wanted to know what you were hiding behind that portrait that was so important. You.. you never told me about those things. I was intending to give [the Miraculous Spellbook] back to you, I swear! But then... I lost it.
I didn't know that. I hardly know anything about you, Father.
I've gotta find that book, or I'll never be allowed to return to school.
My father's angry because of me. He won't forgive me until I find that book.
It's time to get to the bottom of this.
So that must mean...Gabriel Agreste can't possibly be Hawk Moth, since he's been akumatized!
You were akumatized by Hawk Moth. But don't worry, it's over now!
I shouldn't have taken [the Miraculous Spellbook] without your permission.

Prime Queen

Wanna hear a secret? I love chouquettes.
I thought you decided to stand me up, M'Lady!
Don't listen to her. Bugaboo's just a spot jealous.
Uh, sorry. When duty calls... gotta get going!
That's the price of success, M'Lady, the price of stardom.
Wait! I wasn't planning on getting home so early! Why don't we get some ice cream? I know the purr-fect place!
There are many, many subway lines in Paris, which means a hundred and forty miles of rails. If we want to get there in time to save Chloé, I don't think we have a choice.
And we're about to kiss! Shame you're missing it!

Despair Bear

Urgh, wait. Excuse me, sir! It couldn't possibly be Marinette. Why would she disrupt her own father's cooking class?
And it doesn't bother you that everyone's being punished because of you?
Chloé. How long have you and I been friends? [...] Well, I'm sorry Chloé, but I can't be friends with someone who treats other people like this. You've gotta be nice to people. [...] Yes, nice. It's not that hard.
Well, I've known Chloé for a long time. She can be really cool, sometimes.
See? Chloé's on her best behavior tonight.
That's a very slippery dance floor.
I'm proud of you, Chloé. I think you've proven that you're capable of making an effort to be nicer to everyone.
Wow, this is really good. Your baking is good as your dancing.


Bend your knees, then stretch your left foot back, turned outwards. Perfect! Now, put your saber forward, like this.
Go on, Marinette. You're supposed to touch me.
All I did was lunge. You've got good reflexes!
With saber fencing, the attacker doesn't necessarily win the point even though he touched his opponent first. You took the initiative, so we say that you had priority. I can only parry or riposte, so I lose.
[Kagami]'s the only daughter belonging to a family of prestigious fencers. Her mother and grandfather were both world champions. I've read about them before! She and her mother just moved to Paris! How incredible!
I- I can't fight you like this! You're not... yourself.
Don't let her close in on you! Fight back!
Nobody's denying that [you're the best fencer]. My friend Marinette made a bad call earlier. [...] I'm sure Marinette wasn't trying to humiliate you.
It's time we went and joined Ladybug. [...] I've gotta help her!
A fencing tournament at the Louvre? How come I wasn't invited?
I was preening myself, M'Lady. You know how long it takes cats to get ready.
Maybe [Adrien] was feeling a little... claws-trophobic?
Yeah, I'm sorry. I figured it would be better to escape before Riposte came along. Besides, I... hate to be locked up.
Marinette can get flustered easily. She's kind and means well. She'd never cheat. Today was her first-ever experience with fencing.
Marinette? Yeah, of course! She's a very good friend, and you'll really like her too, once you get to know her.


Uh, uh... yes, Alya! I know a very good dentist and here's his number!
Hey, I never knew grandmas could be so nasty.
Eh, not convinced. I'm much more into black. Makes my eyes stand out, don't you think?
Hey, I thought fairies were supposed to be nice!
You must be a real cool girl if your friends are protecting you like that. So why's your grandma flipping out?
Don't worry. I promise to get your real grandma back safe. Oh, I almost forgot. Happy birthday, anyway.
Cat Noir comes, too, unexpectedly. Uh, how do you make that rhyme?
Can I hitch a ride? Your granddaughter isn't here. Let me show you the way.
I guess I'm a compulsive liar?
I always carry the lucky charm you gave me with me wherever I go, and I think it works pretty well. So... I figured it was my turn to make one for you.


