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Adrien Agreste is a teenage boy who was chosen by Master Wang Fu to wield the Cat Miraculous and become the superhero Cat Noir.

Before Season 1

Adrien was home-schooled for his entire life. He lived in the Agreste mansion with his mother and father. At this time, his only friend was Chloé Bourgeois. His mother went missing within nine months before Adrien was allowed to go to school. This changed his father, making him more distant. Adrien started modeling in order to get closer to him.

Season 1


In "Ladybug & Cat Noir (Origins - Part 1)", Adrien ran away from home and tried to go to school against his father's orders. He almost made it inside the school, but he was followed by Nathalie and his bodyguard. He tried to plead with them to let him go to school. Before he could run inside, he saw an old man struggling to get up from the sidewalk, his cane out of reach. Adrien handed the man his cane and was forced to return home. Nathalie was home-schooling him when Gabriel scolded him for leaving the safety of the mansion.

Upset, Adrien ran to his room. When he felt the ground shake, he ran outside, saw Stoneheart throw a van at Agent Roger, and turned on the news in his room to learn more. Then, he noticed a black box on his coffee table. Opening it, a flash of light entered the room and he met Plagg, After chasing Plagg around his room, he put on the Cat Miraculous and transformed into a superhero. Eager, Adrien didn't listen to all of Plagg's instructions. He left his room, jumping with his baton across Paris.

Getting the hang of walking on his baton, Adrien fell off it when Ladybug fell from the sky and crashed into him. When they were untangled, he ran off to fight Stoneheart and she followed. At the Parc des Princes, Cat Noir stopped Stoneheart from attacking Kim, saved Alya from being hurt, and misused Cataclysm on a soccer goal. Ladybug and Cat Noir took down Stoneheart and turned him back into Ivan. Cat Noir returned to his house before he detransformed. Adrien tried feeding Plagg food his personal chef provided, but Plagg only accepted Camembert, much to Adrien's annoyance. That wasn't the only thing that brought him down: because Ladybug didn't capture the akuma, it multiplied and affected innocent Parisian citizens, turning them into Stonehearts. Even worse, Cat Noir couldn't repair the damage nor capture the akuma. Adrien frowned, thinking.

OR-2 (418)

In "Stoneheart (Origins - Part 2)", the next day, Adrien snuck out of the house again, complained about Plagg's Camembert addiction, and made it to school before Nathalie could catch him. Chloé led him around the school and he signed autographs for the people who asked. When Chloé put gum on Marinette's seat, he tried to remove it, but Marinette was mad and made him stop. Nino, seeing Adrien's predicament, decided to become Adrien's friend.

When Stoneheart busted down Miss Bustier's classroom's door and took Chloé and Mylène captive, Adrien ran from the room and transformed into Cat Noir. He hit Stoneheart and caused him to grow. Stoneheart called in the other Stonehearts and they attacked Cat Noir, letting the original Stoneheart walk away. When one of the Stonehearts threw a car at Alya, Cat Noir he threw his staff at the car, keeping it from killing her. However, this led to him being captured. Ladybug freed him when she gave him his staff. They went to the original Stoneheart who was on the Eiffel Tower.

Ladybug didn't feel like she could succeed in taking down Stoneheart; she failed once and the police didn't trust her but Cat Noir encouraged her to try again. When Hawk Moth told him to give up his Miraculous, Ladybug stepped up and captured all the akumas creating his face. She then promised that Ladybug and Cat Noir would defend Paris and keep them safe. It was in that moment that he decided that he loved the girl under the mask. He followed Ladybug up the Eiffel Tower to free Mylène and fought off the other Stonehearts while Ladybug figured out what to do with her Lucky Charm. When Ladybug made Stoneheart drop his akumatized object, Cat Noir threw it up to her so that she could free the akuma. He used Cataclysm so that he could catch Ivan. After all the damage was fixed he couldn't wait to see Ladybug again and leaves.

The next day, Adrien went to school with permission from his father. He apologized to Marinette for the gum incident and explained he was only trying to help her. Happy that he was forgiven and made a new friend, he went home.

TB Adrien with scarf

In "The Bubbler", it is Adrien's birthday. He wanted to have a birthday party, but his father wouldn't let him. Nino tried to convince Gabriel to give Adrien a birthday party, but he failed and was banished from the Agreste mansion. After lunch, Adrien went outside the mansion to find all of his classmates gathered in the courtyard and an akumatized Nino hovering above everyone on a bubble. Adrien ran inside to transform, but Plagg convinced him to enjoy himself and that party.

Adrien listened to Plagg's advice and joined the party. At first, he didn't notice how miserable everyone else was, but when Ladybug showed up, he ran of to transform. Cat Noir fought with Ladybug against Bubbler, but Bubbler surrounded them with red bubbles, turned them green, and captured the heroes. Cat Noir demanded Bubbler bring the adults back, but that only angered Bubbler; they were sent skyward. Cat Noir used Cataclysm to escape from the bubble, threw his baton at the Eiffel Tower, and let Ladybug swing them back to the ground. They returned to the Agreste mansion, but it was too late; the students were sent skyward. Cat Noir and Ladybug chased Bubbler up the Eiffel Tower. Cat Noir distracted Bubbler with a broken air vent until Ladybug captured his akuma.

Back at the Agreste mansion, Adrien opened the gift Marinette left, believing it to be from his father. He wore the scarf to school the next day, very happy with the results.

MP (932)

In Mr. Pigeon", Adrien was in a fashion design competition as one of the prizes; he would model the hat that won the competition. He saw Marinette's designs and was excited for her work. When Mr. Pigeon attacked Paris with his pigeons, Adrien transformed into Cat Noir and helped Ladybug. He acted like bait to get Mr. Pigeon's attention and was carried away. When Ladybug followed, they were trapped in a cage until Cat Noir freed them with Cataclysm.

They ran inside Le Grand Paris and Cat Noir fed Plagg. He followed Ladybug to the Grand Palais where they found the park keepers trapped inside. Ladybug planned on Cat Noir grabbing the bird call, but Cat Noir's allergies kicked in, leading to Ladybug and Cat Noir brawling against Mr. Pigeon and his pigeon fists. Ladybug's Lucky Charm turned the pigeons against Mr. Pigeon, leaving him defenseless. They smashed the bird call, Ladybug purified the akuma, and the city returned to normal. With less than an hour left to the end of the competition, Adrien returned to the school, showed his father around, and congratulated Marinette when she proved her hat was her own design, beat Chloé, and won the competition.

SW Coldilocks

In "Stormy Weather", Adrien had a photoshoot in the park. He saw Marinette and Alya when Manon interrupted the shoot by shouting at Marinette. Stormy Weather attacked the park in the middle of the shoot. Adrien ran off and transformed into Cat Noir. He confronted Stormy Weather but was blown away. Ladybug helped him to his feet and stopped him from flirting with her. They fought Stormy Weather but she blew them away twice and trapped them in a bus.

When they freed themselves, they ran to the KIDZ+ studio. They broke down the door, but she wasn't there; it was a trap. Stormy Weather turned off the lights and ran to the rooftop. Because Cat Noir had night vision, he led Ladybug to the roof. Cat Noir defended themselves from the falling hail while Ladybug figured out what to do with her Lucky Charm. He summoned Cataclysm and took down a billboard. Stormy Weather blasted a hole through the billboard before it could crash into her. Ladybug wrapped her yo-yo around Stormy Weather's ankle, preventing her from escaping. Ladybug pulled her back to the ground and she lost her umbrella. Cat Noir threw it to Ladybug and she broke it, purifying the akuma and returning the city to normal. Adrien returned to the park and finished the photo shoot with Manon as his partner.

TK CN Starting to fade

In "Timebreaker", Adrien was at the Trocadéro to watch Alix's and Kim's race. He liked Marinette's banner. When Marinette dropped Alix's watch, he caught it, but Chloé grabbed it, dropped it, broke it, and led to Alix's akumatization. He transformed into Cat Noir and avoided Timebreaker's touch, but ended up disappearing when he protected Ladybug.

In the past, Adrien didn't remember disappearing and was excited when he worked with two Ladybugs. The Ladybugs summoned their Lucky Charms and came up with a plan to stop the Timebreakers while Cat Noir distracted them by using Cataclysm. Future Ladybug wrapped the Timebreakers' ankles together while Past Ladybug created a ramp that flung them in the air. The Ladybugs break the rollerskates, release the akumas, and cleanse the city, merging the two Ladybugs and Timebreakers. When Ladybug left, Cat Noir was determined to make her fall for him.

CC (486)

In "Copycat", Adrien was at fencing practice at the school when he left to go to the locker room, found a new voicemail from an unrecognized number on his phone, and found Plagg had eaten all of his Camembert. Noticing the time, Adrien and Plagg transformed into Cat Noir and hurried over to the statue ceremony in the park. At the ceremony, Cat Noir proceeded to boast about himself, saying he was the better of the duo and that they were in a relationship. This made Théo Barbot very jealous.

After the ceremony, Cat Noir returned to the school and detransformed. Adrien grabbed his bag and went home, but immediately returned to the school because his phone was missing. On the way, he saw a news report about Cat Noir stealing the Mona Lisa. Adrien and Plagg transformed again and went to the Louvre to help, but were caught by police. Cat Noir escaped and told Ladybug he was innocent. The police chased him through Paris until he went in a subway system. He came out on the other side as Adrien. Plagg guessed the thief was akumatized and Adrien agreed with him. They transformed again and went to Théo's studio where Cat Noir was trapped by Copycat. Ladybug arrived and freed Cat Noir with Copycat's Cataclysm. Using a spoon, Cat Noir and Ladybug defeated Copycat and returned the city (and the Mona Lisa) to normal. Adrien returned to the school, but his phone wasn't there. The next day, Adrien found his phone in his bag. Nino invited him to the movies that night, and Alya and Marinette tagged along.

