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• 8/1/2017

Chapters 3 & 4 of my miraculous fanfic

The coach said "how on Earth did you two do that" they glanced at each other and said "natural Talent" I'm so busted they thought "well I guess that can only lead to one thing then... you will be partners" the coach said BOOM "I am catwalk the only model Paris needs I will get you during the grass for taking my number one spot and getting me fired" she said Marinette knew she shouldn't get away and she did the first thing she thought of she ran from one side gym and was about to start running to gymnastics trampoline but was stopped "Marinette please don't do this I" he paused "I don't want you to get hurt" she was stunned into silence "I like your Marinette but if you do this you... you will die please don't" he leans in and when they were close enough to kiss catwalk shot needles at them "I'm sorry!" Marinette yelled pushing him into the wall thinking it was out the door "Tiki spots on!" Marinette yelled and Cat Noir theory was proved he found his Bug-a-boo.
Chapter 4
Pug it's true I knew it ever since Andy Buck Adrian said well can you don't want her to die then go save your friend black replied and Adrian said she's more than friend for goodness sake I almost kissed her and I love her why am I telling you this flag calls out he transformed cat Noir jumped out as ladybug was deflecting needles hey their Bugaboo cat said he had nothing else to do but flirt really she replied
After the fight
"Buy Kitty" ladybug said and Cat replied by my lady she left and went around back De- transformed "Tiki I had some fun here is a cookie" Adrian de-transforms near Marinette and came up to her and said "now where were we" he grabbing her arm and was aching to kiss her "Adrikins what are you doing with her she is worthless" Chloe said and Marinette start crying and ran and ran I can't go home crying she thought I'll go to The Treehouse and she ran to a willow tree and climbed it went in and put another tally mark on the walls "10735" she said "why did you say that princess and what are all these Tally's doing here" cat Noir asked "those are all the times Chloe has been mean to me every time I get bullied by her I come up here and add another one then I let it all out" Marinette replied in tears"how long has this been going on" he asked "since 7th grade" she replied
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