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Toto je seznam předmětu, které Kouzelná Beruška získá, když použije Štěstíčko. Pomáhají jí porazit superpadouchy a rozbít jejich předměty s akumou uvnitř.


První řada

Předmět Epizoda Popis Obrázek
Osuška "Bouře" Beruška použije ručník na to, aby se vznesla vduchem hore a přinutila Bouři spadnout.
SW (787)
Gramofonová deska "Bublina" Beruška použije desku k zastavení ploužáku, který hrál na párty. To zabrání Chloé políbit Adriena.
TB Lucky record
Klíč Beruška použije klíč k odšroubování ventilu do potrubí, aby se ochránila před Bublinou a vzala mu jeho bublinátor.
TB Lucky Wrench
Lžíce "Pakocour" Ladybug uses the towel to lift herself up with an air current to bring Stormy Weather down.
CC (462)
Zámek na kolo "Časostěrka" Ladybug uses the bicycle lock to tie the legs of the two Timebreakers together.
TK Lucky Cone and Lock
Dopravní kužel Ladybug uses the traffic cone and an ice cream sign to create a ramp to launch the two Timebreakers in the air.
Doplnky pro Berušku "Faraon" Ladybug uses the spoon as a hook for a homemade fishing rod, pulling Copycat into the ceiling by his belt loops.
Mince "Pan Holub" Ladybug uses the toy earrings that came with the Ladybug costume to make the Pharaoh believe she threw her real earrings away.
MP (845)
Mražené jídlo nevhodné do mikrovlnné trouby "Lady Wifi" Ladybug places the frozen meal in a microwave near Lady Wifi's padlock icon that was keeping Cat Noir locked inside the freezer; this interrupted the connection making the icon disappear.
LW S01EP07 (643)
Hopík "Zlolustrátor" Ladybug uses the bouncy ball to break all the lamps in Chloé's room, because the Evillustrator can't draw in the dark.
EV S01EP08 (776)
Chňapka "Policeman" Ladybug uses the oven mitt, another one found in the mayor's office, a belt, and Chloé's bracelet to make homemade handcuffs that are able to stop Rogercop from firing his lasers at her and Cat Noir.
RC S01EP09 (631)
Cukrové jablko "Temný Amor" Ladybug uses the candy apple to make Dark Cupid's hands sticky, thus making him unable to shoot more arrows.
DC S01EP10 (866)
Létající hračka "Temné Ostří" Ladybug charges up the toy and throws it inside Darkblade's armor, which has a hole near the armpit, to tickle him.
DB S01EP12 (890)
Krabice od bot "Mim" Ladybug uses the box, Sarah's glasses, a flyer from Fred's mime show and a bus' headlights to project the image on the Eiffel Tower. This infuriates the Mime so much that he slashes down the tower, forcing him to use his miming powers to hold it and keep it from falling on him.
The Mime 1334
Účet "Kuch-Fu" Ladybug puts the balloon through a tube to form a makeshift dart to cork Princess Fragrance's perfume gun, allowing her to use her yo-yo to grab the gun and break it to release the akuma.
KF (915)
Balónek "Princezna Vůně" Ladybug uses the jack to open up Animan's mouth when she dives in while he's in his T-Rex form, allowing her to get close enough to grab the bracelet where his Akuma is.
PF (825)
Sprej na graffiti "Hráč" Ladybug throws the opened compact mirror to Cat Noir who hits it with his staff to make it fly in front of Jagged Stone just as Pixelator is about to pixelate him. Thus, his camera beam ricochets and digitizes Pixelator instead.
TG (820)
Prodlužovačka "Loutkářka" Ladybug throws the opened compact mirror to Cat Noir who hits it with his staff to make it fly in front of Jagged Stone just as Pixelator is about to pixelate him. Thus, his camera beam ricochets and digitizes Pixelator instead.
TPT (1153)
Jojo "Kuba Řekl" Ladybug uses the hairspray to stiffen Guitar Villain's hair in front of his face so he couldn’t see.
SS (1177)
Fotoaparát "Reflekta" Ladybug uses the camera's flashes to temporarily blind Reflekta, in order to evade her blasts.
RK (848)
Pudr "Pixelátor" Ladybug uses the hairspray to stiffen Guitar Villain's hair in front of his face so he couldn’t see.
Hever "Animál" Ladybug's yo-yo is disabled by one of Simon's cards, so she uses her Lucky Charm yo-yo to knock Simon's pack of cards out of his hand. Then, after using her "Miraculous Ladybug" ability, she restores her original yo-yo to capture the akuma.
Třpytky "Neruška" Ladybug spreads the glitter over Vanisher’s body to make her visible.
Antibug (540)
Pytel kuliček Ladybug, with the help of Cat Noir, uses the marbles to make Antibug slip and let go of her sword.
Antibug (1112)
Meč Neruška mečem zaútočí na Berušku a Kocoura.
Anti Charm - Sword
Extrémní gel na vlasy "Kytararach" Ladybug uses the hairspray to stiffen Guitar Villain's hair in front of his face so he couldn’t see.
GV (856)
Čokoládový nanuk "Volpina" Ladybug reflects light off the silver foil inside the wrapper to identify the real Volpina by making her cover her eyes, while Cat Noir uses his Cataclysm to destroy the bars on the Eiffel Tower to trap her in a cage.
VP (971)
Neopren "Počátek: První část" Ladybug plugs the water suit into a hose and charges at Stoneheart. Once captured she commands Alya to turn on the hose and frees herself in order to break the fallen Akumatized object.
Padák "Kamenné srdce (Počátek: Druhá část)" Ladybug dives after Mylène and uses the parachute to break their fall once Ladybug catches her and captures the Akuma.
OR-2 (695)
Struny na kytaru "Hrozifikátor" Ladybug uses the guitar strings to build a makeshift bass and sing "Smelly Wolf" to make the Horrificator smaller.
HF S01EP11 (812)