PH S01EP06 (256)

In "The Pharaoh", Adrien was watching the Ladyblog's most recent update, discussing with Plagg the possibility that Ladybug went to his school and girls being better than cheese. When he saw Alya's new livestream, he immediately transformed into Cat Noir and went to the Louvre. He arrived just as the Pharaoh was trying to leave. Before he could land a hit on the Pharaoh, he was thrown into a sarcophagus. The Pharaoh escaped with Alya while Ladybug freed Cat Noir. They were still trapped in the room, so Cat Noir used Cataclysm to break the bars of the exhibit. He left Ladybug to detransform and feed Plagg cheese.

When Plagg was filled up, he transformed again and freed Ladybug from a time-shifting bubble. He then went to distract all the mummies and give Ladybug time to save Alya. It didn't work. Ladybug and Cat Noir trapped the mummies in a bus. Sometime before this, he used Cataclysm again. Cat Noir watched as Ladybug saved Alya for a second time and returned the city to normal. He went home after that to study for a history test the next day.

LW S01EP07 (677)

In "Lady Wifi", Adrien was late to an akumatized villain battle, but he helped Ladybug defeat the villain. The next day in class, Adrien found out about Alya's theory of Chloé being Ladybug. When Lady Wifi appeared on screen, Adrien ran from the school, transformed into Cat Noir, and staked out Le Grand Paris to protect Chloé. When Lady Wifi appeared in Chloé's room, Cat Noir and Ladybug entered her room and fought Lady Wifi. After Chloé was freed, they led Lady Wifi down to the basement to trap her, but she caught on to what they were planning and set up a trap of her own in Le Grand Paris' restaurant.

Cat Noir was separated from Ladybug but managed to get back to her and saw that she was trapped against a kitchen wall. Then, he was thrown and trapped in a freezer and the impact made the Cat Miraculous fall off Adrien's hand, forcing him to detransform. Luckily, he found his ring and transformed before Ladybug could free him, thus protecting his identity. Seeing that she used her Lucky Charm, he listened to Ladybug's plan and hurried to defeat Lady Wifi before Ladybug detransformed. He destroyed the WiFi antenna on the roof, cutting Lady Wifi's powers off. The two fought hand to hand until Ladybug showed up. They defeated Lady Wifi, captured her akuma, and returned the city to normal. With only a minute left on her Miraculous, Cat Noir followed Ladybug downstairs. She hid in a closet and detransformed. Instead of looking, Cat Noir closed the door, ran outside and detransformed. In his heart, Adrien wanted to know who she was; she was right there, but he had not been thinking clearly. Adrien and Plagg returned home for the night.

EV S01EP08 (456)

In "The Evillustrator", Adrien was partnered with Alya and Nino for their particle physics presentation. Then went to the library after class to research the presentation, but was interrupted when Chloé was attacked by several berets and a hairdryer. Hiding behind a bookcase, he transformed into Cat Noir and helped Ladybug take down the hairdryer. They tried taking down the villain too, but he got away. Instead, Ladybug and Cat Noir went to Le Grand Paris to investigate why the Evillustrator was after Chloé. After Ladybug left in an angry huff, Cat Noir was left behind to guard Chloé. Later, Ladybug called him and told him to guard Marinette while she was on her date with the Evillustrator.

He went to Marinette's house, introducing himself to her and telling her not to worry about that evening; all she had to do was take the Evillustrator's stylus. He followed Marinette and the Evillustrator along the shoreline of La Seine. When they passed under the Pont Marie, he boarded the boat, he was heard by Evillustrator. Cat Noir blocked the Evillustrator from going after Marinette in order to get his stylus back, but the villain kicked Cat Noir's staff away, knocking the stylus out of her hand. Cat Noir tried to attack him, but was trapped in a cube with Marinette and left on a sinking ship. Marinette helped Cat Noir remove the cube and together, they escaped. After leaving Marinette safely on the streets by La Seine, he went to Le Grand Paris and Ladybug met him there. Together, they protected Chloé and took down the Evillustrator. The next day at school, Adrien asked Marinette what she thought about Cat Noir and him protecting her. She stuttered and stumbled over her words, but her overall impression of Cat Noir was positive. He patted her shoulder and left for class.

RC S01EP09 (522)

In "Rogercop", Adrien attended Career Day presentations at school and called his father but was sad that he wasn't coming and went back inside the classroom. After an accident, Chloé's bracelet got stuck on Plagg's head noticing Plagg by his feet the two left the room. Once out Adrien wanted an explanation because of the predicament they're in; meanwhile he tried to get the bracelet off him to no avail. However when Rogercop attacked Adrien attempted to transform but Plagg warned him if the bracelet gets absorbed his powers will be damaged. But thanks to some quick thinking he manages to free Plagg and they transform. Then, Cat Noir and Ladybug fought and followed Rogercop to City Hall. But soon they have police turned on them and yet manage to escape. By nightfall, hearing that they're now wanted felons the cat had the idea to defend themselves in a court of law. However, the heroine had another idea Cat Noir distracted the guards so Ladybug could sneak inside and after the guards were finished he joins her. Together using Cataclysm to trap the villain and a pair of oven mitts they defeat Rogercop and seeing that Cat Noir's transformation is about to wear off he says that Ladybug wouldn't be able to resist him with his mask off before leaving.

DC S01EP10 (1137)

In "Dark Cupid", during school Adrien attempted to write a love poem to Ladybug but threw it away and went home. While in his room, he moped over who Ladybug could be but Plagg comments that he knew nothing about her. Adrien counters back saying Plagg knew nothing about love, then wanting to confess his love they transformed into Cat Noir. Once he found Ladybug, Cat Noir tried to reveal his love for her but before he could he saw Dark Cupid preparing to fire an arrow and turns her around taking the hit instead. Being under the affect of the arrow he turned against her and teamed up with Dark Cupid. The cat caught up with Ladybug trying to fight her when the heroine asked why was he full of hate because he believed hate conquers all but seeing her intentions he fled in fear until Ladybug tied him down trying in vain to kiss Cat Noir until Dark Cupid frees him. As the fight continues Cat Noir attempted to use Catalysm on Ladybug as he always wondered what would happen if his power was used on someone.

Ladybug barely avoids it but Cat Noir pinned her down while being distracted he got kissed by her breaking the spell. After Dark Cupid was defeated, he tried to tell Ladybug something thinking he remembered what happened she tried to explain but Cat Noir didn't remember the kiss and to wanted to confess his love but due to his time being almost up the duo parted ways. Adrien returned home ashamed of how cruel he was being to Ladybug then he noticed someone answered his poem but saw it wasn't signed. Noticing a ladybug, Adrien believed that it might have come from the heroine he swoons over believing he still has a chance to win her love.

HF S01EP11 (875)

In "Horrificator", Adrien played the leading role Officer Jones in a monster movie the class was preparing for a film contest but there are complications when Mylene runs away out of fear. Needing a new actress Chloé takes over and with rewritten script Adrien tried to back away from her who tried to kiss him but was intervened by Alya and Marinette. Then, he worked with Marinette who was the temporary leading actress and moved into the kissing scene but was stopped by Chloé. Afterwards, they all heard a scream and found pink slime realizing what it meant Adrien thought of a quick excuse claiming he left something behind. With Adrien's whereabouts covered he transformed into Cat Noir meeting up with Ladybug, the hero explained that the slime was indestructible. While he and Ladybug protected the other students they started looking for villain during their fight against Horrificator they discovered that the monster feeds off of fear and that it's Mylene.

They followed the villain to the maintenance room where Cat Noir and Ladybug found the captured students but couldn't free them. Using Cataclysm on the bars the hero was able to trap Horrificator, using his staff as a pair of drumsticks and makeshift drums. He followed Ladybug's lead in calming the villain down, with that Ladybug purified the akuma and freed the school. Afterwards, when their movie doesn't make the cut Adrien comforted Nino by saying all great directors start from nothing.

DB S01EP12 (208)

In "Darkblade", after dealing with an akuma attack Adrien went to school and during their free time he heard from Alya that Marinette is running for class representative. He said he'll give Marinette his vote if she can give a good speech, sometime later during the middle of his fencing class Adrien gets defeated by his instructor's finishing move being impressed. But shortly after his lesson his fencing teacher got akumatized into Darkblade and he transforms into Cat Noir. Then, the hero fought against the villain and his knights all the way to the Pont des Arts but lost his staff and was outnumbered with nowhere else to go Cat Noir pretended to off the bridge but heard the knights heading for City Hall.

Cat Noir met the knights there and was ready for round two but got cornered until he was rescued by Ladybug. They did their best to protect City Hall to discover that the knights were after flag despite their efforts Darkblade got his banner. The hero refused to give up and challenged Darkblade to one more duel this time he defeats the villain's finishing move and thanks to a windup toy Cat Noir tossed the sword to Ladybug where the heroine captured the akuma, cleansed the city and left to detransform. Back inside Adrien claimed like Marinette he was turned into a knight too. Then, heard that Marinette's diary was stolen and her speech about being elected by fair means. By the next day Adrien cheered for Marinette who won the election.

