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Nadia Miah
• 7/9/2017

who are all the Kwami holders?

In the beginning of the miraculous series you can see the box of miraculous so the thing is who has of the Kwami you know that marionette has one and adrien has one Hawk moth It may be mama Agreste but will get to that later and the guy who gave the Kwamis to LB cat Noir hawk moth and maybe mama agreste but wait I named all of them but who is supposed to have the rest? They say Alya and chloè supposed to have on but there are gonna be more kwamis and there's gonna be some left if I'm correct we will see in the next series ciao
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Nadia Miah
• 7/12/2017
I think that Rose will take one,but I don't know if she'll take Hawkmonth's or the other one left
• 8/20/2017
Marinette→ladybug miraculous
Adrien→cat miraculous
Alya→fox miraculous
Chloè→bee miraculous
Hawk moth→moth miraculous
Gabriel Agreste→peacock miraculous
Master Fu→turtle miraculous
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