One thing's for sure: Max's friend definitely has emotions!
You and I better play it safe. This robot's brain computes faster than ours combined.
Do you need subtitles? I speak several languages.
Aw, come on! She could've at least finished saying my name!
Doesn't Hawk Moth usually demand the Miraculous?

The Dark Owl

Online gaming battle? I'm free. [...] I forgot. I got Chinese class.
You're really going to get hurt one of these days. At least wear a helmet.
The principal Mr. Damocles has a good heart, but this is bound to end badly.
Of course! If we make [Mr. Damocles] a hero for a day like he always dreamed of, he'll be happy and quit playing this dangerous game. Spot on as usual, M'Lady! We just need to figure out how.
Sorry, Nino. Same as usual. But I should be free tomorrow.
By the way, say "hi" to Hawk Moth for us. Hope he enjoys his new toys!
See that? Reading comic books can actually save lives!
Cat vs. bird! Who do you think wins this fight?
Feline going to the movies?


Aw, don't be such a baby, Plagg!
Well, you're the biggest rugrat I've ever seen. [...] Let's go splish-splash, mega-baby. You can't catch me! Let's get our feet nice and wet. But we can't squish anyone, okay?
Are you kidding? We were just playing a fun game of tag!
Interesting idea, M'Lady. But how are we gonna get him [to the Eiffel Tower]? Don't you have a simpler plan? How about your Lucky Charm?
I have a great voice, you know? I'll meow you a serenade one of these days.
I loved playing with cars when I was a kid, too.
I hear your ice cream's the best in Paris, André.


I'm always ready, M'Lady. Who needs brakes when they've got us?
So, uh, Ladybug? What would you say if you and I met up tonight for a little dinner, rooftop style? [...] We're only together when we're saving Paris. I mean, wouldn't you actually like to get to know one another?
Then what's the point of keeping me here if [Father]'s never gonna show up, Nathalie?
Adrien may not be allowed out of the house, but Cat Noir is!
She loves me. She loves me not. She loves me. She loves me...[not]
No, I don't feel like being a superhero tonight. And I also don't feel like being alone tonight. Would you mind if I hung out here for a little while?
Seriously. I seem to have bad luck in the love department myself. [...] Well, tonight, I had this special surprise all planned for Ladybug.
[Ladybug] told me she might not make it but I had my fingers crossed. I really wanted her to come.
The sweethearts' ice cream guy? He isn't looking too sweet right now.
Sorry, Ladybug, it's not cool to play with people's feelings.
I get it, Ladybug. Your friendship means everything to me. You can keep the rose. It goes with your costume.
Perhaps Ladybug will love me someday. I mean, like I love her. I have to believe. In the meantime, her friendship is the best gift of all.


So you mean we've gotta catch 'em all?
Hey! Don't eat that ice cream or things'll get catastrophic!
Hurry up! My kung-fu's not enough!
Whoa! Who's this superhero friend of yours? No offense, but I thought I was the only one!
Well, sneaky fox, think you'll be as sneaky as a cat?
Welcome to our team! If you need any cool superhero tips, you know where to come!
I have a feeling working with you is gonna be a lot of fun!
Just think of the illusion you want to create. Stay focused!
Yeah, but it's okay if I see who you are. I can keep a secret.
Oh, don't worry. Sometimes it's even more absurd than this!
Looking forward to fighting villains with you again, Rena Rouge!