File:TM (536).png

In "The Mime", Adrien was heading over to the mime performance show but was disappointed that his father wasn't coming until his bodyguard slams on the breaks and they were attacked by The Mime. He was told by Ladybug to get to safety but was briefly distracted by her beauty; once Adrien separates himself from his bodyguard and Natalie he transforms into Cat Noir. However, the fight was cut short when The Mime puts them in a cage and a huffy Cat Noir tried to ram the bars but they disappeared before he could. They quickly chased down The Mime to discover he's after the theater troupe bus, Cat Noir worked as a distraction while Ladybug tried to get his hat and get everyone to safety. Once they stopped the cat gets locked in a sword fight with the villain until he gets pinned but with a quick assist from Ladybug he got away.

With a shoe box and using villain's powers against him they were able to trap The Mime, capture the akuma and cleanse the city. Cat Noir noticed that Ladybug is about to transform back and was bummed that he couldn't be her date to the performance. After that Adrien detransformed and attended the performance happy that he wasn't going to be alone when Alya and Marinette were seated next to him. Once the show ends Adrien returned home.

File:PF (422).png

In "Princess Fragrance", after dealing with The Magician of Misfortune Adrien detransforms and went to school but missed his Chemistry Class. Once he arrived Adrien saw that Marinette trip down the stairs but managed to catch her and asks if she was okay. Then, he went home watching Prince Ali's event from his room but saw Princess Fragrance attacking and quickly transformed into Cat Noir. He went to the Le Grand Paris Hotel after a quick confrontation with the villain the hero tried to get Prince Ali out of Paris but ended up under the affects of Princess Fragrance's perfume becoming her minion. When Ladybug finally arrived, Cat Noir fought against her and tried to use Cataclysm but ended up using it on the fireworks control panel box on an upcoming boat. After that Ladybug pulled the cat into the river, when he got out Cat Noir was licking himself dry until the Miraculous Ladybug power returned him to normal and wondered where Ladybug was.


In "Animan", Adrien saw Nino eyeing Marinette and Alya from a distance and was informed that Nino had a crush on Marinette. Then, comes with Nino as support so he can ask Marinette to the zoo but not wanting to be alone Adrien gets asked by Nino to come with him and he agrees. At the zoo, Adrien stayed hidden but remained in contact with Nino by ear communicator, when Plagg wanted to hear more Adrien hushed him. In the midst of him coaching Nino, Adrien heard that message got scrambled and was shocked that Nino had a crush on Alya. Seeing the animal stampede Adrien transforms into Cat Noir and confronted Animan with Ladybug who was after Kim. He attempted to grab the charm but seeing the other animals the duo quickly retreats.

While running the heroes attempted to put the animals back in their cages but saw that wasn't going to work. On higher ground they moved back to the original plan but discovered that Animan had escaped. The duo quickly find Kim and Animan on the bridge after he was restrained Cat Noir placed a tracer on Kim but when the villain escaped again they followed Kim to Marinette's parents bakery. Once inside they planned their next move but not before he eyed Marinette's family picture. Using Kim's wristband and air freshener to cover their scent, the cat noticed a tissue box and wanted to trap him but it would only work until he got bigger. They decided to use a nearby bus, upon hearing Animan they hid and caught him but his transformation into a panther caused Cat Noir and Ladybug to flee leading him into the bus. Upon fighting him they discovered that each transformation tired Animan out using Cataclysm on the bus console they waited until the villain got tired to grab the akuma.

Which worked until Animan changed into a T-Rex causing them to seek cover. While Cat Noir worked as a distraction Ladybug restrained him but when he moved in to grab the charm he almost got chomped. When Cat Noir realized what Ladybug was trying to do he watched in horror as his partner was eaten filled with anger the hero was prepared to fight but relieved to see Ladybug safe. After cleansing the city he embraced her before leaving.

SS (982)

In "Simon Says", Adrien came to the Challenge tv studio to support Nino who was performing in the contest then came across a hypnotist named Simon who wanted to meet him. All goes well until Simon got akumatized into Simon Says seeing the trouble he transforms into Cat Noir and heard that the villain is after his father. After dealing with some of Simon Says' minions he meets up with Ladybug and Nino who's looking for Adrien, Cat Noir tried to dissuade them but seeing Nino's concern the hero says he'll meet her at the Agreste Mansion and detransforms then went home with Nino and Ladybug. Once there he tried to warn his father that he's in danger after Adrien makes excuse he transforms into Cat Noir and warns Ladybug that Simon Says' army is closing in. He told Gabriel that they needed to board the defenses and having enough of the man's stubbornness Cat Noir confidently tells him that he's in danger like everyone else.

Seeing that Ladybug was looking for Adrien, he detransforms still in the shower. Once out he and Ladybug talked over the picture of Adrien's mother commenting on how both have the same eyes. But the moment was interrupted when Simon's Army breaks in, captures Gabriel and the heroine puts him in the bathroom, knowing she can't fight alone Adrien transforms for the third time and went to the tv studio. Along with Ladybug they defeated Simon Says and save Gabriel Agreste but leaves when his miraculous starts to time out. Back at home Adrien received a surprised from hug from his father but the moment was stopped when he gets asked about his ring but retorts by saying, "that's the only thing you've noticed about him." Then, the next day Adrien heard that Nino wanted Ladybug and Cat Noir to appear for his next performance and transforms into Cat Noir heading towards the studio.

PX (409)

In "Pixelator", he spent job experience day at the Le Grand Paris hotel as receptionist being paired with Chloé the whole time. Seeing a guest at the door Adrien was told to watch and learn but knowing something wasn't right, he tried to save Chloé but became digitized with her. Adrien tried to find a way out however Chloé didn't want to be left alone but knowing there's an akumatized villain he wanted to transform quickly. However, Plagg told him not to be in a rush, then suddenly Fang was digitized too, causing Chloé to jump in his arms in fear. Sometime later, he and Chloé were found by Ladybug in the photos of Vincent's studio where she promised to get them out. Due to a deal caused by Ladybug, Adrien is released and asked Nino to take over for him before leaving, seeing the damage Pixelator had done he transformed into Cat Noir. Meeting up with Ladybug he gets the idea from her on where the akuma is but his cover was blown and after a brief fight he got digitized again but this time used Cataclysm not only freeing himself but everyone else too.

After using a compact mirror they were able to stop Pixelator's photo spree. Once the day was over Adrien his friends were reward with tickets to Jagged Stone's concert and was happy that he got to enjoy his first concert ever.

GV (1053)

In "Guitar Villain", Adrien came across Marinette who was leaving the hotel and gets jumped on by Chloé. Being a fan of Jagged Stone he was informed by her that the rock star is staying at her father's hotel. But he asked Chloé thinking she liked XY and she preferred Jagged Stone instead, soon the rock star gets akumatizied into Guitar Villain after separating himself from Chloé; Adrien transforms into Cat Noir. After a scuffle the cat is joined by Ladybug who saved him Fang's attack, soon afterwards they followed the villain who's after XY. They barely make it there but XY is captured and they raced back to the Eiffel Tower as the duo climbed up they were attacked by Fang. After taking care of the dragon they dealt with Guitar Villain having Cat Noir as the distraction with his Cataclysm and using a can of hair spray the heroes were able to save XY.

Once Jagged was returned to normal Cat Noir asked him for autograph. At school the next day, Adrien told Marinette that he heard she designed Jagged's album and asked if he could have her autograph after signing it he thanked her.

KF (104)

In "Kung Food", Adrien received a call from Alya saying that Marinette needed a translator and shortly arrives at her house. Then, on there way to the competition he spoke with Marinette's great uncle in Chinese and found out he does speak English but not very good and yet Wang Cheng was impressed with Adrien's Chinese. At the Le Grand Paris, he asked Marinette's uncle if he needed help and the cook says no, soon Marinette came to apologize for the inconvenience but he took it as great experience to practice his Chinese with someone. When Adrien heard Chloé disown Wang Cheng's main dish and Marinette stood up for him, he praises her for doing so but heard Marinette doubt that her great uncle liked her. Adrien assured her that he does by telling her that Wang Cheng used the flowers she gave him in his dish to honor her. His joy is turned to shock when Wang Cheng loses the contest, they both figured out Chloé sabotaged the dish and felt bad for Wang Cheng. While waiting for him Adrien noticed that all the exits are blocked off with caramel and went off to look for to look for Marinette's uncle but used the time to transform into Cat Noir.

Meeting up with Ladybug, they fought Kung Food's minions as they climbed up the building. Finally making it to the top, after Chloé was saved. They face off against Kung Food and using a Cataclysm on the villain's bag the duo was able to save Marinette's uncle. After Wang Cheng got another chance to compete in the contest and when Chloé complains about his dish but is reminded by Adrien that she was removed from judging position due to her sabotage. Once Wang Cheng won he tried the soup with Marinette.

EV S01EP08 (30)
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TG (493)
In "Gamer", Adrien faced against Max while trying out for the Ultimate Mecha Strike III Tournament. He manages to beat Max and is expected to continue on with him in the tournament. Marinette, not wanting to miss a chance to hang out with him, beats Max's high score and Adrien told her he'd come to her house to practice. Later that day, he came to Marinette's house and was greeted by her parents. Not wanting to be embarrassed Adrien hurried to her room and they started practicing he did admit to Marinette that her parents were nice, she thanked him for the compliment. As they continued Adrien was very impressed with her gaming skills and claimed Marinette could win even without him.