Druhá řada

Předmět Epizoda Popis Obrázek
Krabice "Santanáš" Ladybug hides inside it and presents it as a gift to Santa Claws to surprise attack him.
Box Lucky Charm
Pedál "Sběratel" Ladybug uses the pedal, along with a foosball table and Cat Noir's belt to create a makeshift device to fire items at the Collector and fill up his book until the pages were full, thus neutralizing it.
Lucky Charm - Pedal
Lepící páska "Telestár" Ladybug uses the tape to stick a cardboard pizza box to the TV screen in Le Grand Paris' freezer, blocking Prime Queen's view of her and Cat Noir, forcing her to phase through the TV screen.
Lucky Charm - Tape Roll
Vidlička "Zledvěd" Ladybug hooks the fork through a piece of Despair Bear's thread and along a rotating parasol and asks Chloé to rotate the parasol to unravel Despair Bear.
Lucky Charm - Fork
Tuba "Befana" Ladybug uses the tuba and the inside fills with water which blasts toward Befana, forcing her to trigger her pistol to turn herself into a coal statue.
Lucky Charm - Tuba
Harfa "Robostus" Ladybug uses the strings of the Harp and throws it at him whilst Cat Noir throws his staff in the same direction. Robostus dodges, but the two objects collide and the harp strings tangle up his propeller, no longer giving him the ability to fly, allowing Ladybug to catch him.
Lucky Charm - Harp
Balící papír "Gigantitán" Ladybug uses the the gift wrap to cover a lamppost in order to trick Gigantitian into thinking it's a candy, causing him to pick it up and open it, allowing Ladybug, hiding inside, to unhook his bracelet and break it, releasing the Akuma.
Lucky Charm - Gift Wrap
Pero "Sýček" Ladybug uses the ink cartridge from the pen to cover the monitor screen and block Dark Owl's view of her and Cat Noir.
Lucky Charm - Pen
Komiks "Dobrodružství Sovího rytíře" Ladybug reads the comic to figure out how to defeat Dark Owl. Later, she throws it at a statuette, knocking it over onto a book, which is propelled into the air, hitting a chair, which rolls into a ladder, which tips and hits the desk lamp, causing it to rotate and knock over the monitor and release the Akuma.
Lucky Charm - Comic
Radiátor "Riposta" Ladybug uses the radiator to catch Riposte's sword and hit it against the wall so it detaches from her arm.
Lucky Charm - Radiator
Motorkářská přilba "Zmrzlinátor" Ladybug wears the helmet to protect herself as she uses a motorcycle to rotate a makeshift propellor to defeat Glaciator.
Lucky Charm - Motorcycle Helmet
Konvice na čaj "Sapotci" Although she doesn't utilize the teapot to help her defeat the Sapotis and their duplicates, Ladybug remembers Wang Fu having a similar teapot in his massage shop and decides to go ask him for help.
Lucky Charm - Teapot
Jednokolka Ladybug attaches rakes to it and puts it in between a crevice of two buildings with Cat Noir's staff in it to form an axle, using it to remove all the Sapotis' hats at once.
Lucky Charm - Unicycle
Řetěz "Kapitánka Rockerka" Using the chain, Ladybug ties Captain Hardrock onto her compass, causing the compass to go haywire and making the ship breach itself.
CH (797)
Pouta "Děsýkorka" Ladybug uses the handcuffs to cuff her and Cat Noir's hands together. This allows them to stay in sync while dancing and rhyming to get to Frightningale's wand without her spell turning them into statues.
Lucky Charm - Handcuffs
Helikoptéra na dálkové ovládání "Gorizilla" Using the remote control, Ladybug manages to maneuver the joystick of the remote to control the helicopter in order to distract Gorizilla and get him to set her free.
Lucky Charm - Remote Control Helicopter
Mísa na lektvary "Syréna" Although she doesn't manage to utilize the potion bowl to help her defeat Syren, Ladybug remembers Wang Fu having a similar potion bowl in his massage shop and decides to ask him for help.
Lucky Charm - Potion Bowl
Klíče od auta After trapping Syren in an underwater car using the car’s airbag feature, Ladybug uses the lock button on the key to seal it. Ladybug and Cat Noir then use their weapons together as a fishing pole to bring the car to the surface, and Ladybug unlocks the car with the car key, dropping Syren onto the roof of a building and allowing Ladybug to take Syren’s wrist capsule and release the akuma.
Lucky Charm - Car Key
Odličovaní mléko "Zombizou" Ladybug uses it to remove Zombizou's lipstick and forcing Zombizou to reapply the lipstick. This gives Ladybug the chance take her tube of lipstick.
Lucky Charm - Make-up Remover
Rozbitý talíř "Potížistka" Ladybug glued the broken plate pieces together. She used this to make Troublemaker think it was her only defense. The real trick was that Ladybug glued her earrings to her ears so Troublemaker couldn’t take them off. When the plate breaks, the sound alerts Cat Noir.
Lucky Charm - Plate
Pytel soli "Ledař" Ladybug used this bag of salt to melt some of the ice so that way when Frozer is in line of position Cat Noir can use the ladder of a fire truck as a catapult and used cataclysm to destroy a pair of akumatized ice skates.
Lucky Charm - Sack of Salt
Bambusové hole "Mněnič" Ladybug made a makeshift kite with the bamboo roll and a blanket. Cat Noir rides on it, while Alix maneuvers it, and he uses his Cataclysm to destroy Reverser’s hover board.
Lucky Charm - Bamboo Roll
Palička "Stylovna (Bitva královny: První část)" Ladybug realizes the mallet is a reminder of Master Wang Fu, who has a similar mallet in his shop and she goes to ask him for help.
Lucky Charm - Mallet
Lepidlo v tubě Ladybug spreads the glue on a flag and uses it to collect the glitter that Style Queen's body is composed of.
Lucky Charm - Glue Tube
Šnorchl "Vosí královna (Bitva královny: Druhá část)" Ladybug uses the snorkel to make sure Queen Wasp can breathe underwater as they fight for her akumatized object.
Lucky Charm - Snorkel
Počítadlo "Velediktátor" Ladybug realizes the abacus is a reminder of Master Wang Fu, who has a similar one in his shop and she goes to ask him for help.
Zbraň s laserovým zaměřovačem Ladybug's Lucky Charm produces a gun bigger than she is, but she chucks it because the only part she needs is the laser sight it came with, which she uses to get Cat Noir, who was changed to act like a cat, to knock away Malediktator's guards, leaving him open to attack.
Svíčka "Křižák" Ladybug realizes the candle is a reminder of master Wang Fu, who has a similar candle in his shop and she decides to go ask him for help.
Lucky Charm - Candle
Boxovací rukavice Ladybug uses the gloves to fight against Anansi in a boxing match and dupe her into bringing down the Arc de Triomphe on herself so she can remove her helmet and release the akuma.
Lucky Charm - Boxing Gloves
Nic "Písečník" Ladybug invokes her Lucky Charm, but she is attacked so she receives nothing.
Lucky Charm - Nothing
Meč Zlá Beruška v noční můře zaútočí mečem na Kocoura.
Lucky Charm - Sword
Tenisová raketa "Mayura (Heroes' Day – Part 2)" Ladybug gets an idea of how to use the tennis racket, but we never see how as Hawk Moth re-akumatizes those they had freed and manages to gain control of Rena Rouge, Carapace and Queen Bee.
Krabice na mirákula Ladybug believes that the box is meant to be for when Hawk Moth surrenders his Miraculous, but the reflection from it's shine allows her to see the real Hawk Moth about to attack from behind, allowing her and Cat Noir to dodge his and Dark Cupid's attacks and restore Dark Cupid to normal.