Father, there's something I'd like to talk to you...about. Can I have a few minutes of your time?
Thank you for saving me. People are going crazy over this ad. [...] I don't know about [it being 'awesome']. In fact it's really quite... embarrassing?
Actually I–I snuck out without permission. I'm supposed to be home right now and—
I'm so sorry I got you in this crazy mess, Marinette. Plus, now everyone thinks you're my girlfriend!
How can anything bad happen...with my Marinette lucky charm?
Actually, this is where I was heading when those crazed fans suddenly showed up. Thanks to you, my father won't find out.
I am. With my bodyguard or Nathalie, of course. But I'm not sure my father would've allowed me to see this particular movie. [...] It's a very rare movie that I've never been able to see. It's not on the Internet and my father's hidden the only DVD somewhere at home. See, my mother played the leading role. [...] It's only being shown once. Today, in this theater. I couldn't talk to my father about it, so I decided to sneak out, unnoticed. [...] Oh well. At least I'll get to see it. Not to mention this is the first time I've ever come to the movies with a friend.
Stop! I'm the one you wanted. Leave them alone!
[I'll] always [trust you, Ladybug]!
I can't [transform], Plagg! Not in the open like this! I'm sure Ladybug has a plan. I trust her!
I just knew I could count on you, M'Lad— um, Ladybug.
You're about to transform back. So you should just leave me here, and I'll stay hidden while I wait for Cat Noir to turn up.
Why don't you pick on someone your own size? Don't worry, "Adrien", I won't let [Gorizilla] touch a hair on your head!
This is Cat Noir Express Deliveries. Did you order a giant beast, M'Lady?
I knew I could count on you. I'm sorry I had to ask you to stand in for me earlier. You must think I'm not very brave.
If you can manage to stop running after me screaming, I'm sure we can be good friends!
I'm sorry, Father. I tried to talk to you, but you were so busy. In fact, I always feel like you don't want to talk at all, so—

Captain Hardrock

I'm just doing the same exercises over and over again. I think I could make better progress if I could just play with other musicians. After all, music's meant to be shared with other people, don't you think?
I just wanted to go to my friend's concert, Plagg!
I may be grounded Plagg, but they're playing my song.
I'll be purr-fect, as long as I stay dry.
Thanks, M'Lady. Any longer and I would've been fish food.
Oh, not much. You just had a bout of... seasickness. Time to raise the sails M'Lady.
Would you like to play this piece with me, Father, as a duet? [...] Please Father, if I'm not allowed to go to my friends' concert, at least grant me this.
Whoa, an original ZX20.4, I love the sound of this instrument. [...] I know how to play it.


There's no way I can wear this! [...] No, Plagg. I mean that everyone's gonna realize that I'm the real Cat Noir!
If they see me with this mask on, they're all gonna recognize me for sure! I can't wear it! Right. Now I'm gonna try to act as lame as I possibly can. Hopefully they'll have no choice but to replace me.
Chloé, everyone has to audition. You know that!
Do you mind if I join the dance?
Yeah, you're right. We have to rhyme. Not so easy, um...all the time?
Dancing fight moves...? Like my Capoeira grooves!
Your math is crazy. Count again, M'Lady.
I almost made a serious boo-boo. But I didn't, thanks to you!
Let's cut a rug, M'Ladybug!
You're feeling unsteady. You know you've lost already!
Yeah, I prefer this version, too. I couldn't have pulled off playing Cat Noir.


Come on, guys, you wouldn't eat one of your cousins, would ya?
So you're allowed to know [Rena Rouge's] true identity, but I'm not? [...] So what's my role, then? The guy who's always left in the dark? What else are you hiding from me?
"Hey, Cat Noir, do you trust me?" "Sure, Ladybug; do you trust me, too?" "Are you kidding? I will never trust you! Ha ha ha ha!" You must know what Ladybug's hiding from me, Plagg.
Pity. Just when I was about to order you some very tasty cheese. Have you ever sampled La Trappe d'Échourgnac? It says here it tastes like walnuts. [...] Did you know about the Fourme de Montbrison? Apparently, it's the oldest cheese in the world. [...] Yes...and do you know why its rind is orange? Because they age it on special boards of spruce wood. [...] Which one do you prefer, the Tomme de Bouche, or the Saintignon?
Tome de Quraish with truffles; raw milk Camembert, aged on vine leaves marinated in Emmental juice...
Cats aren't exactly crazy about water either, you know. Is there any chance you can get us a submarine?
...say anything. Yeah, I know. But we are a team, aren't we? I'm tired of all these secrets.
If you don't tell me what Ladybug is hiding from me, I'm done! [...] Why not? No one'll know if I quit. No one'll care!
The three of us can go together [to the movies]. I'll even share my popcorn.
How cool! I always wanted a goldfish!
Thank you for keeping your promise, M'Lady.