That's when he was informed on her secret to winning was a lucky charm bracelet and was given it to increase his chances of winning, but as Marinette's parents continued to offer snacks he agreed. At the park Adrien found the pie delicious, after that they decided to go back but noticed a giant robot behind them where he easily found out it wasn't a publicity stunt for the tournament and was quickly under fire. They tried to run but ended up separated, with Marinette in danger he transformed into Cat Noir and safely took her to the roof of Le Grand Paris Hotel. When she had concerns about Adrien, Cat Noir assured her he was fine, after being joined by Ladybug they led Gamer to the stadium.

Once there he used Cataclysm on Gamer's robot destroying it however wasn't over. Soon he and Ladybug engaged Gamer's robot in another duel but this time with a robot of their own and after a giant sized smack down they saved Max. During the night of the tournament Adrien saw how Marinette regretted taking Max's spot and willing gave it back. Admired by her kindness, he gave his spot to her and cheered for them as they competed.

RK (1010)

In "Reflekta", Adrien was getting ready for class picture day with his classmates. But when he saw that Chloe wasn't satisfied with her spot he quickly brushed it off saying that they all got to be in the same photo. But when Juleka got akumatized into Reflekta he transformed into Cat Noir. After a brief scuffle with her, he attempted to use Cataclysm to free everyone from the school but got turned into an image of the villain. Despite not having any powers he couldn't sit around and do nothing in an effort to help Ladybug he rallied everyone against Reflekta.

Once she was gone, he and Ladybug separated themselves from the crowd trying to proved that even though he looked like the villain it was still him on the inside. Reminding the heroine about the task at hand, Cat Noir wanted to come with her but Ladybug retorted against it but he also reminded her just because his powers are gone doesn't mean he can't help. Having an idea they leave for the tv studio in an attempt to trap Reflekta but end up capturing the mayor instead but due to the hero already being transformed he was unaffected by the villain's powers. Using a camera they were able to defeat the villainess and was returned to normal with their full powers intact while he a distaste for heading before heading back to the school. Afterwards, he went to the park with his friends to do a new class photo and complimented to Marinette that it was a great idea.

In "The Puppeteer", after shaking off Adrien's bodyguard, Adrien was taking a train to the movie theaters. Noticing Alya and Marinette in the next car he waved at them but was shocked when Alya turns into Lady Wifi, seeing that everyone is danger he transform into Cat Noir. After Lady Wifi leaves he came to Marinette asking were the villainess was going and was informed that Alya was being controlled by Puppeteer and heading to her house. Meeting Ladybug there they used a previous plan to defeat her and Cat Noir used cataclysm on the WiFi antenna freeing his partner but the villain manages to escape. Even though she was beaten, the heroes were shocked to discover that Lady Wifi didn't have the akuma but Puppeteer did.

Realizing her power Cat Noir asked if Ladybug had the Cat Noir doll too but she didn't and knew they had to find Puppeteer fast before she took control of him too. But he was about to detransform and leaves to recharge once Cat Noir transformed again he called Ladybug asking if she found the young villain and the heroine reports she's at the KIDZ+ TV building. Appearing behind his partner the cat got his arm twisted but confirmed he wasn't a puppet yet but ends up being controlled by her, despite that Ladybug manages to capture the akuma returning Cat Noir and everyone else back to normal. Afterwards he asked what happened the heroine explained he was puppet but didn't anything foolish and allowed Ladybug to pulled his heart strings anytime.

In "Antibug", after a series of attacks on Chloe Plagg and Adrien transform and head to the Le Grand Paris to protect her. It turns out that she was attacked by an akumatizied villain named Vanisher who was actually Chloe's friend Sabrina using glitter they defeat her. Soon after that Chloe gets akumatizied into Antibug, buying time for Ladybug, Cat Noir fights Antibug but ends up in trouble (until an assist from Marinette) and gets free. With Ladybug back in action and a bag of marbles they were able to defeat Antibug, then Adrien went to school the next day.

In "Volpina", Plagg was secretly watching Gabriel with Adrien who was curious about his father and gladly wanted to figure out his secrets. Phasing through the door into the safe Plagg went snooping around but nothing of interest opening the door for Adrien and they both take a book (which is the miraculous spellbook.) Upon reading it they see a picture Hawk Moth, but seeing Nathalie and the gorilla they head to school and come across a girl named Lila. But her series of lies and a harsh scalding from Ladybug leads her to getting akumatizied into Volpina. At one point Adrien tries to talk Lila out of causing trouble, Plagg was skeptical believing it wouldn't work and when it doesn't they transform into Cat Noir. On the Eiffel Tower the duo defeats and return home. But once they do Plagg was asked by Adrien if he moved his father's book and the kwami said no while eating Camembert.

In "A Christmas Special", Adrien was decorating a Christmas tree in the foyer hoping his father would join him too since his mother wasn't here. Seeing that he wouldn't Adrien went back to his room in anger believing his father cared about himself deciding to hate the holiday he transformed into Cat Noir leaving his room. As he leapted through the city, Cat Noir was singing about being a lonely cat of the night because everyone else got be with their families but him. The hero got so angry to the point where he dared to used his Cataclysm on a Christmas tree but was stopped by memory of his mother and used it on a Gabriel Brand Ad pillar instead.

Then he began to lament that he didn't wanted to be alone and that tomorrow would be a day with that Adrien detransformed and yet noticed Plagg exhausted cold and hungry. Picking up Plagg he apologize for his actions but didn't have any food for him, remembering Marinette's gift he opened it to find a hat and found her to so nice. Placing his kwami inside he wished Plagg a "Merry Christmas" then with help from Santa Claus the two are brought back home.

Afterwards they see that Ladybug's mistake led to Santa Claus being akumatized for real and they transformed again. Along with Ladybug they chased Santa Claws through the Paris streets using a box the duo manages to grab Santa Claws' hat, purify the akuma and save the holiday.

Season 2

In "The Collector", Adrien was asked by his father why he took a book. He responded by telling him he wanted to know what Gabriel was hiding behind the portrait. Disappointed by his actions Adrien told him he'd get him another copy however was informed that it was one of a kind, and the source of his inspiration. As a result, he was banned from returning to school and that he would continue homeschooling with Nathalie and was clearly disappointed. The next day, Adrien was playing pool, contemplating how to get his father's book back so he could get back to school.

Then heard his father's destructive tantrum and rushed downstairs to see what the commotion was. Just as he reached the door to his father's atelier, Nathalie stopped him, being told his father was very busy. Then, Adrien was reminded he was supposed to be practicing his piano. Knowing his dad wouldn't forgive him unless he got the book back, Adrien transformed into Cat Noir to find it. When he was about to leave, he saw a message sent by Ladybug that said she knew who Hawkmoth is. After Cat Noir arrived, Ladybug told him she believed it was Gabriel Agreste.

At first, he was surprised and wanted proof. Ladybug answered by saying she couldn't tell him the proof, but showed him evidence that supported her claims. When they arrived at the Agreste mansion, Cat Noir saw how destructive Gabriel's tantrum was. Then, they went up to look for Adrien, but the Collector was there, waiting for them. Ladybug and Cat Noir started to battle the Collector, making sure not to get captured. He threw his staff at the villain but it was captured by his book then they retreated behind the staircase.

Cat Noir and Ladybug made their way into Adrien's room and barricaded the door. Using a bike pedal, foosball table and his belt resulted in the Collector's book being filled up defeating him. After that Ladybug purified the akuma. When Gabriel returned to Cat Noir rushed to him but when he asks about his son the heroes assured him that Adrien was safe and left (unknown that Ladybug was right.) After the book was returned, he admitted that he should not have taken it without his consent in the first place. Adrien also heard that the book and him were the very last few things his mother gave to him before she disappeared. When his father came to a realization Adrien asked if that meant he was able to go to school, and his father nodded and hugged his father. Then, he arrived at school and was happily greeted by his fellow classmates.

PQ (488)

In "Prime Queen", Cat Noir appeared across from Nadja on a couch in the TV 5 studio. While waiting for the show to start, he jokingly told her that he loved chouquettes as the show almost aired he tried to called Ladybug but received no answer but. After the show's introduction, Ladybug and Cat Noir engaged in a playful banter. When Nadja tried to get the two to admit they were dating, to Cat Noir's surprise, seeing a picture of them kissing Valentines Day he asked when did that happened. Then, continued to gasped in shock as the pictures continued. After Ladybug denied her claims, he jokingly said that hopefully one day they'd be a couple but was led out of the room by her (with the excuse that Paris needed saving).

When Nadja said that everyone would be disappointed, Ladybug pointed out that if they were true fans, they'd understand and Cat Noir agreed leaving with her. Out of the studio, he asked her who needed help still believing her excuse and she was informed him that they needed saving from Nadja's questions. But he retorted saying that was the price of stardom, but was reminded that they're superheroes, not stars. Following her after, he proposed they go out for ice cream but their trip was halted by a villain who was broadcasting from a billboard surprised to see Nadja akumatized into Prime Queen. When invited to save Chloé, Cat Noir tested the billboard's intangibility seeing his staff pass through successfully. The hero asked Ladybug if she was ready to go through but she suggested that they go there by their own means, he quickly rejected the idea, pointing out this was the fastest way.