Třetí řada

Předmět Epizoda Popis Obrázek
Tričko "Chameleon"
Lucky Charm - t-shirt


Předmět Webizoda Popis Obrázek
Narozeninový dort "Happy Birthday to You!" Although the cake isn't seen in use, it briefly appears at the end of the short as part of the birthday-theme.
Happy Birthday to You! (3)

Miraculous Adventures

Předmět Komiks Popis Obrázek
Ruční zrcadlo "Replay" Ladybug uses the mirror to deflect a pausing beam, sending it right back to Replay.
LC Handheld Mirror Issue 1
Kotva "The Trash Krakken Part 1" Ladybug uses Cat Noir's tail and attaches the anchor to her waist to capture Silurus' akuma.
Silurus - Anchor
Žvýkačka "The Trash Krakken Part 3" Ladybug uses the chewing gum's stickiness to snatch Mr. Squid with her yo-yo.
Trash Krakken - Chewing gum



Komiksy a knihy


  • Like the Ladyblog logo, the "Miraculous Ladybug" branding on the box of the Ladybug costume is similar to an old concept of the show's logo. However, unlike the Ladyblog, the branding is an exact copy.[1] In addition, the earrings that came with the costume appear to be based on the PV design.
  • All Lucky Charm objects are red with black spots, like a ladybug pattern.
    • However, this does not apply to the car key produced in "Syren".
  • Lucky Charm has not been used in only one episode- Catalyst.


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