I'm so lucky to get a teacher like [Miss Bustier] for my first year in school.
[The zombies]'re contagious! Don't let yourselves get kissed!
Come on, don't be ridiculous. How else will we work under the radar?
Sorry, guys, no autographs this time!
Hey guys, I'm all for our French greetings, but let's hold off on the kisses for now, huh?
You should know the answer to that, M'Lady. I can do anything.
I've mastered every car and racetrack in Extreme Racing 3, but there are no buses in that game.
There's nothing we can do for [Alya]. Come on!
It doesn't matter that we're the only ones left, Bugaboo, since you'll fix it all in the end anyway.
I'll just stay here and chill, M'Lady. If we're going to end up kissing, then I'd rather do it after you save us, okay? [...] You're the only one who can fix this for us. No arguing now!


And then we won't have to keep secrets from each other anymore. We'll be united, more powerful and free. We'll defeat Hawk Moth. Then we can both run away... to an island, far away from everything! We'll live off nothing but fruits, and we'll have a little pet hamster and we'll name it—
Do you ever get the feeling that you're stuck, Kagami? That no matter what you do.. it's the same old story over and over again? That things'll never.. ever change?
No, no way; Ladybug's the only one I love, but... [...] Why should it be different with Kagami?... Must not have the right technique, that's all...
Yes, Father. I'm heading out for a one-on-one lesson with my strongest partner: Kagami.
I don't know what to do about Kagami. Should I offer to hold her hand?
My feline instincts prefer to track and observe before I attack. You go your way, I'll go mine. [...] There may be a certain chill now between us. [...] We don't always have to do everything together, after all. It's not like we're a couple.
My Cataclysm could destroy his skates but he'd have to be up in the air. You were right, M'Lady. We're gonna have to set a trap.
No, I just want [Philippe] to be happy. And I'm not changing my target, even if it means failing over and over again, 'cause one day I will succeed and hit it.

Style Queen

I feel awkward.
Marinette, everything's gonna be fine. Your hat looks great; I think it's awesome; so does my father. Otherwise he wouldn't have picked it for me.
My father isn't here!
Oh, the fashion show! My father is gonna worry about me.
Thank you, Ladybug. For the lift and also... for saving my life.


It's time for Cat Noir to cook up a plan at the bakery!
Hey everyone, let me take care of this. It'll be a piece of cake!
Good to see you, Bugaboo. Looks like we're gonna break bread today, huh?
Aw, my poor Bugaboo! Another supervillain fan has literally glued themselves to you. Sorry to disappoint, but I'm the only one to stick to M'Lady!
I already know who you are. You're the girl of my dreams.
I'm glad to have you as one of my fans.

Queen Wasp

I'll be able to model for you!
Isn't this awesome for Marinette, Chloé?
Chloé... what are you doing?!
I hope Chloé doesn't do anything foolish.
Need a helping paw?
Thanks for your co-operation, people. Please, keep on being paw-some and evacuate the station calmly.
Did you... lose a Miraculous?
Wherever [Chloé] is, she must've transformed back by now.
You know I'm all yours, M'Lady. We just have to find out how to capture [the akuma] without getting stung.
I know that you did the things you did to impress your mother[, Chloé].
Show everyone how exceptional you can be.


It's rude to spy on people.
I forgot my fencing gloves. Since traffic's so bad, I'll go get them and catch up with you on foot.
Awesome costume! Hah! Too bad we'll have to tear it up!
Oh, yeah, I'm so scared. Come on, M'Lady, let's wrap this up.
What!? You wanna face him again? I really don't wanna fight that bad guy. He looks so mean...
Whoa, you drive like a maniac!
Does this mean we have to take another cab?
You’re a public health hazard!
You’re right M’Lady. Our powers may be all screwed up, but we still make a great team.
Cool. Feels good to be ourselves again.