Agreeing, they both jumped through the screen and landed in the subway train where Chloé was being held. After Prime Queen entered the room, they both agreed that Cat Noir would get open door to the train's cab and Ladybug would take care of Prime Queen. As Prime Queen disappeared through a screen they found out they were trapped, Cat Noir suggested that he use his Cataclysm. But was stopped by Ladybug, insisting they use it for an emergency confused, he said that their current situation was an emergency. She told him they need to lure Prime Queen out to get her akuma, still confused but to the hero's surprise, his hand was grabbed by Ladybug and confessed that they were in love to Prime Queen. As the train stopped Cat Noir had the heroine land on top of him which caused him to purr in delight. Once again the villainess demanded they remove their miraculous so her ratings could max out, to prove their feelings Cat Noir tried to kiss Ladybug and to his dismay, she rejects him.

This time, she was threatening to push a trapped Alya into the Seine River. The superheros tried to follow through the screen into the Louvre, but ended up in a freezer. Cat Noir again proposed to used Cataclysm but Ladybug saw no point in doing so and tried to kiss her, but was again rejected, so she used her Lucky Charm and got a roll of tape. As Ladybug searched for the perfect object to use with her Lucky Charm. However, Cat Noir urged her to hurry, as the tomb holding Alya was almost completely out of the screen. Using a pizza box Ladybug taped onto the screen then, they baited her into the freezer, saying that they were taking off their miraculous and about to kiss.

When she reached through the screen, they pulled her in and subdued her. The cat used his staff to break Prime Queen's watch, his Cataclysm to destroy the door and Ladybug purified the akuma saving Alya.

DSB (539)

In "Despair Bear", Adrien was listening to Tom teach the class how to make macaroons. He followed the class out after the fire alarm went off. When everyone was outside, it turned out that Chloé had called the fire department. When she accused Marinette of the prank, Adrien defended her, asking why she would want to disrupt her own father's cooking class. Even though, Marinette wanted to report Chloé; because of her suspicion that she called the fire department during Tom's presentation; Adrien discouraged the idea, saying they don't know if she actually did it. As a result, Mr. Damocles punished everyone after no one confessed but, when Chloé got out it Adrien was disappointed.

Then, he saw Chloé yelling at Rose for sweeping to close to her. Confronting her he asked if she was the one who called the fire department, to which she admits, saying that "they all seemed to enjoy getting dirty making cookies." When Adrien heard this, he ended their friendship until she learned how to be nicer to everyone. Later, he was invited to a party that Chloé was throwing in an effort to be nice and rekindle her friendship with him. When Adrien saw that Marinette had suspicions about the party, he commented that sometimes Chloé can be nice. Then, Adrien was bumped by her and asked for a dance leading her to the dance floor. Shortly after they began dancing, Alya and Nino helped fix their hand positions after they left, they continued.

But the party was interrupted when Adrien and Marinette saw Sabrina and Kim being controlled by the villain Despair Bear, they exchanged excuses and rushed off to transform. As a controlled Kim tried to attack Ladybug, Cat Noir tripped him into the ball pit and made Despair Bear fly off his ankle. The heroes tried in vain to capture Despair Bear however, he kept on jumping from person to person, leaving them confused. Until Despair Bear latched onto Cat Noir's leg and tried to take off Ladybug's miraculous. When restrained by her, he made Cat Noir use his Cataclysm against her, but was pulled away by Chloé before he could. After Ladybug summoned her Lucky Charm, receiving a fork he followed Ladybug upstairs and began to fight her.

As they fought Cat Noir attacked Ladybug with his staff but when the villain was unraveled, he was freed from his control. While Ladybug purified the akuma, Cat Noir watched the tiny Despair Bear and yet fell over because of Jean Butler's the sudden increase in weight due to the Miraculous Cure. Afterwards Cat Noir rushed away when his ring showed he was about to transform back. After Chloé invited Tom over to teach them how to make macaroons, Adrien complimented Chloé on her kindness and renewed their friendship. After Adrien pinkie-swore that they'd be friends forever, she went on to insult everyone's macaroons. He laughed and told Marinette that Chloé would never change then asked her if he was able to have a macaroon. Marinette nervously told him he could and Adrien complimented her, saying her baking was as good as her dancing.

In "Riposte", Adrien approached Marinette after he heard her compliment about him being handsome thanking her. He taught her about the rules of fencing complimenting that Marinette had good reflexes and soon was locked in a duel with the mysterious fencer after it when Marinette claimed him the winner. He asked if she was sure of what she saw when Marinette wasn't he to offer the mysterious fencer a decisive match. When she refused he tried to follow her and doing so he did research on his opponent. But was interrupted when Riposte attacked and demanded a rematch and yet refused to fight her in her current state and soon Ladybug arrived. Seeing Ladybug outmatched Adrien threw the mysterious fencer's saber to her and when the heroine was cornered he dived in to save her but sprained his ankle in the process.

Hiding behind a chimney Ladybug tried to call Cat Noir but received no answer Adrien claimed he was busy but when Riposte found them they tried to reason with her to no avail. As Ladybug and Riposte fought Adrien took the opportunity to hide and transform but Plagg told him he was taking a lot of risks however it was interrupted when Ladybug found him and made their way to Louvre Museum. While in the sarcophagus, Plagg wasn't to sure about disobeying Ladybug's orders but knowing she needed help they transformed into Cat Noir. Despite having a sprained ankle he arrived just in time to help his partner. Along with Ladybug after a fierce fight and using a radiator the duo was able to defeat Riposte.

Afterwards Cat Noir left to detransform and lets his present be known to Ladybug. He asked her about Cat Noir finally arriving and she was glad that he did and also heard the heroine admit he was better at fencing than she was. Seeing Ladybug leave he secretly blew at a kiss outside the museum he makes up with Kagami believing the point was hers. But she remained doubtful he explained that it was Marinette's first time fencing. When she playfully admits that Adrien liked her he says that Marinette is good friend and waited to give Kagami a decisive match then left for home.

In "Befana", sometime before Marinette's birthday Adrien was talking to Alya about it but when they saw Marinette listening he switched the subject about taking Alya's sisters to the dentist. After the preparations were done he along with his classmates wishes her a happy birthday and gave Marinette a small gift but before she could open it Befana attacked the celebration. Finding a quick place to hide Adrien transformed into Cat Noir. The cat tried to defend Marinette from her akumatized grandmother but was under attack by her minion but thanks to Marinette's friends they provided Cat Noir with an opportunity to get Marinette to safety.

Carrying her away Cat Noir said she must be a very cool girl if her friends are willing to protect her and asked Marinette why her grandmother was freaking out she explained that her grandmother wanted to spend more time with her. After getting Marinette to the Eiffel Tower the hero tells her happy birthday before leaving to deal with Befana and her angels. Upon finding her, Cat Noir used his staff to block the way and broke into his own song with Ladybug finishing it. As they fought Befana's angels he saw that the villain was heading towards the tower and tried to steer her in another direction but got knocked off of the flying motorcycle and caught by Ladybug. After the angels were dealt with Cat Noir noticed that the akuma was hiding in the Befana's candy bag, once the heroine summoned her Lucky Charm receiving a tuba the cat was surprised that she knew how to play it but she didn't.

Soon the ground crumbled below them and the duo was surrounded when he heard Ladybug say that Befana had won and then winked at him. Cat Noir caught wind of her plan and admitted to her that Marinette was here leading the way separating Befana from her angels. Worried that he betrayed her he was relieved to not find her in the closest and was assured by Ladybug that Marinette was safe. By using Cataclysm on a fire hydrant and the tuba; the heroes were able to save Marinette's grandmother. Returning to the party, Adrien gave his gift to Marinette a lucky charm bracelet he made himself, explaining that he always carries the bracelet she gave him everywhere he goes. As the party goes on Adrien smiled at the bracelet.

In "Robostus", Adrien was having science with his classmates and watched Max and Markov fix the computer system and marveled at the sight of the little robot. But when Max voiced concerns about Markov being separated and saw the robot's akumatization, the two quickly hide understanding that Markov did have emotions and transformed into Cat Noir. Meeting up with Ladybug the duo tried to reason with Robostus, but they got tossed out of the school and fought Robostus's army throughout the city. Shortly after Cat Noir revealed he could translate Morse code knowing where Robostus was going they went to the Parc des Princes stadium. During their fight Cat Noir and Ladybug got surrounded and captured, then was asked by Ladybug if could use his Cataclysm but couldn't due to being restrained.

Since the cat was unable to see he asked the heroine what's going on and heard that the villain wanted to use their jewels to make a wish to become human. Which he found strange because Cat Noir knew that it was Hawk Moth that demanded their jewels. As they were about to have their powers taken but thanks to Max's intervention Cat Noir and Ladybug were set free. After he dodged the machines the cat used Cataclysm on Robostus's robot and with a harp the heroes saved Max and reunite him with Markov.

In "Dark Owl", over the past week Adrien has been transforming into Cat Noir to save The Owl who is actually Mr. Damocles trying to be his own hero. During the end of the school day, Adrien was excited to play an online game with Nino but when Mr. Damocles hurried them out Adrien said he had to continue with his Chinese lessons and sadly looked back in the principal's direction. After they saved The Owl for the fifth time Cat Noir and Ladybug talked on the rooftops on how to deal with him despite that he admired the man's good heart. He offered to stop Mr. Damocles by the scaring him but instead Ladybug had another idea of making his dream come true. Agreeing he returned home for the night, after Adrien finished school the next day he informed Nino that he still had Chinese lessons but was free tomorrow and looked back with a smile.

