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Ugh, of course Adrien would own one of these super-expensive high-tech smartphones. I can't even figure out how to work this thing.

Marinette Dupain-Cheng, "Copycat"

Adrien's cellphone is a smartphone owned by Adrien Agreste.


The phone’s frame and case is white and has the latest security technology installed. Its wallpaper is set to a photo of Adrien and Nino Lahiffe.




  • Adrien’s cellphone number is +33635124, as seen in "Copycat."
  • Adrien's email is Adrien@Agreste.mode, as seen in "Gorizilla".
  • Adrien's contact list includes Vincent, Nino, his bodyguard, Nathalie, Gabriel, Kagami, and Chloé.
    • As seen in "Copycat", his home's phone number is saved as a contact on his cellphone.
    • Adrien's bodyguard's contact name is "Gorilla".
    • Despite Adrien having Kagami's number, in "Ikari Gozen" it is shown that Kagami doesn't have Adrien's number.
    • Given that in "Kung Food" Adrien came to Marinette's place after Alya called him so he could help translate, it's probable that he has Alya's number.
  • According to Marinette in "Copycat", the phone is "one of these super-expensive high-tech smartphones".
  • This is the first phone Marinette steals.
  • Adrien has a contact in his phone with no image named "Inconnu" which is the French word for "unknown". This is actually Marinette.
  • Whenever Adrien transforms into Cat Noir or sneaks out of the house, he uses a piano app on his phone to make it seem like he's still at home playing the piano.
  • Despite his home background being a photo of him and Nino, in some episodes this differs. For example, in "Oblivio", it's a picture of a few houses by the Parc des Princes and several of Ladybug.
  • There is an akuma alert on Adrien's cellphone as seen in the New York Special.


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