Someday I hope I'll find someone I can share everything with... like [Alya and Nino] do. But until my father starts letting me go out more often, that probably won't be happening.
You know how overprotective [my father] is. One day he'll realize I'm not a child anymore, but we're not quite there yet.
Nino, you don't stand a chance against Anansi; she's way too strong.
Whoa! It's beautiful. Thank you, guys. Marinette, behind you! I saw something go by; what was it?
Uh… uh… I think my wifi is losing signal.
All those arms, that's convenient. But you destroyed my scratching post.
Oh… uh… M'Lady? I think I got myself into a sticky situation.
Technically speaking, spiders don't actually eat cats.
On your left; no, on your right. No, the other right!
You're not really replacing me with a turtle, are you?


Uh… no. I think it’s terrible! How can you celebrate a thing like [Chloé leaving Paris]?
Nobody's useless, not even Chloé. When I was little and wasn't allowed out, she was the only friend I had. [...] She left angry and unhappy. I can't celebrate that.
Hey, you! Do you have a demolition permit for this school?
It’s time we impeach him and declare him powerless!
Sorry, M'Lady. Feel like I was pretty useless this time around.
It was really cool of you to put this party together for Chloé.


What's going on?! Plagg! Wake up! Plagg! No! Who turned you into a sock?
Nathalie! Father! Can anybody hear me?!
Help me! Father!
Plagg! I'm so relieved you're not a sock, but you better have a good excuse.
M'Lady! Tonight's been a total nightmare… until you showed up.
Losing [my powers] is not what I'm afraid of.
You don't scare me! You're just a stupid dream.
That's what happens when you let kids watch anything they want on TV.
You're the lady of my dreams.
I know what it's like to have your freedom restricted, Plagg. You don't need to pretend to be a sock.


Plagg! Do you really have to eat [Camembert] so early in the morning?
Today I plan to give my fencing classmates a lesson in Chinese and my Chinese classmates a lesson in fencing.
Marinette! This is awesome! My father gave me permission to come to your tasting! [...] You didn't bake enough pastries for me, is that it?
You're a true hero, [Plagg].
No way I was gonna miss this party, M'Lady. Especially with all these guests.
Know what? I'm sure I can find Ladybug a much better Queen Bee.
It’s only like ten villains to every one of us. Who wants Hawk Moth? How 'bout we rock-paper-scissors for it?


Yes, we are [prepared]! We've already fought them all and won! And there are five of us this time!
And we've got a better idea! You're gonna give us your Miraculous!
Simple plan then. Go for the big bad boss.
Hawk Moth is using Dark Cupid to create all the negative emotions he needs.
I don't see how we're going to get out of this one, M'lady. [...] Pretty cataclysmic situation, huh?
Like you said, we can't lose hope. People are relying on us.
Then let's go back to what's always worked. A duo. You and me against the world, M'Lady.
It's gonna take a lot of time to de-akumatize all these villains one by one.
Whatever your wish it can only be evil judging the by all the havoc you wreak.
Oh no. My father wants me to attend a charity event he's throwing. I can't stay.
I wanted to tell you. Rose was right earlier. You're always helping people. Like that day you helped Juleka overcome her class photo curse. or when you partnered Nathaniel and Marc together to make that comic book. Or when you helped me get to the movies so that I could see my mother on the screen. That's why everyone jumped at the chance to help you with the picnic. So today, it was our turn to help you. You're our everyday Ladybug. Have a good evening, Super-Marinette.

Miraculous Secrets

Ladybug as seen by Adrien

I have to write something more... smart? But I can't make jokes, [Ladybug] doesn't like that, which makes no sense because my puns are on point. I find them to be extremely funny!
Nobody can know who I really am, not even the one I love.
Maybe it's best that I tell [Ladybug] nothing, then, for now, at least. But I'll find something, and someday, I'll tell her the truth.

Adrien's Double Life

I sometimes model for [my father], posing for his advertising campaigns. I don't hate it, but I won't make a career out of it. Actually, I mostly do it to make my father happy. Ever since Mom disappeared, he hasn't been the same. So, I try to be there for him.

Miraculous Adventures

Issue 2

You've chosen the Cat Noir express, which comes with a free delivery of paw blows on supervillains' behinds. Thank you for your trust!
Oh no! You've ruined that delicious ice cream! Honestly, who would want to taste a chocolate and sardine cone?!
Couldn't you have conjured up a rubber dinghy, at the very least?
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