He transformed and went with Ladybug to Alya's house to ask for a favor. When Alya staged as a convincing super-villain Cat Noir praised her for a good acting performance. Once they staged everything for The Owl, things took a disastrous turn which caused The Owl's identity to be revealed where he hoped no one would find out. By nightfall, while watching tv Adrien became shocked that their little plan caused Mr. Damocles' akumatization and to threaten harmless animals. After he transformed into Cat Noir and went to the stadium he met up with Ladybug after they stayed in contact the cat distracted Dark Owl with a conversation while Ladybug tried find the akuma. After she got flunged into the stadium Cat Noir caught her and had a brief fight with the villain but resulted in the duo using their powers and tricked into a trap. However, he and Ladybug discovered Dark Owl's plot was faked just to lure them.

Inside the crate, since they used their powers earlier Cat Noir saw no other way out admitting they've lost. In an effort to fool Dark Owl, he was informed by Ladybug that they were going detransform but have their eyes closed thinking they were giving up for real he was hesitant until Ladybug assured him. As they did so, Adrien gave her his ring but when she closed his hand he was surprised and wanted to speak but his mouth was closed by Tikki. Once Plagg was recharged he retransformed and used Cataclysm to destroy the crate. After another fight with Dark Owl they discovered that the akumatized object isn't on him but back at the school. But the villain got out of the cat's grip and he followed him to the school after he caught up Cat Noir saw that Dark Owl was defeated. The next day he and Ladybug witnessed The Owl become a hero smaller scale and with that Ladybug and Cat Noir had more free time. He asked Ladybug if she wanted to catch a movie but when she spoke of other plans he watched her leave love struck.

In "Gigantitan", Adrien was in the middle of a photo shoot at the Trocadéro and waved hello a baby boy named August, not too faraway he noticed the boy's mother having trouble and wanted to help but was told by Vincent to stay put. Then, he left to meet with his bodyguard upon seeing him Adrien noticed an akuma heading right for him but akumatized August into Gigantitan instead. After he found a hiding place, he transforms into Cat Noir then after getting the baby's attention with his bell. He tried to lure the baby villain to the river but ends up getting caught and found by Ladybug. But quickly escaped and the heroes discovered that the akuma was in Gigatitan's bracelet but after Ladybug's failed attempt he commented that she wasn't to good with kids either. After he heard of the heroine's plan to use the Eiffel Tower as playpen he commented it would work in theory but was unsure on how to get him there, thinking it'd be simpler if Ladybug used her Lucky Charm.

He and Ladybug used themselves as lures and Cat Noir offered to sing the lullaby but she teasingly said they wanted to calm him down not burst his eardrums and retorted back that he had a great voice and would serenade to her someday. Shortly after Gigantitan got distracted again until the cat got his attention with a car he said he enjoyed playing with cars too when he was little. Once they were at tower Cat Noir attempted to use Cataclysm on the kid's bracelet, but got thrown off and crash landed into Andre's ice cream stand and used it on an ice cone. Reuniting with Ladybug, with not much time left using a treat as a disguise and Cat Noir's bell the duo was able to finally capture the akuma where Ladybug admitted he was good at taking care of babies and reunited August with his mother.

Meeting up with his bodyguard, Adrien was approached by Marinette who asked if he could hang with her but seeing his bodyguard's frustration he turned down her offer. But offered her a ride home instead, however from her mixed up answer she turned him down by saying she would take a coleslaw home but (meant to say rickshaw). And yet, he told Marinette to enjoy her dinner and see her at school tomorrow.

In "Glaciator", Adrien transformed into Cat Noir and worked with Ladybug to save people from a runaway bus. After that he invited her to have a rooftop dinner with him as a chance to know each other but she had other plans accepting that he said if her plans ended early she could join and went home. Then, Adrien was at the dinner table waiting for his father but was informed that his father wasn't coming leaving him disappointed and texted Nino that he couldn't come join them on their night out. Afterwards, he returned to his room; where he tossed Plagg a piece of Camembert where he told his kwami to fuel up and used his phone to make it sound like he was practicing his piano. Determined about his date with Ladybug, Adrien told Plagg even though she didn't say yes she didn't say not either.

But nonetheless, Adrien transformed into Cat Noir, left his room heading towards the balcony date spot after Cat Noir finished the preparations he waited for Ladybug. After being let down by her, he blew out all the candles and was extremely heartbroken noticing Marinette not too faraway. He approached her and asked if he could stick around not wanting to be alone and remembered meeting her once when she mentioned about having bad luck about the supervillain being in love with her. He related to having relationship problems of his own too and spoke of the special dinner date he planned for Ladybug but she didn't show up. Through their conversation Cat Noir saw that Marinette had her heart broken too wanting to cheer her up, took her to the date spot he prepared but was still glum that his lady didn't come. Expressed his hope she would but as Marinette tried to cheer him up they soon became under fire by Glaciator finding a place to hide he asked her if another villain had a crush on her but she said no. Taking Marinette home he was thanked by her for cheering her up.

Finding Glaciator, Cat Noir tried to fight against him but was sent flying until he was caught by Ladybug. Angrily he asked her how her date went with her "friends" but after evacuating people to safety and taking cover themselves they saw that Glaciator doesn't attack couples. When he heard of Ladybug's idea for them to act as a couple Cat Noir refused by saying it's not cool to play with people's feelings and attacked the villain but failed until he was shielded by the heroine. Taking cover again and seeing that the cat was angry at her for missing their date she apologized, seeing her sincerity he apologized too and went along with Ladybug's couple plan. After they got close enough they discovered Andre was inside the monster and using a makeshift propeller and Cataclysm on a bus they were able to save Paris from being buried under a mountain of ice cream.

Once the duo was alone so they could talk at the dating spot Cat Noir discovered Ladybug was in love with someone else and yet she considered him a close friend. Respecting her honesty he told Ladybug she was his best friend too and gave her a kiss as well as a rose before leaving complimenting it went with her costume. Returning home, Plagg asked Adrien if he had a heart ache over Ladybug rejecting him, but Adrien didn't he still held onto hope that she would love him someday and extremely valued his friendship with her. The next day, Adrien approached Andre's ice cream stand as he heard that his ice cream was magical and said you have to believe to make it work and Andre agreed and Adrien was given a cone that made him think of Ladybug and enjoyed his ice cream.

In "Sapotis", after Adrien witnessed the damage by the Sapotis had done on television he transformed into Cat Noir. Meeting up with Ladybug, he saw her destroy the monster's hat and asked how did she know and it was through trial and error. But saw that there was no akuma and discovered that to find it they'd that to destroy the original hat. Cat Noir quickly understood that they had to capture them all but after going through many clones they had no luck after he and Ladybug fought several more they got completely overwhelmed and surrounded. Then, he was confused when Ladybug's Lucky Charm gave her a teapot as he battled more sapotis' he told the heroine that his kung fu wasn't enough. Once Ladybug understood the teapot's purpose, Cat Noir was shocked that she had to leave but trusting her he told her to go. The hero did his best to hold off the Sapotis' but wondered what was taking Ladybug so long and was overwhelmed again.

He almost had his ring taken until Cat Noir was saved by Ladybug and their new ally. Upon seeing her he was amazed as the cat thought he was Ladybug's only superhero friend and was introduced to Rena Rogue where Cat Noir welcomed her to their team with opened arms. For the moment he enjoyed playfully teasing Rena seeing that working with her was going to be fun. But they were surrounded again and retreated to higher ground while Ladybug gathered the materials she needed Cat Noir and Rena Rouge drove the little monsters back. After they moved to a new area to enact Ladybug's plan he saw the Sapotis closing in and told Rena it's time to use her mirage powers. After instructing her he noticed that she would transform back soon but wasn't worried as he could keep her secret but when Rena refused Cat Noir praised her for learning fast. When the fox voiced concerned if the plan would work he assured her it would and after collecting all the hats he used Cataclysm to destroy them. Once Alya's sisters were returned to normal, Rena Rouge had to leave but he looked forward to working with her again and returned the twins home.

In "Gorizilla", Adrien approached his father asking for a favor but when he heard Gabriel's response he realized it'd be too late by then and leaves. Soon he snuck out of his room and made his way to the Paris streets trying to keep a low profile which was easier said than done when he came across a fan named Wayhem. After his picture was posted on the internet, noticing his bodyguard he tried to leave but was soon chased by a mob of fans. Until he ran into Marinette knowing she lived close by and asked if he could hide at her place hearing the fan mob Adrien realized it was too late. Following her, they both hid in the park fountain where he thanked her for hiding him as people went crazy over the new ad he modeled in. Marinette expressed excitement over it but Adrien was embarrassed by it and yet surprised to see his friend in her pajamas.

Remembering the task at hand, they both came out from hiding but upon seeing his body guard Adrien pulled Marinette back down. Where he explained that he left his house without permission but they were spotted by another fan who took a picture of them and had to move again. Arriving at the train station Adrien apologized to Marinette for dragging her into this and for the idea of people thinking she was his girlfriend and she said flusteringly it was no problem. But he was asked if his father was going to be okay with this, he retorts how could anything bad happen and pulled out his Lucky Charm. And yet, their moment was ruined by another fan mob realizing they couldn't stay Adrien grabbed Marinette's hand and tried to run but became quickly surrounded seeing their only means to escape he pushed her into an open train car.

Upon wearing disguises the duo made it to the theaters and Adrien was complimented by Marinette for coming here. He told her this was actually where he was going when the fan mob showed up because the theaters was showing a movie where Adrien's mother was playing the leading role. However, as soon as Adrien took off his helmet he and Marinette were swarmed again go went from bad to when Adrien's bodyguard was akumatized into Gorizilla and was taken captive. Being carried to the tallest building he apologized to Ladybug for all the trouble seeing his only means to escape he jumped off the building seeing him plummeting to his doom Plagg advised him to transform but couldn't not. And yet, Ladybug managed to save him landing on the ground he almost called Ladybug his lady but caught himself.

However, he noticed she was about to detransform but Gorizilla was still on the loose and was carried away by the heroine. Adrien was asked where the villain's akuma might be noticing Ladybug's timer. He advised that he'll hide while waiting for Cat Noir to show up but she retorts by saying it'd be too late by then having an idea he heard of his partner's plan. Adrien agreed to act as bait but also heard Ladybug say that she needed his Cataclysm for it to work when he voiced concerns about him not showing up the heroine retorts by saying she trusts him. However, Adrien was asked Plagg how was his going to pull this off since he couldn't be in two places at once. With Wayhem acting as Adrien's double Plagg and Adrien transformed into Cat Noir using Cataclysm on the ground below the heroes were able to stop Gorizilla and returned home.

In "Captain Hardrock", seeing that Adrien was grounded from attending his friend's concert. Plagg tried to cheer him up by saying that he could enjoy the concerts from the comforts of home. As a friend Plagg tried to sing Adrien his own concert but with him still bummed the kwami flew away. When they itnessed Captain Hardrock's destruction he knew needed to be done and they transformed into Cat Noir. With Ladybug the duo tried to control the ship or anchor it with no success, but by using a chain on the ship's compass the vessel ran aground with everyone on solid ground Cat Noir used Cataclysm and destroyed the ship. After Gabriel agreed to let Adrien attend his friend's concert Plagg enjoyed the music festival.

In "Troublemaker", Adrien was watching the show "Fill My Shoes" in his room and was asked by Plagg why he was watching this show. He said the show was being filmed at Marinette's house as the showed continued Adrien was surprised to see that she had many pictures of him. When he saw that Troublemaker had appeared he transformed into Cat Noir and went off to the bakery once there he tried to open the locked gate but no good. The cat attempted to use his powers but the villain heard what he was doing and threw him into the side of a van until Ladybug pulled him up to Marinette's Balcony.

Landing on Marinette's bed, he eyed her many photos until Ladybug averted his gaze but upon hearing Troublemaker's attack he used Marinette's bed as self-defense. Cat Noir and Ladybug tried to fight the villain but had trouble to do her intangibility when he saw Troublemaker trying to take Ladybug's earrings he tripped her and knocked away the villain's pen. But understood the villain's power was also her weakness resuming the fight Cat Noir almost had his ring taken but was prevented by Ladybug and yet tangled in her yo-yo. Seeing his partner's forced detransformation he freed himself and used his Cataclysm to have the villain drop the earring. Back on his feet he told Ladybug he wasn't expecting her to share her identity like that.

Still holding his power in after the heroine summoned her Lucky Charm receiving a broken plate. At first, when Ladybug didn't see how to use it Cat Noir suggested maybe losing an earring weakened her power. Following Ladybug back to Marinette's room per part of the plan he proceeded to check outside for Troublemaker. Upon hearing the broken plate he reenters the room revealing their trick (super-gluing Ladybug's earrings). With Troublemaker solid Cat Noir was able to grab the pen and destroy it deakumatizing Penny. Joining Ladybug on the balcony he was playfully told that he won't be finding out her identity and Cat Noir retorts calling her the girl of his dreams.

In "Frightningale", at home Adrien heard from his father that Clara was a fan of his and seeing this as a promotional opportunity for Gabriel's business in other countries. Adrien was surprised that he was going part in picked to take part in Clara's video, but seeing that the costume looked like his Cat Noir costume Adrien almost refused until his father pushed him on. At the studio, Adrien looked himself in the mirror while Plagg was very impressed with the costume but he still felt uncomfortable. The kwami agreed that he wasn't to fond of the bell but admitted the costume was something Adrien wanted deep down.

However, Adrien was more concerned with everyone figuring out his identity until Plagg assured him they wouldn't. Cancelling the shoot caused Clara Nightningale to be akumatized into Frightningale. Finding a hiding place Plagg and Adrien transformed into Cat Noir however even with Ladybug they found it difficult to fight her and became affected being forced to sing and dance. But thanks to a pair of handcuffs the heroes movements were synced preventing them from being turned into statues. Once Cataclysm was used on Frightningale's mike and the Miraculous Ladybug returning everyone to normal saving Clara's shoot.

In "Zombizou", in the Locker Room Adrien heard that it was Miss Bustier's birthday like his classmates he prepared a gift for her expressing joy that she was his teacher. Along with his friends Adrien was amazed at the gift Marinette prepared and asked Chloe if she made one too. After that Adrien went to his classes finally arriving in Miss Bustier's he wasn't too surprised that Marinette's gift was ruined by Chloe. Upon Ms. Bustier's returned he was shocked to see that she was akumatized into Zombizou, but thanks to Ladybug's intervention he and his classmates escaped. But upon seeing something wrong with Sabrina he discovered that the kisses were contagious an ran into the Locker Room with the others.

Upon opening his locker Adrien pretended to be infected seeing his act Plagg asked him if it was a trick to get a kiss out of Ladybug but he said that he needed to work under the radar and transformed into Cat Noir. Meeting his partner on the roof he understood that Zombizou was after Chloe, he and Ladybug decided to her to the Eiffel Tower but with the zombies closing in and yet eyeing a bus he was asked by his partner if he knew how to drive and answered yes. Soon even the cat got infected too and tried to kiss Ladybug but after Zombizou's defeat they went home. Plagg went to school with Adrien the next day.

In "Syren", Cat Noir worked together with Ladybug and Rena Rouge to round up some escaped zoo animals leading a pair of panthers into containing them. When he saw that Ladybug and Rena had to leave the hero expressed annoyance about being kept in the dark and the heroine explained that she would talk to him about it and voiced that he hated secrets. Returning home, Adrien voiced out his frustrations about Ladybug keeping secrets from him through his action figures and asked Plagg if he knew anything but couldn't be swayed. Until Adrien tried to bribe him with cheese and continued until he noticed his room was filling up with water. Plagg though he was safe but Adrien said it wasn't over before transforming.

Seeing the streets flooded he found Ladybug telling her that he didn't know she was going swimming understanding that cats weren't crazy about water and knew that they had to fight Syren underwater. The cat jokingly asked Ladybug about summoning her Lucky Charm and received a potion bowl, upon seeing it he said they could scoop out the water but it'd take forever. After Ladybug understood it's purpose Cat Noir had to wait while his partner sought out help becoming annoyed again about secrets. Fed up with waiting Adrien detransformed, grabbing his ring he threatened to quit being Cat Noir if Plagg didn't tell him what Ladybug was hiding. When Plagg retorted he shouldn't do that he reminds him that no one would know or care. Until Plagg mentioned that he would care if Adrien quits and believes the reason would be his love of cheese. And yet, the kwami admitted that he was close friend and making Adrien smile and they were approached by a man. The boy quickly noticed him as the man he helped before. He was informed that everything would be explained later, that Ladybug needed help and given a green vial Plagg understood what it meant saying he hated transforming.

Now with the playing field leveled in their new "Aqua Mode" Cat Noir joined Ladybug and by bringing the villain to the surface they defeated Syren, saved Paris from flooding and thanked Ladybug for keeping her promise. Back at the mansion, Adrien was practicing his Chinese until was approached by Mister Chan posing as his substitute tutor. When Nathalie left, Plagg officially introduced him to Master Wang Fu the guardian of the Miraculous. So he could understand more about the magic jewels and was also given a box of Camembert cheese with each wedge containing different powers when the time came to use them.

In "Reverser", Adrien saw Marc and Marinette spying on Nathaniel saying it's not cool to spy on people. But she nervously explained that they were working on a surprise for him. Accepting her answer he said that was thoughtful of her and offered his help if she needed it leaving the school. On his way home Adrien along with his bodyguard became struck in traffic. Looking out his window he was shocked to see Ladybug flying through the air by the villain Reverser. He told the Gorilla that he left his fencing gloves behind saying he'll meet him later and quickly transformed into Cat Noir. Meeting with Ladybug, he was ready to take on Reverser, but being distracted by his partner the cat became an easy target causing him to be afraid of everything. Which caused them to fall into the river pulling themselves to shore Cat Noir was worried was going to a cold but was reminded by Ladybug that they had to stop Reverser. Still afraid he didn't want to fight but was encouraged by her to pursue him by looking for Nathaniel they tried to leave but realized they weren't going anywhere.

Taking a cab to the school, the heroes saw that Reverser beat them there and yet eyeing one of Nathaniel's drawings they discovered that he's at the Louvre Museum. Where the scaredy cat realized they had to take another cab making it to the museum they ask him for help. After hearing the news he asked about Marinette but Ladybug said there was no time, knowing he wouldn't be much help Cat Noir opted to stay behind. When Alix offered to help the hero was welcomed to it heading to Eiffel Tower the group saw the space dumpsters coming down which caused the kitty to shake in fear under his blanket.

But was comforted by Ladybug knowing they could do this, Cat Noir knew even with powers messed up they were still a team. As apart of the plan he and Nathaniel were purposely given to Reverser and the hero was actually blindfolded and tied to a makeshift kite. With Alix doing the steering he used Cataclysm on the villain's hoverboard, thanks to confidence being restored by the Miraculous Ladybug. He caught Marc setting him on the ground and was happy they returned to normal.

In "Anansi", after Adrien saw his friends in danger Plagg and Adrien transformed into Cat Noir. However with Anansi's great strength the heroes found it difficult to fight against her. Soon the cat was caught in Anansi's web and when the villainess went for the ring Cat Noir invoked his Cataclysm to protect it. With the help of their new ally Carapace the hero was set free, used his powers to destroy Anansi's helmet and save Alya.

In "Sandboy", Adrien was reading a book in his room and wished Plagg a goodnight who was going to bed (but sneaked out). After awhile he saw his room change into cage bars, he tried to wake up Plagg but was horrified that he was turned into a sock. As the bars started to close in on him he tried to call his father or Nathalie for help but no one could hear him. He desperately tried to break the bars but it was unless until Plagg arrived and Adrien was relieved he wasn't a sock but wanted a good explanation. He quickly transformed into Cat Noir and used Cataclysm to break the bars.

Seeing the city he found it a mess of living nightmares and was joined by Ladybug, however it wasn't easy fighting Sandboy with his sand blowing everywhere. After seeing his partner become powerless because of it he defended her and soon he got struck with the sand too but the cat still had his powers. He explained losing his wasn't what he feared most but Ladybug hating and trying to destroy him. Fighting an evil Ladybug and defending the real one he advised her to come up with a plan quick as he was about to detransform. By tricking the evil Ladybug and using a piece of her weapon the duo was able to defeat Sandboy. Upon hearing what happened the young boy explained he was akumatized because of a nightmare, saying that's what happens when you let kids watch whatever they want on tv with little time left Cat Noir asked Ladybug to return the young man home. After that he was asked by Ladybug if he really thought she was anything like his nightmare he replied she wasn't calling her the girl of his dreams.

He returned home and was approached by Plagg who hugged him saying thank you. Confused he asked Plagg if something was wrong but the kwami thanked Adrien for letting him his freedom mostly. And yet he completely understood why Plagg left saying he knew what it was like to have restricted freedom and all he had to do was ask. Touched Adrien was embraced by Plagg again calling him the best Cat Noir ever but he doesn't want he him to get too mushy about it.

In "Style Queen", Adrien was getting ready for Fashion Week show but felt awkward with Plagg commenting he looked ridiculous but heard someone coming and saw Marinette. To whom he saw that looked incredible nervous assuring her that her hat design was great or his father wouldn't have picked it as the winner of the contest if it wasn't. He briefly showed it off to Marinette to whom he thanked for the compliment. Then, the show went well and Adrien shared a quick glance a Marinette until Style Queen attacked looking for Gabriel he proclaimed that his father wasn't here; which ended with Adrien being turned into a glitter statue. Then held prisoner by the villain at the Eiffel Tower and was given Style Queen's flower along with a being protected by a force field but was fading away. After the villainess' defeat he was revived with the Miraculous Ladybug (superpower), brought back to the show by Ladybug and thanked her for saving him.

In "Queen Wasp", the show resumed with Adrien showing off Marinette's hat until like everyone else he was surprised to see his father and even more so received a hug from him. After the show was over he encouraged Marinette to stand proud for her design, when he heard that Marinette had the chance to go to New York Adrien was happy as well as excited at the idea of modeling for her. He asked Chloe if she felt the same but was saddened to see her mother disregard her and was shocked Chloe transformed running off with the Bee Miraculous and was curious at what she was trying to do. Adrien was escorted back to the limo and home with his father hoping Chloe doesn't do anything reckless. Upon hearing about the runaway Adrien and Plagg quickly transformed into Cat Noir and rushed off.

After he and Ladybug stopped the supposed "runaway train", Cat Noir was angry at Chloe for using her powers to create a problem. When Ladybug demanded the Bee Miraculous back and Chloe refused with shock he easily figured out that his partner lost it and yet was pulled away by Ladybug reminding him of the events of "Style Queen". But soon they realized Queen Bee was gone and chased after her back to the hotel but the job of retrieving the Miraculous was harder than they thought. As they found Chloe akumatized into Queen Wasp with it and paralyzed everyone in the hotel. During the fight they realized the akuma was in her jewel but had trouble getting to it without being stung, they managed to escape the swarm by going underwater. Coming up for air and seeing that Ladybug's Lucky Charm gave her a snorkel he said the charm had a funny sense of humor taking in the fact she won't drown.

With that in mind Cat Noir and Ladybug used trashcan bins to protect themselves and went back to the hotel. By taking the fight underwater they avoided Queen Wasp's swarm and using Cataclysm to destroy the jewel the heroes returned Chloe to normal and resurfaced. But thanks to the Miraculous Ladybug (superpower) the jewel was restored, he and Ladybug looked sadly at Chloe saying it must be returned but was begged by her for another chance. After seeing her get disregarded by Audrey again Cat Noir comforted her understanding why she did all this and along with Ladybug encouraged her to do the right thing. With the Bee Miraculous returned, he accepted Chloe's apology and returned home.

In "Malediktator", Adrien along with his classmates watched Chloe's documentary but unlike everyone else he couldn't laugh about it and was shocked when she stormed off. Sometime later, he heard from Marinette that Chloe left for New York for real leaving him saddened. However, when Marinette talked ill will about her Adrien retorted that no one is useless and that she was his only friend growing up with that in mind he couldn't celebrate her unhappy departure. But soon Malediktator enters the scene and Adrien transforms into Cat Noir after a brief scuffle he and Ladybug retreat to higher ground. After Ladybug summoned an abacus with her Lucky Charm the cat says he'll take care of Malediktator while she figures out how to use it. He attempted to use his Cataclysm on the super mayor but it left Cat Noir wide open leading him to being hit with Malediktator's bubbles turning him into a real cat. Soon afterwards he becomes Audrey's pet and yet he was still wary of the villain clawing away at him.

Soon Cat Noir spent time as Audrey's pet until, he caught eye of a dot from Ladybug's laser pointer while trying to catch it he knocked out the guards leaving Malediktator defenseless and was soon returned to normal by the Miraculous Ladybug cure.

In "Frozer", after saving a runaway para-glider Plagg and Adrien detransformed and went off to school. While inside Adrien's bag Plagg could tell that his wielder looked sad about Ladybug rejecting his offer, and when he saw Adrien give the rose to Kagami the kwami began to think he was crushing on someone new. When Adrien thought about changing his game Plagg gave him advice on how he greets Camembert although thankful his wielder told him that his advice might be best suited to someone else. During a visit at the ice rink Plagg was surprised that Adrien left Kagami for Marinette but Adrien told him she's just a friend. But soon the whole ice rink and all of Paris was getting covered in ice because of the akumatized villain Frozer. Thanks to the heroes new Ice Mode they were able to save Paris from being a frozen wasteland.

In "Catalyst (Heroes' Day - Part 1)", after dealing with a late night akumatized villain Adrien returned home and detransform. While Plagg was eating Camembert he already knew they were heroes and wanted to go back to bed until Adrien explained that today was Heroes' Day where everyone has to do one good deed. However that's when Hawk Moth commenced his biggest plan yet. By amplifying his powers the mastermind sent a swarm of red akumas to the school, Plagg and Adrien attempted to transform but was halted by Gorizilla. With the ok from Adrien, Plagg used Cataclysm on the street setting his wielder free and transformed into Cat Noir then joined with the rest of his allies.

In "Mayura (Heroes' Day - Part 2)", despite the team putting up a good fight Cat Noir and Ladybug lost their allies as well as they were about to detransform back. But thanks to him using Cataclysm on the ground below them the duo escaped, afterwards he gave Plagg a piece of Camembert to recharge and accepted to share it. When he heard Ladybug express doubt on how to beat Hawk Moth commenting that he found a way amplify his powers like they did. But remaining unfazed he gave Ladybug words of encouragement if their team crumbled then he proposed to go back to being a duo and do what they do best give people hope. Soon they were found by the army Adrien and Plagg retransformed into their Aqua Mode but upon resurfacing they still found themselves outnumbered. This time with the Paris Rebellion's help along the way he and Ladybug see the reason to keep hope alive. Making it to the tower they managed to corner Hawk Moth and summoned his Cataclysm despite Scarlett Moth trying to reason with the duo Cat Noir wouldn't listen aware of the consequences of such a wish. Soon as he and Ladybug closed in Scarlett Moth Cat Noir was pushed out of the way by Ladybug to discover the Scarlett Moth they were talking to was an illusion leading to a fight with him; the hero manages to catch the mastermind's cane destroying it and deakumatize everyone. But their archenemy managed to escape thanks to Mayura despite that the team managed to save the city.

Season 3

In "Chameleon", after Adrien was put to sleep by an akumatized Lila and shoved into a locker Plagg was unsure how to wake up him. While thinking he came up with the idea of using an enchanted kiss but was uncomfortable with it and yet realized no one would know. Just he was about to kiss him (thanks to Lila changing into someone else) Adrien woke, when asked by him about what happened Plagg explained to Adrien that Lila put him to sleep with an enchanted kiss. Realizing that Lila was reakumatized Plagg and Adrien transformed to Cat Noir, despite being put to sleep by Chameleon again but saved Ladybug. Upon being woken up again the hero was proud that Ladybug managed on her own and deakumatized Lila again.

In "Weredad",

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